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  1. I could argue easily that Trey Mancini has been the Orioles MVP of the first half. Better BA than any regular. Enormous RISP BA. Right there for the lead in HR and RBI ,and THIS with a dozen FEWER games than any regular.He also fields his position very well. This kid is for real. He might temporarily regress, they all do. But he is going to get BETTER.
  2. Dylan "The answer my friend is NOT blowing it in the end...the answer is not blowing in the end".Bundy. The problem is this team can't get on a run, because another crappy pitcher (this year) follows Bundy every time. Tomorrow it is Tillman. In my opinion I believe Tillman should be shut down or sent down. His is NOT helping this team at all. We win 1 of 3 in Tampa. Not good enough.
  3. This is one record Im happy not to break. Tillman tomorrow. Cant say as I have a ton of confidence. in fact, had he pitched today, we might've set the new record.
  4. If you made all these moves...Id move too. To another franchise.
  5. Essentially the same team(minus Wieters and injuries) went to the post season last year. It wasn't a WS team but it was pretty good. I don't blame Duquette for this. Injuries to Britton, Tillman(l and I still think he's not 100%), O'Day, Hardy, Davis, Wright,Flaherty,Jones(briefly)and back and forth with Castillo, makes this a very vulnerable team. Do I think we made some bad decisions personnel wise? Yes. But I believe Duquette had many more good moves than bad ones. The problem is depth. We have none.
  6. We've had post season teams for 4 of the last 5 years.Im grateful, yet I'm spoiled. I didn't see this coming...not THIS bad anyway. Im depressed watching this team when this franchise gave me lots of thrills and joys in years past. I guess no one owes us anything and baseball is a humbling game.We are humbled. I am humbled, Man, Id hate to be MASN from here on out. Nobody is watching.
  7. There will be no second half resurgence. No comeback. The team doesn't have it. That is all.
  8. Hunter Harvey
  9. It may not be McDowell's fault...but he will be blamed for this..and I think his job has to be in jeopardy..
  10. Good night all...another game over in the first inning...I can't watch this team...I just can't..
  11. The old Ubaldo s back...
  12. 20 outs....unbelievable
  13. This game will be over very very soon..
  14. you could tell ubaldo didn't have it at the very first batter...unbelieveable...
  15. Weird fact. The Orioles are facing their SECOND different Daniel Robertson in consecutive games...two different teams...