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  1. Hazmat

    We desperately need our next JJ Hardy

    He looks good but I’m afraid I’ll be retired by the time he gets the call up.
  2. Hazmat

    Machado Trade Expectations

    Who is the better prospect, 2017 Willie Calhoun or 2018 Yusniel Diaz? Who would you rather have right now?
  3. Hazmat

    Machado Trade Expectations

    Who would you rather have between Greneir and Gamboa?
  4. Hazmat

    Machado Trade Expectations

    If this is the deal, can we infer that Verdugo is not being offered by the Dodgers?
  5. Hazmat

    Machado Trade Expectations

    Florial looks 20 like Breshad Perriman looks like he's in his early 20's.
  6. Hazmat

    Machado Trade Expectations

    Now that the cold glass of water has been thrown in our faces, would you accept Phillips and Ortiz plus a third piece for Manny? Those 2 pieces are worth more than a supplemental draft pick, right?
  7. Hazmat

    Machado Trade Expectations

    I don’t know about any of you guys, but if you told me we traded Manny for Verdugo straight up I’d be happy.
  8. Hazmat

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    I believe you are thinking of Ponson's cousin, Radhames Dykhoff.
  9. Or Jason Lakman, Juan Figueroa, Miguel Felix and Brook Fordyce. Or Trent Hubbard, Fernando Lunar and Luis Rivera. Or....
  10. I'm psyched for Paul's next article: "The 100 Most Significant Moments in Orioles History"
  11. Hazmat

    You guys were right about Gausman

    I have this problem regularly when visiting OH on my Apple devices but it seems to happen when I'm on the wireless phone network. I don't recall having the issue when I'm home on my Wi-Fi. I don't have the issue on any of the other sites I frequent.
  12. Hazmat

    Keegan Akin Debut Tonight

    Nah, there can be only one of him.