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  1. HarlowFan

    Remaining Free agents Orioles Might Be interested In

    The one and only: Alex Cobb
  2. I picked the last option. At first I was disappointed UMd was leaving the ACC but, after a day of thinking about/rationalizing it, was glad they were leaving the all-carolina conference. No more feeling like they're being snubbed, getting the short end of the stick, and taken for granted. I thought it was an opportunity to improve football and still do despite the division drubbings. The football team is on the right path, and I'm confident it will show soon. The talent on their roster is about the best I can recall it ever being. The basketball team has had several good and entertaining years, but hit the injury bug this year, handicapping them. They should be fine going forward. After saying all that, the jury is really still out to me but I'm glad they're out of the ACC. Note: I've been a fan of the school's athletics for 41 years.
    1. HarlowFan


      :) good guess though not the guess older o's fans would make. I was a teen when Larry Harlow was a rookie. He reminded me of myself and so I rooted for him to do well. When I created my account I remembered the underdog player I rooted for 28 years earlier.

    2. scOtt


      Cool! I don't remember him.

  3. HarlowFan

    vs. RED SOX, 4/12

    The orioles lineup is missing the LF. Perhaps Buck or MLB doesn't think we need one given our hot start.
  4. That was an outstanding sequence.
  5. HarlowFan

    Olney: Orioles

    Why? It doesn't show anyone who was received in the trades and they would have received some major league ready prospects. BTW Norfolk would really have a great, fun team to watch. It would've been perfect for you.
  6. HarlowFan

    Orioles sign Gallardo (Waiting on Fowler)

    The hitting skill makes him perfect for a national league team! Come on Washington Nationals, he's there for the taking.
  7. HarlowFan

    Yoenis Cespedes - The baseball side

    I'm on board.
  8. HarlowFan

    O's Offer to Davis Off the Table

    No, it was the Winter Meetings special. Now that the meetings are over, you need to review our sales flyer.
  9. Oh, I admit it. I'm only saying this 'crazy talk' is for show, nothing more.
  10. They're sending a message to him and his teammates that they are prepared to spend. But they're also telling their competition for him that they'll spend hoping to scare off some of them, IMO. Hopefully, they don't challenge them. I think this also counters the idea that the Tommy Hunter trade's main purpose was to save money.
  11. HarlowFan

    Offseason Rumors and Deals Around MLB

    I don't think I'd want Matt Harvey. With his recent injury and amount of innings this past season, I would be concerned that he's due for more injuries soon. I almost think he'd be another Mark Prior. To me, you'd be looking at AJ for Lugares and I don't know if that's a trade I'd do.
  12. HarlowFan

    L. J. Hoes Goes back to O's

    By the way, I'm thankful L.J. Hoes is back on the team. He brings good depth to the outfield IMO though certainly not the game changer the team is trying to find.
  13. HarlowFan

    L. J. Hoes Goes back to O's

    Here's the quote from this Baltimore Sun <a href="http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/orioles/bs-sp-daffy-dozen-john-lowenstein-0728-20150727-story.html">article</a>: "I don't have to be a star," Lowenstein said, "but it's nice to twinkle a bit."
  14. Billy Ripken debuted in 1987 and is 8 months younger than me. Later that same year Jose Mesa debuted and was the second player younger than me.