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  1. The mistake wasn't bringing in Wright, it was pulling him after 1.1 IP and having to bring in your second baseman to pitch. His potential value to the team yesterday was to pitch 3 innings, get shelled and save the pen. The game was over, who cares if he gives up 10 runs in 3 innings? That was his chance to provide value and Hyde botched it.
  2. Well then it's unfortunate I could've told you to back off the keyboard months ago!
  3. Thanks for this, as it is so absurd and borderline incoherent it prompted to me to finally get my plus membership in good standing just to respond (should've never let it get there, everyone here does a great job and it's money well spent). I've been lurking for months and not posting, but it is getting tiring to weed through your incessant non-substantive, inflammatory posts to get to the actual great content this board provides. Please think before you type and try and put together a rational and coherent thought for once. If not, I'd strongly suggest the mods take action because as someone who has read this board for 10+ years I can honestly say that you detract from the experience and provide zero value. I'd point you towards the Orioles.com message boards or orioles facebook page comment sections, which are more suited for someone with your temperament and apparent intellectual capacity. BTW - I'd have paid 10x the plus membership fee to post my version of this that wasn't toned down.
  4. Diaz DL Hall Mountcastle Hays Grayson Rodriguez Akin Kremer Adam Hall Ortiz Tate Hanifee Lowther McKenna Encarnacion Wells Carmona Bannon Wells Knight Rom Haven't been following as closely lately, I'm sure I glossed over 1-2 that'd I'd potentially be inclined to include.
  5. I wouldn't go that far but he has a .702 OPS in the second half. A vast improvement over the historically bad performance we were seeing previously. I still think he is done as a useful major league player, but there has been some progress.
  6. I don't think anything happened to him. Career 5.12 FIP in 172 ML innings, 4.6 BB/9 and 6.3 K/9. He just simply isn't very good. It's not clear to me he's more valuable than Mike Wright. He's also been asked to throw a lot of innings since he's been here, I'm sure that hasn't helped.
  7. I think the best other alternative was to offer up Mike Wright as a sacrificial lamb. It would have been smart to either skip Melville or Hess this week at Norfolk too. Everyone has known we would need a starter today for some time.
  8. Mike Wright could start tomorrow. We are 11-27 I'd rather just punt a game then have Hess make his debut on three days rest when he has 6 AAA starts. Regardless, the fact that it appears they gave zero thought as to the possibility they would need to pull up a starter for Saturday basically sums it up.
  9. This is so dumb why didn't you just skip his start this week then? My guess would be they assumed Castro would start, which is also unwise considering everyone could've anticipated needing Castro for multiple innings last night.
  10. More outs on the bases. If only we attempted more steals to make the problem worse.
  11. He's out. If only we stole more bases
  12. I don't think anyone has tried to pass off Jones as a legitimate leadoff hitter. The issue is we don't have one and he is arguably the best alternative.
  13. The Chapman equivalent easily. Not that we will even consider that strategy. A team who is a contender with arguably the best reliever of all time (currently at least) tends to keep him.
  14. Miranda probably wouldn't be a top 30 prospect in a strong farm system. Trading him for anything that could potentially provide value to us this season is a smart move.
  15. We especially don't have the horses to get Sale and still have a Sale-Tillman-Gausman-Bundy rotation. Absolutely zero chance.
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