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  1. vs. ATHLETICS, 8/21

    Brach is garbage. He should only pitch mop up.
  2. vs. ATHLETICS, 8/21

    They've all pitched like some pretty big #2's.
  3. vs. ATHLETICS, 8/21

    You need to take a look at the pitching again.
  4. vs. ATHLETICS, 8/21

    Why on earth would he dive? He just needed to put his glove out. Why didn't he put his glove out is the better question.
  5. vs. ATHLETICS, 8/21

    Oakland is horrific on the road. Whatever happens in this series isn't a testament of the O's turning anything around. Oakland is just a brutally bad road team.
  6. vs. ATHLETICS, 8/21

    Might be time to bench Mancini for Kim.
  7. vs. ANGELS, 8/19

    Look at those forearms!
  8. vs. ANGELS, 8/19

    They are not usurping anyone for the top WC spot. The pipe dream is the 2nd WC spot. It matters not what the Yankees or Sox do. We aren't challenging either.
  9. They All Break

    Someone forgot to tell Strasburg he's on the DL. He's pitching right now.
  10. vs. ANGELS, 8/19

    But he's got big forearms, so he's got that going for him.
  11. vs. ANGELS, 8/19

    Need a run or two here or they are toast.
  12. vs. ANGELS, 8/19

    Still plenty of time to trade Britton if he cleared waivers.
  13. vs. ANGELS, 8/19

    Mancini's exit velocity on his first 2 AB's. 8 and 5 MPH. He's stinging the ball!
  14. vs. ANGELS, 8/19

    Sutcliffe was like wow this team sucks, this interview will never freaking end. Next time he's interviewed by the O's they have to be at bat.
  15. vs. ANGELS, 8/19

    I was talking about Mancini...