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  2. Jensen to Bucs 4 year 42 million (22 guaranteed)

    Either of these guys are likely to be 2-3 round selections ....and cheap compared to Jensen
  3. Jensen to Bucs 4 year 42 million (22 guaranteed)

    They could get Billy Price Ohio State or James Daniels Iowa and either likely can start right away.
  4. Jensen to Bucs 4 year 42 million (22 guaranteed)

    This is an over reach .....Hurst is a competent guard if you look at his PFF ratings. He not a very good OT and that makes the swap with Simon puzzling.
  5. That is just insane money for a center....highest paid center in league! Wowza!!! the Bucs are insane .....crazy money! Glad it's not the Ravens!
  6. Ryan Grant is next

    The Ravens are not the Os , I'm sure it's legit and a shame ....enter Crabtree another receiver and Ebron.
  7. How much would Jordy Nelson cost?

    Doubt he makes it to Baltimore. The next signing is Ebron imo.
  8. Ryan Grant is next

    Hurst must be resigned to possibly play RT. Skura to C, and some have predicted Stanley's old teammate MClinchey in round #1
  9. John Brown is the Ravens first WR/TE move

    Woodhead was offered a reduced deal and declined. I'm hopeful Wallace returns
  10. John Brown is the Ravens first WR/TE move

    We are involved with Jordy Nelson and Eric Decker is another guy who is still available with limited options.
  11. And they will have nothing left of value to trade to excelerate the rebuild
  12. I don't want him back! We will have other options....If the Orioles add Jay and Cobb they will be much improved and will have a starter for the swingman role. They might actually have an outside chance at the 2nd WC....where I currently think the chances are none.
  13. Splits are pretty close to even.....260ish hit....690 vs righties .660 vs Lefties ....OBP .326 vs .325 (60 points higher than avg so he walks some.