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  1. Roll Tide

    (Almost) All Things Manny Machado....

    Source close to Machado thinks he would be willing to sign an extension with the Cubs. https://nesn.com/2018/06/mlb-rumors-manny-machado-would-consider-re-signing-with-this-trade-partner/
  2. Roll Tide

    Orioles have interviewed Ned Colletti, and others

    I remember some fans visited here during some past trade rumors. I seem to remember them not being very fond of him or his moves.
  3. Roll Tide

    Most disappointing player?

    For me I’m super disappointed with Cobb so far. but it’s Davis and it ain’t even close!!!!!!!!!
  4. Roll Tide

    Yefry Ramirez

    My guess is someone else is headed out. Givens?
  5. Roll Tide

    Machado Trade Expectations

    If they get 4 players from somebody I'd expect 1 or 2 would be position players. Such as Phillies Del La Santos (RHSP) , Cole Irvin (LHSP) ,Brito (2B), and Guzman (SS)
  6. I do ....it's called Adderrall or whatever the comparable is!
  7. About Adderall They view the medications as brain steroids and the analogy is to performance enhancing drugs in sports," Dr. Donald Misch of the University Of Colorado Student Health Center said. That's turning out to be more than just an analogy, other side effects of Adderall include increased stamina and alertness. There have been several reports of the drug being used to give athletes an edge, improving their concentration and reaction time. probably explains the slow reaction to the fastball, not withstanding the concentration issues.
  8. I’m okay with riding out the season with Davis. If I was concerned as the Orioles claim to be I would have found a way to put him on the DL. He’s nearly an automatic out
  9. Couldn’t they just DL him now?
  10. Roll Tide

    What’s the consensus about Schoop?

    It’s doubtful he extends after Manny leaves. Deal him if he’s hot at the deadline
  11. Roll Tide

    The Chris Davis Adderal Exemptions

    I agree with you but it’s the Oriokes who are the big losers of a contract Davis earned while on medical exemption. its obvious at very least that he can’t meet contract expectations without it. Perhaps as Frobby said there are other reasons that contribute.
  12. Roll Tide

    The Chris Davis Adderal Exemptions

    They should’ve went to MLB to get assurances of exemption through the contract due to the magnitude.
  13. Roll Tide

    The Chris Davis Adderal Exemptions

    This is why I blame MLB! Why grant a guy an exemption for a diagnosed medical condition only to not allow it later? This stupid decision has the Orioles paying for performance he's likely never to repeat without the medication. The side affects are what they are and that would be on the prescribing physician.
  14. Roll Tide

    The Chris Davis Adderal Exemptions

    There is also the thing we're some medications effect people differently. Vyvanse may be in the same drug family but just not effective for Chris. And then there is the tolerance build up. My issue here is MLB, if they weren't going to allow a person with ADHD an exemption to take the medication for his career they should have never allowed it to begin with. IMO MLB plays a major role in the allowing him to perform well only to perform poorly after the contract where he's owed so many years and money that we are stuck with him.
  15. Roll Tide

    Machado Trade Expectations

    How about Del la Santos, Quinn, Kyle Young and Gomez