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  1. He is good enough for me to lock him in as our everyday LFer for the long term. I really hope that the Orioles finally come to grips with the idea that a full rebuild is in order, and Mancini is one of the cornerstones to rebuild on. I hope next years OF has Mancini, Hays and Mullins as parts in it. I think all effort should go into trading away veteran players that will not be here for the next competitor. Of course, Davis is not tradeable, and that really hurts. Trumbo is probably in the same boat.
  2. I would try to sign Tillman on a low base, incentive laden "make good" contract. I would also consider a deal for JJ Hardy to be a utility man if he was interested in such a thing. The other two, I would let move on.
  3. Don Baylor has passed away

    My memory tells me he was one of the best I ever saw at breaking up a double play. The guy played full out all the time. Played the game the right way.
  4. Verlander is he worth a claim

    They would let him go to a claiming team. The Orioles would let Chris Davis go to a claiming team. That is why nobody claims these guys, because the original team can just get out from underneath a horrible contract and move on. I know that I would be thrilled if somebody claimed Chris Davis, and more than happy to wish him well.
  5. Don Baylor has passed away

    Very saddened by this news. A terrific player, and an even better man. RIP Don Baylor.
  6. Verlander is he worth a claim

    Nobody will assume that contract. Nobody. Same thing applies to Chris Davis. I am sure that the Orioles have put Davis through too. Nobody would assume that contract either.
  7. Verlander is he worth a claim

    I would trade the Chris Davis, straight across.
  8. Long term strategy? What long term strategy are you referring to?
  9. MLBTR: August Trades

    LOL. You got me on that one. I would think they would let him go and hold a huge party to celebrate his departure. But with this Management team , you can never be certain.
  10. MLBTR: August Trades

    He clears waivers easily. And if someone claims him, you hit the jackpot!
  11. Yay or Nay on Not Trading Britton

    without knowing what was offered, you just can't say. But, not trading any of our veteran assets is inexcusable.
  12. TT: DD becomes a buyer at the trading deadline

    I am just so saddened by the way this organization is run. Pathetic management. And this is not a reactionary post, I have been down on DD from the beginning. Look it up. I have been a die hard Orioles fan for 45 + years. I suppose I will die an Orioles fan. But for now, its time to step back. I will be back right after the regime change.
  13. Will you be disappointed of we don't trade Britton?

    Yes I will be disappointed if he is not traded. This is our time to rebuild, and it is a good time to trade Britton.. If the offers are good. But I get the feeling we will never know what the offers are, so it will be hard to place blame. I do not want to give him away, but if we can get a real solid haul of young prospects/ ML ready players then I sure hope we do this. I also hope that Castillo, Smith and even Brach get traded, again, if the returns are good.
  14. Would You Do Trey Mancini For Sonny Gray?

    I would not trade Mancini. But then again, I would absolutely not have signed Chris Davis to anything like the contract that he was signed to. But I digress. Sonny Gray is a time bomb, albeit a talented one. The risk of his imploding is way too high for me to take a big risk on. I just wish this management group would wake up and smell the coffee. This season is lost, and moves have to be made to rebuild the system and preferably with some good young arms. FA pitching will always be hard to attract to OPACY. No real good pitcher wants to pitch half of his games in this band box. If you want to throw money at guys like Ubaldo, those guys will come here. We have to get a deep stockpile of young, talented arms in our minor league system and hit on a couple of them.
  15. I believe that a Healthy Britton is better than either of those guys. But I also think that there is enough doubt about his health that he will not bring back anything close to what those other guys did. Hope I am wrong, and I hope you are right Weams.