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  1. Mission: Impossible?

    Let's ask Cleveland if we can borrow from them.
  2. Time for Buck nd Dan to go

    Davis has a 7 yrs/$161M (2016-2022) contract. You're kind of stuck with him. Trumbo was a waste of money. Even in his 47 HR season he was only worth 1.6WAR.
  3. So what's the rotation next year?

    It'll be Bundy and Gausman and then they'll just pick 3 people out of the crowd at random to fill in the rest of the rotation.
  4. Austin Hays

    He never played into the minors until very late in his career as a rehab I believe. But yes, he never played in the minors coming up to the show.
  5. The Wildcard Race

    Doubt this team makes the playoffs. Too many games the starter buries this team early on. You need 1 more starter to have a chance and they couldn't make it work. I mean it's possible a SP (Ynoa, Ubaldo) get's hot but not likely. Coupled with the schedule imbalance and you have a very tall task.
  6. Sign him.

    You would have thought he could just sell all those "well deserved" gold gloves instead.
  7. Austin Hays

    You're boy! I had forgoten about all that... No in all serious I wish he had succeeded, seemed like a really nice guy and the kind of guy you'd want on the O's.
  8. The Wildcard Race

    Angels lose to the A's 3-1.
  9. My kingdom for the Joe Angel HR call

    Sounds like Fred Manfra.
  10. The Wildcard Race

    Yeah I'm worried about the Twins. Their schedule is a joke compared to ours.
  11. Austin Hays

    This opens up a lot of bad player injury jokes. Yes Ubaldo, step right over here. Whoops! obviously kidding.
  12. vs. YANKEES, 9/05

    Just watched the game (had it recorded) and I don't want to get in some plugs for myself but... well.... I guess can have this one.
  13. vs. YANKEES, 9/05

    Were winning tonight, book it baby!
  14. Updates on Hunter Harvey

    Only 9 K's in a row? You mean he couldn't even reach double digits? I'd have sent him packing to the minors!
  15. vs. YANKEES, 9/04

    Yep. Were ranked 10th in runs in all of baseball. SO were in the top 3rd. The pitching on the hand has is ranked 26th in all of baseball... So yeah.... the pitching sucks!