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  1. First Move

    DD's first move will be dumpster diving in January.
  2. 2017 World Series (Dodgers vs. Astros)

    He'll of a game!
  3. 2017 World Series (Dodgers vs. Astros)

    Homer happy in Dodger Stadium.
  4. 2017 World Series (Dodgers vs. Astros)

    Oh for Godsake.
  5. 2017 World Series (Dodgers vs. Astros)

    Not over yet, Puig.
  6. 2017 World Series (Dodgers vs. Astros)

    Astros breaking out the bats now!
  7. 2017 World Series (Dodgers vs. Astros)

    Are we sure he didn't morph into Gausman for a second?
  8. 2017 N.L.C.S. (Dodgers vs. Cubs)

    Yeah, but he wasn't a good player at all until age 29. Very hard to have seen that coming. But I agree, it would be nice to have him for sure.
  9. 2017 N.L.C.S. (Dodgers vs. Cubs)

    Haha, suck it Lackey!
  10. 2017 N.L.C.S. (Dodgers vs. Cubs)

    Big spot for the Cubs with the Dodgers threatening, 1st and 2nd 1 out.
  11. 2017 N.L.C.S. (Dodgers vs. Cubs)

    Stupid rule.
  12. 2017 N.L.C.S. (Dodgers vs. Cubs)

    HR rate 1.6/9 for Rondon
  13. 2017 N.L.C.S. (Dodgers vs. Cubs)

    Kershaw not going out for a 6th inning, PH.
  14. 2017 A.L.C.S. (Astros vs. Yankees)

    Bobby Dickerson sending him home and we got lucky! Oh well, a win is a win I guess!