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  1. Maybe Hyde means "for another team..."
  2. You're crossing into Atomic territory here, who I believe described the Orioles current rebuilding approach a "moral failure." (aside from sportsmanship, I wasn't aware that concepts of morality were built-in components of the game...) FWIW, I don't understand why Straily is on the team any more than you do... it's a mystery for sure, perhaps buried in the thought that if you are going to waste an arm, it might as well be one that has no career left upon release...
  3. Mychal Givens and Takens away....
  4. Astute, as ever... Yes, exactly.
  5. I do think there may come a time when management decides it's a beneficial decision to cut bait and eat bills with regard to Davis. Just not for another 2-3 years at the least, is my guess.
  6. I won't hazard an opinion on the relative dishonesty or immorality of not spending every last dollar or resource on trying to win every single game every single year, but... if baseball came up with a relegation concept, maybe that would add a level of intrigue... As it is, there are uncountable examples in pro sports and the business world alike where the pursuit of short term gain comes at the expense of long-term viability. I actually like the concept of tanking because it embraces the long-term view (well, maybe medium-term) as a strategy to cross platform health (the aggregation of talented youngsters is a marketing team's dream in a town starved for success)... Certainly I can see how tanking would leave a bad taste in the mouths of those whose appreciation of the sublime stands secondary to the concept of instant gratification... And to take it back to the bargaining table, if players feel that their value as free agents is eroded by teams tanking, then maybe there would be some hubbub at the next CBA talks, but in a league that generally sits free of monopolistic oversight, I think Manfred does little to change the current results/draft arrangement...
  7. How much rehabbing do you need to hit a buck seventy? Surely not much...
  8. Take Vaughn and tape a bus ticket on Davis' locker.... Of course, as a Cal grad, I'm a bit biased on this one...
  9. Ha ha! Sorry, I didn't even pick up on that... (eyeroll). I'm still intrigued by the idea that players are trying to own the valuation formulas against owners. Certainly in eras past, both sides would come to their own determinations on "value" though those were often far apart, as they would tend to interpret statistics to their own use. But if the "new" valuation formulas are less subjective, it strikes me there should be less argument over a player's value, and that the only argument is really if you want to pay for that value...
  10. I don't disagree with this, but I think for many players that will be a problem, primarily because Keuchel isn't going to any team unless he gets HIS price. There was a recent article in SI about Keuchel, and apparently he's had many, many offers, but he's rejected them all because they haven't met his own expectations about what he's worth. And before you go saying 'players always overestimate their own worth," the article makes it clear that Keuchel has done his homework and applied the same valuation techniques that most front offices use. Here's the article and pertinent section: https://www.si.com/mlb/2019/05/07/dallas-keuchel-free-agency-decision-offers-wait "It's not just the front offices who have all these numbers," Keuchel said. "Players and agencies now have the access and the knowledge to do the same thing. My asking price and my due diligence is not just out of left field. It has come to me through my own career path, my own career numbers, and then what my market is valued at this point in time. To this point it hasn’t been matched.... I'm not asking for the world." All of this, if true, brings us to some interesting questions about who is controlling the current player valuation market. For instance, are GMs truthful in their player evaluations? Or do they ignore them subjectively when it suits them to do so? And are players better off with or without a "union first" mentality? Anyway, I just thought that was interesting..
  11. I've not gotten a single televised Os game in Denver, so can someone tell me if defenses so far are shifting for Davis? (13Ks in 23 ABs would suggest that maybe they don't need to). Or maybe the shift is only situational? If they are still shifting, why Davis has not yet tried to lay one down the third base line for a hit is beyond me. At least he'd get the O-fer monkey off his back...
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