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  1. The Bucks are on fire and I keep hearing this guy’s name. Definitely a good choice to go to the NBA.
  2. No. That's the non waiver trade deadline. After that date, teams can put all players through waivers. If they're not claimed (which entails someone taking the contract), you have until the end of August to trade the player and for them to be eligible for the post season. Nobody will claim Trumbo, so we're likely stuck with him through August at least.
  3. Assuming there's no way you can get anything for him prior to August 30, then you cut him. I bet they give it until almost that time though. Because of his salary, he'll clear waivers so he has an extra month to produce. On the bright side, there actually is a rationale to cut him. The reason is to let him have a chance to sign with a contender who won't otherwise trade for him. It would be a nice thing to do. I do think that there's a chance that the lack of roster flexibility actually aligns with Elias' plans. It holds people back (service time) and likely contributes to a worse record (draft slot). I hate to be cynical, but a cold, calculated front office is likely valuing those things more than how much a player can develop in 1-2 months of ML time when you really won't even cash in on that development for another couple of years anyway.
  4. LookinUp

    Bullpen guys

    According to BB-ref, he's 3.2 years younger than the average person in Hi A. He's had some command/control issues this year, but people are excited because the stuff is outstanding. I think a little patience is in order.
  5. LookinUp

    Bullpen guys

    Agree re: Harvey, but Luke's also pointed out that his innings are still very limited, so (I'm paraphrasing) we might have to treat him developmentally like a much younger player (e.g., he could still work up to starter level innings).
  6. LookinUp

    Bullpen guys

    I *think* the idea behind this thread is about those guys that were targeted more or less as relievers from college, right Frobby? I remember the narrative, but the few guys I think of in that mold are Scott, Carroll and Pop, two of which we got via trade. I'm probably wrong though. I'm sure there are many others and agree that it's an interesting topic.
  7. LookinUp

    Keegan Akin 2019

    The OH's prospect write-up says he'll slot into the back of the rotation. If the velocity is up since then, maybe he has the upside of a #3? Just my guess. Seems like a very useful arm to have in any case, even if he isn't the guy that you ride through the post season.
  8. I wanted to use this thread to compare Mancini to JD Martinez, so I looked up their stats. In short, they're not really comparable. Lol. JD has torn up every level of baseball. He just took a while to really adjust to the majors. With that said, while I doubt Mancini puts up 150+ OPS+ numbers every year, his track record suggests he'll continue to hit. The now value for a contender, plus the cost and service time all suggests that he would demand a decent haul, IMO.
  9. I just accidentally came across this post from Luke that I hadn't seen yet. It was on 4/5 of this year, and in the minor league game summaries tab in the Orioles Talk forum. It pre-dates this thread. I'd be curious to know how/if the profile has changed since just 6 weeks ago. I sure hope this was a relatively bad night for the kid, because it does temper my enthusiasm.
  10. LookinUp

    Keegan Akin 2019

    Which, for context, is essentially "very good" for AAA, but not dominant. I randomly saw that Luke and Jon Shepherd had some back and forth on twitter about Akin the other day. Seems like his profile might be improving (Luke's more recent observations) over what Shepherd saw/heard (which seems like older observations). So hopefully he's still trending in the right direction.
  11. LookinUp

    DL Hall 2019

    No doubt, but it also doesn't seem like Hall handled the situation well. From what Luke (and Law, slightly) have pointed out, the profile is still awesome. However, the results haven't been great and now there's some adversity. I suspect this is all part of growing and am not worried, but it's not exactly ideal either.
  12. Means is an interesting consideration. On the positive, he's young, performing and under control. In theory, he's the type of player you build around, not the type you trade away. However, those peripherals and at least the one scouting report posted in the Means thread really do temper the enthusiasm around him. This is where the scouts earn their money. If the projections for Means are a #4/5 pitcher, but his value is higher (perhaps significantly), I think you have to consider trading him regardless of how young and cheap he is. In fact, that young and cheap part would increase his value too. It's tough to get rid of a guy who could be a future rotation fixture though. Do you trade away a young, cheap, very slightly less version of Wei-Yin Chen? That's hard to do.
  13. Interesting perspective that does align with his FIP.
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