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  1. I actually agree with the first part of this. If Elias values him as a prospect then now is the perfect time to overpay to get his talent in the pipeline. You can draw hard lines in the sand when you are comfortable with the base.
  2. El_Duderino

    MLB Pipeline: Rutschman's rank if draft in 2018

    Sold. If the draft were today I’m taking Rutschman. Even without knowing anything else about him you have to add the guy with the highest perceived value. A top 20 prospect is an asset to the org, and will likely retain that value longer in the event he struggles out of the gate.
  3. El_Duderino

    Yolbert Sanchez (Cuban defector)

    Good news is we need them too.
  4. El_Duderino

    Yolbert Sanchez (Cuban defector)

    Stating the obvious here, but the Os literally can’t have enough guys who are athletic enough to play SS.
  5. El_Duderino

    Yolbert Sanchez (Cuban defector)

    I see this as Elias’s first opportunity to walk the walk.
  6. El_Duderino

    Sign Grandy for RF & Flip in July?

    Flip him for what? There is a reason he will be one of the last guys to sign. No one is giving up a prospect worth talking about for this dude.
  7. El_Duderino

    Davis a two-way Player?

    If we are talking mop up duty only then sure. But then again they could let a fan get some innings then and I wouldn’t care. That’s not a two way player though.
  8. El_Duderino

    Davis a two-way Player?

    I guess the worst reliever in baseball is more valuable than the worst regular in baseball.
  9. El_Duderino

    Davis a two-way Player?

    Hoping this is a joke...
  10. Chris Davis is uber done. Cooked. There is nothing to be done. Not even worth discussing.
  11. El_Duderino

    Orioles Sign Carlos Perez to mil deal

    Caleb Jospeh but cheaper
  12. El_Duderino

    Will Mike Elias force Chris Davis to mainly be the DH?

    Is it too late for a Bird Box meme?
  13. Right, but nailing 1.1 > nailing the AAA manager hire.
  14. More pressing? Yes More important? Not imo
  15. You think there is a chance they go into spring training with out having hired someone?