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  1. yes, and odds are they will have a better record than all these "stars" that were just traded
  2. He is 1 for 21 in his last seven games for a .048 batting average. He does have three walks, so I guess we're supposed to be thrilled with that? He is now batting .159.
  3. He has been hitting near the Mendoza line for quite awhile, but dropping down to .170 is a surprise. Wouldn't be surprised if he gets over .200 by year end.
  4. if Buck has no authority on this team and apparently doesn't influence the players at all, why is it so important he's manager?
  5. That's nice. He was a complete jerk to me as a 13 year old kid at Spring Training in 1975 in Tucson, Arizona when he played for Cleveland. Rainy, cold day and he couldn't even muster enough energy to acknowledge my existence, even though he was a hero of mine when he was in Baltimore. Of course, Frank Robinson was the manager and was a jerk, but he's always been a jerk. As a comparison, Hark Aaron was playing spring training there also and stood out there for a long time giving everyone autographs. I wish I still had his, but just goes to show you what kind of impression these guys make on you, especially when you are a kid. I couldn't care less whether they acknowledge me now.
  6. Agree. It's not even close that Giavotella is a better hitter than Flaherty. I've personally seen him in L.A. numerous times. He has more speed also. He is a good second baseman, but Flaherty has an advantage since he can play all infield positions. Still, I think his hitting is so much better that that would outweigh Flaherty's defensive advantage.
  7. I agree also. I usually end up just getting upset at the stupidity of swinging at every pitch in the dirt (with maybe the exception of Hardy, Kim and Weiters). Frankly, if I were the opposing pitcher, I would never throw most of our hitters a strike because they will eventually swing at some horrible pitch and get themselves out if you wait long enough. As for the starting pitching, I have hope for the future for Tillman, Bundy and Gausman, but right now no one is consistently good and it's very frustrating to watch day in and day out.
  8. would you rather have fourteen years in a row of meaningful September baseball or thirteen consecutive losing seasons and one World Series crown? - I'll take the one world series victory. Already had the many lousy years in a row. Last time we won a WS, I was 22 years old. I'm getting too old now and fear I may never see another one.
  9. Take an electronic picture of every player before the season standing straight up and your strike zone for the whole year is from the knees to letters (or whatever). It would all be digital anyway. Seems doable to me.
  10. I agree with you. I don't notice any other team positioning their outfielders in the gaps like we do and it annoys me every time we get burned by a hit down the lines. If it's so clever, why don't other teams do it?
  11. ChangeRoadUnis


    I still have trepidation each opening day, remembering 1988 when we lost the first 21 games of the season. I am grateful every time we win the first game so I will never have to experience anything close to that again. At least that monkey is off our back!
  12. I think the biggest problem Baltimore is going to have is people not taking a vacation to Baltimore where you've got to plan ahead. Why go there when there are so many other destinations where there haven't been riots? Plus, you never know when the next piece of information's going to come out where people will hit the streets again. It's just easier to go somewhere else. It will take some time for Baltimore to recover from this, in my opinion.
  13. Amusing how we have a 92 page thread on the possibility of losing a GM who has done nothing. I or anyone else could do that for much less pay.
  14. Exactly how I feel. I live in Arizona and always wondered who these older Diamondbacks fans are. Were they once fans of another team and abondoned that team for the new local team? Seems sort of pathetic to me. Or, were they just not a fan of any team until the Diamondbacks arrived? If that's the case, and you're that old, how can you be such a big fan now. Odd.
  15. I agree, it was an unforgiveable blunder in that situation, especially in the middle of a pennant race.
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