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  1. I read it as Buck saying that fans won't buy calling it "readjusting". Hrm.
  2. Malike

    Britton Trade Expectations

    I think that's a fair assumption.
  3. Malike

    Manny’s farewell statement

    Well said. I believe Manny believes he's a short stop. I also believe that Manny knows that wherever the Dodgers decide to play him, he's going to play there. He very may well be marketing himself as a SS after the season while entertaining offers, but I have no doubt he'd be happy to play 3B for the Dodgers this season if they put him there. I'm sure he wouldn't have been pouting every day if the O's kept him at 3B this season, too.
  4. Malike

    vs. BLUE JAYS, 7/21

    Gary Thorne calling the D out.
  5. Malike

    Manny’s farewell statement

    26 years old is a kid? I guess that's why so many late 20's early 30 somethings still live with their parents. Glad my 26 year old is a grown up. Manny was a great Oriole, I wish him nothing but success this season and the years beyond.
  6. Bobby Witt Jr. That's what I tell myself after every dagger of a loss this season. Nunez did look like he has a quick bat, though.
  7. Malike

    vs. BLUE JAYS, 7/20

    My favorite thing about Castro is he's fearless. He has ice water in his veins.
  8. Malike

    Peter Angelos health status

    Buddy, I said NOT champing at the bit. Some people are and have been for years. I meant my opinion would not be popular with that contingent on the board. I want nothing bad to happen to that man. Is he a perfect owner? No. But he is one hell of a human being and it would be a tremendous loss.
  9. Malike

    Peter Angelos health status

    I guess I don't understand your beef then? For years people have been wishing death on this man. I was saying the complete opposite. I never joke about someone's death. Kind of comes with the territory when you have a child who is dying. So please, tell me what exactly "triggered" you in my post.
  10. Malike

    Peter Angelos health status

    Are you drunk? Honest question. I wish no ill will on the man. I'm one of the few who has never disparaged him. Are you drunk, or just really tired and your reading comprehension is in the toilet?
  11. Malike

    Peter Angelos health status

    Oh, and you can down vote me all you want. A little red or green arrow doesn't impact my sense of self worth at all. I couldn't care about anything less in the entire world if you give me a pretty red arrow.
  12. Malike

    Peter Angelos health status

    For what? Not wishing death on Angelos?
  13. Malike

    Peter Angelos health status

    I know my opinion will not be popular, but I am not champing at the bit waiting for Peter to pass away in the hopes it will be better for the team. I hope he lives 5 more years or whatever.
  14. Malike

    Its Mullins time...

    I thought he was called up. Fake News!
  15. Malike

    And Manny will wear #8... the pain is REAL!

    Cal should be embarrassed if that's the case. Cal could field the position.