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  1. Obando

    Brian Graham Out

    I have a feeling that if Brady stays, he will be named as a Special Assistant to the EVP/GM. Most organizations have these, and in Houston, Jeff Luhnow had 3 special assistants, all of whom were former Astros, in Craig Biggio, Roger Clemens & Enos Cabell. Unless Elias truly feels that Brady offers no value to him or that he would go behind his back to sabotage his efforts, I think the best role for Brady would be as a special assistant that Elias has full control over. Brady would basically be “on call” and be given various special assignments as Elias sees fit. This would also allow Brady to keep his home base in California and fly to wherever he is needed, rather than have a main office at the warehouse. I have a feeling Brady would be comfortable with this, not to mention it would still be a fairly prominent title/role in the organization. We should probably find out what his role will be moving forward, if any, in the coming weeks.
  2. Obando

    Potential Scouting Directors

    Some other names to keep an eye on for potential scouting directors are the trio of Aaron Looper, Sean Moran & Jamal Strong with the Cardinals. All 3 are long time Cardinals scouts that worked with Mike Elias when he was with St. Louis, and they know the scouting system/process that Elias wants to establish in Baltimore. Looper & Moran are currently the Cardinals national cross checkers, and Strong is a special assistant to the scouting director, so it would be a promotion for all 3 of them to become Orioles scouting director. Since it appears that Kris Gross is in line to be promoted to scouting director in Houston, that makes it less likely for Elias to be able to get him to come to Baltimore. Therefore, unless Elias is looking to hire a VP of Scouting & Player Development, which would open up the pool of candidates further, I wouldn’t be surprised if he focuses on hiring 1 of these 3 guys with the Cardinals for the reasons listed above.
  3. Obando

    Potential Scouting Directors

    That’s why we should be thankful that Peter is no longer running the organization. He is the source of all the dysfunction that has existed in this organization for over 20 years, and at least so far, it appears that John & Lou are not going to allow that to happen any longer. It’s not fair to assume guilt by association and blame them for the sins of their father. Based on all their words and actions since taking over for Peter early in the 2018 season, they seem to “get it” and understand what not to do if they want to have a functional and ultimately successful organization moving into the future. When they picked Elias to lead the baseball operation instead of a retread like Colletti, that made a major statement to me that things are going to be different, for the better, from now on.
  4. Obando

    Potential Scouting Directors

    Fortunately, Elias didn’t need permission to hire Sig Mejdal because he let his contract expire with the Astros, so he doesn’t count against the limit. So far Chris Holt is the only Astros personnel that has been hired, and he is on the development side. I would think Elias will have the right to hire someone from the scouting side as well, but can’t say that with any certainty.
  5. Based on Elias’ background with the Astros & Cardinals, if I had to take an educated guess as to who he may be targeting for the scouting director position, I would think Kris Gross of the Astros & Jaron Madison of the Cubs would be his top choices. Elias worked under Madison (who was the assistant scouting director under Luhnow) with the Cardinals from 2008-2009, and Madison has experience as both a scouting director & director of player development (he’s currently the Cubs director of PD). For that reason, I could see Elias offering Madison the job of VP of Scouting & Player Development, which would be a promotion and conceivably put him one step away from being a GM. I would have to think this would be attractive to Madison, who not only has worked with Elias before, but has always worked for organizations that heavily use analytics to help with decision making (he has worked under the Theo Epstein tree for many years). As for Kris Gross, he is the current national cross checker for the Astros, but he and Elias have been working together for many years going back to when both were area scouts with the Cardinals. Unless the Astros promote him to scouting director (essentially replacing Elias in that role), I would think he is one of the top candidates to become the Orioles next scouting director. I would assume he and Elias are close from having worked together for many years, not to mention he intimately knows the scouting process that Elias likely plans to implement, so he would be a natural fit for the job. Elias will need to get permission to interview both Madison & Gross, since I assume both are still under contract with their respective teams, but I would be surprised if he doesn’t reach out to both of them about the job, and would think the odds are high that one of them gets offered the job based on their prior working relationships.
  6. I think it’s interesting that Sig Mejdal was given the title of Assistant GM, Analytics. What this tells me is that Mike Elias may be planning to hire another Assistant GM who would be in charge of scouting & player development, and that is why Sig’s Assistant GM title specified that it’s for Analytics. If Sig’s title was just Assistant GM, I would assume that means he would be the clear 2nd in command in all facets of baseball ops. But since the title specifies Analytics, that should allow Elias to hire a second Assistant GM (possibly one of his former colleagues with the Astros), and therefore he should have a lot of strong options to choose from with other teams, namely an up and comer who would jump at the chance for a promotion to Assistant GM leading a specific department like scouting or player development, or both. Elias indicated in an interview after his introduction that he was planning to create new positions in the organization, and this could be part of what he was referring to. Getting creative with titles is a smart way to bring good, highly-qualified people into the organization under the guise of a promotion from a current job.
  7. Obando

    Update: Elias brings in Sig Mejdal:

    If these moves don’t confirm to all Oriole fans that John & Lou aren’t running the organization like their father did, I don’t know what will. The Brady factor aside, I think it’s very clear that times are changing, and John & Lou are committed to making the Orioles a source of pride among fans and in the community once again. They seem to get it, unlike their father, and it’s truly a breath of fresh air. I can handle the losing as long as I know the organization has a clear plan to become long-term contenders again, and with the hires of Elias & Sig, I feel extremely confident that this is going to happen, it’s just going to take some time.
  8. Obando

    Update: Elias brings in Sig Mejdal:

    It will be interesting to see what Sig’s title will be when his hiring is announced. Will it be assistant GM or Director of Analytics? If he’s Director of Analytics, that would allow Elias to hire another talented person to be assistant GM. For that reason, I am hoping Sig is Director of Analytics and someone else is hired as assistant GM. The more talented front office people we can bring in, the better!
  9. I’m not worried about the fact that it hasn’t been officially announced yet. Bob Nightengale was clearly told by someone in Elias’ or the Astros camp that he was the Orioles pick for GM, and he ran with it, and it has since been confirmed by other sources. I’m sure the delay is simply negotiating the contract once Elias was informed he got the job, and the fact that John & Lou are at the Owners Meetings, followed by the MASN panel hearing. It just happens to be a hectic time right now. I would expect that if it’s not announced today, it will be tomorrow. Everyone likes to joke about it, but at least we know Elias won’t need to take a physical, so that has nothing to do with the delay. Probably just a matter of dotting i’s and crossing t’s, getting all the plans in order for the press conference, etc. At this point, I’m not going to worry about anything until it becomes clear there is something to worry about.
  10. Did he Tweet that or did you hear it on the radio? Or was it a comment in his blog?
  11. Obando

    Update: Elias brings in Sig Mejdal:

    Do you think this could be why Elias may have been more motivated to take the Orioles job, and why Sig intentionally decided not to extend his contract with the Astros? I agree that it’s surprising Luhnow is pushing these guys away that helped him have so much success. Do you think all the success went to Luhnow’s head and he thinks he doesn’t need these guys anymore like he may have in the past when he was ramping up the Astros’ rebuild? There clearly appears to be a reason for the mass exodus in the Astros front office. Whatever the case, I’m happy that their loss is the Orioles’ gain.
  12. Obando

    Top President / EVP Candidates?

    Okay, thanks
  13. Obando

    Top President / EVP Candidates?

    Where did you hear Roch’s comment that he heard rumblings that the Angelos boys have settled on a hire for the President/GM position? I haven’t seen that anywhere. Was this in a Tweet, or live on 105.7 or some other broadcast medium?
  14. Obando

    Why do we need a President and a "GM"?

    Yes, it has been reported that Cherington was interviewed by the AngelBros. If true, that is definitely a good sign, considering he apparently turned down interviews with the Mets & Giants. He clearly must view the Orioles top job as the most appealing because he would get to build the organization from the ground up and implement his vision. I would be very happy if Cherington is the pick for President.
  15. Obando

    Top President / EVP Candidates?

    All we have heard is that the President, or whatever the title is for the new head of baseball ops, will pick his own GM. So assuming that’s true, and assuming Cherington is the pick, he would hire his own GM, not John Angelos. For all we know Cherington is the one interviewing GM candidates at this point, and not John & Lou. The media is only saying that these candidates are being interviewed for the GM job, but it doesn’t say by whom. I was only speculating that Cherington could be the pick based on the fact that they are keeping Qualls, who is the ultimate Duquette guy, and who worked with Cherington in Boston. Otherwise, why keep him and guys like Danny Haas & Gary Rajsich when they are getting rid of all the other Duquette guys? Wouldn’t it make more sense to let the new President make those decisions? Then again, we don’t really know the fates of Rajsich & Haas yet, as they still could be let go, but the fact that they made the first cut has to have some meaning, I would think.