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  1. Remember the time the O’s had three runners on third base? 3B tagged the two guys, tags Brady as he was sliding into the bag and then looks at the ump and shrugs his shoulders. When I was done cussing, I laughed so hard I nearly peed myself.
  2. I know one thing. After all the bitchin and whining by the players union about collusion, if Harper walks away from $300M to sign a short term deal with the Dodgers, he's going to have some splaining to do.
  3. Or shoulder . . . or oblique . . . . .or knee . . . . or etc. etc. I'm convinced he doesn't have the frame/body-type to pitch at the MLB level.
  4. Yeah! Especially when the Yankees are in town! What could possibly go wrong?
  5. Sisco looked completely overwhelmed last year. Sucre will be our starter. Wynn’s the BU.
  6. Yep. As it turned out, they were right about Aiken. Damaged goods from the get-go.
  7. Here's what I was thinkin: 1. We really don't have a starting C 2. Veteran presence to mentor Sisco and Wynn and Rutschman 3. Wieters > Caleb 4. Can't hit any more but I hear he's great with young pitchers 5. May put a few butts in seats
  8. Agreed. $3M would be my budget for AJ. Same with Weiters.
  9. If I live to be 110 Y.O. I'll never forget the sight of Daryl Strawberry walking off the field rubbing his jaw.
  10. I hear you and agree that that's the situation we're in. But, geez, the fans suffered thru a 115-loss season last year. Sounds like we're looking at another with few-to-zero marketable players. I wonder if Elias is even thinking about putting butts in seats this summer. If he can't throw us a bone, I'm not so sure I'm going to rush out and buy tickets.
  11. Mark Zuckerman thinks Wieters could drop to 1/$3M or 1/$4M. Could mentor Sisco/Wynns. Works well with young pitchers. Rather see him than Caleb. May put a few more butts in seats. http://www.masnsports.com/nationals-pastime/2019/01/host-of-2018-nationals-still-seeking-jobs-in-tepid-market.html
  12. Why the delay? Cashman is playing it smart. Manny made a huge mistake by letting the world know that the Yanks are his dream team. Cashman knows he can get Manny at a discount. Let the Phils and WSox pony up their best and final to set ceiling and Cashman will come in with well-below-ceiling offer and snag him.
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