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  1. vs. TIGERS, 4/18 (1:10 PM Start)

    The absolute evaporation of Chris Davis as even a fringe MLB-caliber player has to go down as one of the worst turns of events in the history of the Os. Not sure I used enough hyperbole there... but you get my drift. Something stinks about the whole thing...
  2. vs. ASTROS, 4/04

    It'll be Brach. If I got demoted after one bad inning I'd be super PO'd. You show confidence in your guy. You may not agree with that, but that's how it's done more often than not. Brach probably needs to put up at least three bad outings before he loses the closer job... Just MHO
  3. vs. TWINS, 4/01

    When do we let Chris Davis make outs at the bottom of the order?
  4. vs. TWINS, 3/29 (Opening Day)

    ESPN Gamecast tells me Givens threw nothing but 4-seam fastballs at Sano in that last AB, all at 95-96. 5 pitches, 4 strikes, and the lone ball could have been a strike. That's efficiency and confidence in action. I won't give up on Brach, he's got good stuff. But I wouldn't think his leash is very long with Buck. He's not THAT veteran...
  5. vs. TWINS, 3/29 (Opening Day)

    Brad Brach... the new Jim Johnson?
  6. 2018 Mike Wright

    Wright's last shot will be had at 1:59am this evening at the far end of the Rusty Bucket.... I'm betting it's tequila.
  7. Go Get Greg

    Greg Holland was brutal last season for the Rockies in August and a good bit of September. There's a reason they went with Wade Davis this season...
  8. 6 walks in 2 innings -- from a guy that relies on control to get hitters out -- is an especially inauspicious start!
  9. O’ Vs Pirates 3/2

    Bundy off to a great start this spring...
  10. vs. Cardinals, 2/28 (Spring Training)

    Yes, you're totally right. But sometimes a team just gives off a vibe...
  11. vs. Cardinals, 2/28 (Spring Training)

    I have the feeling this team will be capable of feats astounding all season long...
  12. vs. Cardinals, 2/28 (Spring Training)

    Thanks, that would explain a few things. It also says that over 5 innings, O's pitchers threw 30 pitches, 25 for strikes which, again, would be beyond remarkable...
  13. vs. Cardinals, 2/28 (Spring Training)

    I just checked ESPN Box Score to get an update on the Os, and it said that Wright went two innings, gave up one hit and no runs. It also says that he threw seven pitches, all of them for strikes. If that's true, then he one-pitched every batter he faced, getting six outs and giving up one hit. That didn't happen, did it? If it did, I'd say that's pretty freaking remarkable...
  14. Or maybe it was the 5-spot he allowed before getting concussed that should turn up the heat?
  15. vs. D-RAYS, 2/23 (Spring Training)

    ESPN hates us.