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  1. I will give you creative kudos for turning a Washington National loss to a Buck and Dan future failure. LOL
  2. Projected contracts for FA starters

    i don't think Sabathia gets two years. He may get an option if he pitches so many innings etc. I don't see Miley and Hellickson doing that well either. I think the top tier guys will get Price type money but there will be a great divide after that High tier.
  3. John Angelos mentions expansion

    I would think Nashville, Montreal, or Portland would be in the mix.
  4. Kevin Gausman 2017

    Who would have thought in June that Dylan Bundy and Kevin Gausman's year-end ERA's would be this close? It is hard to believe we are watching the same pitcher in the second half as the first. He has pitched like a #1 starter the second half.
  5. Buck and Hardy deserve some credit

    History says not much of a chance.
  6. We are a 10th place team

    To say Tillman, Chen, Miquel Gonzalez, and Guasman are swings and misses just isn't true. Norris I will give you. Gausman's career isn't over yet but I will say the jury is still out on him.
  7. Duquette Future

    Some information I do have is that Duquette has sold his home in the area recently and has moved from what I am told out of the state.
  8. Why is Peter Angelos doing the things he’s doing?

    I assume his sons will also inherit his law practice which will provide a pretty good revenue stream to pay off any estate liabilities that arise. Peter Angelos is one of the very few law practices that has never taken a partner. If the Angelos family wants to continue to own the Orioles I suspect they will. What that may look like is anyone's guess at this point.
  9. Deadline Deal Orioles Mega-Thread

    If they can flip both Britton and Brach for 4 starting pitchers that are reasonably close to the major league (high A or above) it will be a good day.
  10. Deadline Deal Orioles Mega-Thread

    Why should Britton call Boras and tell him to settle for less? Would you take less to do your job? If I was a talented baseball player I would hire the best agent in the business. In the end it is up to the player to decide where he is going to play but I can't blame any of them for hiring the person to put them in the best contract situation they can get.
  11. Deadline Deal Orioles Mega-Thread

    http://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2017/07/orioles-bring-back-gentry-plus-lineups.html I don't think Roch would throw this out just to stir the pot. Will Hellickson ever appear as an Oriole? Could he be packaged to a team like the Dodgers looking for a starter down the stretch along with a Brach or Britton? I guess we will know by 4:00 tomorrow.
  12. Deadline Deal Orioles Mega-Thread

    I agree but that is why I think it is tough to bury Duquette for expecting more from the team they broke camp with. All things being equal if Gausman and Tillman gave the team 5 more quality starts each, the position of this team at the end of July would be much different. I don't think that wasn't realistic thinking. Gausman is just better than he has pitched much of the season.
  13. Deadline Deal Orioles Mega-Thread

    Yes, I saw the same thing. Agree that is what his point was.
  14. Deadline Deal Orioles Mega-Thread

    For what? What has he written that is false? Him not being good enough for Bostonian's is a feather in his cap for me. I am glad he writes here in Baltimore.
  15. Deadline Deal Orioles Mega-Thread

    Roch is a very good an entertaining writer. Yes is employer is MASN which is owned by Peter Angelos but to say he is a schill for the Orioles is just not fair. He reports the good and the bad. Do you expect him to just to rip the Orioles?