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  1. Orioles interested in Cobb

    News flash, the Orioles are interested in every single pitcher who appears to be healthy, won't cost too much in terms of dollars and years, and is not a serial murderer or rapist. The list goes on and on and on. Wake me up when the reports are beyond the "O's have interest" and have moved on to the "O's have made an offer" to.
  2. Injuries happen

    Good stuff Frobby! And this further advances my theory that it is time for Jones to move to RF, a less physically demanding position. And it is a position that I think Jones skills fit perfectly. I really hope that the Orioles find a new CFer and get Jonesy moved over to RF. Maybe a LH hitter to form a loose platoon with Hays in CF?
  3. O's interested in Tyler Chatwood

    This. Exactly this. Samardjia is a guy who has never been as good as what they expected him to be. At this point, he has established himself as a back of the rotation innings eater. At his price? Not a chance.
  4. O's interested in Tyler Chatwood

    I agree, Chatwood is the guy I would be after as well. I hope the O's can get it done. As a rule, I do not like Hitters from Colorado but I like pitchers who have had success in Colorado even if it is mostly on the road. To me, if you sign Chatwood and make a smart Britton trade that brings back one major league ready young hurler then you are on your way,
  5. But if Britton comes back and pitches, meh? Then he has virtually no trade value at all. That's the risk. The time to trade him was clearly last off season, and a lot of his value from that point is now gone. I think he would still bring back a good piece or two, but if he struggles in the first half of '08 then we lost big time. I think its important to shop his value right now, and pull the trigger if good value can be found. If not, you have to roll the dice and hope he pitches lights out in the first half of '08.
  6. Assume we don’t trade Manny and he walks

    I have been assuming all along that we will not trade manny, which is a horrible decision from this front office. But that's what I have come to expect, horrible decisions from this front office. Zero regard for the future of the ball club. Sure hope I am wrong
  7. Hopefully this is all about finding out if an agreement can be made, and if not Manny will be traded this off season. That's smart baseball management. Do I think this is likely the case? No, I doubt it.
  8. Will Mark Trumbo Be Back With Orioles In 2018?

    I don't think so. I think the trading of Trumbo would be the moving of Mancini to DH. I am a big fan of Mancini, but he will never be more than an average at best defensive OFer. If the Orioles want to compete, they will have to field a much better team defensively than we saw last year. My moves would be to shift Jones to RF where I think he would immediately be a plus defender. Mullins in CF? Maybe. Maybe they have to get a CFer that can play defense first. Jarrod Dyson is available and he is an excellent defensive CFer with blistering speed. He cant hit LH pitching at all, and he isn't a great hitter vs. RH pitching. A sraight platoon with Hayes? Could be. But this team needs improved defense and pitching. Earl Weavers old strategy of Pitching, defense and the 3 run HR.
  9. This Off Season Feels So Hopeless

    It only seems hopeless to me because I firmly believe that they are taking the wrong direction. I think it is time for a full rebuild, and they have stated that they are "going for it". I find that pretty ridiculous.
  10. First Move

    There is no doubt that they decline the options on both Miley and JJ Hardy. I think there is a decent chance that they at least negotiate to keep Hardy around as a utility infielder. I think he would do well in that role, he is a really good athlete, maybe the most athletic guy on the team. It might also allow JJ to play on for a few more years with less wear and tear than an everyday role would dish out. I know that a lot of you guys would disagree with me, but I think Hardy could easily play at a decent level at all of the infield positions except catcher.
  11. MLBTR's FA starter contract projections

    I would be happy with Chatwood, Garcia and a make good deal for Tillman. I might even take a chance on Pineda to recover and help us late in 18 and then 2019. Jon Jay makes a lot of sense as a 4th OFer and lefthanded bat. So does Jarrod Dyson, but Jay is the more complete player.
  12. Jones should be in right field in 2018. IMO, he would be an excellent right fielder and extend his career by doing so. It is in the teams best interest and Adams best interest.
  13. Offseason Trade Ideas thread

    Would you like a trade of Bundy for a prospect like Mountcastle and a lottery pick? I didn't think so. No chance at all that KC would make a trade like that. None.
  14. Offseason Trade Ideas thread

    Danny Duffy will cost a lot. A whole lot. Not happening in my opinion.
  15. Chris Tillman Needs To Get Right

    I don't disagree with you on Bucks tendency to give "his guys" way too much rope. My argument that Tillman should be resigned is based on my belief that he should have to honestly earn his spot on the rotation or team based on performance alone. I can somewhat understand the dilemma with a guy on a multi million dollar contract, but that won't be the case with Tillman if he is signed to a deal. If that were the case, I would wish him well in his new City. On a low base, incentive laden contract, managed properly....Its a no brainer to me.