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  1. Buck Showalter seems agitated....

    Sure. And I hope my reply didn't come off as snarky. I merely wanted to shed some light on the actual context as I heard it. Honestly I tuned in to the interview out of boredom, but actually after hearing Buck, I came away feeling really good about the direction and vision at least one person in power in this organization has.
  2. Buck Showalter seems agitated....

    Sounds like very few people on this thread actually heard the interview live. I did. He did not seem any different than he always does. His words are reading much differently in print than they sounded live. If anything, he reassured me he seems to be in this for the long haul, and has a plan. When asked about the contract expiring, he deflected it quite well. He said it isn't anything to think about because none of us (on the team) know where we will be in a year, with or without a contract. Anyone can be moved at any time. Personally, it sounded to me that he believes he will be with this organization in some capacity for a while to come. I just don't know what that capacity will be, manager, or GM.
  3. As much as I hated Jeter (but respected the hell out of him), you would have never seen him do what Machado just did. I know this game is completely meaningless, but I want players who hate losing almost more than they like winning, regardless of the meaning of the game.
  4. vs. D-RAYS, 9/22

    Not that any of this matters anymore for this game, or season for that matter, but what will it take for Buck to realize that Donnie Hart is nothing more than a lefty specialist, at best?
  5. vs. D-RAYS, 9/22

    To be clear, what I like about his approach is his hustle. Running out all hits, pursuing balls in the outfield, hitting it out of the infield with runners in scoring position, things we don't see from the O's regulars on a regular bases. I would like to see him go to AAA to show he is ready. But I love the enthusiasm and giving it his all. Takes nothing for granted.
  6. vs. D-RAYS, 9/22

    Fair enough.
  7. vs. D-RAYS, 9/22

    Well, whatever the reason, I'll be happy with the result if it happens.
  8. vs. D-RAYS, 9/22

    Maybe. Didn't see it on the replay.
  9. vs. D-RAYS, 9/22

    Well, an RBI and a single in those 3 pitches, isn't all that bat
  10. vs. D-RAYS, 9/22

    They may not have a choice though. Santander has to be here. Unless they do the unthinkable and trade Trumbo for a box of used jock straps. It may be a numbers game.
  11. vs. D-RAYS, 9/22

    Contact play down 4 runs. What in the wide wide world of sports is going on here??!?!
  12. vs. D-RAYS, 9/22

    I really like Hayes approach so far. I feel like he will start in Norfolk next year, but will be up as soon as the the service time for a year will be up. Probably will coincide exactly with Santander's time to be able to go to the minors.
  13. vs. D-RAYS, 9/22

    Well, maybe. I was referring more to sending Manny. I don't think Buck had much to do with that.
  14. vs. D-RAYS, 9/22

    I said this in the game thread the other night. I really feel like the coaching staff is trying to lose. They might not be trying, but it sure seems like it.
  15. vs. D-RAYS, 9/22

    Hey Bobby, check the score board before you do that!!!! You're down 4 d-bag!!