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  1. ShannieDC

    Apology from me on lack of moderation

    Apparently that's taboo
  2. ShannieDC

    And we are back

    for lack of a better word, seems "brighter" then usual
  3. ShannieDC

    vs. ROYALS, 8/24

    Well I'm going with a O's heavy line up tonight on DraftKings, the algorithms are lining up for a win
  4. OK, after a bit of research I'm 10 days older then Storm Davis
  5. I was there also, that was insane!
  6. ShannieDC

    Just a Heads up on Saturday's game 04/25

    Eduardo A. Encina retweeted Colin Campbell ‏@cmcampbell6 3m3 minutes ago #FreddieGray protesters now face-to-face with police at Oriole Park at Camden Yards
  7. ShannieDC

    Playoff Tickets for Extra Games

    Nope, still waiting and hoping
  8. ShannieDC

    Mandatory metal detectors at Camden Yards

    I'm guessing a well planned terrorist sortie is not going to let the ticket takers, or even the BPD around that area stop them.
  9. ShannieDC

    Jays DFA Reimold

    He seems like a nice guy and gets along with his teammates, I can't imagine he's bad for the clubhouse, or maybe I'm missing something.
  10. ShannieDC

    Nestor fires his entire staff

    I worry that he (Drew) burned a lot of bridges badmouthing others while at NST
  11. Most Ravens fans I intermingle with at M&T love the O's, I always assumed it was vice-versa also
  12. ShannieDC

    vs. ATHLETICS, 6/06

    What did they say?
  13. He probably makes them sign a vow of silence contract like Area 51 employees
  14. ShannieDC

    At Least We Have Football Now

    Well, the Terps won today also so that eases a bit of the sting