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  1. makoman

    Winter Trade Value

    Everyone should be available. But frankly not too many have much value right now. Bundy seems like the classic buy low kind of guy that somebody is going to think they can fix with a fresh start. Luckily we are now in a position where we can give our own guys a fresh start. I’d rather try that than sell low.
  2. You’re right and that’s what I meant. Doesn’t change it. They knew this was coming and should be prepared. There was never a question that the Nats would get many millions in rights fees. Also, this money isn’t just coming out of their pockets. The point, as I understand it, is that MASN has to pay the Nats rights fees based to some extent on what MASN is bringing in. Even though the programming sucks, they are bringing in a lot of money via the monthly fee that everyone in the area has to pay per month. I doubt MASN is broke. My point was just, this isn’t some surprise amount that is suddenly coming out of the Angelos bank account. This was an expected expense that should have been planned for and that had a revenue stream to pay for it.
  3. I mean, they’ve known all along that they will owe the Nats some large amount of money. They’d be idiots to not have at least the minimal amount ready to go. If I have a $1000 bill coming I save for it; should be no different for MASN’s $150k-$300k bill (Also, someone said, maybe here or elsewhere, that they may have already paid some base amount and we’re just arguing over the excess, but I have no idea).
  4. "Decades," I guess, but haunt is just hyperbole. We owe him $3.5M/year from 2023-2032, then $1.5M/year 2033-37. We spent almost $3.5M on Tim Beckham this year. $3M on Tillman. $3M on Rasmus. I bet the league minimum is over a million by 2033. Avoiding stupid "little" contracts like that will go a long way towards making up for those deferred payments.
  5. makoman

    Top President / EVP Candidates?

    I mean, there was just a tweet this week about Lerner vetoing a Harper trade at the deadline. I think almost any O’s fan would trade owners with the Nats in a second. And now they’ll get like a 4th round pick instead of several prospects. So is what we want actually out there? I don’t know...
  6. Bedard had comparable numbers plus we may not make the playoffs any of those years without him. But I agree that Chen is worthy of consideration, though I doubt I’d vote for him myself.
  7. makoman

    Today's Game HOF nominees

    No it was his heart that grew 3 sixes that day.
  8. makoman

    Blaine Knight - RHP - 2018 #9 Prospect

    At first I thought he was comparing them to Sebastian Vader, and I couldn’t understand why one would make that comparison.
  9. makoman

    Baseball Prospectus: Top 10

    You say that, but anything was possible before he got abused at LSU.
  10. makoman

    Baseball Prospectus: Top 10

    I don’t usually like feeling sorry for myself, but it’s tough reading this: better than most MLBers, double plus and 80 everything, and thinking “Oh yeah, we had our chance too, how’d that work out when we had the #1 prospect in baseball...oh he ended up with a 739 OPS for us.”
  11. makoman

    BA: Meoli lists 10

    2018 GG winner at 1B Matt Olsen played 1403 innings at 1B this year (note that 162*9 = 1458, so most of them) and had just 84 assists, one every 16.7 innings. Chris Davis in his career has had 529 assists in 8790 1B innings, a similar 16.6 innings/A. I would assume the vast majority of them are quick hitting 3-6 plays and underhanded 3-1 tosses that even I can do, so I am curious how much harm a terrible arm would do. Cut offs from the outfield seems like an obvious issue but can you hide that some by switching assignments? And even if you can't how many runs is it going to cost you over a year? I have no clue but man he must have an awful arm if it's that concerning to those in the know...
  12. Sounds like "anyone who knows baseball" would pick, in this late inning situation, 2018 Chris Davis and his 168/243/296 but with 16 HR (1 every 32 plate appearances!) over 2004 Ichiro and his 372/414/445 but only 8 HR (1 every 95 plate appearances). It's all about who is more likely to tie with one swing of the bat and Davis is like 3 times as likely as Ichiro. Is that what you're saying?
  13. makoman

    Buck and TTP

    It does if “fixing” this issue messed up what got them to the majors. I always felt Matusz got broken “fixing” or focusing on his ttp. Obviously not provable either way.
  14. makoman

    Let Brach pitch more innings

    I'll take a bunch of innings in October
  15. makoman

    Revisiting Duquettes' second half moves

    One game out with 11 to play. I mean that should end all this nonsense of WE WERE NEVER GOING TO MAKE THE PLAYOFFS. We crapped the bed after that, but that is just a stupid comment. You can hate the moves, which is fine, but don't make things up that don't have any basis in probability. I don't care who you are or who you're playing, anybody can make up 1 game in 11 just by getting on a lucky hot streak. The Astros were one of the worst teams of my lifetime and were always playing teams far better than themselves and even they had a 7-3 stretch this year. Yeah, all the contenders got hot. Texas and TB went 9-3 after that day, Cleveland 10-0. In hindsight it wasn't too likely, but all that happening isn't that likely either. And I don't like the "division win is all that matters, wild card stinks" argument. Plenty of world series have been won by wild cards. You get in, you have a chance. We beat Bos, Tex, Oak, and Det head to head this year...