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  1. jjnono

    An Alternate Watching Idea: College World Series

    Well, except for that aluminum bat thing... But it has been a lot of fun to watch. I think you'll see three great games.
  2. I root enthusiastically for Adam Jones, heart of this team, and I root for Gausman to have success. Beyond those guys, I tend to root for the team as a whole, but don't care much one way or the other about individual performances... This team is going to look very different in 2-3 years. No point in investing a lot of emotional energy in guys that will be long gone by then...
  3. Is it possible that combined efforts (or lack thereof) by the Orioles, Royals and White Sox are helping drive up the needed wins to secure the WC slots? It's possible that these three teams will lose 100+ each. That's a lot more wins to divvy up amongst the competitors..
  4. Well, since we're already there, might as well stretch out and get comfortable...
  5. jjnono

    Grateful for the (rare) win but Im amazed...

    Didn't heads roll a while back? Weren't we told that heads would soon roll? That didn't happen?? No rolling of heads?? Dang...
  6. jjnono

    Richard Justice on the O"S

    Everybody has a price, even Pete. This offer just isn't enough to merit a return call. I do wish he would sell the team, though....
  7. jjnono

    Is this rock bottom?

    Only two runs away from rock bottom...
  8. jjnono

    What could you get for Kevin Gausman?

    Agreed; you have to consider all offers. Gausman certainly shouldn't be considered untouchable... No one should.
  9. jjnono

    Embrace the Losing

    I posted this in December... Embrace the losing, indeed! I've heard the 2018 Orioles marketing department has already been asked to create the "Farewell, Manny!" marketing theme for next season... Sort of an anti-"You Gotta Believe" twist ("Believe in Nothing!"), one which requires of its fans a very modern embrace of a nihilistic cynicism, forking over their quid in order to be part of an extreme, "once in a lifetime" ride into the abyss of irrelevance... If they can't recoup actual players for Manny, the Os sure as hell are going to try and recoup as much cash as they can!!!
  10. jjnono

    PED Suspensions Coming

    The interesting aspect of the suspension is in the phrasing of Cano's response, which contradicts the actual truth. I don't have it handy, but Cano's official response goes to great lengths to note that furosemide IS NOT a performance enhancing drug, and then he reverts to that hoary old adage of having never failed a drug test because he's never taken performance enhancing drugs. But he's accepting the ban because it IS true that he took furosemide. Well, yes, factually, furosemide is not a performance enhancing drug but, rather, a pretty effective masking agent. And MLB can't actually suspend someone for use of a masking agent unless they can prove its use was intended to conceal the use of other substances. When notified of his positive test for furosemide, Cano appealed. MLB then presented him with the evidence they had to uphold a ban for furosemide. At this point Cano more or less HAS to drop his appeal, or run the risk of the legal situation - i.e., the MLB evidence - winding up in the public realm. That's what the ban is about - not having the truth become public. And the truth gets wrapped up in deliberate and misleading statements that attempt to make the story about furosemide, which it's not. Cano is a cheater AND a liar. Or maybe it's more accurate to say that Cano is a cheater and his public relations firm is a liar... Anyway....
  11. jjnono

    Connolly: Heads may roll today

    Man, all those heads, all those changes, all those attempts to salvage the last remnants of pride from a gutless season... Glad I got excited for those!
  12. jjnono

    FiveThirtyEight: Tankfest

    Interesting article... https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/this-years-mlb-tankfest-is-epic-and-maybe-pointless/ "This year’s extreme logjam of tankers may also make the strategy less effective. In the past, some teams were able to successfully build from the bottom because there wasn’t a ton of competition down there. It remains to be seen how well the tactic will work when almost a third of the league is doing the same thing at the same time. These copycats may have all hopped on the tank train at the wrong moment." The Os front office can't help itself, screwing up is in its blood....
  13. jjnono

    Calamity Porn

  14. jjnono

    Is this rock bottom?

    12 games behind after 23 played... Two losing streaks of 5 or more already... Only Cleveland has a lower team BA in all of baseball... Only Cincinnati and Miami have a lower team OPS... Only Miami has a worse run differential... Only Texas has a worse BAA figure... It may not yet be rock bottom, but that's only because we're sinking in the Marianas Trench....