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  1. accinfo

    Jim Palmer just threw Chris Davis under the bus

    The conspiracy enthusiast in me thinks maybe Coolbaugh whispered that in Jim's ear so he doesn't get fired for this mess.
  2. accinfo

    Jim Palmer just threw Chris Davis under the bus

    That was my take on it as well. Not just what he said but how he said it.
  3. Wow! I am paraphrasing him but he just said Chris Davis stated he worked with Scott Coolbaugh over the winter and Jim Palmer asked Scott Coolbaugh and he said no they didn't. Wow again.
  4. However the rest of the Manny Machado story in Baltimore ends up playing out he did a class thing tonight wishing Brooks happy birthday at the end of his post game interview. Thanks Manny!
  5. No it says Hunter Harvey for Baltimore. I just looked and it still says it. I don't remember it being that off. Sorry for the false alarm.
  6. The site is Onroto.com. It says on the site they get their roster data from STATS Inc.
  7. On Wednesday against Philadelphia. It was changed from earlier today as TBD. I don't see it mentioned anywhere else but just wanted to put that out there.
  8. accinfo

    T. J. Nichting hot lately

    Thanks for the reply
  9. accinfo

    T. J. Nichting hot lately

    T.J. Nicthing has gone 3 for 5 the last three games and is hitting 331 overall. He is already 23. I am just wondering what anyone here thinks of him as a prospect? Thanks.
  10. accinfo

    Tillman starting Thursday

    Listening to Buck tonight after the game I would be very surprised if Chris is on the active roster tomorrow. Whether he is DFA'd or he comes up with an injury I think that was the end. It has to be done, though I get no glee on the way it looks like it will end. Chris Tillman has been a very good Oriole.
  11. That is just ridiculous. If Tampa Bay or Oakland can't relocate because they can't get a better stadium the Orioles are not going anywhere.
  12. accinfo

    Palmer sounds like he's had enough.

    He said if Araujo is a better option then anyone in your minor leagues then you need to fix your minor league system. He has a point.
  13. accinfo

    Schoop back on Tuesday: Joey on Sunday

    Everyone says that and it maybe true but I think Jones would be ok with moving to a corner if he respected the player you put in CF for him. I think Adam knows Mullins is a talent and wouldn't mind that move. If you replace him with Craig Gentry or Joey Rickard then yes he would not be happy.
  14. accinfo

    Palmer sounds like he's had enough.

    I guess they could once Angelos passes and not approve the sons as owners. I just doubt they do that. One thing the sons could do is settle this MASN suit in exchange for approval of them as owners.
  15. accinfo

    Schoop back on Tuesday: Joey on Sunday

    I rather see an outfield of Mullins CF. He can't hit worse than Gentry. RF Jones, and Hayes in LF. They can't play worse and maybe there will be some light at the end of the tunnel.