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  1. Trading for Reggie was the deal that I was excited about. I thought he'd come in here and put us over the top.
  2. PT709

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    I think Pete has said before that American Jobs should go to american workers. I could be wrong, but I think I've heard in the past that he's frowns on his law office people driving foreign cars.
  3. PT709

    Call it now: Who Will We Trade?

    No one
  4. PT709

    Bring back the "O's" cap

    Personally I would like to see the O's hat disappear. I'd much rather see either the swinging bat bird or the bat welding angry Oriole on the alternate hats.
  5. PT709

    That yearly, hypothetical, fun question...

    I grew up with the 60's-70's Orioles and Frank is my all time favorite Oriole. That being said, I'd take Palmer.
  6. At the low end, I pay nothing extra for AMC which is included in the basic cable lineup and has what I consider the best programming on cable. At the high end, I pay $20 a month for HBO which is a "premium" channel. So I'd pay $10 maybe $15 a month for MASN in season.
  7. PT709

    Boras conflict of interest

    I may be wrong but I wouldn't assume that Boras is the only agent in his agency. He's probably the lead and face of his agency who takes on the high profile players such as CD and let's his underlings handle the second tier players.
  8. PT709

    Oh, Mr Dipoto

    A couple questions, if Duquette leaves for Toronto after this season would the O's still be interested in Dipoto? Would Dipoto be interested in coming here?
  9. PT709

    Adam Jones Wedding pics.

    Nice to see TMZ post something positive about a Baltimore sports figure for a change.
  10. PT709

    This is nothing compared to 1969

    I was 10 years old in '69 and I have some memories of the plays the Mets made in that series. But for me, I still carry the sting of '79. As some others have said, I can't listen to that "We are Family" crap and not get angry.....I'm getting pissed just typing about it! :angryfire:
  11. One other thing you have to consider is the Police presence.....with close to 100,000+ people down there in that tight a space all at the same time it would be tough to police the area.
  12. PT709

    Angry Bird Shirts

    The Orange shirt with just the bird head you can get at any Mars Supermarket, the one in Timonium had a couple left last weekend.