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  1. I assume you have a source with the club that is telling you this? You keep posting that players have signed without citing a source.
  2. You’re probably right. I searched and couldn’t find anything either.
  3. Where did you see this? Can you please cite a source or include a link from now on, just so we don’t have to ask? Thanks!
  4. It’s Akin, not Akins. This is a pet peeve of mine, so nothing against you personally. It’s like the constant misspelling of Wieters that went on here for years. Everyone knows who you mean, but let’s get the spelling right.
  5. Awesome, thanks! This is very helpful!
  6. Thanks, but where did you find them? MiLB.com or another website?
  7. Where did you find these? Are they all recent international signings, or do the dates just mean that’s when these players were added to the active rosters of the DSL 1 & 2 teams?
  8. Obando

    Hyde postgame

    To be honest, I haven’t even been impressed with Broxton defensively, and that is supposed to be his strength. He’s not a good hitter, so if he’s making mistakes defensively, he basically offers no value to this team. His speed is wasted because he can’t even get on base, so opportunities for him to steal are minimal as it is. I would rather just bring Mullins back up to play center and let him take his lumps in the majors. At least he has proven to be a good defender. Straily was a failed experiment and is a waste of a roster spot at this point. He was never that good to begin with, and now he’s not even useful as a reliever. If I’m Elias, I’m designating both players for assignment and giving other guys opportunities. They can’t be any worse than Broxton & Straily have been. Even though Villar and Alberto tend to get lazy in the field at times (and in Villar’s case, foolish on the bases as well), at least they have been mostly productive overall and bring some value to the team.
  9. I love and respect Adam Jones and appreciate everything he meant to this team and city, but the Orioles don’t owe him anything. It’s a business, and while I do think the situation could have been handled better by all parties, the organization chose to move forward without him, and that clearly hurt his feelings. It probably felt like a divorce after being an Oriole for 11 years, because he clearly expected to be an Oriole for life, or at least hoped to be. The reality is that whenever he decides to retire, he will immediately be welcomed back into the Oriole family and will be an Oriole Hall of Famer. The O’s will probably try and have him become a team ambassador, similar to what Eddie & Brooks are now doing. The warm and fuzzies will return eventually, but for now, there is disappointment in how his Oriole career ended, and that’s understandable. But if you remember how Eddie Murray left the organization initially, and how he was welcomed back with open arms when he came back in 1996 (and has remained a beloved figure), I have no doubt that the same will be true with Adam whenever he calls it a career.
  10. You can’t help but be excited about the direction this franchise is going in now with the commitment to international scouting, analytics, technology, etc. We probably won’t sign any of the top 30 international players during this cycle, but I’m confident that starting in 2020, we’ll be on a level playing field with all the other teams. Since most of the top players have verbal agreements 1-2 years before they turn 16, we were at a disadvantage during the 2019-2020 signing period. That doesn’t mean we won’t come away with any good players, just not the perceived cream of the crop. But starting next year and in the years ahead, I think we’ll be firmly in the mix for the top players, which is very exciting.
  11. Unless Gunnar changes his asking price unexpectedly or fails a physical, I don’t see anyway he doesn’t sign. Elias wouldn’t have drafted him this early if he didn’t know what it would take to sign him and didn’t feel confident that he would have the funds to do it. Even if Adley gets $8M, we still should have enough to pay Gunnar over slot since we didn’t draft any other over slot guys in the top 10 rounds (other than maybe Hernaiz, but he’s probably more of a slot value or slightly above slot guy).
  12. Thanks! How about the OF from the Virgin Islands? Or was he talking about Bellony, who was signed last summer and is from the VI?
  13. Would you happen to know their names, or could you provide a link to the article or tweet that confirmed these signings?
  14. Although, right now that Britton trade is looking pretty mediocre for the Orioles. Rogers has been horrible in AAA, Tate is injured and wasn’t even pitching well when he was healthy at AA, and Carroll has been injured for most of the season so far. It’s still early to call that trade a bust, but right now, it’s not looking nearly as good as it did at the time of the trade last year.
  15. I think you are wrong about this. Sure, right now while Givens is struggling it’s easy to think he has close to zero trade value, but if you look at his entire body of work, the quality of his stuff, and the fact that he doesn’t hit free agency until after the 2021 season, I think he actually has pretty solid trade value. That’s not to say he would fetch a top 50 prospect, but if Givens gets on a roll, I guarantee you there are plenty of contending teams that would love to have him and would give up something of value to get him. Don’t just focus on the horrendous week he just had. Even the best pitchers & hitters have bad weeks and months. Look at all the factors I listed above. Givens isn’t a total scrub like you might currently view him, and it’s easy to feel that way right now. He has been an above average reliever overall since he came up in 2015, but he has had some rough stretches this year & last that have inflated his ERA and made him look worse than he actually is. Either way, Givens will get traded at some point. It’s Elias’ job to try and extract as much value out of him as he can, so let’s hope he gets back to what he has shown he can be when he’s going well and Elias can trade him at peak value, whether it’s this year or next.
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