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  1. Apology from me on lack of moderation

    Apparently that's taboo
  2. And we are back

    for lack of a better word, seems "brighter" then usual
  3. vs. ROYALS, 8/24

    Well I'm going with a O's heavy line up tonight on DraftKings, the algorithms are lining up for a win
  4. OK, after a bit of research I'm 10 days older then Storm Davis
  5. I was there also, that was insane!
  6. Just a Heads up on Saturday's game 04/25

    Eduardo A. Encina retweeted Colin Campbell ‏@cmcampbell6 3m3 minutes ago #FreddieGray protesters now face-to-face with police at Oriole Park at Camden Yards
  7. Playoff Tickets for Extra Games

    Nope, still waiting and hoping
  8. Mandatory metal detectors at Camden Yards

    I'm guessing a well planned terrorist sortie is not going to let the ticket takers, or even the BPD around that area stop them.
  9. Jays DFA Reimold

    He seems like a nice guy and gets along with his teammates, I can't imagine he's bad for the clubhouse, or maybe I'm missing something.
  10. Nestor fires his entire staff

    I worry that he (Drew) burned a lot of bridges badmouthing others while at NST
  11. Most Ravens fans I intermingle with at M&T love the O's, I always assumed it was vice-versa also
  12. vs. ATHLETICS, 6/06

    What did they say?
  13. He probably makes them sign a vow of silence contract like Area 51 employees
  14. At Least We Have Football Now

    Well, the Terps won today also so that eases a bit of the sting