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  1. O'Day is a such a unique pitcher and so fun to watch. When he's healthy, he's one of the best relief pitchers in the game. He looks healthy right now.
  2. 8 Iremember hearing that too. Hopefully this is just being done to cover their bases and not because of discomfort closer to the elbow.
  3. We've been too busy winning.
  4. - Bundy is turning into a real ace right now IMO. His stuff is electric (even when he's not sitting at 95-97), he doesn't get rattled, and he has excellent control right now. Maybe we even see a velocity spike once he gets going and the weather warms up a bit. - Mancini looking serviceable in the field so far is crazy (why didn't they try this last year?). Credit to Buck for thinking outside of the box again ala Pearce at 2b. - Wilson has looked pretty bad. I don't think he's on the 40 man much longer the way that Dan is making incremental moves. - The bullpen injuries are really starting to scare me.
  5. This is awesome! Very cool. Here's to hoping enough people agree and look at it so it can continue.
  6. Depends on how soon Toronto goes to the bullpen. I could see Buck bringing in Kim to replace Rickard if they bring in a righty early enough. Then PH Mancini for Kim if they bring in another lefty after that. Buck is going to use his deep bench while he has it.
  7. He pinch hit for Smith on opening day.
  8. Really like this format and amount of detail. Much more useful than a box score and a short paragraph.
  9. Just him.
  10. My frearless prediction: Bundy pitches a no hitter this year.
  11. True, but that may even out a little when you consider that Mancini (who has VERY little outfield experience) is probably going to get some starts in RF. It can't be any worse than last year, but I don't see a much difference in the OF unless Gentry becomes a consistent starter. Smith is still a below average fielder, although, much better than Trumbo. It may be slightly better than last year, but IMO the outfield defense is still below average. Maybe another year of experience will help Rickard become a better outfielder though. It would be fun to see a few games with an outfield of Jones, Rickard, and Gentry.
  12. I think you focus too much on the weakness of the team and don't give enough weight to the positive. Your analysis about the poor outfield defense, starting pitching, and high strikeouts is absolutely true, but they will be nutralized by our power, bullpen, and infield defense. Plus Buck probably accounts for a win or 3 (wildcard game decisions notwithstanding).
  13. Went back and looked at last years win poll. Webbrick2010, looks like you are also the only one last year to select 73 or fewer wins for 2016. Here's to hoping you're wrong again! Have faith man!
  14. I'm guessing right around 90 wins.
  15. Awesome interview. Sometimes Dan comes off as uninterested and aloof, not today. Very candid and seemed genuinely excited about the direction of the team.