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  1. ScottP

    Valencia Bucks closer

    Keeping something in the tank in case they went to extra innings.
  2. I saw Josh Hader pitch Monday night against the Cards; they weren't seeing the ball very well against him (4 K's in 1.1 innings). Maybe Scott could text him for some suggestions.
  3. ScottP

    Machado on Judge "Tampering"

  4. ScottP

    Don Baylor has passed away

    So sorry to hear this; my sympathies to his family and friends. If I remember correctly, he broke a bleacher seat at Tiger Stadium on a home run; broke my heart to see him traded for Reggie.
  5. He would have languished in the minors for years, then been included in a 5-for-1 deal for Barry Zito.
  6. If the starting pitching doesn't improve on last year's results, and Chen's loss doesn't help things (not that he was a bull out there, but he was a competent lefty), the bullpen's going to get overtaxed and, not being as flexible as in the past, it's going to be harder to swap out pitchers when they wear down/lose effectiveness.
  7. ScottP

    50 years ago today...

    My neighbors were distant relatives to Pappas and we were all bummed about the trade. Got over that pretty quickly.
  8. ScottP

    What would Buck have done?

    Not sure what he would have done with Harvey, but he wouldn't have burned up his closer pitching the 9th inning in a blowout.
  9. Look up "streak hitter" in the dictionary and you'll see a picture of Lee May. When he was cold, he was Kelvin, absolute zero, but when he was hot...
  10. ScottP

    Adam Jones

    Shades of Bill DeWitt
  11. ScottP

    Our Luck Ran Out

    Like they did in 2012, except from the other end of the spectrum.
  12. ScottP

    I think they HAVE to sign Davis

    But his ERA is 0.00
  13. ScottP

    Calling it now....

    Lucky to finish 69-93? Maybe you mean 2013?