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  1. Shortest Orioles Books, 2018 version

    "Moneyball Part II - Mastering the Rule 5 Draft" by Dan Duquette
  2. Positive vibes only thread

    Although it seems like Chris Davis strikes out every AB, he actually does not lead the team in strikeouts.
  3. I was getting ready to post than anybody is better than what we currently have slotted for 3, 4 and 5. But if its really Anibal, I take it back.
  4. Chris Davis' leash?

    On a related note, I was listening to MLB Radio yesterday. Steve Phillips was making the point that Chris Davis was the poster boy for all things wrong with today's free agent system. If players want to go back to bargain table, they'll have to give owners some leeway with guaranteed contracts or get used to the fact that players > 30 Y.O. may never see 7-year contracts ever again. Says Boras and other agents can thank Chris Davis for current sad state of affairs.
  5. Os requesting offers on Machado

    Jim Bowden, on MLB radio Friday, said he heard the same thing. Lerner's been telling his friends that Harper will be playing for a different team in 2019.
  6. Roy Halliday plane crashed one confirmed dead.

    Flying too low and too aggressively. Apparently, the guy who invented this plane (who also died in an A5 crash) called it the jet ski of airplanes. Sad . . . . http://nypost.com/2017/11/08/footage-surfaces-of-roy-halladays-last-moments/
  7. WITH 12 TO PLAY

    Keep fighting the good fight Bob! I'm always amused by the bullish behavior of home association boards and mgmt. "Power corrupts. Absolute poser power corrupts - absolutely!"
  8. Extend Smith NOW!

    Maybe Seth has a twin?
  9. What Will Happen to Wieters?

    Davey Johnson. Broke my heart to see him in a Nats uni.
  10. The Shift...

    Yeah - guys like Davis, Alvarez, Trumbo, etc. should spend the offseason learning to adjust their swing to the defense. Learn how to bunt even.
  11. Ben Revere?

    All indications point to non-tender today. Speed, solid defense, affordable. Possible solution to LF / lead-off. I have to think DD is monitoring this situation with great interest.
  12. Interestingly, he made that comment when asked about the bar closing time in Baltimore. He thought 2 AM or whatever was "horse bleep". I remember thinking to myself "dude - go home to your beautiful wife and don't worry about drinking until 4 or 5 AM". Now, after reading Roch's article, it all makes some sense.
  13. Will Steve Clevenger return to the O's?

    Delmon Young?
  14. Zero hits off Cecil, Biagini and Grilli. Pitiful. Davis, Weiters and Hardy looked overmatched entire night. Oh well, don't have to stay up late watching that B.S. for rest of post-season.
  15. I am sure of this: Swept by Toronto

    Yep - calling my bookie today. Blue Jays across the board for $50 per game. Go O's!