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  1. O's84

    Frank Robinson has passed

    Very sad news, my condolences to his family.
  2. O's84

    Zach Britton is changing his name!

    Nice, now if only Chris Davis would change his name to Khris (yes, I know that there's another player with that spelling, so sue me. ), we'd be good!
  3. O's84

    PECOTA projections are out

    Brings back nostalgia from my baseball card collecting days!
  4. O's84

    Pretty awesome championship games

    Exactly, not to mention there was a helmet to helmet hit to boot.
  5. O's84

    Underrated: 2016

    Imagine if humanity destroys ourselves and the only thing left was the message "Cito Sucks". What could that mean, the aliens would wonder upon visiting our life barren planet.
  6. O's84

    So no pitcher minicamp this year?

    TTP for the win baby!
  7. O's84

    Britton Staying In NY

  8. Well, there goes our performance at the Kennedy Center.
  9. Yeah, he was good player, and I enjoyed watching him play. But a 38.7 WAR shouldn't have made the cut to Cooperstown.
  10. Whoops! Thought we were talking about the Orioles HOF. Then no, he shouldn't have gotten in to Cooperstown.
  11. I remember playing Major League Baseball Featuring Ken Griffey Jr. for the N64. Obviously I'd play the Orioles mostly. I remember hitting a 604 Foot HR (this was a rare anomaly of the game)with Baines, and thus referred to him as the Bainbino. Anyway, I'm really glad Baines got in, he was one of my favorites growing up!
  12. O's84

    Patrick Corbin to sign with Nationals

    Yeah, Scherzer is one of those rare big pitching contracts that work out. Most of them don't.
  13. O's84

    2018 Redskins

    It's over for the Skins with McCoy going down. Mark Sanchez isn't going to take us anywhere. Horrible injuries luck the last 2 years when we've had legit playoff chances.
  14. O's84

    Congratulations to Luke: Twins!

    Congrats Luke!!