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  1. Your last prediction would be fine if it meant he was busy circling the bases 45+ times.
  2. Yeah, but what did he have for breakfast in the morning. Wow, what an analysis! Thanks.
  3. I live in NC, Asheville And see all the O’s I want with an MLB.com streaming subscription. Rarely blacked out.
  4. Now I understand the logic and it makes sense if you’re willling to bet that August rotation could pitch enough innings while surviving physically and mentally. I’m not convinced they’re ready to be thrown into the deep end.
  5. Just avoiding becoming the target for batted balls would be a great start.
  6. Don't understand the logic here. We would trade three starters, but not Bundy because "we will need someone to start games."
  7. Brings up an interesting question for the top pick. When he was with Houston, I suspect he was focused on who would be available towards the end of the 2019 first round, not at the top. I hope that means he will personally see some of the guys who have been discussed as 1-1.
  8. Think I led Baltimore County in hitting the year after Ron Swoboda graduated from Sparrows Point ; I was nowhere close to him as a hitter. Played freshman ball at Yale, but then gave it up for snumber of reasons. Because of a knee wrecked in high school ( no ACL and shredded cartilage) I could only play 1B at a D-1 level. The guy ahead of me was named Steve Greenberg, Hank's son, and later an MLB Asst. Commissioner under Bart Giamatti. I also got married after my freshman year and had to carry two lab courses for my Physics major. The coach was not interested in someone who had to miss two practices every week. Some things are not meant to be.
  9. Brings up an interesting question. Which OF was better? Brady, Deco, and Finley or Budord, Blair, and Robinson? I met a guy who was an OF in the O's system in the late 60's or early 70's. He said those three were known as the Black Deer and we're responsible for him taking up high end auto mechanics.
  10. When I saw this headline, I thought I was looking at the return of the shortest book about the Orioles thread.
  11. My feelings are similar, but I'd add free agency to the things that flip me into "get off my lawn" mode. My lifelong feelings about the Orioles would have been quite different if they would have traded Brooks to the Dodgers in 1966. I understand that, in fairness to the players, the options are limited.
  12. I think someone has been watching too much Fox News or MSNBC. Or maybe home plate collusion is when the catcher wants to show up his pitcher by telling the batter what the pitcher is going to throw?
  13. Define "support." The way I'll follow them will change. It already has. I will watch fewer of their games on MLB.com until some of the new guys bubble to the surface. I will probably check the latest posts on Minors first, and with greater interest, than Orioles Talk.
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