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  1. Roy Firestone

    The Dan Duquette Appreciation Thread

    I know Dan Duquette ,and have for decades.He is as good a baseball man as there is, which is significant. He is as good a human being as there is..which is far more important.Thats all I will say here.
  2. Roy Firestone

    How to make baseball more interesting

    I think if a pitcher blows a save, he should be executed. That way its even MORE exciting!
  3. Roy Firestone

    Top Manager Candidates

    Ted was a manager of the year...with some bad Senator teams.
  4. Roy Firestone

    The Buck Showalter Appreciation Thread

    He led us to three post seasons. Gave the franchise respectability, and leadership. But the Chris Davis deal which he fought hard for with added years, really crushed this teams ability to consider other options.I'm grateful for his hard work and ethic and for what he brought the organization....but it was time to go.
  5. Roy Firestone

    Is it safe to say that the Orioles will win more games in 2019?

    I actually think theres a chance we could be as bad or worse than this year...we had Manny and Schoop and Gausman and Brach and Britton at least for half a season...I don't think we have anyone even THAT good starting the season next year...
  6. Roy Firestone

    one last mini auction to say good bye to this horrible season

    Is anyone interested in the Ripken package? No bids yet. Two terrific items that would make great gifts for the holidays....or any occasion.
  7. Roy Firestone

    one last mini auction to say good bye to this horrible season

    H HbgOsFan , you have been one of the singular most supportive donors to our charity thru this little Orioles auction.You have a personal story that is inspiring but I won't violate your privacy. Needless to say, I appreciate all our supporters on this page. Our charity is now ion its 25th year...and we have raised about 4 million dollars for some of our community's neediest kids. Fore more info see www.westcoastsports.org.
  8. There may be "no crying in baseball", but when Adam Jones slowly walked from the outfield into the Orioles dugout, likely for the last time as an Oriole...I got a lump in my throat. A long time ago, when I started out as a young TV reporter, my assignment editor warned me to never get too close to players...and never show your allegiance to any one team. I failed in heeding his advice. I've loved dozens of Oriole players in by 55 years of fandom: Brooks, Cal, Eddie, Palmer, Demper, Boog, Blair...Earl..I knew them all and always loved what they brought to the city and the team. I enjoyed their friendship. Adam Jones was never as close to me as he was to some other writers and broadcasters, and that was a function of distance..physical distance. I live in LA and he played in Charm City. But I loved him from afar. When I first met him after he was traded from Seattle, our entire conversation was about high school football. He played against other San Diego athletes like Reggie Bush. He grew up rooting for Marcus Allen, and played at the same high school as former Oriole prospect Quinten Berry, and earlier the school where Orioles Sam Horn, and Mark Mclemore played. Adam didn't even pick up a baseball bat till he was almost 14 years old. He went to a Padres game as a kid and fell in love with the sport..and the sport fell in love with him. Five times an AlL Star, 4 times a Gold Glove centerfielder, Adam Jones came to the Orioles as a raw,gifted but undisciplined athlete. He matured into a fine player, a great leader, and one of the most charitable athletes in the history of the community. But it wasn't enough to just to donate money. Adam Jones wanted to learn about young people and their needs. He started with the Boys and Girls Club, and at every opportunity would personally attend community events and keep tabs on several youngsters as they, like him, matured into young adult citizens. His wife, Audi, offered Adam insight that would grow into his support for civic groups like Living Classrooms, a 33 year old program that strengthens communities and inspires young people to achieve their potential through hands-on education and job training, using urban, natural, and maritime resources. Adam didn't stop there. He began giving of his time to the Stocks in the Future program which has motivated students on a daily basis and transformed them into 'investors' of their education.” Adam Jones grew up in a very deprived area. He used to tell me that some of his friends or acquaintances didn't have his opportunities. A few went to jail. A couple died of drugs or gang violence. Adam decided he didn't want to be part of the cycle of dead ended kids in the SanDiego community....so he took his talent and ability, and channeled it into athletics. And he never forgot his roots. He never forgot that the only two things that separates the haves and have nots in life are opportunity and application. He took his opportunity and applied it..and then he spread his opportunity to others in his adopted town. I'll remember the fire and the electricity that Adam brought to the Orioles. But mostly I'll remember his leadership, his passion and his drive to succeed. The Orioles never made it to the World Series in the decade Adam played for the Orioles, but they got close. He made some great plays and hit some big home runs and brought the Oriole fans joy and excitement. But thousands of young people are indebted to him for something far more lasting than baseball excellence. His caring, his desire to inspire and uplift and energize youngsters who got a foothold in life, largely because of philanthropic people like him. Adam Jones has likely played his last game in Baltimore. But his impact will be felt long after he is gone. There may have been better players who wore the Orange and Black...but then again..not that many. There has never been a more committed Oriole athlete to his community than number 10. When he said goodbye today, it was likely, the end of an era. But the hugs by his teammates past, and present..and the applause from the visiting dugout ..and the standing ovations from the fans... said it all. Adam Jones will never be replaced in the hearts of Oriole fans, and in Baltimore. He was a great player. He was an even greater human being. Thanks Adam.
  9. Roy Firestone

    one last mini auction to say good bye to this horrible season

    We just got a $200 bid for the Robinson combo item. Make any bid to raise it..or bid on the Cal Items...The glove I don't believe is a game model glove...its a replica I believe...but BOTH Cal items together items are easily worth the $250 opening bid ...
  10. Roy Firestone

    one last mini auction to say good bye to this horrible season

    Sure, and thanks for the kind consideration. Please go Westcoast Sports.org for all the information you need.I appreciate it.
  11. Roy Firestone

    one last mini auction to say good bye to this horrible season

    Our proceeds on these items benefit underprivileged kids and sports and recreation programs all over the most underserved communities...
  12. Roy Firestone

    one last mini auction to say good bye to this horrible season

    I just sent the photos Weams...Thanks for all you and OH do for our charity every year. Our main fundraiser is 3 weeks away. We hope to raise $250,000 or more on Oct 25 in Los Angeles.Its our 25th year...
  13. Roy Firestone

    one last mini auction to say good bye to this horrible season

    Any interest? Please PM me or send me a bid at addroy@aol.com
  14. Its been a forgettable year, but heres one last way to remember the great years...and do something for a great cause. If anyone wants to own a Cal Ripken Jr. signed hat and glove, with the hat being the all black that he mostly wore and the glove being signed in silver, I'll allow an opening bid starting at $250...Buy it now $400 Also if anyone is interested in a Brooks Robinson bat and ball both signed by the Oriole legend, I will accept a bid of $200 Both items would make great holiday, birthday, or graduation gifts.... Send me a bid on my private message. Thanks for your support!
  15. Roy Firestone

    Where will the Orioles finish among most loss seasons

    I see them losing 115. Hideous season and very very little reason to think we'll be much better next year. No pitching, no bona fide position players who scare other teams, no defense, few prospects. Pretty bleak to me. They should offer free tickets to anyone who wants them this weekend...