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  1. Look at Schoop's value post-trade. Basically a part-time player without a defined position.
  2. Whammer

    Jim Callis sums up the O's really well

    Are you saying the O's stink this year? Thank you Captain Obvious.
  3. Whammer

    Jim Callis sums up the O's really well

    O's need to hire Callis or Rosenthal or Gammons or some-other-random-baseball-blogger as their next GM. They're drop-dead experts with all the things the O's are doing wrong.
  4. Whammer

    Jim Callis sums up the O's really well

    Don't really need to listen to this. Already know what he'll say. From list below, please check all that apply: - O's got robbed in deadline trades, especially the Gausman deal - O's front office in absolute chaos - O's farm system stinks - O's can't develop players even if they have talent in farm system - Victor Victor ceiling is Soto/Acuna unless the O's sign him. In that case, he projects as a 4th OF. - Blah, blah, blah #DeadHorseBeaten.
  5. Whammer

    Tracking Ex Oriole Thread

    Big game against a tough team. Typical Gausman.
  6. Whammer

    Our Guys Have Been Horrible For Other Teams.

    Gausman pitching tonight against Marlins. Braves in first place. Big game.
  7. Whammer

    Our Guys Have Been Horrible For Other Teams.

    Capitán Obvio 😊
  8. Whammer

    Our Guys Have Been Horrible For Other Teams.

    I was talking to a Braves fan the other day and he was raving about Gausman's last performance. All I could tell him was "when you really need someone to step up . . . . . he's gonna break your heart."
  9. Whammer

    Grade the Gausman Deal

    Agree also. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. O'Day was set to make $9M next year and there's no need for a $9M RP on a rebuilding team. Additionally, no telling what kinda pitcher O'Day will be next year. Hasn't looked great since 2015, another year older next year, coming off significant injury.
  10. Whammer

    Grade the Gausman Deal

    Gausman pitching tonight in big series against the Brewers. Looks like it'll be broadcast on MLBN.
  11. Whammer

    2018 Kevin Gausman

    Gausman made his debut with Braves Saturday night and took the loss. Didn't see the game but, on paper, seems like typical Gausman performance. Gave up 3 ER, 6 hits, 3 walks and struck out 2 over 5 innings.
  12. Whammer

    Jonathan Villar- Our new 2B?

    Sorry but I don't have any sympathy for Jonathan. The correct answer should have been "you got traded b/c baseball is business and the O's, right or wrong, made a business decision. You can't expect a team to be loyal when, once you have leverage, will not display loyalty in return."
  13. Whammer

    If Andy MacPhail was the O's GM....

    Heard the post-trade interview with Anthopolos on MLB radio. He sure wasn't ranting and raving about Gausman. Talked more in terms of Gausman's inconsistency and their plans to work with him to improve. Said the trade was risky but they decided to take that risk to keep his top prospects in the system. Other options would have cost him prospects they wanted to keep.
  14. Whammer

    As we dismantle, the thing that worries me

    Theo? You mean the genius that gave Jason Heyward $184M? Talk about lopsided . . . .
  15. Whammer

    Britton Trade Expectations

    There's zero chance the O's extend a QO to Britton.