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  1. Time to fire Buck.

    If Buck is even partially responsible for signing CD to his current contract, re-siging Trumbo, etc. - all the things Tony-OH is hinting at - then letting Buck go at the end of the season might not be such a bad idea though. Especially if he is a prime source of the politics and intrigue that Tony-OH has also suggested is the case. Nothing, not even a WS win, will wash away the effects of a toxic corporate culture for very long.
  2. Let's see if the young man lives to be an old man. Darwin was on to something.
  3. I think we should do everything possible to keep people from watching the Orioles play and chalk it up as a public service. I'm seriously torn about smartphones and tablets in ballparks. One day somebody busy updating their Facebook page is going to be put in the hospital or worse from a foul ball or lost bat.
  4. O's Are Going to Score A Lot of Runs Tonight

    Prince George and Princess Charlotte are in line before Prince Harry.
  5. This team is cooked

    He makes it to the end of his contract would be my guess. Who in a position to fire Buck isn't one of his internal supporters?
  6. No pulse

    We're only two days past HALFWAY through April. But who's counting...
  7. vs. TIGERS, 4/17

    I strongly, STRONGLY, recommend sports that were probably dreamed up by drunken Englishmen 15 minutes before closing time. Shinty, bog snorkling, hurling ....there are at least a dozen out there. Much more entertainment in the near term, much LESS heartbreak in the long run.
  8. vs. TIGERS, 4/17

    My comment was semi tongue-in-cheek. I think the real issue here is PA's antiquated desire to keep a recognizable team on the field coupled with Buck's penchant for guys he can control without too much effort. That being said, I also agree with your point.
  9. vs. TIGERS, 4/17

    Probably not at this stage. The Warehouse might as well be San Quentin for Dan.
  10. vs. TIGERS, 4/17

    The team thought seven years into the future with Davis. You see where that got them. Be careful what you wish for.
  11. vs. TIGERS, 4/17

    Has Givens had even one good outing so far this year? I can't remember if he has.
  12. The fact that Markakis was offered even three years under the circumstances still boggles my mind given PA's history with players having known physical issues. Perhaps no one who published labled ACDF surgery as career-threating, but people like my wife who have the identical condition down to the same disc and spent a year researching options while consulting several specialists along the way are less cavalier about the risks. Markakis, Reimold and Peyton Manning have all had success with the surgery and good for them, but anyone who thinks the surgery is routine or risk-free hasn't looked into it. Cruz's contract covers his age 34-38 years at an AAV of $14 million plus. If you thought that the history of how players age at the MLB level supported the notion that contract would be successful, then you would have been in a distinct minority four years ago. Was that your argument then? Most people who wanted Cruz wanted him for three years at most, ideally 2 years with an option given his age. FWIW I wasn't advocating that PA fire Duquette, only quickly and conclusively end the story at the outset. Firing Duquette at the time would have been one way of accomplishing that, but with the potential of causing more problems than it solved IMO. If it were me, I would have simply told DD that he was expected to honor his contract convention be damned, made a public statement to that effect and said no more about it afterward. I would have done it within 24 hours of the story breaking and the story would have died from lack of oxygen in a couple of days. If we are to believe the speculation about the Orioles corporate culture, then I can't imagine a more toxic environment over the long run. The day PA formally steps aside should be a public holiday in Baltimore if not in every MLB city.
  13. IIRC, Cruz - an acknowledged and aging PED abuser - was offered three years by the O's but turned it down for a fourth year and a considerabley higher AAV from the Mariners. At the time Markakis had a very serious neck injury requiring surgury with a good chance of it being career-ending. Nonetheless the O's offered him three years anyway but he chose the Braves because of the fourth year. Both this and the Cruz situation are understandable outcomes from the player's perspective, but don't support the narrative that the O's, and more to your point Duquette, didn't try to retain key players from the 2014 team. It was reported (I don't remember by whom, you maybe?) that the FO was divided about offering Wieters the QO. Unless you have information to the contrary, I have a hard time seeing Duquette in Wieters' camp in that regard. I have no problem buying the logic that Duquette's dalliance with the Blue Jays undermined his influence with PA and enabled a lot more input from Buck and Brady Anderson. If your theory is correct then, in my opinion, at least as much focus should be put on why the controversy wasn't ended quickly and conclusively by PA in the first place, and by extension why Buck and Brady were so willing to turn the situation to their advantage given the unexpected success of the 2012-2014 Orioles with Duquette firmly in charge. I think there's plenty of blame to spread around, but it would be a pity if Duquette gets more than his fair share, or worse ends up the lone scapegoat.
  14. Not to mention back office and everywhere in between.
  15. Ken Rosenthal’s Orioles article

    6 inches ought to do it. Give him 12 if it's on sale.