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  1. George Zuverink

    Would you non-tender Tim Beckham?

    Tricky double negatives.
  2. George Zuverink

    Dylan Bundy and the Campaign to Win the 2018 AL Cy Young Award

    When I saw this headline, I thought I was looking at the return of the shortest book about the Orioles thread.
  3. George Zuverink

    Mullins is with the Orioles! (edited)

    And what power hitters would that be?
  4. George Zuverink

    Do you like the style of baseball that is currently being played?

    My feelings are similar, but I'd add free agency to the things that flip me into "get off my lawn" mode. My lifelong feelings about the Orioles would have been quite different if they would have traded Brooks to the Dodgers in 1966. I understand that, in fairness to the players, the options are limited.
  5. George Zuverink

    Do you like the style of baseball that is currently being played?

    I think someone has been watching too much Fox News or MSNBC. Or maybe home plate collusion is when the catcher wants to show up his pitcher by telling the batter what the pitcher is going to throw?
  6. George Zuverink

    Support the Orioles or stop following until they start winning again

    Define "support." The way I'll follow them will change. It already has. I will watch fewer of their games on MLB.com until some of the new guys bubble to the surface. I will probably check the latest posts on Minors first, and with greater interest, than Orioles Talk.
  7. George Zuverink

    Grade the Rebuild, Phase I

    I said only C/C+ purely on the basis of my perceived value of the players that changed teams in the Gausman and Schoop trades. That could increase to A- after we see what they do with the additional international allotment and the money saved by jettisoning some expensive players. I would hope that the latter would be invested to increase our presence in Latin America.
  8. That was the first thing I thought of when I saw that thread title.
  9. George Zuverink

    2018 MLB Draft Discussion

    I wish it were “for every bust...”! Even for the best run teams, I think it’s more like “for every ten busts....” Just the nature of the beast.
  10. I’ve been seeing this headline for over two months and just realized it was a hopeful metaphor.
  11. George Zuverink

    How did they get this bad?

    The headline “I blame DD” was right below the one that said “Bad weather follows Orioles.” Might as well blame Dan for that, too.
  12. George Zuverink

    Say One Nice Thing About this Season

    Or ill-advised sellers.
  13. George Zuverink

    Sorry this loss is squarely on Buck

    If we lose the division by a game, whoever manages the rest of the way should win a Nobel Prize.
  14. George Zuverink

    Chicago Sun: Cubs interested in Manny

    I could, too. If they do, I hope the author knows more about the quality of the Dodgers’ prospects than he does about the O’s players.
  15. George Zuverink

    Chicago Sun: Cubs interested in Manny

    Whoever wrote this piece knows very little about the Orioles. Says Arrieta, Miller, Rodriquez, and Hader were all “unimpressive” with the O’s. Arrieta, yes. Miller was lights out for the six weeks or so he was here. Rodriquez and Hader spentlittle and no time in the majors with th O’s. And Montcastle could “easily” move to second. I’m not sure anyone is confident he xould be competent anywhere in the field.