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  1. Sort of.I played high school ball and American Legion (AL) ball in the summer. We did some traveling for AL (Tennessee comes to mind), but most of it was local / adjoining states). In terms of the bench time, I kind of began to experience that too (in high school) because I transitioned to more of just a pitcher than an everyday player. The big difference is that I was getting paid in orange slices and Gatorade
  2. I don't condone hazing, but I really think they should bring back Hess and Straily for tonight's game and tape them to the right and left field foul poles.
  3. I just discovered this thread and it's everything I imagined it would be! Perhaps they can give complementary Whack-a-Mole games to select fans to celebrate the momentous occasion. But with Orioles' pitchers instead of moles...because they're used to getting hit hard.
  4. How is it a compromise? Davis has 100% of the leverage. Regardless they should still permanently bench him and hope that Davis' ego is big enough that he thinks it "might" be worth a buyout so he can try to latch on with someone else to try to prove himself.
  5. If Villar keeps up this pace, I might be forced to eat crow and draft him on my fantasy team next season. Of course the team will be named "Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Villar".
  6. It probably speaks volumes that the Brewers viewed Schoop as a better option. It's not like he lit the world on fire last year. I also feel like the Brewer's were trying to trade Villar for like three years straight so it would predate even Moustakas. I'm not sure what he did, but he most definitely pissed in someone important's cheerios when he was in Milwaukee.
  7. Maybe you should pose that question to every other GM in baseball...because none of them seem to be interested in him.
  8. The spite down vote from Drungo. I"m shocked. SHOCKED.
  9. Trolling again I see. We went through this drill at the trade deadline. We looked at all the contending teams (at the time) and surmised that only one or two (at most) would view him as an upgrade over their current 2B. You can argue until your blue in the face about how good you think Villar is, but at the end of the day the fact that no team wanted him at the trade deadline speaks volumes. He was also pretty much untradeable when he was with the Brewers until the Orioles took him off their hands. They had been very publicly shopping him for years. He's a an accumulator and a "good bad player" as @OsFanSinceThe80ssaid. That description fits him like a glove.
  10. Agree with this 100%. Someone will take a chance on him for that price, but definitely not $7M. I think if someone's going to give a 2B that kind of money this off season it's going to be Scooter Gennett.
  11. I've been hearing about Villar's trade potential for over a year now, but no one ever seems to be interested in him. I agree that his offensive numbers (on paper) look respectable this season, but there must be something else going on. Maybe teams view him as more of an accumulator with defensive shortcomings on a very bad team? Whatever it is it's enough for me not like the chances of Orioles being able to trade him.
  12. My mistake. He threw right and batted left. I flip flopped them.
  13. I'm done playing this game. Have fun shouting at the clouds.
  14. We're not comparing him to college or high school pitchers who were never drafted. We're comparing him to other MLB pitchers. Compared to his peers (other MLB pitchers) he was most definitely not considered very good. I can't believe you're even trying to argue this. Doug Brocail was a middling relief pitcher for the majority of his career. And the only reason he probably even had a long career was because he was left handed.
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