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  1. Astronomy, Cosmology, and Telescopes

    I want this as a poster with a black light. Like back in the old days. The colors man!
  2. Orioles win; Yankees lose

    Thank you for using the name Bullets. We still have a score to settle with the MFY. I'm still not over that punk a$$ kid who reached over the wall. That should have been a out and we win.
  3. Any HVAC experts here?

    True dat.

    At lease he hits above his weight. 225 LBS vs 234 BA. More K's than hits is not great but I do think he's due for a big season. 44 home runs and over 100 RBI. I'm calling it.
  5. Any HVAC experts here?

    Sometimes the board is wrong. This is when the volt meter takes over.
  6. And then there were 2 FA

    When two of our biggest hitters can't even hit there own weight. This puts even more pressure on our pitching to try to keep us in the game. This also puts more pressure on Manny Jones and Scoop to produce. They should bat Kavis and Dumbo 8 and 9 in the line up. If these two could light it up this year we have a real shot at a .500 record.
  7. And then there were 2 FA

    That's my point. Whenever the topic of FA comes up I just have to laugh. P.A. will never pay fat money for a FA. So get those thoughts out of your head because it's not going to happen. Sorry if I sound like a downer just going by the facts. I point back to 2014. We were A step away from the WS. All we got to do is resign Cruz and Miller and we would be the favorites to win it all. Need I say more?
  8. And then there were 2 FA

    just a question. When was the last time the O's signed a big name FA? I mean somebody really good.
  9. NEED one of the Big Three Pitchers Left

    I got a better chance of winning the lottery every day for ten years than P.A. or D.D. signing anyone of the 3.
  10. Welp, are we officially worried about Bundy?

    Make that 2 of us.
  11. My biggest fear is a bad losing season. I think the Nats who look strong once again will steal some of our young fans and I don't blame them. Getting rid of Matt Wieters was going to make our pitching staff better. our Pitching sucks and Matt was in the playoffs. They are the same size market and us just a lot smarter and a will to win.
  12. Yes, We have spent a ton of money on players who can't hit there weight. Davis is 250+ lbs but hits .225. In fact I think he will have more K's than his batting avg.