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  1. What if you had already made 100 million? Would it be worth it then?
  2. Plenty of people have a lot of respect for the game. And for themselves. Clearly, Davis has very little of either.
  3. Of course he has a choice. Again, it's a simple one. Retire with over 100 million in career earnings. Or continue to embarrass himself and disprect the game, organization, and fans to get every last filthy penny. And I don't have to pretend to respect him for making the second choice.
  4. Retire and live on the hundred+ million dollars he's already accumulated. Or embarrass himself and disrespect the game, the fans, and the organization in order to get every last filthy penny.
  5. I get that. But he's already cashed over 100 million dollars of those checks. If he respected himself and the game, he could manage to forgo the rest.
  6. I don't analyze the character of the players from afar. Just because somebody flips a bat after a homerun doesn't make them a bad guy for instance. But I'm at the point where Davis' behavior is indefensible imo. If he wants to really "step up" and respect himself, the game, and the organization, he'd retire immediately.
  7. Shut up Chris. Just go away. Nobody wants to hear anymore from you.
  8. Hopefully, he announces his retirement. I honestly don't understand why doesn't just retire and walk away. He's made over 100 million in his career. He's got deferred payments coming to him for over a decade from now. Honestly, think about it logically: Are you happier having to embarrass yourself in a very public waqy every day for many years to have 150 million OR to be able to retire in you early 30s, spend time with your young family, live fairly anonymously and have 100 million dollars? Seems like a no-brainer to me. He cannot be enjoying himself.
  9. I'm all for it. I think the Player's Union might object.
  10. How long could they suspend him for conduct detrimental?
  11. I know the stats don't tell the whole story, certainly at that level, but the O's are well represented on the pitching side. In addition to their top 3 that you mentioned, they have another 5 or so guys in the top 50 of the league era-wise. That hitting side is the complete opposite. Sorted by OPS, besides De La Rosa, who is about 15th overall, the O's don't have another guy in the top 100 it looks to me. While there may be some environmental factors involved, I think it is safe to say the pitching for the O's in the DSL is more promising.
  12. He was also a career 250 hitter with a .310 OBP and a 112 OPS+. He was slightly below ML average in terms of BA and OBP. While spending the first part of his career rushing for 5.5 yards per carry in the NFL, and the second half of his career dragging a plastic hip. Broxton doesn't belong in the same novella as Jackson. And Jackson didn't spawn a "family;" he was singular. (And yes, I am that age.)
  13. Bo Jackson wasn't three standard deviations below anything, anywhere, anytime, athletically. You need a better comp.
  14. Not if he sticks at catcher. Which is an option. If the pick is a catcher. Not if he is a first baseman. Which was the point.
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