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  1. just got a bid of $600 for the baseballs...Wanna go to $650? 

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    2. HbgOsFan


      I'll bid $100 on the Machado baseball.

    3. Roy Firestone

      Roy Firestone

      You're down...I think you'll win this....

    4. Roy Firestone

      Roy Firestone

      You won the Manny ball...and it is a game used signed ball from a game at OPCY. Send 2 checks.

      One for $50 made out to me for postage, handling, and insurance

      One made out to Westcoast Sports Associates for the other $50

      Mail both checks to me@


      4531 Rubio Ave.

      Encino, Cal 91436

      Don't forget to write Machado baseball on the checks...

      Sorry you didn't win the legends balls...but we may have another package soon....Keep your eyes open!





  2. Great write up, Luke. Based on what you have seen from McKenna, what do you think his ceiling is? Fourth outfielder? I noticed in your Top-50 scouting report, he made an adjustment to his swing last season, with good results - he will be a player I'll be tracking.
  3. HbgOsFan

    What are you listening to right now?

    Green Grass and High Tides, by the Outlaws. What great guitar solos. I am a computer idiot - wish I could post the link. Latecomer to the thread, but love it. ScOtt is the Jim Palmer / Brooks Robinson / Dave McNally / Tom Shopay (don't know why I suddenly remembered him) of this thread.
  4. As long as I am on my Goodfellas rant, love Jump into the Fire.  Nilsson was underrated, in my book.  Now, back to my 5-year-old triplets.  Love this thread, and your contributions!  Many good memories! 

    1. scOtt


      There's a great old video of Jump Into The Fire. Man and woman riding a motorcycle.

    2. HbgOsFan


      Also a great T Rex Bang a Gong video with the motorcycle.  Your music taste and thread brings back so many good memories.  Just started viewing.  Keep up the good work - much, much appreciated

    3. scOtt


      Good to hear the positive feedback! Sometimes it feels like I just drone on and on in the music threads. Like *tap tap tap* Is this thing on?

  5. HbgOsFan


    Hank, I am just reading this. I am sorry to hear the news, yet very pleased with the outcome. You wit has added much to these boards over the years, so I am very glad to hear the good news. My guess is that your life will change dramatically come June, but the little one will be in good hands.
  6. HbgOsFan

    Orioles Farm: Good, Bad, or Ugly

    Probably not the best place to reply, but I just want to thank Luke-OH. You have been such a tremendous resource to these boards. I passionately follow my beloved O's, but I have neither the time (wish I did) or resources to follow them as I should. Luke-OH has provided a ton of insights which have been so helpful to me in following the O's. A ton of work on his end, a ton of enjoyment on this end.
  7. SteveA, I am really enjoying this thread. I have a Jim Gentile autographed baseball - what a season he had in 1961. Keep up the good work - this is great being able to relive so many memories.
  8. HbgOsFan

    Don Baylor has passed away

    My memory may be foggy, but I always was under the impression that Don wanted to remain an Oriole. Reggie and Kenny, not so much. That trade saddened me very much, but as Frobby astutely pointed out, Kenny did us a favor when we traded with the Yankees. Just very sad to see Lee May and Don Baylor pass. I'm getting old.
  9. HbgOsFan

    ESPN insider O's trades

    And we now have our post of the day - classic!
  10. HbgOsFan

    My Family Gives a Shout-Out to Tony and Weams

    My nomination for understatement of the year.
  11. Below is a message I sent to Tony, and he suggested that it might be a good topic for the Hangout Club thread. A brief bit of background - I was born when Eisenhower was president, and became a first time father 5 years ago. Believing in efficiency, I went the 'let's go with triplets route.' Three boys later, we found that out that each of three is severely autistic. Though we didn't know it at the time, when we moved to Florida from Pennsylvania, the town we relocated in is home to a university with a tremendous autism clinic, which provides services for a varied clientele, including the son of a famous college and NFL quarterback. Well, what follows is an email I sent to Tony about what a kind, generous thing Weams did for our family. Tony and Weams have been so supportive, and it means the world to me. They are good, good people, in my humble opinion. Hi, Tony. Just wanted to let you know about a really, really decent thing Weams did for our family. We wanted to see if we could take the triplets to Tropicana Field, and hang out in the outfield area to see the Rays and Os. Naturally, we were concerned whether the autism would cause any heartburn on the Rays' stadium staff. Michael went out of his way to get in touch with the Rays' special services group via the Orioles' staff, and was most successful. Between Chris Martrich with the Os and the Tampa folks, they were phenomenal. Last Saturday, the Rays put us up in an area in the stadium that had a great view, but was accessible with the strollers we had to use with the kids. That in and of itself would have been a lifetime memory, but that was the beginning. The Rays gave us passes for batting practice (the Trey Mancini friends and family were there in full force), and it was just a great experience. The batting practice area, lights and sounds were a little overwhelming for 2 of the 3 kiddies, so mom took them to their seats. Big mistake. Chris comes over to talk to me, and asked how things were going. Next thing I know, Buck Showalter trots over to talk to my son Nicky and me (as Nicky tried to play with the Orioles patch on Buck's jersey - not the best thing to do less than 18 hours after Ubaldo's Friday night start). I am in shock, and Buck could not have been more kind or gracious. Lifetime memory, now enhanced. But that's not all. Chris trots over with baseballs for each of the triplets, autographed by Jim Palmer. Lifetime memory, on steroids (sorry Brian and Raffy). I know you are a busy man, and didn't want to bore you, but just as you did with getting us in touch with Monica Barlow in 2012, and Weams in 2017, you have done miracles for my family. I am very grateful. Best regards, Richard (HbgOsFan)