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  1. theobird

    2018 Trade Deadline

    This is why we are in for some prolonged mysery. We have at least a half dozen guys that need to be traded but we will wait until the deadline and trade one. I wish we would hear an announcement about our new GM yesterday, but right now this team is locked up. Its really a sad state of affairs.
  2. theobird

    Cedric Mullins 2018

    Hopefully within a months time, Cedric Mullins will be playing CF for the Orioles everyday. I really look forward to that.
  3. This. Bleier was not on my list of must trade players. That list belongs to Manny, Jones, Britton and Brach.
  4. theobird

    Orioles have interviewed Ned Colletti, and others

    This a really good news to me. As I have been saying, a new GM needs to be brought in here first. That has to happen. The new GM will then need to get busy with this train wreck roster we have. First line of business, making trades of the impending Free Agents. Once the deadline passes, the focus will need to shift to the rest of the organizational management structure, starting with the Field general. New GM; Trades to start the rebuild; New GM selects his Manager; Manager selects his coaching staff. Let the rebuild begin!
  5. theobird

    Britton is key

    Stuff like that makes me think we have no shot of ever being relevant again. That is just crazy, and a total lack of vision. Just trade the guys whose value you have already deflated. Nice.
  6. theobird

    Britton is key

    Britton's ability to come back and pitch well, is a huge key to our ability to re-stock the shelves. There will be several teams on the hunt for a lock down reliever before the trade deadline. The Cleveland Indians are the obvious ones that come to mind, but there are others. If Britton can pitch up to Britton's standards it would not be a stretch IMO, to see Cleveland part with Bieber, Chang/Jones plus a lower level guy for Britton. I think it is obvious that manny will be traded and command a nice return. That does not mean our super competent FO will get it done, but its obvious anyway. Getting a nice haul for Britton would be a huge deal. Heck, maybe you could include Brach in a deal with Britton and expand the return. Cleveland makes sense with that one too, since they are a very good team in every way, except a lousy bullpen.
  7. theobird

    Almost ashamed to say...

    Its OK Roy, I get it. I still pay attention, but this is a totally lost season. All I want is a real youth movement and rebuild. That is most of the reason I am paying attention at this point. If they do not make the trades to go for the rebuild over the next few weeks, I may go away for a while. I still think the trades are coming, and I look forward to losing for a while with a very young team.
  8. theobird

    Documentary Film on “The Blade”

    Belanger was a Great defensive SS. And he played the game fundamentally perfect. Great bunter, baserunner, no bad decisions. He was a weak hitter to be sure. But that is one of my great frustrations of how the game has evolved. Today, players are valued in terms of OPS, slugging percentage and any number of offensive stats. But you still play the game to score more runs than you allow to score. Mark Belanger was exceptional on holding down runs allowed.
  9. What does it take? Well, it takes the courage to admit that you made a terrible mistake and that it is a sunk cost. To continue playing this guy is adding to your losses. No, there will be no buy out. That is a pipe dream. The contract guarantee's the player be paid the negotiated amount. But it most certainly does not guarantee that said player will play throughout the term of the deal all the while dragging your team down the drain with him. Just sit him down! The money is lost. Period. Move on.
  10. theobird

    Zach Britton

    If he comes back and pitches like the Britton of old, we will get one heck of a lot more than a draft pick for him. It all depends on how he throws.
  11. theobird

    Zach Britton

    Gotta think that Britton gets back to Baltimore soon. I would say a couple more good outings like these, and he is recalled. I'm getting excited for him to return and pitch lights out so we can get a nice return on a trade for him. If he looks like the Britton of old, he brings back a nice haul.
  12. theobird

    2018 MLB Draft Discussion

    Well count me as a fan of Greiner, I like that pick. A little JJ hardy-ish. The pick at 11 seems a bit of a reach, but the potential is certainly there.
  13. theobird

    Machado Trade Expectations

    If you make it abundantly clear to all suitors that a Manny trade is imminent, your best offers will arrive. Take the offer you like the most, and be done with that. Then move on to the next order of business, which should be finding a deal for Jones, Brach, etc. It is time for the rebuild to commence. I do not want to see this group "Peter" around this time. Get down to business and we can play losing baseball with a very young group until it all comes together. I can get excited about that.
  14. theobird

    How did they get this bad?

    I think DD deserves a lot of the blame for sure. But there is plenty to spread around. Right now I think the focus should be on moving forward. The smart move would be to fire Duquette and Buck. Hire your new GM and let that guy make the moves, construct the rebuild including the hiring of his new field manager. That's the right move, IMO. Will it happen? Almost certainly not.
  15. theobird

    Say One Nice Thing About this Season

    Well, we are so bad now that even this FO now knows that the rebuild has to start now. Don't they? I can stand the losing while the kids play and develop. Just stop the madness!!!