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  1. Dale

    Palmer sounds like he's had enough.

    Well whenever the HS scouts showed up at my children's travel games --- the short parents were encouraged to disappear
  2. Dale

    Palmer sounds like he's had enough.

    Pedro Araujo was the subject of Palmer's frustration last night. Upon entering the game, Palmer (paraphrasing) mentioned that the A's must be feeling pretty good about the fact that the only reason the pitcher they are facing is in the majors is the Rule 5 draft. He also stated that if Araujo is one of your top options you need to fix your minor league system (again paraphrasing --- it was late or actually early as I watched on DVD this morning)
  3. Dale


    Don't let the ticket go to waste! For a $1 you can use it on another occasion. See below. $1 Replay Dates: All Plan Members have the opportunity to “cash in” on Season Tickets you forgot you had, misplaced, or simply did not use. For a small processing fee of $1 per ticket, unused season tickets can be redeemed for an Upper Reserve seat to any Value or Classic game at any Box Office window. For those games with an asterisk, you may also choose a $15 LF Lower Box seat for your replays. All seats are subject to availability. The list of dates is as follows: • April 5 vs. TOR* • April 7 and 9 vs. NYY • April 21 vs. BOS • April 24-26 vs. TB* • May 5 and 7 vs. CWS • May 19 and 21 vs. TOR• May 22-24 vs. MIN* • June 6-7 vs.PIT* • June 19-22 vs. CLE* • June 30 vs. TB • July 17-20 vs. TEX* • July 31-August 2 vs. KC* • August 3-4 vs. DET • August 21-23 vs. OAK* • August 28-30 vs. SEA* • August 31 and September 3• vs. TOR • September 21-22 vs. TB
  4. Dale

    Sarasota(ish) 3/21-3/24

    10:05 AM flight; in theory Maybe I'll catch the press conference
  5. Dale

    Sarasota(ish) 3/21-3/24

    Weather permitting, I plan on leaving tomorrow too and attending Saturday's and perhaps Friday's game. When is the AA/AAA game on Saturday?
  6. Dale

    Jose Mesa Jr - Rule 5 Draftee

    A player selected in the AAA Phase of the Rule 5 Draft must be assigned to the Reserve List of the AAA club that drafted the player and he must be given a 15-day trial during Spring Training with that club, but the player can be assigned to the Active List of any minor league affiliate in the MLB club's organization once the minor league regular season commences. Also, unlike players selected in the Major League Phase of the Rule 5 Draft, a player selected in the AAA Phase does not have to be offered back to the club from which he was drafted if the player is ultimately assigned to the Active List of a minor league affiliate below AAA.
  7. Araujo: I believe he sits in the low 90s. He has shown great control but some scouts question his command.
  8. Dale

    Is Miguel Gonzalez Returning To The Orioles?

    Could Santander be part or all of the package for Gonzalez? Waivers might be an issue but aren't the Sox in last?
  9. Dale

    Trade Idea...with Cubs

    IMO, if the Cubs trade Soler it will be for an established starting pitcher in a trade that would include Hendricks. The Cubs showed no confidence in Kyle during the playoffs warming up relievers in any inning he gave up more than one hit or walk. Kyle has solid stats but is a soft tosser. He could be an excellent 4/5 starter on a team with patience. … but the Cubs are trying to win now. I can't see trading Bundy. He is still the Orioles #1 prospect. If they look to trade him it is a red flag to other teams. … and he has so many of those already. He could still be a star. I'd like the O's to use him as a starter this year but limit him to 50-60 innings per game at least through June. Castillo (Cubs) is a much better catching prospect than Cisco right now. Patience is needed with Cisco. Let him stay at Bowie to allow his glove to catch up with his bat and hopefully he'll surprise us with more power too! To summarize, this is a trade I do not believe the Cubs would consider
  10. .. but the Mets do not own his rights. He was never on the Mets 40 man roster. In order to be sent to the minors He would have to clear waivers and then a deal could be worked out with the minor leaue Mets team that holds his rights. .. at least that's how I interpret the rules. Experts?
  11. I assumed Rule 5 players had to clear major league waivers before being sent to the minors. Wouldn't Verrett still be a rule 5 player after being "obtained" for Matusz?