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  1. If anyone looks at Bundy right now as a future cornerstone then we should just pack it in. Diminishing productivity is what we're looking at. Let's hope he has a good 1st half and we can fool someone into giving us something decent. The words Bundy and prospect haul shouldn't be in the same sentence.
  2. terphoopsfan

    Orioles Sign Alicides Escobar to MiL Deal

    11 pages of angst over an infielder, how marvelous. Some of you have an over developed sense of being a GM, it's going to get you into trouble one day. If Martin/Jackson isn't ready at least he's a cheap insurance policy for this year, that's it. There are way more other issues important to the well-being of the franchise that an infielder on an MiL deal making 700K. I'm more concerned about the rebuild and playing .500 or better in '21 (*probable strike year) since there's no guarantee this works.
  3. terphoopsfan

    Orioles Sign Alicides Escobar to MiL Deal

    This is a big nothing burger right now. He's insurance in case Martin/Jackson show they aren't ready plus he's spent some time at 3B. I'd be more concerned if I was Ruiz, Wilkerson, Alberto and maybe Nunez about his signing. It's not like he's really blocking anyone so relax.
  4. terphoopsfan

    Interesting FAs

    We can move on when posters stop insinuating AJ is somehow going to take AB's from Hays/Diaz/Yaz/McKenna this year. None of those players will be up here before August/September and Yaz is an AAAA player at best so your premise is illogical. IF Jones would swallow his ego (1/3) I certainly think a platoon with Stewart is certainly fine for this year in RF. Let's stop acting like it's the end of the world if Jones re-signs for a year, he's not really blocking anyone from PT this year. If Hays/Diaz both prove by August they've earned a promotion then awesome, Jones can sit or maybe be traded for a bag of balls, This year is all about Elias figuring out what we have talent wise, not making a WC game.
  5. terphoopsfan

    Interesting FAs

    Wonder what the owners would give up to extricate themselves from those pesky guaranteed contracts?
  6. terphoopsfan

    We’re #30 - Keith Law farm systems rankings

    Can we expand this a bit about changes on Ortiz, Diaz, Carroll, Tate or any of the other prospects we received also?
  7. terphoopsfan

    Adam Jones returning? Unlikely, but would it be bad?

    Sorry Whammer but I wouldn't give Wieters $3.00
  8. terphoopsfan

    Adam Jones returning? Unlikely, but would it be bad?

    Been saying this for awhile if he's going to cost no more $3 mil. Still think he could be a fit in RF until Hays/Diaz are called up at some point next year.
  9. terphoopsfan

    Fantasy GM - Can You Make the Os Competitive in 2019?

    I know they're not expansion but let's give a little love to the 2003 Tigers at 43-119.
  10. terphoopsfan

    Interesting FAs

    I'd find it extremely difficult to believe Jones would get more than what Markakis just signed for.
  11. terphoopsfan

    Interesting FAs

    Why do it? Because he's a better option than what we've got right now. You're really comfortable with an OF of Mullins, Stewart and Mancini from a defensive standpoint? After seeing what Markakis just signed for he's fine on a 1 yr. deal. If he feels like going to Indians or wherever that's fine too. He's not getting paid like he might of thought he was.
  12. terphoopsfan

    Interesting FAs

    Worry about that when the time comes. There's no guarantee either Hays/Diaz are ready by July. I think Jones could give some value in RF for the time being. He's certainly better than Trumbo defensively and according to some LF is better suited for Stewart's skills anyway.
  13. terphoopsfan

    Interesting FAs

    With the way off seasons the last 2-3 years have been going Jones will be lucky to get a Spring Training invite. Maybe someone out there gives him a 1/3 with a club option for the same? I'd take him on a deal like that knowing Hays/Diaz aren't ready to go just yet.
  14. I'm thinking an opener for the last 2 spots is probably the way to go. Between Hess, Rogers, Castro, Ramirez, Yacabonis there's no reason to bring up Akin, Ortiz or Tate regardless of how well they pitch in Spring Training. I understand why some want to bring in Pomeranz and/or Anderson but it's a waste of $$$ unless they're so cheap they're selling their souls. This year is about Elias and his team setting standards, observing the talent we have here and the MiL, not making the Wild Card game