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  1. beantownrefugee

    Ryan McKenna 2018

    I attended the Keys game on Saturday vs. Down East. Came away very impressed with McKenna. The kid is FAST and seems to couple that with good base running instincts (things like secondary lead, etc.). On one Rasmus single, he was on third almost prior to Rasmus getting to first! Been said here already, but McKenna was clearly the best player on the field. Also don't sell Preston Palmeiro short. Nice compact swing, I like what I saw of him too. Alex Wells certainly struggled, or battled, depending on your POV. Never know though, he may have been instructed to use secondary pitches in situations where he would have otherwise used his out pitch.
  2. beantownrefugee

    Valencia should be cut

    Let me get this straight. Valencia is one of four O's players with a batting average over .237, he's second only to Manny in OPS, he had one of only five O's hits last night, had two (including a BB) of the team's seven hits / BB.... and he should be cut for a bad base running play? Maybe that stood out because the rest of the team couldn't even get on base to make a blunder.
  3. beantownrefugee

    TT: Orioles Games of Thrones and the Way Forward

    I recall stories circa 2008 stating that prior to accepting the job, Andy McPhail sat down with Peter Angelos and discussed with him the appropriate role of a team owner within a baseball organization. Andy McPhail had the stature in MLB which Flanagan, Beattie, and Jim Duquette did not. Subsequently once McPhail was hired, Angelos' actions were in line with McPhail's guidance. And this seemed to turn around the franchise for years to come. McPhail and Dan Duquette -- both good baseball minds -- seemed to have freedom to operate. Seemed to last until Dan Duquette's perceived "disloyalty" w.r.t. Toronto in 2015.
  4. beantownrefugee

    The positives to a losing season

    Biggest positive: no ambiguity about what the team direction needs to be w.r.t. the trade deadline. Not saying I'm happy about the losing. Quite the contrary.
  5. I don't either, especially since a stated goal for both the Dodgers and Yankees for this season was to remain below the threshold, and thus reset their luxury tax penalty back to 20%. Otherwise, it is 50% for this season and all subsequent consecutive seasons. If it's Manny to the Dodgers, unfortunately Davis nor Trumbo seem like they could be included.
  6. beantownrefugee

    2018 AA - Bowie Baysox

    Thank you!! Based on back tracking the Baysox rotation + through tomorrow, looks like Akin on Sunday, no Harvey this weekend.
  7. beantownrefugee

    2018 AA - Bowie Baysox

    Legend, do you have a link to where Bowie announces their day-of and next day starters? I'm not seeing it on their website or twitter, but I may be overlooking it. My aim is to go see each of the five Orioles minor league clubs this summer. Do all of the clubs typically only announce the starting pitchers up to one day ahead?
  8. beantownrefugee

    2018 AA - Bowie Baysox

    Do the Baysox announce their planned starting pitchers for the week to come? I don't see it on the Baysox website or their twitter. I'm hoping to go watch Hunter Harvey perhaps this coming weekend vs. Akron. Thx in advance!
  9. beantownrefugee

    Sparse Crowd sees loss.

    Poor planning IMO for yesterday's game to not have been a day game. Someone mentioned yesterday it may have been to increase TV ratings. With the Final Four known to coincide with a 7:05 start, Orioles TV audience would have been down. Can't get that concession cash if there's no one at the game.
  10. beantownrefugee

    If Mussina gets the HOF nod tonight...

    Or get a statue at Camden Yards, if he entered the Hall as an Orioles? The other six Oriole HOFs have both retired jerseys and statues. My bet is no.
  11. beantownrefugee

    Season Plan Changes

    That's a major concern I had as well, upon reading the breakdown which the Orioles sent me. I plan to ask for clarification at Fanfest. Also unclear to me is whether if we were to exchanged existing tickets dollar for dollar, that the newly acquired tickets would be at the season rate, or if that is limited to the first five games which you exchange to. If the latter, I'm likely out for committing my money to the 13-game plan cost. Would be better in terms of both flexibility and financial outlay to not be a plan holder.
  12. Certainly explains the high strikeout rate of the roster Duquette has put together, doesn't it?
  13. beantownrefugee

    Season Tickets - Reps, Exchanges, Vouchers

    I have had the same experience with respect to "you can do all of that online", and the attitude returned when you ask for help. It takes time to learn any online system. Are the O's ticket reps really that busy? If the Orioles want to emphasize online use, they need to know that there will be a learning curve for users. I completely agree with the printed vouchers. Why not have your online account show a credit balance, and you can choose to use that when you buy tickets online? And I never enjoy having a single rep. He or she isn't always there -- understandably. Purchasing or exchanging tickets is often time sensitive. My preference would be for the Orioles to offer a pool of season ticket reps, and the next available rep fields your phone call.
  14. beantownrefugee

    It's Time to Play the Youngins

    I'm sure that's true, and probably amplified by Buck's seeming loyalty to the vets. However, these vets were once youngins as well, and had the chance in a past September to get their feet wet at the expense of the existing vets at the time. Time to give back. I agree with phillyOs -- playing Santander is key, since he has to be on the major league roster to start the season to satisfy Rule 5 requirements.
  15. beantownrefugee

    O's dodge a bullet and stay in it

    Just need to have a winning week, and take it from there when the O's get home. They've played Boston exceptionally well this season, and there's a possibility TB and Pittsburgh might be giving September call ups a shot to close the team.