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  1. canonfaz

    Cano hit with 80 Game PED suspension.

    1. Lew Ford
  2. canonfaz

    2018 Chris Tillman

    Whatever. He better not start another game this year if he doesn't go to the minors and dominate. We have better options in A ball.
  3. canonfaz

    Tillman starting Thursday

    Didn't see this coming. Buck sure is trying different things.
  4. canonfaz

    10 wins or 30 losses?

    At this point, I'd be surprised if we win 30 games all season.
  5. canonfaz

    Joey Rickard

    Whatever. Not like it matters at this point.
  6. If we keep running Tillman out there, none.
  7. canonfaz


    Clubber Lang said it best when describing how it is watching the 2018 Baltimore Orioles... "Pain."
  8. He's giving us no chance to win. He's gotta be gone or DL'ed.
  9. canonfaz

    Harvey called up

    Gausman 2.0. Ugh.
  10. canonfaz

    Mike Wright is not a major league pitcher.

    You're probably right, but I would at least give him a fair chance to be valuable out of the pen before DFA'ing him. I don't think he'll be able to do it, but there is a chance.
  11. canonfaz

    Mike Wright is not a major league pitcher.

    I'd send down Scott for now. That would give him a few chances out of the pen before Cobb is ready. Once Cobb is ready, I'd DFA him if he's still terrible.
  12. canonfaz

    My Top 50 prospects - April 2018 Update

    I hope you're right, it's his only hope. So far, he looks like Jamie Moyer without the stuff.
  13. canonfaz

    Mike Wright is not a major league pitcher.

    I'd try him in the bullpen first before we DFA him. I don't ever want to see him start again.
  14. canonfaz

    My Top 50 prospects - April 2018 Update

    Great update. Thanks! I'll be surprised if Cortes makes it the whole year with us.
  15. canonfaz

    Is it time to bring in a "Davis Whisperer"?

    Has he bunted against the shift yet this year? I don't recall seeing him do it.