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  1. El_Duderino

    Sisco optioned to Norfolk

    Yea option the guy getting on base at a .340 clip. Caleb and his .270 career obp will definitely help the offense.
  2. El_Duderino

    Among the other things I hate about this team...

    As a beer league softball OF I am offended at this comparison.
  3. El_Duderino

    Most disappointing player?

  4. El_Duderino

    Jones Trade Expectations

    I’m really interested in what Jones market will be this offseason. Several corner OF types on the market that are better options. I wouldn’t offer Jones more than a one year deal. Harper, Puig, Pollock, Brantley, and McCutchen are going to suck up the real money Jones will be looking for I’d bet.
  5. El_Duderino

    Most disappointing player?

    Schoop, Mancini, and dare I say Hays?
  6. El_Duderino

    Orioles 2018 Draft Recap

    It really feels like the guys drafting are the only ones in the organization with a plan. It could just be that it looks good compared to the dumpster fire that is the recent management of the ML roster I admit. Either way I’ll give the scouting department a little benefit of the doubt here. They liked the athletic SS and probably think they can squeeze a little more out of him. I’m in.
  7. El_Duderino

    Manny not in the lineup...

    Oof it’s real ugly tonight. Maybe Schoop could crack the Red Sox starting lineup but literally no one else in the Os lineup tonight could. Not particularly close either.
  8. El_Duderino

    Eduardo Encina: Pedro Araujo’s Spot in Jeopardy?

    Meh...who cares? The Orioles obsessing over the bottom guys on the roster is the most Orioles thing about this year.
  9. El_Duderino

    Top 20 after 2018 draft

    His arm would have to be Knoblach or Zimmerman bad for me to give up on him. Is that what we are dealing with?
  10. El_Duderino

    Top 20 after 2018 draft

    Yea you were right on. But you taking a good deal of flak for your opinion indicates the consensus was the opposite. That’s all I am pointing out. I’ll bet on the athleticism of Mountcastle for now. Even if he doesn’t stick at third his high upside bat makes him a better prospect than McKenna.
  11. El_Duderino

    Top 20 after 2018 draft

    You don’t need an especially great arm to get by at 3rd. This could all just be OH narrative mind you - the board was on fire last year with people saying Sisco wouldn’t stick at catcher.
  12. El_Duderino

    Player moves on Monday

    Would be insane to send Givens down.
  13. El_Duderino

    Top 20 after 2018 draft

    I don’t think anyone is going to have McKenna over Mountcastle.
  14. El_Duderino

    What’s the consensus about Schoop?

    The consensus is that baseball is really hard for everyone not named Mike Trout.