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  1. He made 17 starts this year with a FIP slightly above his career number. No GM changed his valuation on him because of this. He’s got a 10 year track record...one ok streak isn’t moving the needle.
  2. Cashner cleared waivers last year and no one came calling. Everyone had a shot at this guy in free agency two years ago. ^For those who said we should have waited for a better offer.
  3. Both. Elias strikes me as very process oriented and as he has noted several times, he is taking account of all available data when making these calls.
  4. Coming from someone who likes the return... Just last year these guys had a dollar value put on their potential as prospects. So there is a pretty solid reference point for their value.
  5. I could argue with you, but let’s just check back in once Jason Vargas is dealt. Side note, if there was a poll up two years ago that said Cashner or two 16 year olds from Venezuela...
  6. Teams aren’t giving up much for guys they see as 5th starters/long men.
  7. Sounds like you were expecting too much for a guy with his salary/production.
  8. Elias beating everyone to market. Points for aggression.
  9. Gosh if the Os trade Bundy who is gonna eat all those innings?
  10. I didn’t think the Os would miss Markakis when he left for Atlanta.
  11. Pete Alonso and says hi. Personally I’m not worried about positional value at 1.1. Take the best baseball player. Tork is definitely in that conversation.
  12. All of those guys you listed probably had long stretches where they hit .240. That’s how baseball works. Only Mike Trout (the best baseball player alive) is immune to slumps. Yusniel has been a .280 hitter at AA, stop saying .240.
  13. https://www.baseball-reference.com/register/player.fcgi?id=efrain000yun .280 over those 641 ABs is what I’m seeing. Which would be right there with those all stars that @atomic listed. Hilarious, rarely have I seen someone so misuse a stat only to have it turned around on them immediately.
  14. I think they need to put a glove on Núñez. The power makes him intriguing, moreso than Ruiz anyway.
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