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  1. Which I am 100% cool with... Hey my handle was Larry Sheets for a while on another board. but favorite Orioles catcher all time is a bit extreme unless of course he’s real young. hopefully he’s figured it out and does hit .280 with a 800+. The Orioles could use a break or two. But that would make him a trade asset imo.
  2. I'll have some of what you're smoking! Hes got a long way to go to get into the top 5 that certainly includes Dempsey, Hoiles, Tettleton, and Wieters.
  3. I think we have at least 1 more season after this before we start to see improvement. pitching is bad and less than 3 runs per game. Roster is littered with AAAA or lesser talent
  4. Doesn’t matter they need guys to effectively cover innings. There is no sense bringing up guys who are not ready and allow them to continue to get beat up. If you need a spot claim this guy and dump Straily. He can’t possibly be worse.
  5. To play for a contender....... losing 120 games would take its toll on most. The Orioles are cellar dwellers for 2-3 years at best.
  6. I think there’s 0 chance he gets DFAd. He definitely has value even if it’s just the on the field product. As for his NTC, I have to believe he’d agree to a trade to a contender. I cant imagine the Orioles wouldn’t pay him his arbitration number. He’s one of the few reasons to watch.
  7. Have to imagine that Villar is available for trade. I think he’s my favorite position player right now.
  8. Well they’ve said he hasn’t really looked good in camp. Has good moments and the n bad ones. I just think that’s who he is. A brilliant play and then a fumble, interception, or a sidearm pass at somebody’s feet.
  9. According to the guys at 105.7 part of his reasoning was the dangerous environment in Baltimore City.
  10. So I am obviously not the educated baseball fan that you are. And I don’t pretend to invest the incredible amount of time on draft research it would take. I spend my free time do the same on the NFL. So I usually have my eye on guys that go in the middle rounds. With that said, I’m okay with going position player heavy as it seems we are short on premium position talent and seem to be well stocked with pitchers. I would assume it will even itself out from year to year. also most of the players after the first handful of rounds are just lottery tickets. And many you have a better chance of hitting the jackpot. Right now I’m happy with the organizational approach that is cohesive for the first time in the Angelos error. I like what we are seeing overall minus the losing at the majors. But that’s to be expected in a rebuild. I hope we catch lightning in the bottle with a couple of the day2 or day 3 guys. And I’m happy they didn’t talk themselves out of Adley Rutschman. Even though that I have preferred Witt Jr for months he is clearly the better pick imo. I think you have valid points and there is always cause for concern. But I believe the Orioles dark ages are finally over. I’m comfortable letting Elias and his staff making the decisions about resource allocation. Thanks for the great contribution that you make here everyday! I believe you are a major contributor in the the overall experience. Your reputation is well deserved and I appreciate your opinions and insights. Best, Johnny
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