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  1. I may not agree with the specifics, but I do agree with the spirit of wildcard's post. The issue also may not be service time. It may really be player development. Either way, Elias isn't in a hurry to put the most talent possible on our 25 man roster.
  2. LookinUp

    Single A Rotations

    I can see that point, but he’s almost 23 and was the ace on a CWS winning team. If he does start in Delmarva, I can’t imagine it will be for long. If this was last year’s regime, he’d have potential for a mid-season call up, lol.
  3. LookinUp

    Single A Rotations

    I haven’t heard anything, but low A seems low for Knight to me.
  4. It's hard to get inside someone else's head, but I think it's nearly impossible for any man to play 5 years the way Davis did last year without having a mental breakdown. Fans will be destroying him. Coaches and players will be giving him the side eye at every turn. He will be the elephant in the room, every time he walks into any baseball room, and in many private circumstances around all but his closest family and friends. The pressure will be immense. All eyes will be on him, and all he'll have to do is go to the O's and negotiate a buy out to end it all and walk away still a wealthy man. [Edit: Elias too has pressure from fans and players, but if he's really out for helping the bottom line of this organization, he will play hard ball with Davis by not bailing him out by cutting him.]
  5. So we're apparently better at DH than 16 major league teams. Love it, even though I know that includes the 15 teams that don't have a DH. Lol.
  6. According to Makoman, nothing. I too hope some type of similar deal can be agreed to.
  7. Is there any reason to think that's possible? Even if Davis wants to do it, is that type of deal even allowable?
  8. What do you think a buyout would look like?
  9. And their minor league system has apparently made great strides over the last couple of years. Maybe they have smart people running things there now.
  10. I can imagine defensible plans to: 1. Play him. Make him sink or swim. 2. Keep him, but not play him. Make him work on the side. 3. Cut him outright now. 4. Play up his aches and pains, put him on the DL and work with him in extended spring training and/or the minors for a bit. I really can't imagine: 1. Playing him with any regularity at other positions than 1B or DH (in theory). 2. Playing him, watch him sink, and continue to play him for the entire year. I think they have to give Davis a window of some kind, no matter how poor the odds, but it really would be awesome if Elias has the cajones and ownership support to cut bait this week.
  11. And while we're talking about walking a guy with a 1.400 OPS, we're also talking about doing so to get to a guy with a 1.100 OPS.
  12. Get ready for painful to watch. There will be plenty of it. This kid does have some upside though. He could surprise. It looks like he'll get the opportunity to do so.
  13. LookinUp

    Austin Hays

    I agree with the people who worry about the combination of Mullins' arm and his inability to hit lefties. He will have to have stellar range and/or a Johnny Damon like bat to profile as a starter, in my book. I also agree with the people who dislike Austin Hays' walk rates, but the rest of his game seems fine to me. Maybe he isn't a prototypical CFer, but defensively he can be an above average corner outfielder. At least I think he can. I also think the bat plays well enough that, with new/better instruction, it will end up a plus and ultimately with a better-than-now walk rate. Unfortunately, I do agree that the walk rate is a big enough issue that it probably means he'll never get to that super star level, but I do think he can be a low-level star (not that I can quantify that).
  14. There are so many smart people on this board. I love these conversations.
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