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  1. Hopefully Harvey is the real deal, but that will only help at the end of the year next year. We need to sign AT LEAST 1 legit starting pitcher. My preference would be to sign 1 good starting pitcher, trade for a decent one, then sign Tillman to a 1 year deal.
  2. Austin Hays

    Must have been an interesting first game for Hays. Long rain delay, so he got to spend a lot of time just hanging out in the clubhouse. That is probably the first time that he's been at OPACY. Then to cap it off, a walk off homer by Manny. Welcome to the bigs kid!!!!
  3. Austin Hays

    I have a feeling that his home to first time for his first hit in the bigs might be the fastest he's ever run in his life.
  4. Austin Hays

    Per Roch. He's headed to Baltimore. I don't get it, but it is exciting!
  5. Austin Hays

    Barring injury, I don't see the benefit of him sitting the bench this September. I would rather have someone like Yaz if Gentry isn't ready soon.
  6. Pick your prospect write-up! Outfield Edition.

    Ring. Thanks!
  7. What Trades Will the Orioles Make?

    Very, very, very, very slim chance of Verlander happening. Gonzo would be helpful for sure. Do we have any more international money to get rid of?
  8. Orioles Need To Find A Way To Maximize Dylan Bundy's Talent

    How about pairing him with Tanner for 3 innings each in September? That would be pretty interesting.
  9. Fangraphs Summer Top -100

    Better than none. I thought Hays might make the top 100.
  10. You can't make "six to seven players unavailable" in a trade and expect to get the best reliever available at the deadline. I'm glad we didn't trade Zach if we weren't getting a legit top prospect. We can always trade him this offseason or next deadline if we are out of it.
  11. Yaz may be a keeper

    Wow. Adam is the only player on our current roster that could make that catch on any type of consistent basis. It's nice to have a few legit and a few fringe OF prospects in AAA and AA.
  12. The O's are sucking me back in!!! Hopefully we're still in the hunt come mid August.
  13. Deadline Deal Orioles Mega-Thread

    A deal with Houston could be very intriguing!
  14. PhillyO's Mid-season Top 30 Orioles prospects

    Promising. If we are able to get a few prospects at the deadline this year, our system should be pretty decent heading into next year.
  15. Should we buy or sell?