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  1. Wives are famously sympathetic to husbands walking away from millions of guaranteed dollars. Remember also that Boras is entitled to a percentage of the entire negotiated contract whether Davis fulfills it or not. I think it’s worthwhile to keep in mind that there is a lot of pressure for Davis to stick it out as well.
  2. How about lowering the bar to reflect the Orioles' entire body of work this season? With a few welcome exceptions, I think Orioles pitching this season is far beyond nuanced arguments about small sample size and well into dart-throwing territory.
  3. 24fps

    DJ Stewart 2019

    You are certainly consistent. No one questions that.
  4. I remember a bunch of them. They seem to pop up during the off-season usually. OFFNY’s is the one I remember the most.
  5. So far the Angelos brothers have been note-perfect when it comes to doing the right things, hiring Elias chief among them. That being said, I will be a lot more comfortable about the future once the Orioles and MLB find a way to put their differences behind them.
  6. Is Tonya Harding's ex-boyfriend out of jail yet?
  7. Vikings. Double-bladed axes. Wussification! (Love it!) As a temporary measure, let's require that batters have to hold on the the bat until they're somewhere between second and third. I'll bet that sucker gets used the right way in no time flat.
  8. Oh yeah. Absolutely. It's the Mountain Man beard look that has gotten stale.
  9. I really hope Sig gets out in front of this pending revolution in defensive analysis. His comments make sense and Lord knows Orioles pitching could use all the help it can get.
  10. He looked great tonight. I hope this is just the beginning for him.
  11. Well crap. I was looking forward to finally becoming a season ticket holder. The Baltimore Orioles of Nashville has a nice ring to it, don't you think?
  12. Interesting that Heyman refers to "complete rebuild" as the euphemism.
  13. Daily cost of living certainly. not to mention that real estate prices are a half to a third of those in places like LA, San Francisco, NY, etc. Middle Tennessee is also known for having excellent health care. One other thing: this part of the country is conservative both socially and politically and that environment is increasingly showing up as a draw for people of retirement age. Moving here is not strange at all when you look at it from the perspective of someone older.
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