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  1. Big Mac

    Tanner Scott

    He has had two starts and is missing bats, he wasn't getting promoted to the O's after two starts if he threw back to back no-hitters. The start to his AAA career so far does not rank in my top 100 worries about the Orioles right now.
  2. Right, I was referring to the amount of time to keep him down to delay arbitration eligibility. I agree it's not a game worth playing.
  3. I agree, what I meant when I said "I think it's time" is that it should be this September and not next June. Giving him 650-700 AAA PA before a call-up seems like overkill to me.
  4. I think it's time. He now has 499 PA at the AAA level where he has been remarkably consistent and has over 2,000 total minor league PAs. I am as concerned about the walk rates as anybody but it seems clear at this point he isn't going to progress in that aspect while facing AAA pitching. I also do not think that Mountcastle will turn into the caliber of player where we should be that worried about service time.
  5. Big Mac

    Dean Kremer 2019

    I bet if you asked any minor league player whether they'd like to stay at a level and experience the playoffs or move up a level, every single one would pick moving up a level.
  6. I find it worthwhile to absorb as much information as I can, even if there are some sources I value a lot more than others.
  7. I think he might be Richie Martin.
  8. It stinks that it's only a two game series at Wrigley in the middle of the week. The weekend road series leave a lot to be desired next year. I'll probably try and do St. Louis and one of Houston or Texas.
  9. This is a tough dynamic. I've always been sympathetic to Davis, I don't think it's as easy as just brushing off how tough these past couple of years have been for him just because he has a $161M contract. No amount of money makes it feel good to show up everyday and do a job that you are actually incapable of doing. That has to wear on him. That being said, this frustration has to be a long time coming for Hyde. He has a player he doesn't want that makes a lot of money, he has to play his best player out of position because of Davis. And it wasn't his decision to give him the contract. Having someone that you manage that you think isn't earning their salary is a very frustrating thing, especially when you can't do anything about it. I am sure it will be handled internally, but Davis needs to be disciplined for leaving the ballpark before the game was over and not speaking to the media. When you make $142k per game and have hit .180 over the last three years, the least you can do is stick around for the entire game. He should be at a minimum fined his game check. I thought leaving and not speaking to the media was a coward move, and I'm beginning to hold the opinion that that is all Davis really is at his core. I hope I'm wrong.
  10. If you can't use this year to evaluate a guy like Stewart then you are just botching a rebuild.
  11. He had 11.4 K/9 in June and has 13.4 K/9 so far in July.
  12. So they should continue to give him starters innings all season and ignore the fact he only threw 30 innings last year? Got it. You probably miss the days starters threw 150 pitches too. This isn't that difficult of a concept to grasp, they won't him to throw a full season while managing his innings.
  13. But that's not really what they are doing. He was taking his usual turns through the rotation in Frederick in April and May, going 5.2, 5, 5, 6, 6, 4, 7 and 5 IP in each of those outings. He only had 37 IP last year and 90 IP the year before due to injuries, I'd guess they want to cap him at 100 IP max this year, possibly even less. He is at 64 IP on the season and having him do 3 IP stints in relief for the rest of the season allows them to control his innings without shutting him down early. I'd think the plan is to do this and if he stays healthy he should be ready for a normal starter's workload next year.
  14. Big Mac

    Who is next?

    I doubt so too, I just don't agree with the idea that we could get more for him in a year or two. We likely could get what we could get now - next to nothing.
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