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  1. Roll Tide

    Harper to Phillies reported

    No but many sports surgeries including knees.
  2. Roll Tide

    TT: Mullins: Starter of Future 4th Outfielder?

    I don't Mullins is a very good switch hitter. His minor league numbers tell the story. It will be interesting to see if he stops switching hitting or a coach can help him improve enough to play full time.
  3. Roll Tide

    Harper to Phillies reported

    Yes but knee surgeries are still knee surgeries. The knees take a ton of wear and tear without surgery. He will be slowed in his mid 30s by it. You can pretty much count on it. Arthritis is almost a given for him by then.
  4. Roll Tide

    2019 NFL Draft

    Just saw Oklahoma's Marquis Brown had Lisfranc surgery and is going to mis the combine. He likely to fall now and with Metcalf's neck concerns the Ravens may have both available at 22 if they covet a WR. These guys would've likely both been gone If they both had clean bills of health.
  5. Roll Tide

    NEWS: Joe Flacco Traded to Broncos

    I think that Joe might have the best set of weapons that he's ever had in Sanders, Sutton, and Philip Lindsay. I would be surprised if Denver added a TE in the 1st round. Hockenson and Irv Smith both have 1st round grades according to Walter Football. Their offensive line is already better than any he's played behind for several years here.
  6. Roll Tide

    Free Agency thread

    This would give me the impression that they will give Suggs a cheap deal and grab a pass rusher in the 1st.
  7. Roll Tide

    2019 NFL Draft

    Kiper has us taking Bama's Josh Jacobs at #22. He has all the qualities you look for in a feature back. You have to like that he hasn't been used and abused in college. I think we need elite talent to go with our roster of good players. I would think long and hard about Jacobs but it would depend whom else is available. IMO ...it's time t move on from Suggs.....I'd be looking at the MLB White or one of the premier pass rushers. https://ravenswire.usatoday.com/2019/02/18/mel-kiper-mock-draft-baltimore-ravens-josh-jacobs-alabama-2019-nfl-draft/
  8. Roll Tide

    NEWS: Joe Flacco Traded to Broncos

    I read the article ...but it says they were indeed involved. They probably would've had to redone Joe's contract or perhaps had us eat some salary. Obviously that is why we got the Broncos higher 4th. Again, I'm hoping they are throwing something else in when the deal is announced.
  9. Roll Tide

    NEWS: Joe Flacco Traded to Broncos

  10. Roll Tide

    2019 NFL Draft

    Your right on but they also will make a cut or two and have 50 million to play with in free agency. They need to add a star or two. And make a solid selection in round one regardless of need
  11. Roll Tide

    NEWS: Joe Flacco Traded to Broncos

    If Joe is good in their system Elway won’t care about his age. Elway won his Superbowls late. In the right system Joe can be better than he was here. It will be interested to see if they redo his contract. I think that will tell you a lot
  12. Roll Tide

    NEWS: Joe Flacco Traded to Broncos

    They won 6 games last year 9-10 wins would be a major improvement. San Diego being as good as they were is no sure thing. I expected expect KC to be good again but in the NFL it’s foolish to write anything down before he season is usually a fools quest. A handful of teams from this years playoff group won’t be in there next year.
  13. Roll Tide

    Flacco's Fate ...... Possible trades (Traded to Broncos)

    Show me where I proclaimed that we were getting anything as a sure thing. I suspected there would be a trade market and hoped that we would get more than we did. It appears that we have a high 4th round pick unless there is also a player involved. I was hopeful that we would get more but that different than saying nobody will trade for him or you can automatically chalk up four losses for Flacco 2 against KC and 2 against the Chargers
  14. Roll Tide

    Ravens offseason thread

    So I could've put this in the Lamar thread but the fact that I think Greg Roman is an idiot should be said here instead. Ive already soured on this guy and he hasn't even called a play.... Common sense tells you that a thin QB carrying the ball more will increase the chance for injury....Nearly every national writer agrees. Roman might be a bigger moron than Mornhinweg! https://www.baltimoreravens.com/news/eisenberg-ravens-have-a-surprising-take-on-lamar-jackson-s-running
  15. Roll Tide

    Flacco's Fate ...... Possible trades (Traded to Broncos)

    Umm No .... you said nobody would trade for him. Show me where I said we were definitely getting anything. I said in the opening thread that I hoped some team would be QB hungry enough to give us a #1. But I never proclaimed we were getting one ....like you proclaimed nobody was going to trade for him knowing he was going to be cut. I posted articles where they speculated certain picks. I thought that they might get a second or third. Im still interested to see what the specifics of the deal are. We’ve heard Denver’s 1st 4th rounder. But there may be a player and his name certainly won’t cone out with until then. Possibly nothing else.