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  1. O's equivalent to the Gerrit Cole trade?

    I expec Moran to be a 750-850 OPS guy that you could expect 15ish homeruns and 60-70 RBI from.....Very BJ Surhoff like imo In 2 stops at the majors he has like 34 ABs in 2 seasons. Essentially not really had a chance yet. Plus the fluke line drive injury contributed
  2. O's equivalent to the Gerrit Cole trade?

    He's 8-12 with a 5.37 era as a SP in his young career 171 innngs at 25. I would assume he would have to make adjustments. In 2016 he had a low 4 era as a starter. Problem is he was a 1.26 era pitcher as a reliever. So that probably motivates a manager to keep him in a pen. if he can be a low-mid 4 era starter he'd probably be a mid rotation guy ...if not he's likely a 5th starter candidate .
  3. O's equivalent to the Gerrit Cole trade?

    Looked at it as I always do when a trade to a certain team was discussed. I am 100% sure that Moran was 7 or 8 of the Astros prospects because he was on the right side of the second column. If you look back at the Britton to the Astros threads from the summer it's probably there.
  4. O's equivalent to the Gerrit Cole trade?

    He was in the Astros top 10 prospects list on MLB...sorry if it wasn't clear
  5. O's equivalent to the Gerrit Cole trade?

    To follow up Moran is now ranked as the Pirates 4th best prospect , and the 4th player Martin at 18th even though he was just drafted in 2016. MUsgrove and Feliz are considered MLB players at this point http://m.mlb.com/prospects/2017?list=pit
  6. Ravens Realiity or Fantasy? Flacco For Eli?

    That's not even counting the fact that our OC is awful and somehow convinced Harbaugh not to hire a QB coach.
  7. Ravens Realiity or Fantasy? Flacco For Eli?

    Brain I understand your frustration and I'm not a big Flacco fan. Injuries have plagued the team especially on offense. The line was missing two starters and lost Yanda before the start of the season. Steve Smith in his twilight has been his best receiver the last handful of years. And the Ravens haven't had a number 1 receiver that I can remember ....can you ? Even Boldin would've been a number 2 on most teams when he was traded here. The Ravens best WR tandem to this day is still probably Michael Jackson and Alexander. A star WR has avoided the Ravens similar to the Os inability to draft and develop a TOR starter. Give Joe Antonio Brown, Schuster, McDonald (who looks like Heath Miller all over again and Jesse James....with Bryant. No of our guys would make the starting lineup....Wallace perhaps makes #3 or 4. if your being objective we have much bigger problems than Joe.
  8. O's equivalent to the Gerrit Cole trade?

    He was in their top ten according to MLB.com around the deadline this summer when the Os rumors were swirling about Britton, he was said to ge in the deal. He's losing his prospect status due to age. He's definitely ready to be at the bigs.
  9. O's equivalent to the Gerrit Cole trade?

    Moran was a 51-74 rated prospect depending on what service as far back as 2014. His main problem is he was blocked in Houston. im betting he’s a solid MLB player and I think you’ve undervalued him
  10. Os requesting offers on Machado

    You’re probably right ... but why change our infield alignment to please a player that is on his way out of here bye the end of this season. If an agreement was made that included an extension then fine. Otherwise I’d tell him to shut up and play
  11. Ravens Realiity or Fantasy? Flacco For Eli?

    Flacco is thought of as a mid level QB by most writers, and media figures etc. saying that he is bottom five just diminishes your point. There is a lot of additional blame with the Ravens i.e., play calling, o line, injury, poor receivers, etc. Flacco has been part of the problem but insinuating that he's the only problem is just wrong.
  12. So it's less than a Month.

    The Orioles are definately one of the worst run organizations in baseball. There is a small chance that some change might happen once Peter departs. However, I think the know it all mentality is likely a family characteristic.
  13. Os requesting offers on Machado

    I don't know ....But they got a MLB ready starter, a MLB ready infielder in Moran who I really like and wish we would've gotten in the Britton deal at the deadline, a good very young OF prospect that close and another Minor league pitcher. I think it's a good haul.
  14. Os requesting offers on Machado

    To be comparable it would have to include Adams and Sheffield ....Andujar and a 4th player....just don't see Peter allowing it....dumb yes I know ... but it is what it is!
  15. Os requesting offers on Machado

    Drury is a super UTI and Banda is not my favorite of Arizonas pitchers. If they won't go away you'd have to think they might set up for a good haul. maybe Duplantier, Banda, Drury, Diaz, and Lemieux?