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  1. What do you think is Mancini's ceiling?

    Haha. I thought about adding something to that effect. From what I've seen of Trey so far, I doubt that he considers Bubba the Love Sponge part of his inner circle, so I'm not worried.
  2. What do you think is Mancini's ceiling?

    Aubrey Huff seems about right to me.
  3. Orioles Have No Plans of Shopping Machado

    While I have no trouble beliving that this is actually the case, I have a hard time imaging any other FO position at this point - at least one that Heyman would be privy to.
  4. vs. RED SOX, 9/20

    Everybody say "Amen!"
  5. Looked at one way, the answer is never because the opportunity is already lost. The difference between the Astros' 2005 WS team and the 2013 111-loss team is roughly 1.2 million fans. That's a huge amount of lost revenue any way you look at it, so your underlying point is a good one. http://www.baseball-almanac.com/teams/housattn.shtml It is worth noting that the Astros didn't "shrug their shoulders for several years" when setting out to turn things around. They instituted a comprehensive and well though out, albeit radical plan. They opened themselves up to criticism, but there was nothing at all cavalier about their approach which was consistent with the scale of the business problem they faced.
  6. I don't think many of us do, including myself. However it's much easier to make the case that the Orioles are close than it is to assert that the organization is a basket case like the Astros were in 2010, or for that matter the Orioles in 2007. The assumption that a sizeable rebuild is necessary has slowly crept into this thread, and I think that's unwarranted.
  7. At what point to you expect to harvest the potential of your draft pick? Four years down the road is a good rule of thumb although by no means absolute. This is problematic for a team within a competitive window, or one that institutionally believes in providing a product that meets a certain minimum level of quality for both its fan base as a general principle and its bottom line from a fiscal standpoint. The difference between a team that is 60-102 and one that's 80-82 can be measured in dollars. That alone requires a front office to refrain from shrugging its shoulders and claiming there are no classes among losers. Below is a link to part one of a 2014 Hardball Times 3-parter about the value of draft picks. IMO it provides useful perspective on the subject of draft picks. www.hardballtimes.com/how-much-is-a-draft-pick-worth-in-2014/
  8. Rebuilding is neither explicit nor implicit in the thread. Only whether you're comfortable being a greater loser in one arbitrary choice versus another simply for an improved draft position. I think this thread is doing a good job in providing perspective as to the value of draft picks, so choose carefully.
  9. I would characterize it as a multifaceted approach to team-building of which the amateur draft was a single component, created with an understanding of the Astro's specific market and organizational needs. Something very much different from what I think Frobby was getting at with his opening post.
  10. Are you making the deals only in pursuit of improving next year's draft? There's nothing wrong with making trades to improve the team, even if there's some short-term pain. There's something very much wrong with subverting the essence of the contest in order to improve one's chances in a lottery. IMO motive matters very much.
  11. I wonder if there is any front office anywhere that has consciously decided to not try to win on the field specifically in order to improve draft postition. I don't include playing minor leaguers in September when the team is clearly out of contention. I mean strategically choosing to put a less capable team on the field solely to gain draft position the following year. If I ever came to believe the Orioles did something like that, I would stop following them that day and never look back.
  12. What is everyone's idea for 2018?

    "Eating" CD and Trumbo's salaries might cause choking too. Maybe for several consecutive years. Consider 1B and DH covered, the budget compromised and build the team for the short--term with that in mind. Trade Manny. Trade Britton. Let the youngsters play and keep your eye on the prize - starting pitching. If Buck doesn't like the brave new world, tell him to go pound sand.
  13. Irma

    That statue elevates this photo from mere document to art. Glad to know you're OK.
  14. It looks to me like a mediocre team running on fumes at this point. One that's had a reality check and enough time for it to sink in. It would be nice if management and ownership had something similar happen in the coming months. There's still the makings of a good team here.
  15. How would you rather spend $300 mm?

    I already chose in roughly the 13th post in this thread. (I miss having the posts in a thread numbered). If you read the post you quoted carefully, I've already granted you your hypothetical. To be clear, I simply don't think throwing fistfuls of money at a player for an extended period of time is a good approach for a team constrained by a realistic budget, which would include the Orioles. That being said, I also think it's time for the Orioles to do a little more than just pay lip service to the need for good starting pitching, so that might take me a little ways outside my personal comfort zone in terms of contract length. But I'm a believer in Bundy and Gausman, so to me the choice is easy - I'll take Bundy, Gausman and Schoop. I understand that the salaries wouldn't be paid in equal amounts. I agree that $19 million for Bundy's last four years seems excessive in 2017. Probably less so beginning in 2022. I can see Gausman commanding more than 5/50.