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  1. He was also a career 250 hitter with a .310 OBP and a 112 OPS+. He was slightly below ML average in terms of BA and OBP. While spending the first part of his career rushing for 5.5 yards per carry in the NFL, and the second half of his career dragging a plastic hip. Broxton doesn't belong in the same novella as Jackson. And Jackson didn't spawn a "family;" he was singular. (And yes, I am that age.)
  2. Bo Jackson wasn't three standard deviations below anything, anywhere, anytime, athletically. You need a better comp.
  3. Not if he sticks at catcher. Which is an option. If the pick is a catcher. Not if he is a first baseman. Which was the point.
  4. What makes you so sure Crews goes 1-1 next year? A 6-0 RH HS outfielder doesn't seem to leap off the page as a surefire 1-1.
  5. Good Lord that's bad. To see it in black and white really brings it home. That's seriously the level of a AAA team.
  6. It really depends on how we set the parameters. WAR for career? Well there's still some info still out there. WAR for the Orioles? That's different.
  7. You're right, and that really decreases his odds. LOL. Good thing I didn't make it to Vegas. And yeah, that's kind of the interesting thing. Someday someone is going to get 3,000 hits that doesn't scream HOFer.
  8. Fun Factoid: Nick Markakis was 18th in the NL MVP race this year. The first time in his career he's ever placed.
  9. A few years ago, at the tail end of Johnny Damon's career, there was some angst he might manage 3,000 hits because it would almost deliver him into the Hall, and nobody believed he was a true Hall of Famer. Many would say the same about Markakis. But Markakis has those three GGs you mentioned. And a wide spread reputation as a true professional. I think he'd get in. Maybe not by the writers.
  10. No way. Any group without Machado won't win. He was by far the best player to come off our farm since Cal Ripken.
  11. The much better comparison to Baines is Markakis imo. Markakis has an outside chance at 3,000 hits. He's sitting at 2,237 now. His time in ATL he's averaged 170+ hits a season. If someone gives him a two year deal and a starting gig (almost a certainty), and he does Nick Markakis things, he'll go into the offseason after 2020 with 2700 hits. He'll be 36 years old. I wonder if you could get a line on that in Vegas, because I might take it. If Markakis gets 3,000 hits, and posts WAR #s like Baines (which would be likely in this scenario), mightn't he get in?
  12. If he can get "league average starter with upside and three cheap years team control" then you move him. To me that's two top 100 guys. I can't see anybody giving that for Bundy. So he stays.
  13. I wish I had more knowledge. From the video: the second I can't see much in the lower body, but obviously hell of a result. The first video definitely showed an inefficient load. A lose it or use it load. If he's improved upon that: great. That would help him keep his walk rate. However, I don't think it will improve his hit tool. Guys that hit .260 in the MiLs over 2000s ABs rarely hit for average or get on base at even an average rate in the MLs. I guess what I'm saying is, I think you must really believe in his power. To not only show up in ways it hasn't generally, but to also improve a poor hit tool. I'll cross the first bridge but I ain't charging up the hill after it. If I were to make it a bit of a pissing contest I'd rather take a chance on that kid from Oakland to learn to get under the ball a bit than this kid to learn to barrel it more. (Not that I think he's a better hitter, but a more valuable player as the true SS.) I say this with all humility. Truly. Tony's work here has always been great. I saw the other conversation about the 2011 ospect lists and there's no doubt: The OH was on Eduardo Rodriguez before anyone else. Same with Britton before him. What you've added in the last 18 months or whatever has been great too. So thanks for all you do and keep it up; keep some lights shining for us fans through what is going to be a rough period at the ML level.
  14. Bit of a contrarian question for Luke. VanMeter has over 2000 MiL abs, mostly in hitter's leagues. He has a BA under .260. And even in his "breakout" AAA performance this year, he hit .253 with a .309 obp. What's to suggest that he isn't a very low .200 hitter in the MLs, without a lot of pop?
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