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  1. Could John Hart be our GM in waiting?

    Forget it, Jake. It's Chinatown
  2. Could John Hart be our GM in waiting?

    The "baseball world" as you put it seems fine with Andy MacPhail who hasn't been General Manager of an MLB team that's won as many as 70 games since 2001. That boils down to 7.5 seasons and counting. But it still makes sense that he has a job, because the real baseball world for General Managers consists of 30 individuals who have to be personally comfortable with the leader of their respective franchises and if MacPhail is anything, it's comfortable. Like an old shoe. That Duquette's made a couple of signings that don't live up to your standards will be a small (and I really mean tiny) fraction of the overall evaluation process. His business record and his vision for solving the specific problems his next employer will present him with will count for much more. The Orioles have been successful during Duquette's tenure after a long, long dry spell and nobody is going to go to the trouble of concocting some convoluted theory as to why it's really all smoke and mirrors. Whether you like it or not, he's resurrected his career and then some. That being said, IMO staying in Baltimore only puts his current credibility at risk. Time for Dan to saddle up and hit the trail if he knows what's good for him.
  3. Could John Hart be our GM in waiting?

    I doubt that DD thinks Baltimore is a good fit anymore. He's thoroughly resurrected his career and I wouldn't want be anywhere nearby the minute his contract expires for fear of being run over on his way out of town. There may not be any openings the precise minute he's free to look elsewhere, but there's no longer any question that he's a credible GM candidate.
  4. Mark Appel

    Only Ken Giles.
  5. Mark Appel

    Another shining example of Andy MacPhail's team-building acumen?
  6. Mark Appel

    Dan loves him some dumpster-dwelling former first rounders.
  7. I suggested trading two expiring valuable assets, not totally rebuild which is completely unnecessary at the moment. The starting pitching comes from the trades, the minor league system and stopgap free agents which the (correct IMO) premise of the thread. From a business standpoint, completely rebuilding a major league baseball team can be a long and very, very expensive proposition which is why you see it so rarely to the degree that the Astros recently subjected themselves to. I don't understand why it keeps being discussed so casually. If Dan Duquette seriously suggested doing that to the Orioles as they are currently constructed he would be gently led to the buffet table and distracted while the men in the white coats scrambled to get to the Warehouse.
  8. To me "full Astros" means 3-5 years of nuclear winter and at least $100,000,000 in lost revenue for the organization. What does it mean to you? Wouldn't an intelligent trade of Manny and Britton this offseason be a far better option? Things break right and the team would play meaningful baseball without interruption. Completely agree with your point about international player development.
  9. Certainly in Duquette's case. And I can't say that I blame him.
  10. This is Duquette's fault...
  11. Consider it spring training for that contingent.
  12. Matt Purke. Very solid starter for TCU. Tommy John surgery in 2014 though, and never quite got back to expectations. I would pick him up as a minor league reclamation project. It looks like he might be a servicable LOOGY if nothing else.
  13. GM Meetings

    Not just you.
  14. O's interested in Tyler Chatwood

    I want to hear "Press conference at 4:00".
  15. Shohei Otani

    Even though it's only November 12, I predict this thread does not, repeat NOT, reach Mark Teixiera levels of lunacy.