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  1. Mini Camp Thread

    Did Cortes go to WVU? I don't see that anywhere in his bio?
  2. Frustration. Sorry. You don't think that package would be close to trading for Cole and McCutchen?
  3. If we're going to keep Manny and just get a pick for him (something I COMPLETELY disagree with). We might as well go all in. Cole/McCutchen for Hays, Harvey, Stewart, Moutcastle, Scott, competitive pick, and international money. Sign Darvish. Sign Vargas/Tillman. Pray we win the world series.
  4. So What is the Plan for Starting Pitching?

    Are there any Australian softball pitchers available this year?
  5. talked to Palmer today....

    Last time Moustakas pitched was probably little league. Pass.
  6. Os requesting offers on Machado

    I wish I could believe that. I hope you're right though.
  7. Os requesting offers on Machado

    Same here. Depending on how we fill the hole at 3B, I think the team could actually be better this year if we get a legit starter back in the deal that can start the year in the rotation. Manny leaves a massive hole in the lineup, but we were in contention most of last year when Manny was playing poorly at the beginning of the year. It's possible, not probable, but possible.
  8. Os requesting offers on Machado

    I predict you are correct.
  9. Os requesting offers on Machado

    Sure is a lot of smoke. Manny is as good as gone. It's the right move. They better get the right return though.
  10. I'm completely against it. I'm hoping they piggy back him (like they did with Tanner Scott last year) to keep his innings down and make it through a whole year healthy. Maybe a September call up to pitch out of the pen would be ok.
  11. Too bad Chen's contract with Miami is so horrible. I wouldn't mind having him back if he could pass an Oriole physical. He's still owed close to 70m though! That contract is untradeable. Miami's going to have to get really creative to get rid of that. I guess he could be packaged with Ozuna or Yelich, but we already have cost controlled outfielders in the system.
  12. Hopefully Harvey is the real deal, but that will only help at the end of the year next year. We need to sign AT LEAST 1 legit starting pitcher. My preference would be to sign 1 good starting pitcher, trade for a decent one, then sign Tillman to a 1 year deal.
  13. Austin Hays

    Must have been an interesting first game for Hays. Long rain delay, so he got to spend a lot of time just hanging out in the clubhouse. That is probably the first time that he's been at OPACY. Then to cap it off, a walk off homer by Manny. Welcome to the bigs kid!!!!
  14. Austin Hays

    I have a feeling that his home to first time for his first hit in the bigs might be the fastest he's ever run in his life.