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  1. turtlebowl

    How to make baseball more interesting

    The one thing I would do to improve the game is allow only 1 pitching change in the middle of an inning. There is nothing more boring in baseball when you have the person starting an inning to get 1 out, then a lefty specialist is brought in to get 1 batter out then the manager brings in a right hander to try to finish out the inning. This scenario happens a fair amount during close games. I find myself channel surfing a lot when this happens which is sad. I'm a huge baseball fan so if I'm getting bored I know the casual fan has to be bored out of their mind.
  2. turtlebowl

    Duquette is expected to be fired

    I think it would be extremely difficult to hire someone from outside the organization mid season and ask him to make significant roster moves when he doesn't really know the players in the O's organization. Once this team fell apart early on they probably decided to make Dan feel like he could be a big part of the "new direction" to keep him totally invested in making credible trades. They likely had Brady in the background making sure that all moves met his approval also before it was signed off on. Got to remember this team was supposed to compete this year. It was just an awkward situation for everyone with all those expiring contracts.
  3. turtlebowl

    Loverro: The Orioles could be sold this winter

    What is interesting to me is how little you have heard Cal's name all year. The O's have reached out to many of the past Oriole greats this season which is nice to finally see but Cal seems MIA more than past years. It was widely reported years ago that Cal would possibly have interest in working for the O's or in MLB once his kids were grown up. With all the turmoil this season you would of thought that Cals name would be thrown around a bunch with speculation on what roll he could fill. Him and Brady used to be the best of friends so you would think even more so that Cal would be mentioned with some of the potential future moves. Not saying it is a good idea to give him a role but it just seems a little odd. I have though thought to myself that maybe their is a plan in the works for him to be part of an ownership group trying to buy the team. It would maybe make sense that he would keep a low profile so nothing could get leaked about a potential sale of the team to a group headed by him. May be off base but I guess it is a possibility?
  4. Dan's comments are nothing more than someone that realizes that he may be looking for a job in several more days so it's time to say what he can to protect his reputation. I'm certainly not doubting that some or most of what he is saying may not be true. As some have said though if the directive was to put all the resources into the major league team to win during this window it was poorly constructed so that still falls on him. Also Dan's motto has always been we want to be competitive every year. It is a common saying of his that actually irks me because what does being competitive mean? Anyways that comment seems to contradict everything he is saying now about the mandated goals the last few years of winning at all costs. Dan didn't seem to be pointing fingers when he won executive of the year. Now though he is trying to paint a picture that the organization knew they were sacrificing the long term stability of team by this "going for it" mandate. Call me skeptical but to me all this is about is a man that has his finger prints on one of the worst teams in the history of the MLB and he is looking to push the blame off on others.
  5. Try to get reclassified as a triple A franchise
  6. turtlebowl

    Managers available

    That is why I would like him because he would be polar opposite of Showalter which is probably needed at this point. I have always said that the Boston series last year turned the season around. The Orioles were getting Bullied by a team and the O's best player was the target. Buck could of allowed his players to respond to defend Machado but instead he called the commissioner and asked him to tell the Red Sox to stop it. The team was never the same after that occurred. Not that I'm a proponent for fighting but the players have to have each others back, having mommy calling the principle to tell Johnny to stop picking on her son is not how you build chemistry. Pretty sure a Surhoff or Bill Ripken would of handled that series of events differently. You can't be the nice guy all the time.
  7. turtlebowl

    Managers available

    I want BJ Surhoff if he is intersted. There is a guy that has an intensity that has been lacking for a while.
  8. turtlebowl

    Chris Davis

    He is hitting grounders because he has to cheat to hit a fastball. Can't stay back with weight so he gets out in front of any off speed pitch and rolls over. His swing is long so he absolutely cannot catch up to any above average fastball. He needs to take that dip out with his hands so he can have a shorter approach to the ball. It may cost him some power but contact rate should be better. Is he willing to make that sacrifice? Anyone that knows basic mechanics can see the flaws of hand drop, long uppercut swing. I just don't get how this hasn't been fixed to some degree.
  9. turtlebowl

    Chris Davis

    This is exactly why I want him gone. He got his contract and it seems that may have been his real motivation. He actually got caught cheating which likely artificially elevated his stats. To what extent that helped him is anyone's guess. Every indication says Chris really didn't really have his hitting coach work on physical adjustments in the off season. Did he just think this would magically fix itself after a poor 2017? Also we have been told that it was a priority for Chris to work on bunting to beat the shift. How many times have we seen those bunts? I can blame someone for being bad if the effort is there. I am just not sure based off everything I see that Chris gets it at this point.
  10. turtlebowl

    Chris Davis

    I have witnessed way too many lack of effort plays on defense the last few weeks. He can't hit and I doubt if that is going to change. He is the highest paid player and we are stuck with his contract. Saying that you would expect that he would put 100% effort into everything he does on the field.
  11. turtlebowl

    Olney on Ownership, Duquette, Anderson, and Showalter

    At least it's good to know that I'm not the only one that is bored to the point of unconsciousness during their games, lol.
  12. turtlebowl

    Olney on Ownership, Duquette, Anderson, and Showalter

    Did anyone notice that when they showed Dan D during the telecast it really looked like he was sleeping. It's possible he was reading something of staring at a bug crawling on the floor but if I'm a betting man, he was catching some ZZZZZ's.
  13. turtlebowl

    Chris Davis

    RELEASE THIS GUY NOW!! I really don't care that he may be having slightly better AB's. I don't care that he is still owned millions so they don't want to eat the money. Two games in a row now I have seen foul balls hit to the first base side and he is standing at first base with zero effort to even pretend like he is interested in trying to catch the ball. He is not a leader and not the type of guy you want to be around the young guys. He got his money and honestly it appears like he has just mailed it in. At different points he has been called out for his work ethic/focus by coaches and now he is bringing that into the field. I will always root for the team regardless how bad they are but I will not spend my money anymore to go watch a team that he plays on.
  14. turtlebowl

    Bundy is Broken

    He has to be hurt. Came out in the second inning throwing 88 mph. Earlier this year he would occasionally flash 93-94 mph. Tonight he started at 91 and it dropped quickly. I am not a pitching coach but it appears he has very little arm speed or explosion at release point. It appears he is throwing at like 80% effort, very strange.
  15. turtlebowl

    Machado Trade Expectations

    I don't know if I agree with this route. During this process you will have players that should be the foundation of the rebuild and if they deem Bundy, Gausman or Schoop part of that they should be trying to extend them now. Where they get into the problem is they rarely lock a player up early. If I'm the O's I want Schoop and Bundy signed long term so they can serve as leaders of the rebuild process. Also you have to have some players that the team can promote for the casual fans. These 2 players are young, likable and seem to work hard at their craft so they would be my building blocks, not trade chips.