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  1. I believe that a Healthy Britton is better than either of those guys. But I also think that there is enough doubt about his health that he will not bring back anything close to what those other guys did. Hope I am wrong, and I hope you are right Weams.
  2. Realistically? This is an unrealistic strategy. How do you fix our starting pitching now, mid season? Get real.
  3. I do not disagree with this. I wanted to trade him this past off season when there was no way in the world that his value could ever be higher. But at this point, sadly, you have to hope that he makes a comeback and gets his value back up close to where it once was. Then trade him. The only other option is to trade him now, for a much lower return than what a lot of folks on here are dreaming about.
  4. I do not see Britton being traded unless he pitches lights out over the next 9 days. If he does, somebody may pay up for him. If he doesn't it just would not make sense to trade low on the guy. I would say that if he pitches like he did in last nights outing against Texas in his next trip to the mound, He will be an Oriole at least until the off season.
  5. If the Cubs offered either Schwarber or Almora along with Candelerio I would jump on that in a heart beat. But I don't think its gonna happen. I think we would have to sell Britton really short right now, because he has been injured and is not performing well at present.
  6. I am not frustrated by Dan, I just have never been a supporter of his. I do not think he has done a good job here, and I still believe he inherited a great situation left for him by Andy MacPhail. But that's old news. I would love to see a whole and entire rebuild at this point, and I do not want Dan Duquette leading it. Brady Anderson would be my preference, but I would like for Brady to have the freedom necessary to make the moves he see's fit to make. And that includes the Field Manager. If I had my way, Dan Duquette would be relieved of duties this afternoon and BA given the reigns to rebuild. Nobody on present roster would be immune to trade, except where contract prohibits it. I would like to see the O's get very young, very quickly and go through the growing pains that would almost certainly follow. But to me, that's the only path to "fixing" this broken organization.
  7. That's why he better be behind moves that strengthen the Orioles. If trading an established vet to the Nats, or anyone else for that matter, brings back a nice haul of young talent, it would be criminal not to trade with them.
  8. You have to trade with anyone if the return is right. The whole idea is to get better for the future, if the Red Sox can provide that then you trade with them.
  9. I am a lifelong Orioles fan, and that will not change. I am just as interested now as I am when things are going well. But I am not a cool aide drinker. I have been a big detractor of Dan Duquette since he got here, and I think/hope that his tenure is coming to an end. I have always said that the winning teams we just enjoyed are more to the credit of Andy than anything else. Duquette in my opinion has been just short of awful, and maybe not too short, and has now left this team in dire straits and in need of a complete system over haul. It needs to start with the firing of Dan Duquette. Then it needs to continue with a progressive team builder who holds a fire sale, rebuilds the system from the bottom up and starts from scratch. You know, the right way to build an organization. Compete in 2018? Hell no. The target should be to compete annually starting in about 2020-2021. I hope that this can happen, but I doubt it. I am an Orioles fan, and I will continue to be through the rebuild process and the losing seasons that will surely be in our immediate future should we have the guts to do this right. I will also be an Orioles fan if we continue this Ill advised path that we have been on. And if we do the latter, we will never be a true contender for anything.
  10. Thats my vote too. But I do not think Manny is signable for the O's. Schoop to third makes a lot of sense, Mountcastle at second does too. I think we need a good young Shortstop coming back in the fire sale.
  11. The biggest indictment of Duquette is that he has had no regard for the future, all the while trading away youth for players that may help them eek into the playoffs, but not build a championship team. No regard for the future....No attempt to build a Champion. Just try to be competitive. Now this team will pay the price in a long, difficult rebuild that I hope Duquette is not involved in.
  12. I am good with Buck for the most part, but as you all know I have never been a fan of Dan Duquette. He has us in a deep hole right now, and the rebuild will be ugly because the cupboard is bare.
  13. Gary Roenicke was an excellent defensive outfielder who had a little pop in his bat. I do not see a comparison to Roenicke. That said, I like mancini a lot, I think his offensive potential is high. Very, very high. I hope that he can become a good OFer and I am encouraged by what I have seen so far.
  14. Somebody needs a snickers bar. On this team, he is a plus defender. Overall he is just decent.
  15. compared to Kim he is.