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  1. I agree, but what makes you so sure his "true talent" is last year's .715?
  2. Ssssh, I know that. I want to enjoy some good cognitive dissonance
  3. 2017 plus this season is a slightly bigger sample size than last year. So again, why is last year the norm and not this year or 2017?
  4. Why is last year the norm and not this year?
  5. I think we both agree Brady shouldn't be picking who we sign. As for Mike Wright, it's possible to be an elite athlete and a poor Major League pitcher That's fair, I can accept that answer. I do think Elias has the ability to stop him from overstepping his bounds though I think there's as much evidence Brady is good at nutrition/conditioning as anyone else in such a role in MLB. Players have raved about him and the guy seems to know his stuff. I mean, if Elias has someone he'd rather have in that role I have no problem with that. I'd just hate to see us lose a guy who's good at his job because he's a symbol of the old regime--a regime that clearly isn't running the show anymore
  6. Does anyone really have a problem with Brady being in charge of strength and conditioning as long as that's all he does? Dude is a physical specimen
  7. These cameras and analytics sound awesome, but I don't think you can just get rid of traditional scouts entirely without paying some kind of price
  8. Couldn't most service time gaming be solved by declaring players free agents after 6 or 7 years of service time instead of the 6.190 or whatever it currently takes? There'd at least be no more three weeks in April when you belong in the majors
  9. T.J. MacFarland was also a rule 5, IIRC
  10. I mean, he made the play, let's not beat him up too much
  11. Yeah, but I suspect Mancini's true talent level is a bit better than that and there's a tiny chance it's much better than that. Trumbo will likely decline a bit given his age and there's a small chance he falls off a cliff with regards to his production
  12. I honestly don't know. I just said it wouldn't surprise me if those couple extra innings mattered more than the couple extra bits of footage/data
  13. Can't say I'm an expert, but the whole "hide your starters" thing seems silly. There's probably hundreds of hours of footage already available on most of these guys. What difference does a few more make? It wouldn't shock me if the lack of reps is more damaging although it probably doesn't matter much either way
  14. I'd like to hear Manny elaborate on what he means by, "The Orioles didn't do anything for him." I'll bet he turns into a stuttering mess. Maybe the Dodgers treated him better, but I highly doubt the Orioles did NOTHING for him
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