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  1. I love Buck and have found very little wrong with his managing, but this shielding of the starters in spring training from the Minnesota Twins and the AL East opponents just seems real silly to me. I just can't see any advantage of it. Spring training is about getting their arms ready to pitch when the games count. Chris Tillman got shielded until May last year and how did that work out? If someone thinks it is a good idea I honestly want to hear why.
  2. Frobby is absolutely correct. You are confused with the show during the week Mid-Atlantic Sports report. They cover both teams, I am such a baseball nerd I TIVO the Wall to Wall every Saturday because it is an Oriole show.
  3. Tillman back. Are we happy?

    Agreed it they are done the Orioles would need a Castro or Wright do way better than any of us expect. Tillman could be as bad as last year but if he is he will only get a month of being that bad not an entire season. However, he would be someone if had the results he did since 2012 from any other organization in the American League East most people here would be killing Duquette if he didn't sign him. We will see. He is just turning 30 and I am sorry but I don't believe Buck Showalter isn't a good enough baseball person to taint his evaluation on his affection for Chris Tillman. If this signing had been done in November then it could be questioned much more but they have seen him pitch this spring.
  4. It sounds like Chris Tillman to me. He is in the complex. I can't imagine that he would be there now and then leave for another team's spring training.
  5. Predict the Starting Rotation

    Gausman Bundy Castro Tillman Cortes
  6. While I was listening to 105.7 Buck was asked about what he thought about Chris Tillman's prospect for making a comeback to previous form this year. I am paraphrasing but he said something like I don't want to say too much because I don't want anyone else to sign him. I came away thinking it is more than likely Tillman will be back with the Orioles this year. That doesn't bother me because since Buck has seen him pitch at this past mini-camp I trust he came away with some kind of positive feeling from his progress. Chris was a pretty good pitcher for a long time who I was clamoring to be extended a couple of years ago. He was really bad last year and the Orioles need more help but it appears he likes it here and I don't think you have much to lose by bringing him back. I also got a feeling from listening to Buck that Austin Wynn's has a pretty decent shot at being the backup cather at least in the beginning of the season to get Chance Sisco more minor league defensive experience.
  7. I will give you creative kudos for turning a Washington National loss to a Buck and Dan future failure. LOL
  8. Projected contracts for FA starters

    i don't think Sabathia gets two years. He may get an option if he pitches so many innings etc. I don't see Miley and Hellickson doing that well either. I think the top tier guys will get Price type money but there will be a great divide after that High tier.
  9. John Angelos mentions expansion

    I would think Nashville, Montreal, or Portland would be in the mix.
  10. Kevin Gausman 2017

    Who would have thought in June that Dylan Bundy and Kevin Gausman's year-end ERA's would be this close? It is hard to believe we are watching the same pitcher in the second half as the first. He has pitched like a #1 starter the second half.
  11. Buck and Hardy deserve some credit

    History says not much of a chance.
  12. We are a 10th place team

    To say Tillman, Chen, Miquel Gonzalez, and Guasman are swings and misses just isn't true. Norris I will give you. Gausman's career isn't over yet but I will say the jury is still out on him.
  13. Duquette Future

    Some information I do have is that Duquette has sold his home in the area recently and has moved from what I am told out of the state.
  14. Why is Peter Angelos doing the things he’s doing?

    I assume his sons will also inherit his law practice which will provide a pretty good revenue stream to pay off any estate liabilities that arise. Peter Angelos is one of the very few law practices that has never taken a partner. If the Angelos family wants to continue to own the Orioles I suspect they will. What that may look like is anyone's guess at this point.
  15. Deadline Deal Orioles Mega-Thread

    If they can flip both Britton and Brach for 4 starting pitchers that are reasonably close to the major league (high A or above) it will be a good day.