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  1. Your level of apathy level for the 2018 season

    It's especially sporting to try and comment in the game thread when you're experiencing a 30-second delay. On really big plays I've been as much as three pages behind with an immediate post.
  2. Vargas to the Mets :(

    Peavy has been reported to be looking to come back sometime in May once his son is out of school. I think there's a showcase sometime soon.
  3. Vargas to the Mets :(

    You'll probably get half your wish.
  4. Your level of apathy level for the 2018 season

    I’ve used it since 2010 and the quality has steadily improved although it’s still not 100% reliable. Using VPN may degrade the experience if it chokes the bandwidth.
  5. Your level of apathy level for the 2018 season

    I have never cared less about an upcoming season. Ever.
  6. No it doesn't. It's clear (to me at any rate) that something's going on that's not making it to the media.
  7. Not the point. The point is the questions should be asked regardless of the expected answer.
  8. Ryan Flaherty Appreciation Thread

    Time for the O's to start working in some new blood. That being said, good luck Ryan.
  9. We Couldn't Match for Colon?

    I'd rather have some random fan picked out of the stands every fifth day than sign Colon at this stage of his career. I can't believe the crying over missing out on Bartolo Colon. Seriously?
  10. Five years seems to be a commonly accepted rule of thumb for how long a rebuild takes. I have no idea how that number was arrived at. I agree that five years too long unless it's a full tear-down and that shouldn't happen more than once a generation in my opinion.
  11. So much rides on which way they jump this season, especially the next six weeks. If they don't make a few critical moves like trade Machado, then say hello to nuclear winter.
  12. Schoop absence from Fanfest

    Maybe as soon as 2019 if things break right and the bar isn't set too high. I might hold off trading Schoop until after 2018 when team needs might be clearer. I agree with the strategy of trading Machado now and I support moving Schoop after the season unless someone really overpays before then. However if the Orioles decide to hold on to existing talent for 2018 it isn't necessarily a sign of incompetence. In fact it probably isn't, it's just a philosophy that's different than yours, one that places a high value on putting the best team possible on the field every year. There's nothing wrong with that and probably the vast majority of fans - fans not as obsessed as we are - believe that's normal anyway. Then there's the inconvenient habit of owners checking current revenue streams on a regular basis to consider that makes it a business proposition as much as a sporting one.
  13. Schoop absence from Fanfest

    As well as in the Uniform Players Contract Section under Baseball Promotion 3.(b) for "...all reasonable promotional activities of the club..." for which this would certainly qualify.
  14. Schoop absence from Fanfest

    Yes it does. Explicitly.