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  1. makoman

    Buck and TTP

    It does if “fixing” this issue messed up what got them to the majors. I always felt Matusz got broken “fixing” or focusing on his ttp. Obviously not provable either way.
  2. makoman

    Let Brach pitch more innings

    I'll take a bunch of innings in October
  3. makoman

    Revisiting Duquettes' second half moves

    One game out with 11 to play. I mean that should end all this nonsense of WE WERE NEVER GOING TO MAKE THE PLAYOFFS. We crapped the bed after that, but that is just a stupid comment. You can hate the moves, which is fine, but don't make things up that don't have any basis in probability. I don't care who you are or who you're playing, anybody can make up 1 game in 11 just by getting on a lucky hot streak. The Astros were one of the worst teams of my lifetime and were always playing teams far better than themselves and even they had a 7-3 stretch this year. Yeah, all the contenders got hot. Texas and TB went 9-3 after that day, Cleveland 10-0. In hindsight it wasn't too likely, but all that happening isn't that likely either. And I don't like the "division win is all that matters, wild card stinks" argument. Plenty of world series have been won by wild cards. You get in, you have a chance. We beat Bos, Tex, Oak, and Det head to head this year...
  4. makoman

    Bench Ray Rice?

    Rice isn't cuttable or tradable this year, IMO. If you trade him at the deadline, the prorated bonus gets accelerated against the cap. Since we are so late in the year, I believe we take this year's part this year, the rest is accelerated to next year, so that's 14M+ in dead money next year on the cap. The same if you trade him or cut him this offseason, the bonus accelerates against the cap. His cap # is almost 9M next season, not 12. Even if you think he's declined (and I do, regardless of the line, though it's difficult to say how much given Pierce's ineffectiveness) I think he would be an adequate backup, so he can have a spot on the team. You need a backup either way. So I'd rather pay him 9 to play than take a cap hit of 14 for nothing (plus have to find a new backup). I don't think we're quite in cap hell, but if we dump Rice we definitely will be. At a minimum Suggs would need to be cut this offseason (8M savings). He might anyway, but if we trade Rice there'd be no doubt. Other stuff would have to happen too...but I just can't see them taking that hit for nothing. Now I could see getting rid of him after 2014, when the dead money cap hit would be 9.5 vs. 7.75 to have him on the roster, IF he's totally ineffective. But the same criteria applies, it may be worth having him on the roster even as a backup vs. a cap hit for nothing. His replacement would cost money too, so it'd be probably less than a million savings to cut him. Anyway, I think they will simply hope that he gets better with more effective OL play, along with more rest from the hip injury. RB's don't get much rest during the year, so I'm talking about an offseason of rest, hopefully that helps... I think this is a cautionary tale...you don't need to give huge contracts to RBs. Pick one in the earlyish rounds every year or 2, a la Pierce, and keep a cheap pipeline, rather than paying big $ to keep your aging guy. All #'s assuming this site is accurate, very quick research shows that it seems to be. link
  5. makoman

    Braun suspended

    Even worse, assuming A-rod didnt have the current Biogenesis black cloud, you incentivize the Yankees to slip a little extra in his next cortisone shot so they can get out of the contract. I don't know if Hank has the chutzpah...I have no doubt his father would have considered it. Edit to add, yeah, you were probably getting at that with the rig a test bit
  6. The #'s are 233 average and 289 OBP, 20%+ K rate, 5%ish walk rate with a decent amount of homers and RBIs. That is pretty clearly Batista territory. I'm not talking about Scott of 2008 or 2010 or 2014 or even later this year. But neither is Roy, he clearly believes that Scott is doing a fine job so far this year, I guess because he has RBIs. That's all I was getting at.
  7. Did you think Tony Batista was good?
  8. There's only a few that fit this. My guess is Jones. If you count 2012 that's 5 years. I could see him and Roy chatting before PA's visit the other day, and him saying "Wow, PA is coming today. I haven't seen him since '09, and that was it!" I don't take this as a plus or a minus as far as the player is concerned. He was just stating a fact, so it doesn't necessarily mean disgruntled, though he could be. As for PA, I don't really care if he takes the time to meet anybody. It would be nice I guess, but as long as the players have a decent relationship with the manager and coaches, and maybe the GM for the more prominent guys, that's enough for me. I don't want PA to be involved, let him run his other full time business. Anyway, as long as he gives DD a reasonable budget, and stays out of baseball decisions, then him talking to no one would be great with me. The problem is when he's distant but still meddles, gets his cronies to meddle for him, and still doesn't put all the money he can into the team. Then you get the worst of all worlds--distant, uninformed and frugal meddling is the worst kind. At least with Mike Ilitch-style meddling you might have fun for a few years before the big crash. Anyway, if nothing else this is interesting to hear, so thanks Roy.
  9. makoman

    Matusz article and chart

    To expand on this... Matusz has allowed 34 steals in 270 innings...or 1.13 per nine. In the past 2 years in the AL there have been 3105 steals in 40500.1 innings, or .69 per nine. So if he threw 200 innings he'd allow like 25 steals, where the league would allow only 15. So him being slow to the plate costs him...10 bases per year? That stinks and you'd want him to improve on that if he can, but not at the expense of anything else, and it certainly isn't some huge deal. Also I guess Buck said you have to be good at holding runners to be a ML pitcher. Some pretty good pitchers: Randy Johnson allowed 456 in 4135.1, or .99 per nine Clemens allowed 446 in 4916.2, or .82 per nine Greg Maddux allowed 547 in 5008.1, or .98 per nine Or in other words, a difference of like 3-6 bases per year better than Matusz. If you're going to mess up a (potentially) good pitcher for that, it's just stupid.
  10. No need to be an ass. Allstar is far from an orange glasses guy, and it is obvious he was talking upside rather than now. It seems many would agree Bundy's ceiling is Cy Young Award talent.
  11. makoman

    THe Jtrea appreatiation thread

    Right, I don't really get Pedro's point. I enjoy chess. I don't think I take it too seriously, I know I'm not going to be a pro or anything even close, it's just a fun hobby for me. That said, if while I was playing chess somebody was constantly crashing cymbals behind me, I think it would be a lot less fun and downright unenjoyable. That has nothing to do with my general enjoyment of of the game, nor does it have anything to do with my social life elsewhere. That's how it was to me. Those who don't post tens of times per day are ignorable. But other than maybe Sportsguy, JT was pretty much the dominant force on the board the past few years, with a presence in almost every single thread, constantly crashing his cymbals. I'm just a lurker mostly and don't post a whole lot, but I read all the time. I don't wish him any ill will, but I will not miss him.
  12. makoman

    Options left for all members of the 40-man roster

    It says he started at Tri-City on 6-22, so that's only 9 days in June.
  13. makoman

    "Moneyball" for Football

    It probably also depends on whether your 4th and 2 playbook consists solely of shotgun draws, hail marys, and various end around plays.
  14. makoman

    DCab to sign MiLB deal with PIT

    Where was DD on this??? :angryfire::angryfire::angryfire::vader: Sorry, I thought we had to do that any time somebody signed somewhere