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  1. I can't win but I can tie for 2nd if UNC loses and Gonzaga wins out.
  2. Big game for my bracket in N. Carolina and Kentucky.
  3. That didn't sound right.
  4. I love this team! The offense is so explosive, if they can get back to that same intensity on defense they showed toward the end of the 1st half of the season they can beat anyone, even CLE IMO. In any case, a great way to start the road trip. Now they have 2 days off before they travel out West to face the Lakers.
  5. Well you have the whole George Costanza thing going, what did you expect? There's only one way to counter that. If every instinct you have is wrong, than the opposite, would have to be right. There's you're mistake.
  6. I'm just hoping to finish in the middle (Which is where I usually finish), probably bottom of the middle. Wish my bracket was like the 2010 one where I finished 4 out of 109 in the OH bracket pool (yes, a shameless plug, so sue me ). On the plus note if your bracket is busted you can start rooting for the underdog more.
  7. Congrats to Jones, Givens, and of course all the rest who contributed to the US WBC Championship team!
  8. A phrase you will never hear ever again.
  9. 1. Yankees 2. Red Sox 3. Blue Jays 4. Royals
  10. Damn OFFNY, it seems like you at the top or near the top every year. You bastard.
  11. Yeah SMU screwed me. I had them going to the Elite 8 and they we ahead by 8 or 10 pts for much of the time. Need my final four picks to hit now.
  12. A certain cutoff (ex/ outside of the top 20?) have to use an embarrassing avatar for a certain amount of time?
  13. I would be highly amused if Romo leaves the Cowboys and wins a Super Bowl somewhere else.
  14. They got down big again and then tried to make a come back and just fell short at the end. A 4-1 road trip is still excellent and they'll have a day off before a 2 game home stand (with a day off in between games). Hopefully they'll be refreshed and refocused and we'll see them start to close out the season strong.
  15. Maybe we should make this a sticky so it doesn't disappear of the page.