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  1. LookinUp

    Doug Brocail is the Pitching Coach

    Lol. Villar is everywhere...
  2. LookinUp

    Baysox Event Featuring D.L. Hall

    I get the feeling the O's are in love with this kid. Maybe we have something pretty special on our hands? Hope so.
  3. LookinUp

    Doug Brocail is the Pitching Coach

    I don't accept the premise that because it's late in the game, we must be getting a sub-par coach. Maybe he is, but I'm sure there's something Elias et al like about this guy. At a minimum, he'll have better tools to work with than the previous regime, so he already has a leg up. With that being said, Cole Hamels left Texas and got better almost immediately. It makes you wonder what was going on in Texas. Maybe Brocail was the problem, or part of the problem, or the problem was much bigger (a la the Orioles last year). Either way, I'm reserving judgement.
  4. LookinUp

    2018 Orioles Top Prospect List

    Random thought: I was just looking at the number ratings in the OP of this thread. Man, an evaluator would really have to have some cajones to grade someone as a 75 or 80. I suppose certain tools, like speed, could be graded there, but I can't even imagine a prospect being graded that highly. Not Harper. Not Machado. Trout maybe?
  5. Roy...if you're asking on behalf of the casual fan, I agree it's a harder sell. However, you're Roy F****** Firestone! You are synonymous with the Baltimore Orioles. You're not the guy who buys weak advertising about a team with a bunch of big names and under performers. You know the game. You want substance. Now is the time to watch for substance. How are our pitchers being used? Are they getting better? Are they mixing pitches differently? Do we have guys with better plate appearances? Is the fielding any better? Are the things happening outside of the 25-man roster exciting? Along the way there will definitely be great stories. Someone forgotten by MLB will have a good year. Some unknown personality will emerge. Some scrappy middle infielder will blow us away with effort plays. Maybe a guy like Cobb, or Bundy, or *gasp* Davis can re-emerge as a high-level player. These are all things you should care about. If you want a payroll that's $100 million more than this and capable of winning 81 games, then you're forgetting that Roy F****** Firestone wants championships in Baltimore, and he knows what it will take to put this organization into a position to win those championships.
  6. LookinUp

    Alright, it's time to get this rolling already...

    I'm guessing the degree to which the Orioles benefit from the Indians' ground work is correlated to the quality of the relationship between Koby and Cleveland. If they had a great relationship and amicably let him go for a bigger and better opportunity, I'd definitely imagine something like a non-compete either being agreed to or at least a hand-shake agreement that he wouldn't poach their players would have happened. If they weren't on great terms, they still may be able to force him into something like that, depending on the language in the contract, but it opens up the possibility that he could poach some of their guys. All of what I wrote above is 100% speculation, for what it's worth.
  7. LookinUp

    Front Page: Spin Cycle

    Just about every swing path is a loop. It starts high, where the bat starts and loads. It drops to some place and then begins to loop up again. Some people, like Davis, have an extreme hand drop during/after load. Most are nowhere near as pronounced. Manny, ARod, Pujols and Manny Ramirez almost looked like they're swinging down on the ball, but all obviously have a nice plane when all is said and done. I personally like that approach because I think too much hand drop creates a longer, less consistent, swing. The one guy off the top of my head that I remember pulling that off was David Ortiz. He even did it at close to 40 years old. I wonder if he had any pharmaceutical help.* *No I don't. I'm convinced he definitely did.
  8. LookinUp

    Front Page: Spin Cycle

    Right. Spin rate is one statistically significant (I assume) variable predicting success, but the research seeks to take that into account with everything else being equal. Think of all of the other variables that we know are significant, like location and velocity. The regression would show, for example, that assuming all other variables are constant (e.g., controlled for), the higher spin rate results in better outcomes. If you run an R2 on just spin rate, that muddies the water with all 88 MPH fastballs thrown belt high down the middle. They'll get hit more often almost no matter what the spin rate is, I'd imagine.
  9. LookinUp

    Front Page: Spin Cycle

    Is there any evidence it can be taught, or is it a data point for scouts to use when ranking potential targets?
  10. LookinUp

    Hyde's Coaches

    No direct sign, but the fact that there were sanctions hints that something else might be going on. From your article...
  11. LookinUp

    Orioles Entertainment?

    I wonder what the spin rate on his fast ball is?
  12. LookinUp

    So no pitcher minicamp this year?

    We probably already have one that hasn't been announced yet.
  13. LookinUp

    Alright, it's time to get this rolling already...

    Has anyone written at length about whatever is going on in the Mexican league? It sounds like that might open up before the end of this signing period, but I'm about the least informed person on that issue. It would be nice if a new talent pool opens before the Int'l money slots reset for all teams.
  14. LookinUp

    WaPo: Spin Rates and Buy In

    Glad you noted this. Spin rate matters, but it doesn't always have to be high. I think the point is that, for any given pitch, it has to be different than the average. How much different is hard to say, but more different up or down seems to generate movement beyond what many hitters are used to handling.
  15. LookinUp

    Interesting FAs

    Machado has been well-advised. Nobody really knows what he wants. There are some leaks that his wife likes NY and he may not love Philly, but none of Philly, NYY, LAD or Chi Sox would surprise me at this point. The team that I actually think should be all in on him rather than Harper is the Nationals, but they seem to like their guy. I think that's short-sighted, but whatever.