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  1. I stopped watching. For me, that's saying something.
  2. Ive never been a baseball coward. This though, is just too painful and anxiety producing to Ill check the score(like I did last night) and hope for the best. Im in Detroit working.
  3. see my comment below...
  4. Im not talking size of the loss. Im talking the WAY they lost. Worst loss in Orioles history leading a game by 8 runs or more...its historic. Im not wrong.
  5. I saw one poster comment that it wasnt even the worst loss"this season". I have no idea what that person was talking about. THIS WAS THE WORST LOSS IN ORIOLES HISTORY(SINCE 1954) WHEN THE TEAM LED BY 8 OR MORE RUNS IN THE SIXTH...AND LOST. I can't believe that these pitchers couldnt get 9 outs before they scored 11 runs....This was an utter embarrassment, a disgrace, and a humiliation. Lets see what they are made of now. If this loss snowballs the team has no one to blame but themselves. NO EXCUSE FOR THIS LOSS.
  6. All I know is what I read. Maybe the most crushing loss for this team in I dont know?...5 -10 years?Its so early of course, but this is the kind of game that can shatter a team...and I dont even know what went wrong...but if youre up 9-1 in any game to not win is absolutely ridiculous and unacceptable. Thats all i can say.
  7. We face all lefties. We are going in 2 of the the 3 games with struggling pitchers. We arent hitting. We have an overworked bullpen with our closer still out. Lets see what happens. I think we'll be lucky to win one of the three. This series should tell us where we are right now.
  8. I was at an oriole walk off walk vs the Red Sox in a driving rain in the Luis Matos years..anyone know the date of that one? Seems like about 15 years ago...
  9. We just suck right now...mediocre of late...a loss
  10. This team has been in an offensive slump since Fenway...theyre not even swinging smart...
  11. Just one measly run? Cant we get ONE measly run..for God's sake?
  12. Can someone....WILL someone PLEASE...step up???
  13. First of all, we were LUCKY to even get a runner at second...all our breaks tonight came from errors...Trumbo's strikeout is the key to the inning...just brutal. This team needs to get him to contact kills us...if we lose Buck has to make a move.
  14. Trumbo is killing us right now...