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  1. El_Duderino

    Why is Caleb’s Joseph Playing?

    Tracking those same scouts had him as the Os top prospect last year. 🤔 ”Age 21, second round pick in 2013, hit .317/.403/.430 in 426 at-bats between Double-A and Triple-A with 61 walks, 88 strikeouts; superior pure-hitting skills with rare combination of bat speed, smooth swing, and sharp batting eye; should have no trouble producing OBP and batting average; “
  2. El_Duderino

    Why is Caleb’s Joseph Playing?

    It’s a 150 AB sample size for Sisco. I’ll be worried about the bat speed and strikeout rate if they are that high around 600 AB. Gotta say, gonna be a tough rebuild if we are writing off prospects after a month or two in the bigs.
  3. El_Duderino

    Why is Caleb’s Joseph Playing?

    The obvious argument against this is that it’s a much smaller sample size as compared to his entire minor league history. He hit at the AAA level last year. I think we forget how hard baseball is. Schoop hit.200 for an entire half. I’m still betting on Sisco’s athleticism and track record. At best it’s very premature to say he can’t hit at this level.
  4. El_Duderino

    Why is Caleb’s Joseph Playing?

    Useless but still somehow got on base at a better clip than the veteran. Hmm... Getting Wynns and Sisco at bats whether they struggle or not is more valuable than anything involving Joseph.
  5. El_Duderino

    Why is Caleb’s Joseph Playing?

    Huh? Sisco is a rookie - it’s normal to struggle. Look at Trouts first cup of coffee. I’m sure Joseph is a swell guy, but he has no place on this roster. How is that even debatable?
  6. El_Duderino

    Why is Caleb’s Joseph Playing?

    Probably a good call to give up on someone before 200 at bats.
  7. El_Duderino

    Why is Caleb’s Joseph Playing?

    I mean he was a rookie who wasn’t even being played everyday. How anyone can like Joseph is beyond me. He has absolutely no value, no upside. He is just eating at bats that should be going elsewhere.
  8. El_Duderino

    Why is Caleb’s Joseph Playing?

    Sisco is whatever? Sigh.
  9. El_Duderino

    Duquette Communication

    This whole topic is ripe for wild speculation. I’d imagine that we haven’t missed out on any guys we want due the GM not returning calls.
  10. El_Duderino

    Remaining Trade Assets Moving Forward

    Gotta hope Givens puts up a stellar 1st half. Big time relievers with years of control are good at the deadline.
  11. El_Duderino

    Who has the highest ceiling in the organization?

    Carmona is a switch hitting SS with pop and speed, no?
  12. El_Duderino

    Buck and the rebuild

    Reason #2 is why the Nats won’t go for him. But more to your OP - I have no idea if it’s time to move on from Buck. The fact that we are still trotting our Caleb Jospeh on a regular basis makes me think no.
  13. El_Duderino

    Are the O's Tanking?

    I mean, of course the players are trying. The FO is clearly tanking though.
  14. El_Duderino

    If Andy MacPhail was the O's GM....

    Duquette’s run with the Os > Mcphail’s Os tenure.
  15. El_Duderino

    Top Prospects Changing Hands.

    So three of the top 5. That’s adds a little perspective.