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  1. What can we expect/hope for from Wade Miley?

    Are sure beating Oakland at home counts as any kind of achievement?
  2. vs. ATHLETICS, 8/21

    We need to SWEEP them.
  3. vs. ATHLETICS, 8/21

    Needed that bad...
  4. vs. ATHLETICS, 8/21

    lets go!
  5. vs. ATHLETICS, 8/21

    Got out of it....now get some more runs off this stiff...
  6. vs. ATHLETICS, 8/21

    i have a bad feeling here..
  7. vs. ATHLETICS, 8/21

    I was thinking Gausman and Bundy were a lot better and the back 3 were at least .500
  8. vs. ATHLETICS, 8/21

    This will be Miley's fail inning...
  9. vs. ATHLETICS, 8/21

    Im glad we finally have a lead but we should be crushing this guy before they slam Miley...
  10. vs. ATHLETICS, 8/21

    what a pathetic display against an awful pitcher...the only reason we even have a run is because the LF dropped the ball....
  11. vs. ATHLETICS, 8/21

    I swear auto correct could cause relationships to end...and someday could cause a war!
  12. vs. ATHLETICS, 8/21

    auto correct...MILEY
  13. vs. ATHLETICS, 8/21

    even if we had 2-3 .500 pitchers next year..we'd be a lot better
  14. vs. ATHLETICS, 8/21

    just an awful season for Mikey..
  15. vs. ATHLETICS, 8/21

    Hey, we got a sacrifice fly!!!