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  1. All I've been hearing (not necessarily on this board) for the past couple of years is that the Albert Pujols contract more or less ruined the gigant-O contract for the foreseeable future (meaning the era of the 10-year, Mega Millions contract). And yet, if the Trout deal is true and gets completed, we will have seen in the past month, the inking of the three largest contracts of all time, including the granddaddy of them all to Trout -- which is being issued by the team that was responsible for the Pujols contract!!! The next CBA negotiations will be contentious, but the players' allegation that MLB is colluding to keep contracts down is out the window...
  2. jjnono

    They All Break

    It's not worth speculating about? Really? Hmmm... I'm pretty sure there about 8 million people in New York who are, at this very moment, doing nothing BUT speculating about it! Sheesh, speculation is what spring training is all about...
  3. Absolutely agreed. And I'm pretty convinced that the new administration is not gullible enough to get into a bidding war, however muted, for his services. It'd be nice on our terms, but def not necessary...
  4. Well, Baltimore is hardly a land of innocence in that regard... Still, I sense, CoC, that you may have been permanently inured at an early age against the social injustices that surround us... Santa Claus not real... Watergate... The intractable failure of the food pyramid at ensuring long term health... which was it? Seriously, though, Shields on an inexpensive, one-year deal would be fine by me...
  5. Not sure if that footage shows Davis working on something specific, but it looks like the lead (timing) foot is intentionally coming down early, in advance of his rotation through the ball at impact... Wondering if that's not a deliberate attempt to speed up his timing?
  6. Is Colon still available? The pure entertainment factor for Colon is high...
  7. I think this team will be hard pressed NOT to lose 100 games or more. I'm not expecting any sort of meaningful improvement in the Win/Loss columns. That said, I would like to see improvement over the course of the season, especially from players that figure to be part of the next 3-5 years of the team's future. I'd be willing to split the season into thirds and see how we progress... or don't. Ultimately I would just like to see us establish some positive talent progression, regardless of where we wind up in the standings. If at the end of the next 2-3 seasons we can be increasingly excited for the next season, I'm good....
  8. I don't know if this has been brought up, but I'd imagine that if a three-batter rule were implemented for relief pitchers, the amount of intentional walks would increase noticeably. I bring my relief pitcher in one batter-early, and walk the first guy he faces in order to get to the guy I want him to face, especially if the guy I want represents the last out of an inning. Then I only have to pitch to the first guy in the next inning. And while I understand the DH promotes job openings and career longevity for players, I wish it would be thrown out altogether... But I agree there needs to be similarity in both leagues with regard to its usage (or preferred non-usage)...
  9. So, let me see if I've got this straight - you disapprove that Adam Jones has an opinion, that he vocalizes that opinion, that he vocalizes that opinion to upper management, and you'd prefer it if he would just shut up and you could pay him as little as possible... And you chose to post that on Jackie Robinson's birthday? Got it.
  10. I would use Carlos Gonzalez's contract last year with the Rockies as a measuring stick for what Adam could rightly expect from the Os in '19, if it came down to that: an incentive-laden ($3M) one-year deal for $5MM. This was often reported as an $8MM deal primarily because the incentives were reachable, but only $5MM was guaranteed.
  11. Pickering was big and powerful with MiL numbers that made execs drool. But I think the Os had concerns that he wasn't ready for the big stage, and this contributed to the 2-year deal given to Clark. Hoped Pickering would be ready by 2001. As it was, Pickering was brought up in '99 while Clark was out and was godawful. He didn't play in 2000 and was subsequently sent to the Reds in 2001.
  12. Most likely because Will was going to be compared to Palmeiro, who was coming off of a year ('98) when he hit 43 HRs and drove in 121 for the Os. As you noted, Will was hurt most of the 99 season, and looked slow and out of shape much of the time he did play. His bat always played, but he never ingratiated himself to the fans the way Raffy did. 2000 was a cut bait year for the Os, and Will was 36 by then and, despite decent hitting numbers, clearly would rather have been fishing in the bayou... He played a total of 156 games (call it a full season) for the Os over the 99/00 seasons and hit 19 bombs, drove in 57, hit .302, OPS'd .881 and had a WAR of 3.5. Do you envision any member of the current team capable of having that kind of season in '19?
  13. "Hurtle." Brilliant in so many ways when used like this... If Davis gets out of the gate (first two weeks) around .250/.320/.450, has some reason to feel confident, his year might be better than last..
  14. I read that their acquisition of DJ LeMahieu effectively took them out of the running. Yanks feel with Tulo and Gleyber Torres they have the infield where they want it. But as with anything regarding the Yankees ability to acquire free agents, take it with a grain of salt.
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