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  1. Guess it depends on your definition of bottom. I'm thinking 2018-2021 is about as low as it can get. I'd feel differently if there we're quite a few prospects that were on the verge of being called up but that's not reality. Elias isn't in a hurry this year and has already stated this year is all about the evaluation. I think Akin and Mountcastle might get a taste in Sept. but won't be up until after June next year. Maybe Hays also but he seems to be snakebit regarding his health. Everyone else is in AA or lower. It's just going to be a long process. I can't imagine what Elias walked into in November. We have to be Bottom 3 of all professional sports franchises. No International talent, $$$ that was spent on MLB payroll instead of infrastructure, an owner who always knew better than the people he hired, yada, yada, yada. I don 't think there's a chance we break .500 before '23.
  2. That 89-91 mph FB won't cut it. He needs those others to play up his FB.
  3. First off, Akin won't be called up until Sept at the earliest. Hess just isn't a good SP, maybe he could have some value as a RP but unless he stops throwing those meatballs up to the plate it won't matter. Below is his scouting report from '18, seems accurate except no mention of an extremely straight FB. He doesn’t have blazing stuff: his fastball sits in the low-90s, working 90-93 most of the time. He will occasionally reach back for a bit more but his delivery is relatively high-effort so it isn’t easy heat for him. He has a full arsenal of secondaries with a slider, curve, and change-up. None of his pitches are spectacular, but none of them are bad, either; his stuff is average across the board with the slider showing the most potential for improvement. He is primarily a fly ball pitcher and can show some vulnerability to home runs if he makes a location mistake.
  4. Yes CoC, I certainly hope it's less than 14 years too.
  5. Agree but Hess is no more than an opener or 2-3 inning reliever. That's all he ever been. I'm having a feeling this rebuild might just take a little longer than most of us expected.
  6. Elias has been quoted that Hays has the tools to play CF. If he can't hit LHP (or just hit period) he won't have a future here anyways.
  7. The reason BK calls them nuggets is because they have less than 2% Chicken in them. By law, there's no way they could call them "Chicken Nuggets". I'm thrilled with what we've gotten from Smith so far. For now he looks like a piece of the puzzle moving forward thru the rebuild. Can't say that for a majority of the players.
  8. we seem to say that quite a bit thru the years
  9. terphoopsfan

    DL Hall 2019

    Glue. Might be better suited as a reliever.
  10. going to be a longer season than what some anticipated. Find solace in following the MiL this year gentlemen.
  11. I don't think your comment is fair since you don't know me personally from a can of paint. I'm not on board with signing him either but was interested in the Hangout's take. Agree with Corn, the situation is probably a lot more nuanced than we could ever imagine and the PR hit would be enormous. That said, there's a ton of professional athletes who have done extremely bad things and gotten second chances. He's paid his dues thru the eyes of the court system. Hell, even Vick got a second chance.
  12. terphoopsfan

    Luke Heimlich

    Granted, if he was a bus driver there wouldn't be a discussion. Will anyone in baseball, whether it's MLB, Japan, etc. that will take a 2nd chance on him? Should the Orioles?
  13. I'd rather play CF than have to watch another inning of Rickard at all. We know what he is already, if we're going to lose i'd rather it be with the kids we think might be the future.
  14. 1- transition Harvey right now, no need to keep playing this game. Maybe he's snake bit, maybe not. The kid needs to build some innings so let him pitch 2-3 innings at a time at Bowie but not as a starter. 2- If Kline keeps this up he needs to make the team. He is 27 years old so let's not act like he's gonna be part of a winner here. 3- DJ Stewart is probably a 4th OF at best. I don't want to see any more of Rickard, we know what he is already.
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