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  1. jjnono

    Anyone Following Manny?

    I read that their acquisition of DJ LeMahieu effectively took them out of the running. Yanks feel with Tulo and Gleyber Torres they have the infield where they want it. But as with anything regarding the Yankees ability to acquire free agents, take it with a grain of salt.
  2. jjnono

    Some Positivity

    Yeah, it's bold, it's wacky, it's not negative... But unless the Jays absolutely implode, we are certain of a last place finish, and perhaps one of the worst three records in all of baseball in 2019. Not that this bugs me in the least, it's just reality at the moment. I'm all for having as much fun here as possible given the challenges we will face in '19.
  3. When the season is lost before it begins, one turns to gambling. It's pretty much that simple. Entertain yourself with an endless parade of side-bets that can be applied on a game-by-game basis, over the course of the season, or by player performance metrics... I'm sure there are many on this board that will toss a few choice items before all is said and done in September...
  4. jjnono

    Hyde: New O’s Manager

    You're going to love this guy, believe me. I know lots of people, the best kinds of people, and this guy, he's the best, really a great, great person. Baseball is such a wonderful game, I love it. Nobody loves the game more than me, and I'm a very smart person... if they didn't hire this guy, I could probably be the manager myself... my team would be the best and we'd put up the most points!
  5. Agree that pitching is a bit more fickle... and according to the link below, the shift makes it even MORE fickle... by driving up walks! (who knew?) https://www.baseballprospectus.com/news/article/40088/baseball-therapy-how-beat-shift/ The game has adapted to the shift by making the (correct) assumption that the shift is powerless against home runs, and in turn the analytics people have promoted fireballers to counteract those power hitters, helping turn the game into the boring mano-y-mano Launch Angle Exit Velocity Spin Rate BS show we see today... But, much as the article linked above notes, there is only scant and occasional evidence that the shift actually does what it's supposed to do - prevent hitters from reaching first base. So, until either the executive eggheads reverse their directives, or until offenses come up with more concrete means of beating the shift, it's here to stay. Note that the article pretty clearly shows that a full shift - the type Chris Davis sees with no one on base - is provably effective against pull hitters. But the partial shift - which Davis sees with men on base - is actually less successful defensively than a normal alignment. Ultimately, then, it strikes me that a team could incorporate speedy hitters with good bat control in front of pull heavy types and force the opposing manager to hedge his shifting bets (by having to forego the full shift in favor of the partial shift). Much as Milwaukee has adopted a no-win opener + bullpen approach, couldn't teams reconstruct lineups so that we get away from "power guys hitting 3-4-5" and instead have three mini-sets of hitters equally spaced though out the lineup, where each mini-set includes fast guy/bat control guy/power guy, thus potentially helping the power guys to do their thing without facing as many full shifts? Imagine a lineup where Davis hits ninth and thrives... just sayin'... maybe team OBP goes up... Sorry, slow day at work...
  6. jjnono

    2019 Draft Order Tracker

    This is exactly why I expect the Os not to be active in the FA market. Tanking is not a one year process. Maybe some savvy minor league deals, but even mild FA acquisitions will probably be a rarity. I’ll gladly suffer another 100 loss season for another first round pick....
  7. This is only true in a narrow sense. I'm assuming you mean Angelos was only willing to measure the success of this team on its ability to reach and win the World Series. The transfer of organizational monies to salaries at the expense of other structural necessities has so badly positioned this team for future success, that any discussion of "making [the Orioles] best," isn't really viable on any other level. But, you know, I kinda get it. A dying man's wish. The fans were just along for the ride, no matter how it turned out. Imagine if Petey actually pulled it off, albeit with a long-shot ideal and poorly conceived planning -- his entrance into the netherworld would be gilded with orange and black banners and the fading accolades of a frenzied fan base! At least we can't deny the reality of our situation. No more half-hearted FA signings, no more wishful thinking dumpster diving, no more fingers crossed pitching decisions... Time to play The Game the right way again...
  8. jjnono

    Rosenthal: Orioles are in a state of confusion

    Blow it up! Oh wait, we did that already...
  9. jjnono

    vs. ATHLETICS, 9/12

    On the plus side, the number one pick is all but locked up!
  10. jjnono

    vs. ATHLETICS, 9/12

    The chance we lose ‘em all from here on out? I’m saying 10%+ at this point...
  11. I can't tell if you mean he doesn't make a compelling case to be on any roster, or just ours. I definitely think Jones would get a 1-2 year offer from someone out there, but essentially agree that it's a 50/50 proposition at best that he returns next year for the Os... Which makes me sad - I've only owned three player jerseys: Cal, Nick and Adam.
  12. jjnono

    An Alternate Watching Idea: College World Series

    Well, except for that aluminum bat thing... But it has been a lot of fun to watch. I think you'll see three great games.
  13. I root enthusiastically for Adam Jones, heart of this team, and I root for Gausman to have success. Beyond those guys, I tend to root for the team as a whole, but don't care much one way or the other about individual performances... This team is going to look very different in 2-3 years. No point in investing a lot of emotional energy in guys that will be long gone by then...