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  1. I suppose it could have happened a little sooner, but the O's really didn't spend all that long screwing around with delusions about Straily. Progress if you ask me.
  2. 24fps

    Trey is hurt

    I'm sorry, but truly knowledgeable baseball fans know better than to enjoy the actual game, or worse, generate an attachment to individual players. It might lead to sentimental thoughts that could get in the way of maximizing every player's full trade value which we all know is the real point of major league baseball.
  3. I'm sympathetic to wildbillhiccup's general feeling on competition, but inventory year is exactly what this year is and until MLB radically changes its policy it's also good business long-term.
  4. Figuratively speaking? Rolling might be difficult. In any case, I think Ted maybe has larger things to worry about at the moment. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/ted-williams-frozen-in-two-pieces/
  5. That's OK, Zach Britton slipped my mind. 😐
  6. C - Elrod Hendricks (OK, OK Hoiles) 1B - Jim Gentile 2B - Bobby Grich 3B - Brooks SS - Mark Belanger LF - Boog Powell CF - Paul Blair RF - Frank Robinson DH - Eric Davis SP - Jim Palmer Mike Cuellar Mike Flanagan Dave McNally Steve Barber RP - Stu Miller Tippy Martinez Sammy Stewart Don Stanhouse Alan Mills Gregg Olson Earl
  7. Terrific read! Loonnnnng but worth the time and trouble. Really adds some perspective on "the process". I wonder how much of this thinking factored into this weeks draft?
  8. My instant analysis is that the capsules were written by 2016-generation AI software with English as its second language.
  9. The Tennessean is the local paper out here in the provinces. Sportswriter Nicklaus Gray had the following to say about the Orioles' first round pick: 1. Baltimore Orioles | Adley Rutschman, C, Oregon State Grade: B Instant analysis: Don't like the Buster Posey comparison for Rutschman, and he gets the benefit of the lack of elite talent in this draft. Rutschman's bat is above average as a switch hitter, but I don't see the high power projection. He has struggled against velocity. He will, however, command a pitching staff and has a strong arm. If he has 10-15 homers a season and is in contention for a Gold Glove every year, that will be a win for the Orioles. Call 'em like you see 'em Nick... https://www.tennessean.com/story/sports/2019/06/03/mlb-draft-2019-picks-grades-live-results/1334448001/
  10. I have long advocated that the GM's of the teams with the first five picks have to claim those picks in person, at the podium in full clown makeup or the pick is forfeited. That solution is both more humane and much, much better for ratings.
  11. He gets hit by an extraordinary number of pitches - about equal to the number of times he walks. I gotta know more about Sig's algorithm.
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