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  1. Bringing Tillman back on a minor league contract with a spring invite is taking a flyer. Giving him a ML contract after his 2017 season is best characterized as throwing an old pal a $3 million bone when the handwriting is on the wall. I'm not quite sure what the overall team budget has to do with anything, because the deal was terrible on its own merits.
  2. Andy MacPhail found it useful to refer to the Garrett Atkins signing as "a swing for the fences". It must have been a momentary lapse for good ole Andy, because "lightning in a bottle" is much more evocative for deals of this caliber. All the clubs falling all over themselves throwing money and major league contracts at Tillman after his um, remarkable 2017 campaign is reason enough to celebrate that it only cost the Orioles $3 million to gamble on a jackpot worth maybe $47.50 at the time.
  3. 24fps

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    Oh absolutely... Thank God we've finally returned to an era of taste and discernment in men's fashion.
  4. 24fps

    Lord I needed that

    I used to feel that way, now it’s the opposite. I think a lot of that has to do with Ortiz retiring. Anyway, time for the Astros to win a few more games.
  5. 24fps

    Ex-Orioles in the postseason

    Miley solid tonight. 4.2 innings of no-run ball. Regular season, post-AS break - 14 starts, 2.66 ERA. No more than 6 innings per start seems to be Milwaukee's solution.
  6. 24fps

    The Dan Duquette Appreciation Thread

    Most of us didn't believe .500 was possible, although Buck did get our attention at the end of 2010 if only for a little while.
  7. CD will get the opportunity in spring training and probably the first half of next season to fully demonstrate that writing off that much money is justified. I believe that is exactly what will happen, but not without one more extended chance to prove that he's washed up. That will almost certainly be demanded by ownership regardless of the wishes of the new manager.
  8. 24fps

    'GM' Candidates and when

    It sure does. At least the old Orioles. But it's a new day, a page has turned, it's springtime in Baltimore. Haven't you heard?
  9. 24fps

    Time to DO IT RIGHT

    Sadly nobody gets that kind of control without a sizable and successful track record.
  10. 24fps

    Duquette is expected to be fired

    Wouldn't be surprised if it were by mutual (and amicable) agreement.
  11. Replacement level would be where the decision for the O's gets interesting IMO. I don't think a rebuilding club can have the Chris Davis story in the clubhouse day in and day out below that baseline. Yeah, it will hurt financially, but I think a good business case can be made to write off the cost even at $23 million per rather that expect people to watch him play when it's clear he's severely overmatched. By all means try the buyout, but I think restructuring the full obligation is likely to have more success if the deal gets altered at all.
  12. Do you think the O's will keep him on the roster for the entire duration of his contract if he keeps playing at this level? I don't. So who blinks first? CD's guaranteed the the entire amount on his contract, all he has to do is show up for work when required. I think the O's cut him by the AS break next season unless he drastically improves.
  13. 24fps

    Who are your Oriole Award Winners? (Nominations)

    MVO - Manny. AJ for full-season. LVO - Davis is so far in front he's in a category all by himself. Biggest Surprise - The first half of the season, excepting Manny. It never was going to be a great team, but as a whole it played so far below its cumulative talent level that there is no complete explanation that makes sense to me. Biggest Non-surprise - Colby Rasmus. Ain't that just like a redneck dbag anyway? Biggest disappointment - Bundy. ROY. Beats the heck out of me. Nunez is closest I guess. I like what I see so far from Stewart, but too small a sample size.
  14. 24fps

    Haven't heard this in a while...

    I won't start a new thread on this, because I doubt many posters are old enough to know much about Jefferson Airplane (later Jefferson Starship). Sure, White Rabbit and a few other songs sung by Grace Slick have reached a broader consciousness, but there was a male lead singer too. Marty Balin was the founder of the Jefferson Airplane. Along with the Grateful Dead, Quicksilver Messenger Service and the Charlatans he and the Airplane defined the early San Francisco sound. His was always one of my favorite rock voices. He died today at the age of 76. RIP Marty.
  15. 24fps

    Crasnick on DD, Buck, and the Angelos'

    I'm pretty sure Brady factors into the next step far more than any of us would like.