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  1. I'll always be an Adam Jones fan. I'll be there when he's inducted to the Orioles Hall of Fame. Thanks for the memories! Good luck in Arizona.
  2. Awesome! I'll definitely check it out later when I get a chance. Great idea.
  3. Bundy for me. I thought for sure he would be a legit #1 starter.
  4. The 2019 Orioles. "Hyde Your Eyes"
  5. Reminds me of the time when Roch tried to explain to Tom Davis what a blog was. I'd put money on it that he still has no idea.
  6. Maybe Roch and Connolly should check with Brady to see if he offered Hyde the job?
  7. canonfaz

    New manager

    I'd be fine with anyone but Acta. I have never been impressed with him at all. I remember hearing some of his interviews on MLB radio and he never struck me as a guy that was a great leader.
  8. I completely agree with all of this. My guess though is that Brady is the one guy who is off limits (at least until PA is no longer around). If that's the case, I'd put him in charge of the physical conditioning or something and move on.
  9. Brady does strike me as the type that will be open to analytics though. He seems to be always looking for improved methods to train. I could see him being completely open to incorporating way more analytics into decision making.
  10. Hopefully they at least let Elias take down that picture in Dan's old office.
  11. Completely agree. I do think that we'll start to hear a few names trickle out in the coming days that are being considered.
  12. Rumor has it these suns a b!tch@s will also be following Elias and Sig from Houston to Baltimore.
  13. I'm hoping we see a noticeable improvement in Bundy, Cashner, and Cobb during the season and are able to get a better haul for them at the deadline. I don't think any of them have much value right now.
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