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  1. There will be a market for Trey. What that market looks like...big variance.
  2. He wasn’t expecting to be boo’d? These tone deaf comments give me no hope he will walk away.
  3. Ah it’s complain about the best player time, my favorite game at the OH.
  4. Tracking that you know no more than me... you are just in favor of pleading guilty to crimes you didn’t commit
  5. Mental gymnastics. You plead guilty because you are going to lose at trail.
  6. Not really, I read what was available last draft season. The victims family doesn’t seem to think he deserves another chance. Seems like MLB agrees at this point.
  7. Then again it’s not really nuanced at all. He pled guilty to an unforgivable crime.
  8. Beginning the countdown until the people saying he doesn’t have the bat speed start backtracking.
  9. Yea I just don’t see it at 1-1. Lack of athleticism, small, maxed out physically.
  10. Defensively I don’t think the height is that big of a deal. But what 1b has been under 6 feet and been a middle of the order bat? Not saying he can’t do it, I’m just coming up blank on guys who have.
  11. Wait what? That was your takeaway?
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