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  1. 24fps

    Grade the Gausman Deal

    If he's still doing it this time next year (or even at the end of this year) there won't be any need to call. You won't be able to log on without seeing 5 super hot front page threads moaning about yet another stupid Orioles FO move.
  2. All of the above plus... People don't go to baseball games for absolute accuracy they go for entertainment. Imperfect but organic accuracy is usually sufficient to not break the spell. Occasional disputes only serve to reinforce the belief that some ongoing moderating dynamic is always in play. And that's probably true often enough. Show me a single example of a successful narrative where human beings are subject to the impersonal judgement of machines yet have no ability to even fight back, much less prevail. Yeah, that should put butts in the seats alright. Sterile accuracy might be fair in some abstract sense, but it's not entertaining. In this case it will end up being deeply unsettling even if people can't or won't articulate why they no longer like the game as much as they used to. More fair though.
  3. 24fps

    Chris Davis

    Nor can I. I'm just pointing out that Davis has already given him certain power so Boras isn't an employee in the traditional sense. Also agent/talent contracts are rarely as simple as "I negotiate your next contract for x percentage and we're done". For example, Davis might have given Boras the right to a certain percentage of endorsement income and if Davis retired early, that opportunity would be permanently closed. Boras would have grounds to claim that he deserved compensation in that case.
  4. 24fps

    Chris Davis

    Has Boras already been paid his commission in full, or does he get paid as Davis gets paid? If it's the latter, then Boras has a say although Davis theoretically could just write him a check to make him whole then tell him to go away. Sports agents as malevolent and dictatorial makes for better fiction and it seems that the message is now taken more seriously in the real world than it should. In fairness, Boras doesn't let too many opportunities to reinforce that notion pass by.
  5. 24fps

    Chris Davis

    I think they're giving him every opportunity to prove he still deserves a place in the lineup and will continue to do so for the rest of the season. If he continues to be this bad, then I think it's very possible they cut him sometime next season if not during the offseason. So if that's the case, yeah the answer is money, but not in the sense I think you mean it. CD gets paid regardless. Ownership wants to know if there's any alternative to writing off that large a sum of money. Understandable. It's a LOT of money.
  6. 24fps

    Chris Davis

    Just trying to temper the urge to start referring to him personally as a train wreck, dumpster fire and all the other names we both know are beginning to become commonplace. I'm beyond frustrated watching him come to the plate game after game. If what you believe turns out to be even a little true, you won't hear another word out of me in his defense.
  7. 24fps

    Chris Davis

    He is a nice guy who genuinely wants to contribute but somehow, some way the skills he once had have deserted him. The contract that the Orioles agreed to after a protracted period of bidding against themselves is a train wreck. I'm considerably frustrated with CD right now, but nonetheless I think this is a distinction worth making.
  8. 24fps

    Trey Mancini is going to trend up

    Completely agree. It's good to see him finally come around. Was getting worried there...
  9. 24fps

    vs. RED SOX, 8/11 (Game Two)

    Aaaand Chris Davis strikes out to end the game.
  10. 24fps

    vs. RED SOX, 8/11 (Game Two)

    It just occurred to me that Holt is a complete Dbag.
  11. It's time for a new voice in the clubhouse. Keep Duquette, clean house elsewhere. I wouldn't object to a critical review of the minor league system as well with an eye on pitching development.
  12. 24fps

    "Buck" naked woman strolling around OPCY?

    It took me 8-9 looks to reach that conclusion.
  13. 24fps

    What would it take to move Davis or Trumbo?

    If you're serious about rebuilding then Davis needs to be released during the offseason unless he agrees to a minor league assignment which is highly unlikely. It's not even about the roster spot to me, it's about trying to build a new team atmosphere around someone who obviously no longer has any business on a ML baseball field. The situation simply can't be ignored even for a day. Trumbo isn't a concern to me. It would be better if he could be traded, but if not, it's not the end of the world. 2019 is going to stink anyway.
  14. 24fps

    POLL: Yay or nay on Beckham trade?

    Yeah, me too.
  15. 24fps

    POLL: Yay or nay on Beckham trade?

    I'm a pretty big Mancini believer, but when you put it that way... Tonight's game was truly painful to watch. I now find myself in a really strange place. I kinda want to see another few games like this during the rest of the season, simply to prevent any possible excuse for not making wholesale changes during the offseason with defense as a primary consideration.