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  1. You’re predicting up to 10 wins with Lamar and no WR. I’ll have some of what your having! Touché 😁
  2. This may be a change of scenery guy.....only 300 MLB ABs since 2015. Poorer AAA numbers with each return to the minors. Morale and lack of playing opportunities could be the issue.
  3. I'm predicting week. Outcome 1. W 2. W 3. L 4. W 5. L 6. W 7 L 8. Bye 9. L 10. L 11. L 12. L 13. W 14. L 15. W 16. L 17. L My Prediction 6-10
  4. Hopef We have some guys they'd will covet in trades in hopes of hanging on.
  5. Sucre is nearly a 4A player and perhaps a back up because he has no bat. Severino was a nice grab due to availability but should not block this move. I would look to trade the AAA backup (I can remember his name Perez?) *****it wouldn’t surprise me if f they work out a trade for him with somebody***
  6. Metcalf is a top 5 and isn’t falling. I bet the Steelers grab him if he falls. Brown is only there due to the lisfranc injury. You have to be willing to get little or nothing in year 1. I’m betting he’s out of round 1 and is a good target if you trade back
  7. Sure but the poster I quoted said he wasn’t a 5th starter in the AL east.
  8. Peter King has the Ravens drafting the best available MLB. If either of Bush or White is available I'd wholeheartedly agree. I'd even move up a few slots in the 1st to jump on n front of Pittsburgh to get one?
  9. I doubt they are quitting on Bundy this fast.i think it's more likely they option Hess or someone else. Perhaps Castro with Means/Hess going back to the pen
  10. Straily looked very pedestrian today 🙄 (Rolling Eyes) just havking on you but I think this is closer to what you will get than his last start. As I mentioned I think it plays out that he's the 3rd best starter on the team before all is said and done. I
  11. Can you quote any stat that would prove your claim that isn’t a one off or small sample size? Thanks
  12. Is there any statistical data that proves that moving from the NL to the AL will add a run to a pitchers ERA? This isn't the first time Straily pitched in the AL several season ago for Oakland, had 27 starts with a 3.96 era.
  13. I don't think Elias thought he had enough SP to get the team through the season. Straily will likely give you 6IPs at a low 4 ERA most days. Having days where Hess doesn't last long and another starter is similarly struggling would be taxing on the pen every 5 days. I think it helps with the product that fans have to watch this season even if expectations are that we finish in the basement.
  14. Thanks! We can agree to disagree. But the Orioles competitive teams the few years would've gladly taken Straily and put him in the middle of their rotation. And they would've been better off for it. For his career he's averaged 33 starts at a 4.28 ERA. That's a number 3 for most teams! For the Orioles you'd be hard pressed to find more than 1 starter on the team who was better.
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