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  1. Justin Turner out with broken wrist

    I love you're thinking, but unfortunately the Orioles are half-heartedly "all in" this season and are perfectly fine falling off a cliff in 2019 when Machado leaves.
  2. Opening Day tickets are available

    Thanks for the heads up.
  3. This. One of the teams / owners will blink and give them close to what they want. It's just a matter of who / when. Also, it's not fair to compare this recent free agent class to next year's because there was no on available who is even close to as talented and young as Harper and Machado.
  4. MLB unhappy at Judge for recruiting Machado today on the field

    Agree 100%, but I'm still not sure he would have resigned no matter how much money they gave him. Pure speculation on my part.
  5. Trumbo out 3-4 weeks

    I already clarified this in another post. I don't wish evil (or injury) on anyone, but I'd be perfectly fine with a 3-4 month "vacation" for Trumbo.
  6. MLB unhappy at Judge for recruiting Machado today on the field

    Machado is 25...and just entering the prime of his career. And his ceiling is higher than Jones and Markakis' combined. I think people are more upset about the idea of a player of Manny's talent level leaving than they are the actual person.
  7. Trumbo out 3-4 weeks

    I wouldn't wish an injury on anyone, but realistically it's probably the only thing that will keep him out of the lineup on a regular basis. I feel like the Oriole's are a better team without him. Just my humble opinion.
  8. Trumbo out 3-4 weeks

    Is it wrong that I wish it was months not weeks?
  9. Does MLB's agreement with the players have a chapter on "squatter's rights"?
  10. Didn't he basically filibuster the team? He set up shop at their ST facility and didn't leave until they gave him a contract.

    I think I just found my new desktop background

    The Mets have already committed to Adrian Gonzalez and have a young firstbaseman waiting in the wings. They also have Jay Bruce, who've they've flirted with playing at 1B in the past. There's no chance they'd be interested in Trumbo. No one is going to take that contract off our hands.
  13. Remaining Free agents Orioles Might Be interested In

    Alex Cobb and no to everyone else. They've already made enough scrap heap / reclamation project signings with Rasmus, Tillman, Alvarez, and Valencia.
  14. Wow, that's even worse than Roughned Odor (4.9%) and Javier Baez (5.9%). That's definitely not going to cut it at the MLB level.
  15. NEED one of the Big Three Pitchers Left

    90% of the posts in this forum are based on opinion and speculation. The blame does lie squarely on the team though. For not locking him up (Machado) before he realized he could basically write his own check and play for whoever he wants to play for. And now they're in the same boat with Schoop. Although I personally think last year was his ceiling so I would be looking to sell him high, but the Orioles don't think that far ahead.