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  1. Even if we go to 105%, if Watson gets slot then we only have just over 1M left to spend. I think it would be crazy to expect Watson plus all 4. It's sounding like we should be thrilled if we get any of them.
  2. College sports are like a religion to some people, and apparently he’d get to play with his brother. I can see someone valuing such things seemingly irrationally highly. Me I’d take the money.
  3. Yeah, I could be misremembering, but if I recall, the Gausman year he was the last to sign and we just gave him full slot. It's easier to go below slot if your last guy doesn't know what's left. You probably don't want to be known as the org that always caves at the end and gives everything left to the #1 guy.
  4. If it was purely a money problem, wouldn't Elias have declined to sign Karns ($800k) or traded Villar ($4.825M) or Bundy ($2.8M) or Givens ($2.15M) or even the competitive balance pick ($884k) to get some cash if he thought there were worthy players out there to sign? I know you saw the article saying there is no plan to trade any slots this upcoming period. Let's hope they spend 85% or more.
  5. I don’t get why sports fans need some kind of public flogging for there to be accountability. If I were to mess up at work, my boss would let me know that things are not acceptable. That would get the message across—he wouldn’t have to get something negative printed about me in the paper, and he wouldn’t tell me to just stay home on Monday so I can think about what I did. I would also quite clearly recognize that if poor work continued I might be let go. If Hyde can take care of things behind closed doors that should be good enough. If poor play continues then maybe you don’t get to play as much cause that means you just aren’t good. But as a fan I don’t need to see him draw blood on some notion of accountability. And we certainly can’t DFA two guys a week, we need a longer term view. One thing should be clear to every one of those guys—Elias is watching, and stuff like this is always being considered. These guys shouldn’t need much reminder—if you can’t keep a job with the 2019 Orioles you might be in the wrong line of work. Sitting on the bench for a day is relatively meaningless.
  6. A combination of (1) BPA never called for a pitcher, (2) some say this was a weak draft for pitchers, and (3) 15 of the OH top 21 prospects are already pitchers (Ortiz was 12th, though is probably a fair bit lower than that today).
  7. 1.102 OPS Adley who? 😂
  8. Jackson is about 26 and has a 87 wRC+ in AAA. Keon Broxton at 26 three years ago had a wRC+ of 142 in AAA and 111 in the majors. There’s no reason to think Jackson would make anybody’s 40 man this winter.
  9. He's realllly close to passing Davis at least. 162/245/301/546 176/243/296/539 From the offseason scouting reports I was hoping his D would be better. If he can grow into a 650 OPS that might be adequate with plus D...with average or worse D it's just not going to work out.
  10. Last year 70 wins would have gotten the 9th overall pick. #1 picks have gotten 1055.4 WAR #9 picks have gotten 274.4 WAR
  11. D-II, I never even heard of any of the teams he played so inferior competition, but great production. Seems like he's fast with good defense. 6-2 180 is pretty light. Maybe he can put on some weight.
  12. 6.55 ERA but 80 Ks in 66 innings. Maybe they think they can tweak something. Of course it's the 13th round.
  13. The one annoying part is that list is all position players. John Means has been a great surprise...other than that, at least a lot of the minor league guys have taken steps forward this year.
  14. Agree, he's got a 107 OPS+ with a 302 OBP, and below average defense at a position low on the def spectrum. Definitely successful, especially for a waiver claim, and I'm happy to keep running him out there, but let's not get ahead of ourselves here.
  15. Ruzious was talking about Sisco, who was #57 and #68 pre-2017 and 2018. I think interloper (and thus you) are talking about Severino, who I haven't seen on any rankings.
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