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  1. I'm sure this has been discussed in other threads, but where do we think he is initially assigned? I assume they'll assign him to an affiliate shortly after the signing is official.
  2. Big Mac

    Adam Hall 2019

    I agree with this. I would, however, promote Grenier to push him a little bit similar to what we did with D.J. Stewart a few years ago. After a poor April he's put up a .790 OPS in May and currently has a .796 in June.
  3. Obviously do it subtly. He has been having issues with blisters, seems like a good enough excuse for me.
  4. I went from watching Matthias Dietz pitch live to watching this, not exactly a day of good baseball.
  5. I'm just going to start watching Mancini bat in the first inning and then otherwise move on with my life.
  6. So let's skip him a couple of times coming up then if that seems like a legitimate concern?
  7. I saw Dietz pitch today and it was as bad as the numbers indicate. Warming up in the bullpen he airmailed the catcher several times, causing the ball to ricochet off the outfield wall and onto the field of play. It was Nook Laloosh-esque but with poor stuff. The velocity was non-existent. He sat 92-93 and t94 (both on the stadium gun and multiple scouts' guns, so it's accurate). He occasionally mixed in a fluttering 84-85 breaking pitch that I think was supposed to be a slider, but it didn't really move and was up in the zone every time he threw it. Obviously, control/command was awful. He needs to go down to extended spring for a complete overhaul, they need to get him out of A+ ball. It was difficult to watch.
  8. Knight didn't make his scheduled start today, does anybody have any idea why?
  9. Big Mac

    Mike Baumann 2019

    They have Hanifee in the rotation too, so they certainly don't need to promote a starter to replace Baumann.
  10. Baumann to Bowie and Tim Naughton to Frederick per Steve Melewski on twitter.
  11. Thank you. It looks like Hanifee tomorrow, Bishop saturday and Knight on sunday. Interesting that Baumann is not pitching this series, maybe he is on his way to Bowie?
  12. Does anyone know the starting pitchers for the Keys this upcoming series against Wilmington? I saw that Sedlock is starting tonight but can't find any other information, I'm hoping to catch some of the games this weekend.
  13. I think it's clear Hess belongs in the bullpen. Replacing him with a guy with an 8.51 ERA in AAA while giving up 14.1 H/9 and 2.9 HR/9 is...interesting.
  14. I personally think this is the best argument against Rutschman...and I want them to draft him.
  15. Comparing what a guy is doing in AAA to what a guy who is only one year younger is doing in the pac-12 is just completely worthless. I'm sure Mountcastle would be walking plenty in the pac-12 right now too. I guess I also just made the comparison so maybe disregard as completely worthless?
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