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  1. I mean, they looked awful, there's no doubt about it. My main gripe was his refusal to call timeouts as things went downhill. He took one timeout the entire first half and we finished the first half down 22 on the road. I have no idea if the timeouts would have helped, since nothing seemed to work tonight, but I certainly would have liked to find out.
  2. I swear there was a story where Will Clark got fed up with the fact that Jack Voigt never stopped talking, so he drove a railroad tie through Voigt's helmet. (Voigt was not wearing it at the time) Does anyone else remember this?
  3. First really bad game they've had that I've seen. Outplayed, outhustled and outcoached. No ball security and horrible transition defense. I've liked the rotations that Turgeon has been using and felt everyone has known their role pretty well. Today it seemed like we went up, got frustrated by some calls at the end of the first half and lost our composure. In the second half we went small and played the game Illinois wanted us to. I guess we sat Jalen Smith for a while because he's bad at perimeter defense and we were getting killed on transition threes, but as a result we had lineups out there that haven't played much together. It made for lots of lazy passes and complaining to the refs instead of hustling back on D. Very hard to watch. I wonder if Eric Ayala is playing hurt from his hip injury, because he's been terrible this week. Today he played about as bad as you can play. You can't give up 48 points in the 2nd half to a 5-14 team. Let's hope today was an outlier, because that was unwatchable after a certain point.
  4. Even more evidence how bad the receivers were in 2017 is the fact that I had to do a Google search to remember who the second receiver even was.
  5. Is it possible for a player to invoke his 10/5 rights and not be seen as doing it for selfish reasons? It is automatically a player doing the opposite of what the team wants to do, so it's an inherently selfish decision. And I ask that as someone who is glad he invoked them, is glad he stayed, and thinks the team running John Andreoli out there for the Tampa Bay series to "see what he brings" was a petty treatment of someone who didn't deserve it.
  6. I just play it safe and wait until next month's Engelb Vielma t-shirt giveaway.
  7. If he is that terrible at his job, wouldn't we want him to get a job with a different team? That way he could spread his atrociousness to another franchise.
  8. What was the likelihood of getting Mesa before this trade? What about now? If we don't get Mesa, is this trade a lot worse than it is now? Genuinely want to know thoughts about this. I think most people saw this haul this morning, they wouldn't be pleased. We had to trade Machado and Britton, and we didn't have to trade Gausman and Schoop. These trades had to be clear-cut wins, and they just aren't. In part, it's because the prospects we got today are less finished or polished, and will be lower on our prospect list than the guys we got for rentals (admittedly, Machado's sort of the ultimate rental, so it's tough to compare these packages with what we got for him).
  9. I don't like the fact that this trade package is contingent on our ability to get Mesa, and for me it is. We are dependent on MLB (which has no interest in doing us any favors) to make Mesa available this year, and we are hoping we can outspend the Yankees with the new slot money. After a trade, I'd much rather look at what we've received and say "I like what we've got" instead of "This is good as long as..."
  10. I feel like I spent this morning and afternoon hearing how good Gausman is (better than Archer) and have spent the past three hours hearing how he isn't really that good.
  11. I mean, it's obvious that we received a lesser package because of O'Day's inclusion, isn't it? Do we really think the package got better once O'Day was included?
  12. I can't believe people are griping about Adam Jones wanting to remain with the Orioles. I also think the "clean house and just get rid of everyone" mentality doesn't acknowledge the reality of the casual fans that are still going out there. And, on top of that, Adam Jones is different. He's the best Oriole since Ripken and has represented this team, this city and this community proudly through some very tough times. Duquette and the O's should be careful with how they handle this one over the weeks and months to come.
  13. That's fine for the people who choose to do that. In this case, Adam Jones has earned the right to make a choice as well, and it looks like he's chosen not to be apart from his family over the next couple of months. It sounds like you don't like the terminology "uproot his family". Can we agree that he'd either be moving his family or living away from his family for a couple of months? Because I'm pretty sure we can agree that the solution isn't for Adam Jones to drive up and down I-95 in the middle of the night for three months.
  14. How appropriate that Britton's O's career ends with him sitting in the bullpen in a situation he would likely be pitching. They should bring in Ubaldo to pitch the 9th tonight.
  15. John Wockenfuss. 14 HR against the Orioles, no more than 8 against any other team. He also used to do this thing at the plate where he would kind of wave at the pitcher as the pitch was about to come in. In the O's case, he was waving the ball goodbye. https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/split.fcgi?id=wockejo01&year=Career&t=b
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