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  1. If I were a billionaire and interested in the Orioles, I'd only be interested if the deal included MASN. Or if the Orioles weren't committed to using MASN. But since the Orioles, despite the recent decision still have the better end of the agreement.
  2. No potential owner would buy the Orioles without MASN imo. The Nationals 2019 payroll is at $212 million. I refuse to believe that they are operating in the red! They have a higher attendance and concessions due to being competitive. https://www.baseball-reference.com/teams/WSN/washington-nationals-salaries-and-contracts.shtml
  3. I've mentioned a 2-3 year deal at something like 5.5, 6.0, and 6.5. None of those number would make him hard to trade. We will have money coming off the books. Even if you have to had a half million per season the numbers are reasonable.
  4. This guy is on fire.....I'm wondering if the guys that said he'd be Nontendered this offseason are ready to eat crow?? C'mon gents, we know who you are!
  5. I thought I read something about 80 million from MASN a while back. Even with Davis, Cobb, and Trumbo contracts the Os are making a pretty hefty profit just on the national and MASN deals. So even if the number 0nly 110-120 million in revenue between the 2 deals ...the payroll is only 72 million and certain to ge less next year. A 40 million surplus times 2
  6. If the Orioles haven’t been setting aside money from MASN knowing they have a bill to pay it was beyond foolish. so how much does each get from the MLB tv contract? By my estimates they get more than $50 million from the national contract and some where in the 60 million from the heavy side of the MASN deal.And the real number is probably higher than that! And thats before and tickets, concessions, corporate sponsors, etc. Even though attendance is down doesn’t mean the tickets aren’t paid for. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/mikeozanian/2019/04/23/foxs-mlb-tv-deal-is-much-richer-for-team-owners-than-you-probably-think/amp/
  7. Carroll just turned 25 and is under control through 2025. He's been a low to mid 2 era guy. I doubt he's cut loose anytime soon.
  8. So 100 million per season? Sorry I don't buy the Sun. Im sick of hearing about the poor Orioles and the cost cutting BS. I know you don't sign free agents at this point but the payroll is low enough.
  9. He was never getting nontendered
  10. Did something happen recently with the MASN thing?
  11. I have to agree...there is some thought that they were carrying him all along. I’m probably dreaming but wow it would be great if we found the next Brady type QB. He looks like he can make all the throws
  12. I was listening to 105.6. Haney said that the Orioles expecting Davis to be in Sarasota. Said that they have placed demands on him this offseason. They didn’t elaborate on the changes.
  13. Elias should be calling him
  14. And the biggest thing is the thought process when you are no longer playing. I believe that’s the biggest element. As long as you give him ABs and playing time. He won’t even consider it.
  15. I didn’t really experience playing time issues in baseball, football, or soccer. i ran into it when I started playing very competitive softball. We played 2-3 nights per week and weekends for tournaments. They happened to be all over the place. Teams were ran by a player and were very much a click. The guy played his buddies first no matter their skill level. I think sitting is painful regardless of being paid or not. If you are a competitor you want to play. i think Chris is one of those . Can he sit for two years to collect the money? That’s the big question
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