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  1. Came for the conversation on Pompey and got 1 out of 7 pages on the subject.
  2. Hazmat

    Astros Designate AJ Reed

    How would claiming Reed preclude the O's from still doing these things?
  3. With these responses, this should be his favorite beer.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YX19-S4-V54
  5. Yeah, I'm not buying that he added 28 lbs of muscle. Even if that were possible, I'd question how appropriate it would be for a baseball player to undertake such a workout and diet program, especially one who still entertains hope of sticking in the INF and not at 1B.
  6. Since we will be looking to the future to relive past glories, a couple suggestions: Glory Days - the Boss How bout dem O's?
  7. I always assumed you lived in North Carolina.
  8. Koji Uehara to advise players on how to deal with the humidity of MD summers.
  9. Hazmat

    Top Five

    Carl Ripken Jr. would have got my vote for #1 as well.
  10. He looks good but I’m afraid I’ll be retired by the time he gets the call up.
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