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  1. Givens should be the closer

    After watching the games this weekend, I'd like to see Givens moved to the closer role until we get Britton back. He just has that little bit of mystery and presence that puts him in more control of situations than Brach. He hides the ball well. Great velocity. I doubt the O's want to move Givens out of his 7th/8th inning role, but it sure would be nice to have more stability in the 9th.
  2. Where can I send some tissues? Dry your tears, OP. This team totally cares.
  3. Flaherty Looking Really Good

    What? This is such a typical internet chat room response. Flaherty was exactly what the Os needed for years. And, oh, by the way, he actually showed up when he made appearances in the playoffs.... hitting a respectable .281 / .830 ops. Why crap on the guy like he was roadkill? LAME
  4. OK, time to grade the offseason moves

    A+ We got what we needed... we don't know enough about what happened with Manny to pass solid judgement... the team is READY TO ROCK!
  5. This notion of trading Manny needs to be shelved now... who is to say Baltimore won’t sign Manny?? For the past months OH’ers have done nothing but bitch about the front office and look what’s happened? They went out and got one of the better (if not the best fit) starting pitchers. They secured a solid middle rotation pitcher... the bullpen looks great (once again)... and our lineup is locked and loaded. You guys need to chill out and live in the moment. Enjoy this season. Stop whining about the future. Let it happen.
  6. This has got to be the most depressing fan forum - ever. The O's just went through an incredible renaissance... they've led the AL in total wins for what, the last 5 or 6 years? We've had an opportunity to watch legit stars. They were a few short games from getting to the WS in 2014 - and that's without Davis, Machado, and Wieters. Everything aligned to that point. It didn't happen. What's with the constant trashing and total disregard for the franchise? It's pitiful. Enjoy it, for the love all that's good. Every year it's the same thing: we're going to suck. We have nothing. Our team is run by a ship of fools.... Why not sit back and enjoy the ride? Let these guys play the game. They might very well have a great ride in them this year. Good grief.
  7. Manny: “Thank God I wasn’t traded.”

    I have to say... I am over Manny Machado. I hope the O's can trade him for some value.
  8. I'm not sure how many of you have had this cross your mind... but I'm beginning to wonder if the Orioles will be in Baltimore by 2030. I've never even considered this as a possibility until the last year... and it is painfully evident that the Washington Nationals are hell bent on becoming a 500-lb gorilla in the MLB world. They've eclipsed the luxury tax twice in two years and have made some huge big money moves... this goes without mentioning that their presence along the Anacostia has spun-up huge renovation and life in a massively large population area (as compared to Baltimore). Add that notion to the fact that Baltimore is continually playing a small market card, and it makes me wonder if we could see a point as to which the O's are squeezed out of the Balt/Wash market. T This area is uniquely tied together... and the fact that the MLB lacks any kind of rigid salary cap... if the O's really do collapse into mediocre baseball following 2018, how long can the team hold on to any market presence when a giant is writing checks just 20 miles away?
  9. Is Manny a 5 tool player?

    Manny, at the plate, is more concerned about Manny than the situation and the kind of outcome that's needed. He's not a 5-tool player.
  10. Os requesting offers on Machado

    Funny how these minor leaguer and almost-MLBer names are tossed around with such authority. I remember years ago when O's Hangouters were on the hunt for Felix Pie. Pie was such a popular name... He eventually landed here and SUCKED. If you study the big trade history, there's zero reliability in making these trades work for either team.
  11. Adam Jones Speaking out on Twitter.

    Come on... stop the pity party. The O's lined themselves up for a great run. They made a huge move and got Andrew Miller. Injuries derailed their season. That might have been this squad's shot. Besides, there's no guarantee that throwing money around delivers championships. Again, Jones has been a great leader... but his "prime" was hardly squandered
  12. Adam Jones Speaking out on Twitter.

    I'm a huge AJ fan... he's hand's down my favorite Oriole... likely ever. Hard worker, a go getter, and he pulled this franchise's attitude out of the dumpster. But, this statement about his "prime being squandered" is utterly absurd. The O's have spent... they've had some really bad breaks... and they came super close to a WS appearance despite not having three star players during a playoff run. That goes without saying that in three post-season runs, Jones has 63 plate appearances with a whopping .155 BA and 4 RBIs. It's not like he took advantage of the his prime when it truly mattered.
  13. Anyone else open to the idea of extending Manny?

    This is a guarantee: If the O's don't sign Manny, the Washington Nationals will be first in line to scoop him up. That organization is hell bent on stealing the O's audience, and they would take the financial hit to do it.
  14. The Hole-RF

    Ben Revere... he's had some pretty good years in his career. O's could probably get him at a bargain
  15. Some impressions of Mark Trumbo

    Jones is, was, and will continue to be an awesome CF. F the stats...