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  1. It is apparent that Brady's role has been greatly reduced. If the Angelos sons have some kind of loyalty to him I don't have a real problem with that. Unlike before it is very CLEAR that Mike Elias is in charge of the baseball operations of this team. The manager, general manager, and Brady Anderson seemed to have their own direct line to ownership and not on the same page. I don't think that exists any longer.
  2. Buck's son was also let go as well. https://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2019/08/orioles-replacing-more-holdovers-from-previous-front-office.html
  3. I also think Brian Roberts deserves a mention here as well. I enjoy listening to him as well.
  4. One of the last questions asked to Brandon Hyde at his press conference tonight is was Harvey warming up to come in if they took the lead. He first said he was throwing to the catcher standing up. Then he said he could have come in if they Orioles had taken the lead. Could Hunter Harvey be the Orioles closer already?
  5. The Orioles are home also. Forget about Delmarva! I am half kidding but watching Severino try to tag someone out at home positioned 3 feet behind home plate I was ready to call him up before I heard he was 5 for 5.
  6. I can't agree more with the way Frobby sees this. MLB now to me has no reason to give in at this point. With the eventual change of ownership of the Orioles coming sooner than later they have all the leverage over who they allow the team to be sold to. There is no way they will decide who buys the team until this MASN matter is put to bed for good.
  7. accinfo

    Lotta moves

    The Orioles need to find a center fielder. It is clear that they have determined that it isn't going to be Mullins in the near future. So they activated Austin Hayes and he is clearly going to play everyday at AAA in CF because they think he could possibly help this team sooner. It makes sense to put Mullins in CF at AA where he can play his main position everyday.
  8. Richie Martin most likely won't hit enough to be a regular player in the ML but he can field. They really don't have many options in the middle infield. He will stay on the roster this year and be at AAA next year and he will be depth. I don't have a real problem with that at this point.
  9. I agree but there has to been some conversation when Elias took the job on at what point do we end this distraction. If he was hitting 220 with 10 HR's etc there could be some kind of debate but he has left no doubt at this point he is done.
  10. Baseball has always had a competitive imbalance. See how many championships the Yankees and Dodgers have.
  11. I am wondering if the All-Star break could see a decision on Chris Davis. He is in the starting line-up today and maybe this weekend could be the last hurrah. You have DJ Stewart probably ready to come back from his injury. The probably want to keep Wilkerson has the utility player.
  12. When the kid showed up on local radio stations the day after he was drafted I felt pretty confident his intention was to sign. It sounds like the came to agreements with both these picks fairly early and planned these events around this time when the Orioles were coming home. They appear to me to be an organization that seems to know what they are doing.
  13. I thought this was an interesting read basically accusing some MLB teams with being complicit with possible immigration fraud to help get Cuban players out of Cuba. https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/mlb-teams-involvement-with-cuban-players-under-justice-department-scrutiny/2019/05/22/d9f0bc04-6cd1-11e9-8f44-e8d8bb1df986_story.html?utm_term=.5813053e34ac
  14. I really like listening to Brian Roberts. He was a little raw when he started but I think he has gotten real good real fast. I also think Greg Olson has gotten better as well. Right now as color guys I would rank Palmer, Ben McDonald, and Roberts, then Olson. I just can't hear Dave Johnson talk about how highly rated prospects are mostly overrated. He may be right but I don't have to hear it every time he speaks.
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