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  1. OrioleLochRaven

    Sources: Baz PTBNL in Archer deal

    Man, what a haul for Archer.
  2. OrioleLochRaven

    Gausman, Brach to Pirates?

    Anyone else hearing anything about this?
  3. I haven't seen this mentioned...why don't they edit the televised product instead of messing with the live product? You never see someone at a game with a cold beer in their hand complaining about the length of time they have to be there enjoying a live game. Why don't they start the televised game 20 minutes later and edit mound visits and game interruptions down so there is more continuous action. The only possible drawback is social media spoiling game/play outcomes, which may be a big drawback for some.
  4. I see ESPN released Keith Law's farm system rankings. Just want to know the number from one of you ESPN Insider subscribers please. Maybe some interesting nuggets if you'd like to share. Thanks in advance.
  5. OrioleLochRaven

    Is now the time to rebuild?

    With the state of the AL East and the state of our current roster/contracts, is now the ideal time to rebuild? (I know this isn't a new idea, just putting it on paper) Even with our big trade chips in tow, we are destined for the bottom of the division. Why not trade Machado now for the best package you can get? Maybe hold Britton and let him reestablish his value and trade him at the deadline. Move Jones too if you get a representative offer. Move Trumbo and Davis if you could pull of that miracle. Finally take the team in some direction other than purgatory. Make the prime years of Schoop, Gausman, Mancini and Bundy your new window. Find players who will be reaching their primes with those guys and young guys like Austin Hays etc. By that time maybe we will be able to field a good team across the diamond and challenge the Yankees and Red Sox. With the resources of our rivals, it would be best to pull back now and try to accumulate talent to make a good run at them rather than continuing to put band aids on gaping wounds. I use to be all for trying to keep Machado, but with the Yankees recent acquisition of Stanton, it's clear that our current model won't ever be successful. I think we need to take the Cubs approach and try to accumulate young talent that can move forward together. I think apathy will set in among the fanbase with another year of stop gaps, mediocre veterans and trying to grasp at a one game wildcard. The losses would mount with a youth movement, but at least we would have prospects to be excited about. There would be a definitive direction. Right now there is none.
  6. OrioleLochRaven

    First Domino to Fall? (Gordon back to KC, 4 yrs $72M)

    Just for arguments sake, would you have paid Markakis with pop 18m/year over 4 at 32 years old? I think Nick at his peak was pretty comparable to Gordon. (Good OBP, Good defensively, .280-.300, 20 HRs a couple times). Pretty sure if this happened in our back yard there would be differing opinions.
  7. OrioleLochRaven

    Teixeira Watch XI: Announcement Today?

    My answer to him wanting to win is this... So you sign in Boston and win the World Series the following season. Now what? You've sold out your home state and everyone that would hold you up as a hero if you EARNED a title in Baltimore. Wouldn't it have been a lot sweeter to come home and build a winner in as an Oriole over a couple of years? Maybe he doesn't carry these kinds of values, but I think this would be a much more impressive and satisfying legacy.
  8. OrioleLochRaven

    Teixeira Watch: Part VII- Owner Says Sox Are Out

    Yeah, I made it. I have to give you props, I read it in a post first, but was too busy to make it at the time, but there you are.
  9. OrioleLochRaven

    Teixeira Watch: Part VII- Owner Says Sox Are Out

    A new tool for us to use...
  10. They said he was coming back East' date=' just not how [i']Far East[/i]...
  11. OrioleLochRaven

    4th round pick - Kyle Hudson, CF, U of Illinois

    Can we get this kid a steak? Looks like he has some room to fill out on that frame. http://fightingillini.cstv.com/sports/m-basebl/spec-rel/060508aab.html
  12. OrioleLochRaven

    New 'What If?' on Teixeira

    Okay, what if Atlanta decides to throw in the towel this season and decides to trade away some of it's coveted parts (i.e. Teixeira) before they hit free agency? It's pretty clear that he won't be resigning in Atlanta. I know, we don't want to mortgage the future, but what if the Yankees, Red Sox, Mets etc. become players with the intention of trading for him, then signing him long-term? Do you throw your hat in the ring and make the Braves an offer? What are you willing to part with to get the right handed power bat that Markakis obviously needs to protect him? Do you wait him out and hope he still makes it to free agency and that his commitment to becoming an Oriole is stronger than an urge to sign a big contract elsewhere?
  13. OrioleLochRaven

    A tale of two Reimold's

    It seems as though he's finally become more disciplined. All good power hitters are good hitters first. The power comes along when your pitch recognition and selection let you hit pitches with more authority.
  14. OrioleLochRaven

    Let's Chill With Huff Boo's

    Don't worry, when there's only 5 people there to do it for the rest of the seaon, it will just sound like somone asking for more pit beef.