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  1. I thought this was an interesting read basically accusing some MLB teams with being complicit with possible immigration fraud to help get Cuban players out of Cuba. https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/mlb-teams-involvement-with-cuban-players-under-justice-department-scrutiny/2019/05/22/d9f0bc04-6cd1-11e9-8f44-e8d8bb1df986_story.html?utm_term=.5813053e34ac
  2. I really like listening to Brian Roberts. He was a little raw when he started but I think he has gotten real good real fast. I also think Greg Olson has gotten better as well. Right now as color guys I would rank Palmer, Ben McDonald, and Roberts, then Olson. I just can't hear Dave Johnson talk about how highly rated prospects are mostly overrated. He may be right but I don't have to hear it every time he speaks.
  3. Some people just like to complain no matter what is going on. This is the era of the internet, twitter, etc. It used to bother me but it is just noise. You read the people here you respect their opinion (Frobby,Weams, Luke-OH, Tony-OH, and many more than the ones you don't) even if you don't always agree with everything they write.
  4. I agree with both sentiments here that he would be a good trade chip if his numbers stay up and he is a player that I wouldn't mind keeping and extending for the next 5 years. The bottom line is if you can get the right deal you have to make it for anyone. I trust these guys that if a contender had a need for him they would try to extract maximum compensation for a potential All-Star player. That to me would be pluck at least 2 top prospects from a contender's organization. If not then you have a pretty good player who seems to be a great person.
  5. I am not going to go out of my way to defend DC but they had bad ownership in Bob Short when they moved out the last time. Like we in Baltimore did with Irsay.
  6. I heard that today. He said that he heard through a good source that they offered 3 billion to buy and move the Orioles to Las Vegas. He seemed to indicate that it was something MLB supported. I am not sure if that has to do with their disdain for the Angelo's family because of this on going dispute and they want to get ownership away from anyone in the Angelo's family. I have a hard time believing they would favor moving the Orioles over Tampa Bay are Oakland who don't have newer stadium's. Are those markets more valuable to MLB then Baltimore? If they really feel fans here can be lumped into the Washington market they are wrong. Sure as baseball would become a memory here in Baltimore younger fans in the area will gravitate to the Nationals if they are the only thing on TV but to me they will always be separate markets. I am not going to over react to this but as much as I love baseball this would finish me as a baseball fan.
  7. I agree that I watched more during that period then last year but I think much of the pain of last year has to do with expectations. When they signed Cobb and Cashner I thought they were going to contend. They were so bad so soon it was a shock to my system.
  8. I was in Vegas at the Caeser's sports book years ago watching Pete bet on anything that moved, horse races, dog races, etc. Just absolutely manic the entire time. Then when I got home the next week Nightline was on and here was Pete Rose telling Ted Koppel he couldn't remember the last time he made a wager.
  9. There are no fences to mend with Mike Mussina. Mike has zero ill will towards the Orioles. He was there when he was inducted to the Orioles Hall of Fame.
  10. Music is just personal taste. I should add that Kyle Cook their lead guitarist is a friend. A damn good guitar player. He actually played the National Anthem at Camden Yards.
  11. 4 albums have sold 20 million records. Someone like them including me.
  12. accinfo

    New manager

    My humble prediction is Mike Bell because of his development background.
  13. accinfo

    New manager

    Mike Bell is head of player development. That seems to be a good thing on your resume for the Orioles at this point.
  14. Maybe the greatest sitcom moments in television history!!!
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