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  1. O-Arm36

    They All Break

    Ugh brutal
  2. O-Arm36

    2019 Draft Order Tracker

    I'm thinking the entire White Sox series might be washed and never made up. How would that affect this heated race?
  3. O-Arm36

    Dillon Tate 2018

    Maybe for Samardzija's rehab?
  4. O-Arm36

    If...when...Machado signs w/NYY

    Yeah I will eternally love Steve Pearce and he's played for every team in the division now. I'll always like Manny no matter where he goes. Besides, if you were a free agent wouldn't you want to have the Yankees AND Dodgers after you to drive up the price?
  5. O-Arm36

    Orioles IFA Signings Thread

    But how would you find roster room to develop the approximately 2,000 $10k players you could take a flier on each year with Davis's salary?
  6. O-Arm36

    The Jonathan Schoop appreciation thread

    Ya his exuberance was always infectious. Really easy guy to root for. His hairline may have receded but his love of the game never did.
  7. Phillips and Zimmerman were both born in Maryland.
  8. O-Arm36

    Branden Kline 2018

    Will we see him for UVA day on 9/12 at Oriole Park????
  9. I always wondered what we could have gotten for BJ Ryan had we shipped him at the deadline in 2005. Obviously the relief market is different these days, but it would have been nice to have gotten something like this at the time. Pretty pleased with this trade.
  10. O-Arm36

    Britton Trade Expectations

    Yeah the Rule 5 question was the best. Do they really think players are thinking about the Rule 5 draft in July (or ever)?
  11. O-Arm36

    Britton Trade Expectations

    Ya if he flops as a starter put him in the pen and let him air it out at 98, rack up saves, then trade him for a haul since controllable relievers are so coveted.
  12. O-Arm36

    The Orioles, 10 games at a time

    To be fair they did win 5 of 6 from May 9 to May 13 (doubleheader with Ray's included) which allowed them to go 6-4 for 10 games. It was a glorious time.
  13. O-Arm36

    Zach Pop 2018

    It passed him in foul territory so it would have been a tough get. Must have gone over the front corner of the bag.
  14. O-Arm36

    Zach Pop 2018

    2 run double. Looked foul to me.