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    Anyone heard any reports on Anthony Santander and how he has looked thus far in Sarasota? Seems as though whenever anyone talks about the outfield for this year its some combination of Mullins, Mancini, Rickard, Stewart, Hays and Diaz. Santander seems to be a forgotten guy. I know his numbers with the Orioles have not been great, but he's still young- hoping for the best for him.
  2. Really like the return on the Machado trade. I believe all five of those guys could impact the Orioles roster at some point in their career.
  3. First - I dont like to work in absolutes. So my rebuttal to you was moreso in your use of "indisputably" and "infinitely" and less in the actual teams and players. You're talking about guys who just flat out have not proven themselves over the course of multiple years like a lot of the players on the teams that I listed. You're right- I have not seen all of Glasnow's starts, nor do I need to. Thats what stats are for. The guy has a 4.11 era with good k and bb numbers. Certainly respectable and encouraging for the future, but you're talking about this guy, again in absolutes, like hes Max Scherzer. As I said previously as well Taillon and Cole are having great years as well- but I just have a hard time crowning them as the "indisputable" top 1-3 in baseball when you have other teams who have done it this year and over the course of multiple years. In your original post you said Glasgow and Cole would be as "good as any" 1-2 punch in baseball which is even more absurd in my opinion. Of the teams I listed.. I dont think many MLB executives would take Glasnow/Cole over: Indians: Bauer/Kluber/Carrasco/Clevinger (take your pick of any combination). This one is not even close. Astros (without cole): Verlander/Morton/Keuchel Dodgers: Kershaw/Buehler/Wood Mets: Degrom/Syndergaard/Wheeler Cubs: Hamels/Lester/Hendricks Nationals: Scherzer/Strasburg/Roark - Stras and Max alone make their top 3 better. Cardinals: Mikolas/Wacha/Flaherty/Martinez/Wainwright Braves: Foltynewicz/Gausman/Teheran (same age and career stats as good as Taillon) Rays: Snell/Archer (since you keep Glasnow on the Pirates)/Yarbrough Red Sox: Sale/Price/ERod Yankees: Severino/Tanaka Diamondbacks: Greinke/Corbin/Ray I'm leaving off multiple pitchers from these teams that have sub 4 era's and have done it over the course of multiple years as well. Cole.. I get it.. he seems to be estabilshing himself as a TOR guy. Taillon could become that, and has had a good year, but was mediocre just last year. Glasnow is not even in the conversation of most of these other guys. Maybe he will become that, but not right now. I'm not even saying these teams 1-3 or 1-2 will be BETTER, I'm just saying that I dont see how you can "indisputably" so that they WONT.
  4. 😭How is that 1-3 "indisputably" the best in baseball? A guy who has thrown 44 innings at an era above 4 and has a career era of 5.38... a guy who has had a phenomenal year with Houston but has finished in the top 5 cy young exactly once in his 6 year career... a guy who has talent but also had a 4.44 era just last year. I just dont see it. Its without question not better than the Indians, Astros, Dodgers or Cubs. And I'd love to hear how its "indisputably" better than any of these teams: Indians, Astros, Dodgers, Cubs, Nationals, Braves, Red Sox, Yankees, Diamondbacks, Cardinals
  5. I agree that it’s completely unknown and of course we’ve had waves of talented pitchers come through the system over the past 10 years that have not had great results. I guess then it would just need to be defined as to what is “successful” in terms of converting MILB success into MLB success. I think that of that group (adding in Blaine Knight) , if were able to solidify 2-3 spots in our rotation that is pretty good. I have no data to back if 2-3 guys out of a group of 10 is “good” - just my thought. Of course this discussion is about our starting pitching, but if we get 2-3 solid starters and 2-3 Solid relievers that’s even more of a win. There’s obviously the chance that all of these guys flame out and we’re trying to figure out why another wave of “cavalry” is not in Baltimore
  6. Given our history- I understand the negative outlook of our system and minor league pitchers. But I think you’re selling it a little short saying that the outlook is “cloudy.” Hall, Kremer, Akin, Tate, Ortiz, Lowther, Baumann, Rodriguez is a lot of talent with most of them in the higher levels of the system. You’ve also got a few extremely talented wildcards in Harvey and Sedlock. I understand that most of these guys will not pan out, but this is a solid collection of depth.
  7. Who do you all think will be on the top 100 lists from our system? Guys that SHOULD be on most lists: Diaz, Mountcastle, DL Hall Guys that COULD be on some lists: Akin, Lowther, Rodriguez, Hays, Kremer Regardless of the number of guys on these lists, our system has improved dramatically. I really think that if Akin or Kremer we’re in the Braves system that they’d be getting talked about a lot more. Hopefully Hays can continue with some positive momentum in the AFL. The past month or so ive been as excited or more to check MILB box scores as I am to follow the Orioles.
  8. Hunter Harvey will be in one of those rotations
  9. The hardest part about trying to predict this with our roster is the fact that very few of our current players will still be around when this actually happens. Really, on the position player side of things- Mullins and MAYBE Mancini will be here and contributors when the Orioles are .500 or competeing. We are beginning a rebuild but are not putting our “rebuild players” to use until next year or later so it’s tough to really project it out. in my own head or instance- if Mullins continues his development, Hays/Diaz/Sisco/Mountcastle all come up and show signs of contribution next year 2019, I could see a .500 team as early as 2020. If those guys don’t come up next year, or struggle to get going, and the likes of Ortiz/Tate/Kremer/Akin struggle as well then it could be 2023 or later with an entirely different group. Im going to stay optimistic and say .500 in 2020 and competing in 2021
  10. Ridiculous in my opinion to not want a guy here because he missed fanfest. Also ridiculous to come to the conclusion that he "clearly didnt want to be here" because he missed fanfest. Every indication that I've ever seen is that Schoop loved playing for the Orioles and loved his teammates.
  11. Back to back nights on the bench for Schoop. Looks like they’re using him strictly as a bench guy now. Pretty crazy to think about. I would take him back this offseason no question!
  12. Homer number 2 tonight! What a breath of fresh air he has been.
  13. It’s pretty inconsequential who’s playing between Rickard and Gentry in my opinion. Mullins, Villar, Nuñez, Beckham all need to be getting at bats on an every day basis. I suppose if I had to pick one it would be Rickard, but either way is just 🤷🏽‍♂️ To me.
  14. I get what you’re saying, but as @Dark Helmet said- someone’s got to pitch- even in a rebuild. The guy is on a decent contract and has a proven track record of success. I am a fan of keeping him around, not only as an example for our young guys, but as a somewhat stabilizing force to the rotation. Rushing guys who aren’t ready or playing AAAA yacabonis types will do nothing for the teams development or rebuild. I believe that with a true offseason, Cobb will be back to his career norms next year.
  15. Mullins, Hays, Mountcastle, Diaz, Carmona Akin, DL Hall, Kremer, Lowther, Harvey, Pop, Carroll, Araujo
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