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  1. Very tempting to DH Santander vs righties

    I suspect Tillman will be in the rotation again soon.
  2. If you've ever had ADD, and other similar issue. You'd know that each medication effects people differently and sometimes have adverse side effects. The fact that Adderral seemed to work well for him is the right outcome if you are a doctor. It could take years to find something else and maybe it doesn't happen.
  3. He's not injured or he wouldn't be playing. The Adderall issue tells you that he has a focus problem at very least. This problem is MLBs in my opinion. I think it sucks that they allowed him to use it and then. Pulled the exemption after the performances produced that albatross type contract.
  4. I don't know anything about hypnosis but Davis is simply not the player he was 2-3 seasons ago. I was expecting .260+ 30 homers and 100+ through his 33 year old season. The Adderral issue a few years ago was a red flag and it's not talked about by the club or Davis. Is it possible that he doesn't have the exemption? To me Davis has lost the swagger, and at times looks completely clueless. I have to say that I'm surprised that he wasn't pinch hit for if Jones was available.
  5. Updates on Hunter Harvey

    Great info ... thanks! The sad thing is that all of our top pitching prospects have to lose 1-2 seasons. It makes for zero predictably on their arrival.
  6. I agree ...Smith has been a good 3rd/4th of. He hits despite not playing everyday.
  7. Hardy - Nothing Jiminez - Nothing Miley - Nothing Tillman - 2/12 million with a 3rd $10 million year option vested at 180 innings per in both years
  8. Unless you are losing and the the hitter to get a hit in a clutch situation.
  9. With all due respect Frobby I think the problem was inherited by PA and never fixed. Everything I've ever read is that we don't spend enough on minor league coaches, scouting is inadequate, no cnsistent process from level to level. Unwillingness to use the international market except for bargains. How do you fix it if the owner won't let you? I'm certain Gillick could've fixed our scouting and development if Peter would've invested the money to do it.
  10. I don't know about the record ....but the starting pitching was pretty good early and we won. You can't credit that to Buck for the last sixty or so before the deadline the starting pitching was putrid. Again really can't put that on Buck. We had a pretty good 6-7 game stretch except Tillmans start. We should be 2-0 but for Givens 1st loss. i think a lot of guys could have a good record if their team has good starting pitching. Critism of Buck..... relies to heavy on veterans. Buries players on the bench like Kim. Doesn't pitch hit late even when you have an obvious match up.....Example Smith should've hit last night for Gentry.
  11. Do the owner need to approve John Angelos to own the team? Did the approve Steinbrenners sons? I don't think so....I think they'd have to approve the new owners in a sale.
  12. Verlander is he worth a claim

    Doesn't matter he's not going to be an Oriole
  13. Interview with Marc Topkin/Tampa Times on Beckham

    Well he was hitting about .188 before the two hits.
  14. Interview with Marc Topkin/Tampa Times on Beckham

    Don't care he still needs to look up to see the Mendoza line. One game doesn't change that
  15. You can see this from a mile away...

    Tillman will have no choice to resign cheap. He's better off coming back here over going elsewhere. The Orioles could give him an incentive laden deal and see if he bounces back. If he doesnt then you can release him. This may be a better than the other scrap heap options and half measures that Angelos will approve in his pitchers (no long contracts/mediocre money) concept.