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  1. terpoh

    Game Summaries 8-12

    Thank you for the great writeups. Intrigued by the start by Zimmerman. He's kind of like Kremer in the sense that he's seemed to put up good numbers without the accolades that follow. Obviously without having seen him pitch, is it just a matter of "stuff" that hes not a higher rated guy? I'm excited to follow his journey. Love following the Bowie Rotation right now with Zimmerman, Tate, Kremer, Akin and hopefully Harvey soon.
  2. terpoh

    Has Cobb become our "ace"?

    I've always been of the belief that Cobb was our best starter, he just needed time. I think his offseason preparation was severely altered by his free agency and late signing. The guy has a tremendous track record- like nobody else that we have on our roster. I'd imagine his 2019 season will be back in line with his career, and I'm glad that he'll (hopefully) be somewhat of a veteran stabilizing force in our rebuilding effort.
  3. terpoh

    Mullins is with the Orioles! (edited)

    Heck of a debut for Mullins!
  4. terpoh

    Mullins is with the Orioles! (edited)

    I’d imagine the move will come on an off day. I’d probably go Mullins/Villar 1-2. Lots of speed at the top of the lineup. Can’t remember the last time we had two guys with real speed at the top of the lineup. 2003-2006 BRob and Mora?
  5. terpoh

    Mullins is with the Orioles! (edited)

    Just seems to me that you’d want him to get as many AB’s as possible against major league pitching. Bringing him up is not “rushing” him based on his production at AA and AAA. It doesnt affect when he becomes a free agent from service time. If the issue is not moving AJ off CF then play Mullins in RF!
  6. This is something that I've been trying to figure out. Is it service time, is it a concern that hes not ready, etc...? I've heard DD and Buck several times reference that Mullins is ready and that hes earned a promotion. We've already gained the 7th year of service as well for a guy who's going to be 24 this fall. We're starting some combination of Peterson, Trumbo, Rickard every night in one of the OF spots, which makes no sense to me. I'f we're planning on using Mullins in CF next year, theres Even more of a reason to get him up here and get his feet wet against MLB pitching. If Jones wants to stay in CF then put Mullins in RF. If Jones doesnt care then put him in RF and Mullins in CF. Seems to me that with our lack of a productive player at LF and RF right now it is (and has been) the right time to get him up here. I'd personally bring Mullins and Stewart BOTH up, but thats a different convo! Am I missing something with this situation?
  7. terpoh

    Next years position players

    Why bring Mountcastle and Hays up to keep them on the bench? And why Caleb Joseph... it’s time to give Sisco a real chance (no pun intended). I don’t see Diaz breaking camp with the O’s but I could see him getting called up mid season. I also imagine Nunez is getting his chance now to try to win over 3B for next year.
  8. terpoh

    Service time of Sisco, Scott, and Hays.

    I'd get Mullins up now. Jones moves to RF. Stewart in September and given the opportunity to win the LF job next spring. If Hays can rebound the remainder of this year I'd like to see him start in Norfolk next year with a quick promotion, mid may like you talk about, in 2019. Keep Sisco down until September to keep that 6th year but he should be all in as starter next year to see what hes got. Scott, I agree, keep him up and keep him up next year as well unless he is awful. Diaz I think would be similar to Hays- start in AAA and could be a call away if he starts hot. Mountcastle should have every opportunity to win a job next spring, but I'm ok with leaving him at AAA until we have the 7th year.
  9. I think that 2021 is realistic for a competitive roster pitching wise. Even in your scenario if Akin and Ortiz get their feet wet next year and are presumably competitive in 2020. By 2021 they should be reliable starters in our rotation. If we have Bundy, and those guys are on that trajectory thats a solid 3 by 2020/2021. Cobb is still under contract for 2021, but who knows if he'll still be around or if he'll be worth anything as a starter. I wouldnt bank on him being anything more than a 5 starter. Tate/Yefry/Kremer/Rogers/Zimmerman/Harvey/Kremer are guys that are within that 2019-2021 time frame as well. In addition- I like that DD had compiled a number of near MLB ready power arms for the bullpen. You'd have to think that some combination of: Pop/Carroll/Kline/Givens/Scott/Bleier/Phillips/Wright/Castro will be a solid foundation for a good pen. This could also include Tate, Harvey and Kremer if they dont pan out in the rotation. Lowther/Baumann and DL Hall COULD potentially be guys in 2021 as well if they stay on their track. Thats a large group of talented arms for the bullpen/rotation without even looking at draft, international or out of the organization acquisitions. I get what you're saying with a 2023 projection but if you're talking 5 years from now, then even those guys who debut NEXT year will already be a year away from free agency. I'd imagine the goal is to be competitive before then, and I think the arms are in place to do so.
  10. terpoh

    Remaining Trade Assets Moving Forward

    That would be selling extremely low on Cobb. Let's not forget the success this guy had with the Rays over several seasons. I understand he's been bad all year but I'd like to see how he responds with a real offseason and spring training. We will need SOMEONE to pitch next year, and he could be a stabilizing veteran presence. If he turns it around and we've got the younger guys knocking on the door he could then be a much larger trade piece than August 2018. just my opinion
  11. terpoh

    '18-'19 Free Agency strategy

    DJ Stewart was literally a AAA all star
  12. terpoh

    Britton Trade Expectations

    Happ, Lange, Top 15 guy, top 20 guy for Britton and Gausman
  13. terpoh

    Britton Trade Expectations

    Do you think the Cubs would be more inclined to include a young controllable MLB guy like Happ if we included Gausman? Seems like their minor league system is just OK and they can move forward with an outfield of Schwarber, Almora and Hayward Something like: Orioles: Gausman, Britton Cubs: Happ, higher level Pitching prospect, two lower level Zach Pop types.
  14. terpoh

    Machado to the Dodgers, 5-1 deal

    I've never seen him pitch, so I'm not giving any sort of true educated analysis- but Hess has never put up the strikeout numbers that Kremer has at all levels. Maybe from a "stuff" standpoint, but the numbers would say otherwise
  15. This trade is a no brainer yes to me. There is no chance that the nationals would consider this.