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  1. Heading into last season, the teams with the most wins over the previous 10 years was as follows: 1) Yankees 913 2) Cardinals 892 3) Angels 881 4) Dodgers 878 5) Red Sox 873 6) Rangers 861 7) Tigers 855 😎 Rays 841 9) Giants 838 10) Phillies 834 World Series appearances aside, the top 5 speaks volumes... and all those wins most certainly lead to bigger dollars coming in the form of advertising, butts in the seats, and TV audiences. Seven of those teams were in the top 10 for attendance last year. We can argue about this til we're blue in the face... but the fact that a core group of teams can buy big name talent even in the face of paying penalties for eclipsing spending lines, while others can't, is lame.
  2. Todd-O

    Its Mullins time...

    Just to be clear: His name is spelled "Cedric"
  3. This is both awesome and painful at the same time... but Manny "the shortstop" is going to wear "8" on his back in LA. Yet another twist of the knife.
  4. You've got five names, some numbers, what league they're in... and possibly you saw Diaz play some in the futures game. Then you have the national press weighing in, and those guys have about as much information as us. PLUS, they have to write some kind of opinion and are frequently way off the mark (despite sounding good in the heat of the moment). So what are you basing any kind of opinion on? Right now, all the info is extremely limited. I see absolutely no reason why one or two of these guys might not become really solid contributors at the ML level. And we're basically get 4 prospects + a utility for 2.5 months of a rental.
  5. Is there a site that lists how many scouts each team has? Three means nothing unless there is reference.
  6. Manny being traded for a bag of prospects... walking out of town with the notion that he's is going to ask for the moon in his next contract and nobody - nada... no one - thinks the home town team has an inkling of a shot of resigning him. They call him a "generational talent" whose best days are ahead of him, yet there's not a sliver of a chance the O's ever could have made him a cornerstone to build around. The O's beat writers in the Sun are all but saying there was never a chance he could stay (and to get used to it because this is what Baltimore is and will be). Then, on the flip side, you have the Red Sox thumping their chest and proclaiming they are ready and willing to cross the highest luxury tax threshold. This is what MLB has become and the machine will never let it stop because the richest teams and MLB PA will never install true caps that make the playing field level. Before the season I started a thread about the possibility of the O's leaving Baltimore... and I gotta say, if this truly is the reality (an inability to ever have a chance at securing a super star while other teams will happily step over the boundaries to reel-in every thing they can), then baseball in Baltimore is on life support. And to throw some fuel on the fire, the Washington Nationals and their stadium are turning DC's SE waterfront into a thriving neighborhood. Construction cranes are everywhere. Businesses that pull-in numbers in the Billions are putting their offices there. Restaurants are blowing up. Pretty much the exact opposite of what's happening in Baltimore, which has a shrinking population and a city that is literally torn in half by poverty. And... by the way... the Nats are willing to throw around cash like it's monopoly money. This might be the most depressing day in all of my years of rooting for the O's. I didn't realize that pain in losing Manny would actually result from the weight of the overwhelming reality smacking me in the face, rather than losing Manny the player. I am having a really hard time seeing how the O's will survive without being extracted to a region that's begging for a team. Montreal? It's entirely possible. It's like a nightmare that I hope is easy to wake up from... sure hope my sense of doom is wrong.
  7. Todd-O

    Chris Davis

    I believe BR is CNN's sports section
  8. Todd-O

    Chris Davis

    "It's unfair to pin the Baltimore Orioles' demise entirely on Chris Davis. He hasn't pitched since 2012, after all, so he has nothing to do with the 5.02 ERA at the heart of their 15-32 record. But when a team signs a guy to a seven-year, $161 million contract, it generally hopes said guy isn't one of Major League Baseball's worst players by the third year of that deal..." link: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2777037-chris-davis-161m-megadeal-has-spiraled-into-mlbs-worst-contract-bust?utm_source=cnn.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=editorial
  9. Todd-O

    Chicago Sun: Cubs interested in Manny

    Yes. Seriously. Lots of arm chair executives on here slinging around hindsight conclusions as if they were plain as day for years. It's ridiculous. Your statement alone that "if he wasn't extended..." ... I ask you: where is your proof that they weren't talking behind the scenes? No one on this forum has real - legit - access to that kind of information. Where's your proof that they didn't get approached with crap trade offers over a year ago? This notion that all of us know the inner workings is laughable... but the full blown forum tantrums of over unknowns are pitiful. Especially ones that dump on the organization as a whole.
  10. Todd-O

    Chicago Sun: Cubs interested in Manny

    This must be the most depressing thread ever... just a bunch of bad assumptions and negativity brewing with little to no actual facts. you read some of the responses and sure makes one wonder: Why are most of you O's fans?
  11. Todd-O

    2018 Chris Tillman

    How - HOW - is it possible that the Orioles keep rolling this guy out there???? HE SUCKS He takes a minute to throw a pitch. No movement on the ball... no velocity... AND HE REPEATEDLY GETS HAMMERED!! I’ve had it! I am an O’s diehard and this guy is pushing me to my limits of sanity. Have we no one that can’t step in and get 5 innings??? Seriously???? Dear Orioles. NO MORE. Cut this guy. He’s terrible! Ecery single game, Tillman puts the Os in the hole in the first inning. Every game! CUT HIM NOW
  12. Todd-O

    Givens should be the closer

    After watching the games this weekend, I'd like to see Givens moved to the closer role until we get Britton back. He just has that little bit of mystery and presence that puts him in more control of situations than Brach. He hides the ball well. Great velocity. I doubt the O's want to move Givens out of his 7th/8th inning role, but it sure would be nice to have more stability in the 9th.
  13. Where can I send some tissues? Dry your tears, OP. This team totally cares.
  14. Todd-O

    Flaherty Looking Really Good

    What? This is such a typical internet chat room response. Flaherty was exactly what the Os needed for years. And, oh, by the way, he actually showed up when he made appearances in the playoffs.... hitting a respectable .281 / .830 ops. Why crap on the guy like he was roadkill? LAME