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  1. ChosenOne21

    Wieters and Rutschman

    There were the "Mauer with power" comps, which if he hit like Joe Mauer but averaged 25HR a year for a decade-plus would be a HoF career. But yeah, I don't remember anyone saying he was a surefire hall of famer. Even the dumbest talking heads of the hype machine don't get that hyperbolic. No one is a surefire hall of famer at draft time
  2. ChosenOne21

    Wieters and Rutschman

    Oops, double post
  3. I honestly don't know enough about the process to answer that question, so I'm going to bow out of the discussion
  4. My point is you have to make a decision on the service time clock before you see what the player looks like in MLB. If a player's agent says he's "open to the possibility" of a long-term contract, or some other "agent speak," are you going to risk an extra year of control on that player because they might sign a contract at some point? You can play service time games and negotiate a long-term contract. If anything, the extra year of team control gives you leverage because that's potentially one more year that player is away from a huge FA payday. If you have a special player like Manny Machado, sure, the sooner you sign them the better. But we see very few players with one or two years of service time sign long-term deals. Either that's because most of MLB feels it's not worth it or most players don't think it's worth it. Sure, maybe most MLB teams are wrong and you should sign as many average or better regulars to long-term deals as soon as possible, but for whatever reason we aren't seeing it which makes me question whether A) the players are interested and B) if the baseball brain trusts think it's wise in most cases It's not that I don't believe agents will be forthright, it's that in a negotiation for millions of dollars, everyone is going to play their cards close to the vest to try to get as much out of the other side as possible. I'm sure most every agent is amenable to signing their pre-FA players to long-term deals for the right amount of money. But I expect them to be cagey about what that is so as to maximize what the team will put on the table. By the time both sides are getting a feel for what they can get, it might be in the player's best interest to test free agency. I dunno, I'm speculating about a lot of this. I could be wrong--I'm far from an expert in contract negotiations
  5. How many players signed a long-term MLB extension before they played in the MLB? I doubt agents are going to give you a clear-cut answer in most cases so it's probably best to hedge your bets. Besides, don't you want to see if the guy can actually play in MLB for a few years before you guarantee him millions of dollars?
  6. We might have been able to get more in trade for him at the time if he had an extra year of control. It's not like when he first came up he crushed MLB pitching either. I'll bet he was worth negative WAR for the first three weeks of the season As for the super two issue, if he's not worth arb 4 prices you trade or non-tender him. Either way you got the player for 6 years if I understand the process correctly I'm not saying send down every utility infielder and mop-up reliever for three weeks, but I see no reason not to do it with most 50 FV players and maybe some 45s I do agree it's best to lock people up early. I would love to see us follow teams like the Indians in that regard. That said, in most cases you can't really know if a player is amenable to a long-term contract when you're making the first service time decision
  7. When the cost is leaving someone in the minors for 3 weeks it seems silly not to do it
  8. ChosenOne21

    2018 Orioles Top Prospect List

    I know we have a lot of guys with decent ceilings, but I've been wondering roughly what percent of prospects actually hit their ceilings?
  9. ChosenOne21

    2018 top 1-5 Prospects Vote

    McKenna not being in the top 10 is kind of mind blowing. I'm not sure if I should look at that as a good thing or bad thing
  10. ChosenOne21

    2018 top 1-5 Prospects Vote

    It has to be Diaz, DL Hall, Mountcastle, Rodriguez, McKenna. I can't imagine McKenna is outside the top 10
  11. I don't think bringing Ubaldo in was a mistake. I think leaving him in after putting men on first and second was. At the rate our offense was performing, that game looked like it was going to go for a long time. Ubaldo had come out of the pen a couple times earlier in the season and turned in 3 or 4 scoreless innings. I think that was what Buck was hoping for when he brought him out there. That said, when it was clear Ubaldo wasn't going to shut down the Jays, I think you have to go to Britton and pray your offense can produce something in the top half So I guess I agree he should have used Britton, but I don't think he was wrong to try to get something out of Ubaldo
  12. ChosenOne21

    Jimmy Yacabonis 2018

    That two-seamer is practically a screwball. At least a reverse cutter
  13. ChosenOne21

    Who’s your 2018 back-up team?

    My friends are all Indians fans, so it's Go Tribe! for me
  14. ChosenOne21

    Who’s in your MiL top 20?

    Troy Tulowitzki was always my undoing. So much upside, so many injuries
  15. ChosenOne21

    MLB - Expansion and realignment

    I've never heard of this idea, can you tell me more about it?