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  1. 24fps

    What happens to Rasmus tomorrow?

    Beginning tomorrow Colby Rasmus will start down the road to100-120 major league AB's with the Orioles. Then some part of his inner body will detach, ending his season and Orioles ownership will slap its collective forehead and mutter "what else could possibly go wrong". Brady Anderson will quietly sit in the corner and recount the number of days before Duquette and Showalter are gone. He'll then check to see if Peter Angelos is lucid and if he's not, he'll blame the whole mess on not being consulted first.
  2. Just to be clear, my point was that if the downturn had started, say right after the AS break last season, there might have been less enthusiasm for one last push this year and the rebuild would have had last offseason to use as a head start. The collapse would have had to be as bad as this year though, because I've always believed that 2018 as the final competitive year with this core was baked into the plan maybe as much as 5-6 years ago.
  3. Our "bad year" began September 7, 2017. Had it started even two months earlier I think our chances for a quick rebound would be considerably greater. That being said, thank goodness the team has been bad right out of the box this season. Count me among those who think that even the Orioles ownership can't ignore what needs to be done.
  4. If you think any rebuild should take longer than two years then you should step out of the way for someone with a healthier fear of self-fulfilling prophesies.
  5. My position as well. If the return for Machado and the other obvious trade pieces is disappointing, I might reconsider but i'm selfish and I have no interest in watching a rebuilding team struggle for several years. Besides, total rebuilds are just so unimaginative. Any fool can start throwing dynamite around. It takes brains and skill to to selectively buiild on what's already there, and quicker too if it's done right.
  6. No, go ahead and OK the possession part. Season ticket sales will go through the roof.
  7. I’ve been feeling sorry for the guy. If this “renovation” is only happening because the Orioles have put a gun to his head, I’m going to have to rethink that.
  8. Orioles first round draftee Cadyn Grenier commits an error on the first pitch of the game. The first pitch! Already on the fast track. The kid's gonna fit right in.
  9. I have considerably more confidence in the good people of Tonga to recognize reality and exercise common sense than the ownership of the Baltimore Orioles. Considerably. They'll do just fine...
  10. I won't. But I might lobby for him to become Ambassador to Sri Lanka or maybe Tonga where he can work on his tan and do a helluva lot less overall damage to something I care about.
  11. You would if the club asked you to. It's part of the contract. That being said, I don't think the O's have any interest in making him feel worse.
  12. 24fps

    Orioles have interviewed Ned Colletti, and others

    Brady may be the least radioactive human being in the state of Maryland. Point to one thing in Birdland that actually has his fingerprints on it that can be demonstrated. Slippery doesn't begin to describe how he's played the FO game.
  13. Gee which Chris Davis thread to post this in? Choices, choices.... As the tread title suggests, Chris Davis is on schedule to turn in a historically bad season. That speaks to my main point, so let's put it here. Do the Orioles have any recourse, or are they on the hook for the rest of the contract no matter what? Just about everybody including myself have assumed that they are, but I took a quick look at the Uniform Players Contract and now I'm not as sure as I once was and you shouldn't be either IMO. On the subject of termination by either the player or club. I have left out the section on player initiated termination as irrelevant and bolded the section that is of most interest to me... OK. First of all, nobody knows what the MLBPA will or won't do should the Orioles decide to put this to the test, so let's not pretend like we do. My point is that the worst offensive season in modern day baseball history calculated by a commonly accepted metric should be acceptable as strong evidence that a player no longer "exhibits sufficient skill or competitive ability..." At least to the degree that enables a buyout to be a reasonable and non-threating basis for negotiation.
  14. Damn. Just think of what the Orioles could have done with that international signing bonus pool money.
  15. Nor would I. It would really take a concerted effort on the Orioles' part for them to come out looking like the bad guy here and they have no obligation to lie on his behalf. CD now publicly stinks at hitting a baseball and if he doesn't appear like he's doing whatever he can to solve that problem, any goodwill he might have will evaporate overnight. Maybe he doesn't care about that, but personally I bet he does.