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  1. If you can't use this year to evaluate a guy like Stewart then you are just botching a rebuild.
  2. He had 11.4 K/9 in June and has 13.4 K/9 so far in July.
  3. So they should continue to give him starters innings all season and ignore the fact he only threw 30 innings last year? Got it. You probably miss the days starters threw 150 pitches too. This isn't that difficult of a concept to grasp, they won't him to throw a full season while managing his innings.
  4. But that's not really what they are doing. He was taking his usual turns through the rotation in Frederick in April and May, going 5.2, 5, 5, 6, 6, 4, 7 and 5 IP in each of those outings. He only had 37 IP last year and 90 IP the year before due to injuries, I'd guess they want to cap him at 100 IP max this year, possibly even less. He is at 64 IP on the season and having him do 3 IP stints in relief for the rest of the season allows them to control his innings without shutting him down early. I'd think the plan is to do this and if he stays healthy he should be ready for a normal starter's workload next year.
  5. Big Mac

    Who is next?

    I doubt so too, I just don't agree with the idea that we could get more for him in a year or two. We likely could get what we could get now - next to nothing.
  6. Big Mac

    Who is next?

    I generally agree that it makes no sense to trade him, but when he goes back to being a .600ish OPS hitter I doubt his value will be higher than it is right now.
  7. Glad to see them push him along a little bit, I've been advocating for this for a few weeks now.
  8. Big Mac

    Keegan Akin 2019

    I watched most of his start, the 2 run HR he gave up was absolutely a juiced ball HR. It looked like a pop up off the bat that just carried over the RF wall. Mason Williams seemed shocked it went out and so did the announcers.
  9. I thought David Hess would be our best starting pitcher this season.
  10. He needs to get some regular ABs in Baltimore the rest of the way. He should not go back to Norfolk so we can get a longer look at guys like Dwight Smith Jr. and Chris Davis. We know what we have there. Play him or Santander in CF if you have to in order to get them ABs.
  11. Gunnar will be making his pro debut tomorrow per Steve Melewski on twitter.
  12. He could also be Joey Bart and putting up a .740 OPS at Frederick this time next year. Easy to hold him down in that scenario.
  13. I agree and I don't really believe that is what they are doing, it's just a thought that has crossed my mind. I just find it a little strange he was the only advanced college bat we drafted that got sent to the GCL. It could very well be for any combination of the reasons that other posters have mentioned.
  14. Part of me wonders if the plan is to intentionally slow play him. Let him get his feet wet in Aberdeen this year, play the first half in Delmarva next season and finish in Frederick. All or most of 2021 in Bowie and then not bring him up until sometime mid-season 2022.
  15. Not that I put a ton of value into the WHIP stat but I don't consider these numbers to be high.
  16. I think it is more likely than not that they don't tender him a contract.
  17. You can move Herb back down to Bowie or to the bullpen, put Ortiz in the bullpen. That's two easy spots opened up. I guess I'm not in love with the strategy of hiding our pitching prospects from the ball that they will actually have to use to get major league hitters out.
  18. I'd be fine with promoting him too, but if we are picking one of the Bowie starters right now I think it should be Zimmermann. More AA experience than Lowther, one year older and he isn't having issues with walks like Lowther is. Honestly, I'd probably promote all four of Zimmermann, Wells, Lowther and Kremer to Norfolk before August.
  19. Another strong start for Zimmermann last night, 7 shutout innings allowing 5 hits, 3 BB and 7 K's. I'd be inclined to push him to Norfolk at this point, he now has 135.2 IP at the AA level with a 3.05 ERA and 8.6 K/9 and is already 24. Let's see how the stuff plays with the ML ball in a stronger offensive environment.
  20. I don't want him getting a lot of ABs at the expense of Santander and Stewart. I don't think he profiles as a ML player long term, below average corner OF bats that are well below average defensively don't tend to stick in the majors.
  21. Big Mac

    Dean Kremer 2019

    I thought so, and the velocity on his curve (~77) seemed right. I thought he threw a little bit harder but the fastball command looks very good and the curve looks like a strong offering.
  22. Big Mac

    Dean Kremer 2019

    Does anyone know how accurate the Hartford radar gun is? I'm watching on milb.tv and Kremer has been t93 tonight sitting 91-92. He also keeps throwing a pitch that's 87-88 and I can't exactly tell what it is.
  23. Some people would make that trade. Ridding yourself of a franchise crippling contract in exchange for stretch that produced 0 wins past the divisional round? It's tempting. And I thoroughly enjoyed those teams.
  24. We almost surely don't have the Davis contract if we had signed Tex.
  25. But why blame the players when we can blame the Red Sox manager??
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