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  1. belle had an ops .882 during his 2 years in baltimore
  2. i hate position players pitching....just asking for injury
  3. well, at least it will be respectable.
  4. Is it bad that every Ray has a hit thru 2?
  5. Have any of the J2 players made it to the DSL yet? and what is the normal timetable for that?
  6. either could have gone....75ish innings with a 2.5 ERA is awesome
  7. Means maybe my favorite player
  8. stupid question....Is one of our DSL teams considered more advanced than the other? or are they the same level?
  9. can you actually DFA someone during a mound visit? --asking for a friend
  10. I stayed at a resort in Punta Canta and it was awesome...didn't leave resort, but there weren't armed guards.
  11. Aberdeen starts in 9 days...what time frame can we expect signings to happen.
  12. I'm praying for a battery of Hammer and Cannon...besides striking people out they can solve murders on off days
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