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  1. I would argue that Houston really doesn't have to buy anything. They will be hard to catch. The Dodgers are close to that as well even though their division is real good.
  2. Please don't muddle these arguments with any facts. I understand why people are skeptical and/or negative. The last 50 games have been brutal to watch. However to say there is no chance this group of players can not play better isn't reasonable either. I have done well in roto leagues trading for players half way through the season that are performing way below their historical averages. It isn't unreasonable to believe that Kevin Gaueman, Chris Tillman, Manny Machado, and Chris Davis will have much better second halfs of the seasons. Will that be enough? I don't know. It doesn't feel that way right now but it isn't like we are asking them to do things they have not done in the past. The difference is that I will be rooting for them to have those better halfs and some people who just want to say they are right would rather see things come completely unhinged. That I don't understand.
  3. I would start Kevin Gausman Friday. Why? Not because he has really earned it but to me I think it is worth showing the confidence that he can still become the top of the rotation pitcher we (or some of us) hope he will become. His stuff is still TOR stuff. I believe (hope) his ERA will end up closer to 4 by the end of the season. Give Dylan Bundy the second start. Just a little more rest and maybe take a little pressure off his shoulders. He has to have felt if he didn't pitch 6 or 7 good innings no one was going to. This is just his first season in the rotation from the beginning of the season. Maybe even Tillman for game two because he needs to do something more productive if the Orioles are going to have a better second half. The last two you can draw from a hat.
  4. Where do you go if you want to purchse one of these?
  5. If the payroll were cut you would be the first to say that Angelos is too cheap to field a competitive team. So either Agenda A or B whichever fits your narrative.
  6. I would love to have Palmer do more games but I am sure Jim is looking to wind down his career than do more games. I would love to have Ben McDonald do the games Palmer doesn't do.
  7. Maybe the Nationals will trade us Bryce Harper for Brach when Britton comes back! LOL Just kidding but it is nice having two pretty good legitimate closers on a roster.
  8. Or at least slowed considerably? Who would have bet the under on 13 million per year for Mark Trumbo? Yes I realize his defensive skills or lack there of hurts his overall value but he did hit 47 home runs and is in the prime of his career. The top players like Manny and Harper are going to get plenty rich but I have to believe the talk of $400 million dollar plus contracts now seems much less likely. I especially believe there will be a trend not to give many more contracts over 5 years in the future. I have said this before so it may be just a brief pause in the insanity but it feels different to me.
  9. I don't expect Pat to want to shuffle between the D league and the NBA. Don't be shocked that he shows up this summer in an Oriole minor league uniform. I have a little inside info on this one.
  10. I have heard from an attorney friend of mine that Peter Angelos health is rumored to be not well.
  11. I like how you say you are wrong and then tell us all the things you think you were right about. Here is why you were wrong. The starting pitching was not "horrible." They weren't great but Tillman, Gausman, and Bundy were pretty good starting pitchers. The OF defense wasn't good but the infield defense was great which made up for much of the problems mostly in Left and right field. The Center fielder is still real good. The O'Day signing certainly didn't hurt this team. He was hurt but he was pretty good when he did pitch. To point to that signing as some kind of disaster is ridiculous. Chris Davis also didn't hurt this team. His defense should earn him a gold glove and he was offensively productive even though he was below what they had hoped.
  12. The line between success and failure can be very thin. To have missed the playoffs this year would have taken a just a few things to have gone the other way. If they lose on Tuesday I suspect all the naysayers will be out in full force saying that they hadn't really accomplished anything by playing one wildcard game. To me this has been a successful season. They seem to be an easy bunch of guys to root for which is a reflection on the manager and the way this team has been assembled. I hope this season goes on but either way it to me it has been fun to watch. I remember the 14 years of losing and this last five are way better then that.
  13. I agree that it is fair to hold Duquette responsible for the bad deals. However he deserves the credit for the good moves he has made like Trumbo. Whatever Seattle's motivation was.
  14. I think we can all thank old#5 because it is when he pointed to Gausman being an inch shorter then Palmer Kevin kicked into another level!!
  15. I prefer the comparison to the Bert Jones led 1975 Baltimore Colts. LOL