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  1. O's84

    vs. RED SOX, 8/11 (Game Two)

    How is that a strike!?
  2. He landed exactly on 60 pitches, good call. But to fair of course, he kept us in the game and that's better than you'd hope for considering who he is and who he's pitching to. If only the offense could score some runs.
  3. O's84

    Let's Beat the Red Sox (8/10)

    Wow, that's pretty crazy!
  4. O's84

    Let's Beat the Red Sox (8/10)

    Hart has to go.
  5. O's84

    Let's Beat the Red Sox (8/10)

    What a wacky game.
  6. O's84

    Let's Beat the Red Sox (8/10)

    Hart is in the league for one reason, get out left handers. If he can't do that he doesn't belong in the majors.
  7. O's84

    Let's Beat the Red Sox (8/10)

    We had it in the bag. Unfortunately the bag had holes in it, like it has all year.
  8. O's84

    vs. D-RAYS, 8/09 (The Rubber Match)

    My God, Jim Hunter is really misjudging these balls today.
  9. O's84

    Chris Davis

    Now you're talking. Where's Miguel Tejada when you need him?
  10. O's84

    Chris Davis

    Selling their soul to the Devil?
  11. O's84

    vs. YANKEES, 8/01

    Haha, nice.
  12. O's84

    Beckham's move to SS

    Beckham for MVP!
  13. Zach is trying to help us get the #1 pick!
  14. Really nice to see a game where the bat's fought back. And I love beating the Yankees, even if we have a crummy record.