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  1. Os requesting offers on Machado

    I was one of the those people that didn't think he should of missed fan fest because of the birth. My feeling was if they were playing the yanks that day would he of asked off from playing to attend the birth....not a chance. He had an excuse to get out of something he probably didn't really want to do (fan fest) and his boss let him out. I think you are right, in this instance if he is still an Oriole he will be made to attend and expected to say all the right things. Just not sure what that would be right now that would make anyone feel better about this whole situation.
  2. Os requesting offers on Machado

    But why didn't all the teams know Manny was on the trading block prior to Orlando. I know we have no way of knowing but everyone seemed shocked that the O's were willing to listen to offers when the meetings started the week.. In fact the message being sent out by Dan last week was he expected Manny would remain an oriole. What changed? Was it the possibly the Yankees getting Stanton? Manny's contract shouldn't have been a surprise. Why didn't they have these proposals well before the meetings and then hopefully finalize a trade this week. Just wish I had a better understanding of the inner workings of the front office because from an outsider looking in, so much of it doesn't make sense.
  3. Os requesting offers on Machado

    Totally agree. Still not sure if ownership understands this.
  4. Os requesting offers on Machado

    I won't deny that I am not a patient person and because of that would likely be a terrible GM. We were in complete rebuild when the Bedard trade happened. That team had been terrible for some time with little hope in sight. This team in my opinion has scenarios where they can trade Manny for the right package, make some additional moves to compliment the package and still possibly put a good product on the field. An example of this is there are a couple pretty good 3rd baseman free agents that could fit and would lesson the blow of losing Manny in the lineup. You get a young pitcher in the trade, sign another free agent pitcher that is an inning eater and then sign a 3rd baseman and things may not bad for this year and actually much better for the future.
  5. Os requesting offers on Machado

    If the O's owner believes that the White Sox plan is to ship him to NY I could see him preventing any trade from happening. I think someone posted a couple pages back that they could have a hand shake agreement with Chicago that they can't do this but that sounds rediculous to me. Chicago gives you the players we ask for and then Manny becomes WS property. How can you tell a team that you can't trade him to the Yankees afterwards. This again is starting to look like another situation where the front office appears totally dysfunctional. You can't stop the Yankees from signing Manny in 11 months so if they have the best prospects to offer take the deal from them.
  6. Os requesting offers on Machado

    I've been saying this through this whole process. Manny isn't a salary dump that can be done in February. The team picking him up will likely need to make follow up moves to prepare their rosters for this season. I would imagine teams will eventually say, "we can't wait on the O's" and move on with the off season.
  7. Os requesting offers on Machado

    I like the way you think!! Get er done
  8. Os requesting offers on Machado

    That is actually the one thing that makes me feel better. Since I don't believe it's the norm for him to be there, maybe he came to expedite a major move.
  9. Os requesting offers on Machado

    I'm saying other teams can gather the best offers from teams and then sit down with their brain trust and say okay this is the one we all like, give them a call and close the deal. I don't think the O's can operate like that. I hope they prove me wrong. I really am shocked anyone is questioning my concern to begin with. This is a team where the GM just made a comment a few days ago that they need to decide as an organization what is best concerning the Manny situation, then you hear today that they haven't had contract discussions with him or his agent for a couple years. Yeah, that sounds like a front office that is proactive.
  10. Os requesting offers on Machado

    The one thing they have proven over the years is they are deliberate. Teams that have made offers are shaping their roster now. They aren't going to hold tight for a couple weeks so the O's can shop Manny around, get some offers and then run the deals to Angelo's and let him sleep on it for a couple nights. I'm not saying don't be thorough. I'm just hoping they can get the offers and jump on it if it makes sense. Also seems like the whole direction of the off season is determined by what happens with Manny. Would really like them to get this resolve and focus on the next move.
  11. Os requesting offers on Machado

    This is my fear. The Orioles deliberate so long on making a decision that the whole off season passes them buy and we do nothing with Manny and little to help the roster. This organization just seems to bog down when it comes to making a major decision.
  12. Let the Machado bashing begin

    I was watching the MLB network and one of the panelist said with all of the shifts in baseball now, your position is less important than ever. In other words the stereotypes that used to be there for each position is going away. To play infield you need to be athletic and soft hands.
  13. Let the Machado bashing begin

    I think the word going around was that he talked to Buck at the end of last season about his desire to return to shortstop.
  14. Let the Machado bashing begin

    I think you are missing the point Can. Eddie was making a lot of money by those standards back then. When the O's started to tank, his quiet demeanor, not running out every ground ball hard and the constant stuff being printed that he won't lay out for grounders ended up having fans turn on him at the end of his run here. It was just perceived that he didn't care which I think we all know wasn't the case but the media di paint that picture. Manny is young and has done some inmature things in his tenure. How many times has he been thrown out at a base when he wasn't hustling? Made an error at 3rd on a routine play because he made it look tougher than it needed to be. And even kind of looked like he mailed it in at the end of last season. This could be immaturity or it could be who he is. Manny is already being criticized by Palmer a fair amount of time now. All I'm saying is you make him the highest paid player in baseball and then put a bad team around him and things could get real ugly. For the record I would love for him to stay as he is probably the most talented player I have watched in an O's uniform (don't remember much of Frank). I just think it takes a certain person that can handle being the star player on a team not contending. Maybe Manny can as he matures but in my opinion the signs are there that it could be a bad situation for all.
  15. Let the Machado bashing begin

    I posted this in another thread yesterday. I don't know if it should be considered bashing but it has my feelings on Manny staying or not. I will make this comment and it will probably never be proven. If Manny signed a 10 year 30 million dollar deal and stayed in Baltimore he would end up being despised by the fan base. I have a couple of reasons for this. First I don't think the O's would be able to add enough around him to be a consistent winner. Everyone likes good players but ultimately fans want to have winning teams. Second, Manny's attitude would eventually wear thin with the blue collar fanbase. Let's face it, he doesn't run out grounders and tries to make average plays into highlight reel types right now. Imagine him making 30 mil a year, the team is 10 games under 500 in August and Manny appears to be going through the motions. It would be an Eddie Murray type situation times 100. Just an opinion from a fan that watches a lot of baseball. He is a great talent but I think him being here long term would be a disaster for all. I really hope they trade him now for the good of everyone, including Manny.