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  1. Jackson's wRC+ at age 24 in AA was 121. Good for him. Mullins at AA at age 23 was 141. In 2011 at age 24 in AA Ryan Flaherty managed a 143 wRC+ before being exposed to the Rule 5 draft. Somehow he's been able to stay in the majors parts of 7 years despite a total rWAR of less than 1. That is the kind of monumental mistake we are likely talking about. And I thought Jackson was intriguing and would have liked to keep him, but come on...
  2. If you like that, take a look at Carlos Beltran. https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/b/beltrca01.shtml
  3. Ozzie Albers is the kind of name you get when your video game dynasty mode needs to generate new players.
  4. The lesson should be: if the worst team in baseball can't find a spot on the 25 man for the guy who led the team in spring hits, maybe spring hits don't mean that much.
  5. "On pace" things are dumb the first half of April. This time yesterday we were only on pace to allow 944 runs. This time Sunday we were on pace to allow 810, way less than last year. So much can change in a couple games this time of year. That said, I wouldn't be surprised if we challenge the team HR allowed record of 258. I don't really see that stopping throughout the year.
  6. That’s why you have a bunch of gold buried on your property. Duh. Everyone will trade things for gold when the apocalypse is coming.
  7. I can't say this about a guy who lost part of his rib to pitching. Maybe for once a forearm strain is just a forearm strain.
  8. Our average batter age is 3rd youngest in MLB, pitcher 12th. Seems young to me even if we have a few old folks. https://www.baseball-reference.com/leagues/MLB/2019-misc.shtml
  9. This is good progress. Our only chance is for him to become so embarrassed he'll accept a buyout to walk away.
  10. The real question is, would you trade the competitive balance pick for those?
  11. It's happened before, to a far lesser extent, so it must be allowed. https://www.mlb.com/news/michael-cuddyer-mets-reach-buyout-agreement/c-165936318 The union would probably have a fit, but Davis may feel no particular allegiance there if he's retiring. If your options are collect $75M and go home and do what you want, or collect $92M and be forced to travel and embarrass yourself every day, I can see someone preferring the former, even with a much smaller first number.
  12. At least. The NFL cap is also complicated in that signing bonuses are prorated for each year of the contract (e.g. $20M bonus on a 4 year contract counts for $5M each year) and those prorated things come due right away when a player is traded or cut. So for example Joe Flacco was traded and the Ravens aren't paying him anything this year but he still counts $16M against the Ravens' cap this year. But also they just signed Earl Thomas, he'll get a $20M signing bonus and a $2M salary this year but he only counts $7M against the cap. Maybe it all sort of evens out but who knows.
  13. Markakis must be the closest. After his 3rd year.
  14. Villar could easily play around 100 games, getting around 371 plate appearances, then get traded. Haven't checked this year, last year we played our 107th game on July 31st.
  15. People are overestimating the 7th or 8th guy in most bullpens. Scott has pluses and flaws. All those guys do.
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