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  1. 24fps

    They All Break

    The standard and universally accepted multiplier used by any knowledgeable baseball fan is four when it comes to team-sourced injury reports. If a pitcher is expected to miss one start, it means four. If it's "maybe" one start, it means at least six.
  2. Gilligan's Island reruns beat last year.
  3. Me too, but I like Sara as well. Also Britt. Blondes talking Orioles baseball are my type.
  4. Your long distance diagnosis of group psychosis is probably one of the smartest. Perhaps of all time.
  5. Sadly that's probably his future. My favorite Oriole right now. I will be sad to see him go.
  6. Pity there's no "toxic sludge" emblem.
  7. They’re better than I expected them to be. I’ve enjoyed the couple of games I’ve been able to watch. It’s a low bar, but I’d rather watch this team than last year’s.
  8. At the expense of losing out on who? Are you suggesting these decisions are being made out of ignorance or incompetence? If you are, I'm not saying you're wrong, but I sure don't see it myself.
  9. The O's seem really sold on Araujo even if nobody here Is. If nothing else, it will be interesting to see if they can turn him into something over the next couple of years.
  10. This makes too much sense. Good move.
  11. I never, never, ever again want to watch an Orioles team like last year’s. I’ll take this anytime.
  12. I would think that every team that thinks paying players according to WAR valuation is a good idea would be interested. Heck Trey's put up 4.0 oWAR in the last two seasons. Whatta deal!
  13. I didn't think I would be as happy as I am. Even though there are going to be some rough spots, a clean break with the past was definitely the best course.
  14. Not me. I'm pulling for them to miss out on a top 25 pick.
  15. In other words normalcy - eddie83's point with the thread title. There are a dozen different ways to slap on band-aids, but if good leadership is defined as putting your people in the best position to succeed, then the current situation needs some adjustment. I sure hope Araujo turns out to be worth it.
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