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  1. This sounds A LOT like the Bud Norris situation in St. Louis...and that led to the manager getting fired. Like it or not "tough love" is often equated to bullying.
  2. Completely blanked on him. And if we're limiting it to SPs, is Daniel Cabrera in the running for the best fastball (modern era)? And maybe Scott Erickson for slider?
  3. Whoops. I just saw your note about limiting it to SPs. I screwed up!
  4. I'll just do the modern era, because it's a bit easier. FB: Benitez CU: ? SL: Britton CH: Musinna
  5. Ok, lets actually pretend for a second that Anderson actually followed the chain of command and reported to Duquette. Yes, Dan would have had the final say, but it was very clear that Brady was involved in the process because Cashner personally thanked him during his press conference. Is it really that much of a stretch to think that Brady was the one involved in the negotiations and the one one who recommended signing him to a three year deal? It doesn't seem like it to me. And again, it's the team's (and Anderson's) fault that we're even speculating because they refuse to define WHAT his role is and has been. If they don't us to make educated guesses then tell me what he did. What' the big secret?
  6. And you defending him is getting old. As long as he's on payroll he deserves every single sarcastic comment. He's more than earned every one of them. Cashner was a terrible signing. I guarantee you that no other team offered him a three year deal. It took me five seconds to see that his 2017 season was a mirage. Imagine many holes an actual analytical mind could find in his game. And good teams don't sign 4th starters to three year deals.
  7. Has there been talk of the O's making Means a permanent fixture in the starting rotation?
  8. I agree with this. Before I logged in and saw this thread I had thought about starting one titled "Maybe Givens Just Isn't That Good?"
  9. A one year deal sounds about right. All of the underlying numbers suggested he was EXTREMELY lucky in 2017. His era that year was 3.40, but his FIP was 4.61 and his xFIP was 5.40 so there's no way that era was repeatedly, especially given he had a 5+ era the year before. Unfortunately, at the time of the signing our "analytical" department was basically Brady Anderson.
  10. It was probably Mussina's circle change. That pitch was nasty.
  11. We certainly didn't pay him as a #5!
  12. If the nickname on the back of jersey during player's weekend isn't "Joe Dirt" then something's seriously wrong.
  13. Indeed, but I'm not quite sure it's Luis Castillo filthy. Google "Luis Castillo changeup".
  14. I'm just hoping Dempsey isn't also helping Wynns with his wardrobe. Some of those shirts and ties come dangerously close to Don Cherry territory.
  15. He started off slow, but he's started to show signs of life with the Twins. Schoop is a bit of an accumulator. The Brewers weren't willing to give him the ABs, but it seems like the Twins are. If he gets 500+ ABs I think you can bank on a .250 average and 25 hrs. And honestly Schoop always had red flags. He doesn't walk enough to sustain a high batting average and his range is average at best because he's tall for middle infielder.
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