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  1. pcbothwel

    Cobb to Orioles (Confirmed by Roch Kubatko)

    Agreed. We should also take into account we dont know the Guaranteed amount in the 4th year as well as the deferrals. Huge factors in the true value of the deal
  2. I may be in the minority, but I dont see why you overpay someone like this. Everyone always acts like locking up these young players long term deals is always smart. Just look at the last couple years with players signing these extensions and then falling back to earth. Odor, Tim Anderson, Soler, Polanco, Piscotty, Starlin Castro, Andrelton Simmons, Matt Moore, etc. We should look to extend, but I wouldnt be desperate.
  3. pcbothwel

    Os requesting offers on Machado

    Well. Thats it for me guys. Im going to enjoy the holidays and Football for the next month and then basketball playoffs into spring. I live in DC, so ill probably pop into some Nats games for some beers and nice weather... but done with O's. I still remember how exciting the Bedard trade was and how it was bad that we sucked, but finally felt we were building something real. 2012 - 2016 was a good run. Joined this board 10 years ago this last June, so it seems about the right time to leave. I hope everyone has a great Christmas and New year... Oh yeah... #@$% you Peter Angelos Bye Folks
  4. pcbothwel

    Os requesting offers on Machado

    100% agreed. The orioles are already behind the Skins and Wizards on priorities of fandom. It hurts to have to compete with the Yanks and Sox every year, and with terrible ownership rearing its head again... I might be out. Im 31, so im getting more deliberate with my free time in my life as I am moving forward with my personal and professional life. The Orioles just arent making a convincing argument to get my attention/money. i was holding out hope that we could reload, but it appears we may just head into a slow demise for about 2 years... i dont have the time or energy for it. Dealing Manny for a good haul along with Brach and Britton at the deadline could of really revived this team... But now....
  5. pcbothwel

    Os requesting offers on Machado

    Agreed. I think people are too callus about the 1 year deal. I know it doesnt give a team any benefit on paper (Besides the pick if he walks), but I think people underestimate how important a good clubhouse/city/fit is for these players. If you are signing an 8+ year deal, you want to know you and your family fit with an organization. A team doesnt get just a year of production out of Manny, but a year long wooing process to show that you will not only contend, but provide an environment in which the player can be happy for the next decade.
  6. pcbothwel

    Winter Meetings 2017

    A little odd, but we are talking about relief pitchers. i have no issue holding on to one or the other until the deadline if the offer isnt right. Most buyers would give up more for half a season of a healthy, productive Bullpen arm than a full season of the same player because of how volatile they can be. In general, I could see most teams saying, "Lets wait until the deadline to see A) If we're contending, B) Do we need RP, and C) Who is productive/healthy..."
  7. pcbothwel

    Winter Meetings 2017

    Interesting. Manny is going to be okay either way... He loves BMore and would love to play here his entire career... we'll see if its best for everyone to do something else.. I think hes gone guys. I know Buck is more involved with the FO decisions than most, but he wasnt doing the normal pleading to keep the Star player in town. I.E. "It would be a real blow to our team... he's a leader in our clubhouse... I hope he's here... etc."
  8. pcbothwel

    Verlander is he worth a claim

    Yeah, i dont get it. Its the team that waives the player that has the option, correct? I.E If a team puts in a claim and the opposing team doesnt like the trade offer, then the opposing team can elect to just let the player go right? If thats the case, no way do I take that risk.
  9. pcbothwel

    Deadline Deal Orioles Mega-Thread

    Whats interesting is the Blazers just made a trade that saved them a ton of money (40M this year alone). They are now within a couple million of getting under the lux tax threshold and Patty C would save them about 600k. I wont be surprised if he gets waived
  10. pcbothwel

    Make your Billy Hamilton trade offer

    Umm. Mancini is 24 and Hamilton is 26. Mancini is a FA in 2023 and Hamilton in 2020. So a rebuilding team would do it to get a younger player with more control. This is not saying the Reds would/should do it, but just correcting.
  11. pcbothwel

    Update: O's sign Trumbo to 3yr/$37 mil deal

    The Cardinals signed Brett Cecil to the same contract (4/31M) as O'Day and I dont think Cecil is as good. Hell, Melancon has been about the same as O'Day and he signed for DOUBLE the amount (4/62M). I understand people being disappointed that O'Day wasnt as good this year and injured, but he had a solid 5 year track record and was flat out dominant the two year prior to the contract. I would also understand if, for instance, Manny, O'Day, and Trumbo were all FA's at the same time and instead of giving Manny 35M, we let him walk and signed O'Day/Trumbo for 20M... But that hasnt happened. We have a good team and while people argue that we simply paid to keep the same team around, there forgetting the fact that Bundy, Miley, Gausman, and Ubaldo all figure to be better than last year, even if Tillman doesnt improve. Also, we are built to compete now.... so why not take a shot. Serious question, if we begin to fall apart and need to become sellers next winter or the 2018 deadline...which of the below players are not a positive asset? As in, would we have to pay some money to get another team to take them and give us a prospect... Davis - Maybe, but not if he turns in a season like 2015... he then would be positive Jones - 1/17M (2018), positive Hardy - 1/14, positve... and if he isnt/or he is hurt this year, then we couldnt get the Vesting option anyway Trumbo - 2/22M, positive...and with a little regression, he is simply neutral. Machado - Uhhh yeah, positive Britton - Positive Brach - Positive
  12. pcbothwel

    Update: O's sign Trumbo to 3yr/$37 mil deal

    If 3/37M with deferrals is correct, then that amounts to about 10-11M per year. If we need to dump salary to resign Manny/Tillman, then getting rid of Trumbo and 2/22M or O'Day and 2/18M are not going to be an issue.
  13. pcbothwel

    Update: O's sign Trumbo to 3yr/$37 mil deal

    Agreed, but he may actually be better defensively because A) He will be familiar with our RF, and B) He'll only play RF about half as much as last year and therefore not be as worn down day to day. Also, CD has been extremely healthy the last two years, but you cant count on that moving forward. Trumbo might actually be a great fill in at 1B for 10-15+ games
  14. pcbothwel

    Update: O's sign Trumbo to 3yr/$37 mil deal

    I know some people will question the fit along with the loss of a pick, but if its really 13M per then he immediately becomes a positive asset moving foward
  15. pcbothwel

    O's Trade Gallardo for Seth Smith

    Ehh, we had to trade one of the 3 and he is the only one that had not shown signs of getting better. Miley is a lefty with a strong track record and Ubaldo, while frustrating, can go through periods of not only being one of the better pitchers on the team, but all of baseball. The 1st and last years salary are sunk cost. They used Gallardo to fill an obvious hole and save money. Im in.