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  1. Os requesting offers on Machado

    What did Pittsburgh get for McCutcheon??
  2. Manny is a really good player who is going to get massively overpaid. I would like to take what his trade value is right now, whatever that is, and let him sign for the highest bidder next year.
  3. Britton Out 6 months per Rosenthal

    So we get a half a year, at best, of Zach Britton for 12M? What a deal that we are paying a closer the equivolent of 24M for 2018.
  4. Os requesting offers on Machado

    And as I said 3 years ago, if this FO doesn't pull its head out we are destined for last place soon. Soon was last year, a new dark era is just around the corner. AM set this team up to win, DD rode through the parade and since then he has crashed the float..
  5. MGon Signs with ChiSox

    Hey, "we like our guys".......
  6. So the board is essentially predicting stardom for Hays. I like Austin Hays, love his tool set. But with all of the tools he has, if he hits at the ML level like Trey Mancini, he will be an all star.I could sure get behind that, and I do not think that is beyond possible. But I am not ready to predict that outcome yet.
  7. I will take Mancini. But I will also be thrilled if Hays outhits him. I like them both, and Hays is a complete player because of his defense, ability to run, etc. I think Hays will likely be the more valuable player because of this. But I am just not sure he will outhit Mancini, because I think Mancini just improves his hit game from here.
  8. The Yankees Know The Orioles Want Two Starters

    Honestly, I would trade Machado to the Yankee's for Ellsbury, Adams, Sheffield, Andujar and Cash. Make Ellsbuy's deal palatable in terms of $, and I am in on this deal.
  9. The Yankees Know The Orioles Want Two Starters

    Then we don't do the deal. Unloading Ellsbury and even 2/3 of his salary would be huge for them. Taking 2/3 of his salary would not kill us because Ellsbury has some things we need. A LH bat. A lead off hitter. Someone to push Jones over to RF. No need to sign guys like Cargo to dumb deals. Machado brings Andujar, Sheffield and Adams. Taking Ellsbury brings Montgomery and the low level guys. Done
  10. The Yankees Know The Orioles Want Two Starters

    I disagree. If Ellsbury comes back with some cash and we can unload their farm system count me in. Something like Ellsbury, Adams, Montgomery, Sheffield, Andujar, a high ceiling A baller or two and 20+M. Yep, I would take that deal. It has nothing to with the Yankee's and everything to do with the O's.
  11. Os requesting offers on Machado

    I would also like to extract Andujar in the deal. But I don't really disagree with Buono, we may be dreaming.
  12. The Yankees Know The Orioles Want Two Starters

    Manny for Ellsbury, Andujar, Montgomery, Sheffield and Adams.
  13. Os requesting offers on Machado

    I would demand quality. I would ask for Adams, Sheffield, Andujar plus a throw in guy like Heller. Adams has to be in the deal for me. He is the guy that slots right into the rotation coming out of ST. Sheffield is an interesting LH pitching prospect that might be ready soon and Andujar has a pretty high ceiling if he can handle 3b. He has a cannon arm, and may develop plus power down the road. I would be asking for the 4th guy, Heller, just because they are the Yankee's.
  14. Os requesting offers on Machado

    Silly. You trade Manny for the best return regardless of which team offers that. We should be in the business of making the Orioles as good as they can be, both now and in the future. There are no guarantee's, anything could happen. We need to get the best return for Manny and not look back.
  15. 6/100. And I think that has a really good chance of getting it done.