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  1. It is an AP story then. They should have caught this.
  2. Check out the ESPN headline, which states that Rickard’s double lifts Rays over Orioles. The stupidity is overwhelming.
  3. That was a nice hit and base running by Davis tonight.
  4. Ridiculous, and I have never liked it. If you want to properly assess a kid, he should use the same ball as is used in MLB.
  5. Serious question, why not use just one ball throughout?
  6. Doing well again this evening.
  7. He pitched well again tonight.
  8. Yachtsman

    Rylan Bannon 2019

    He tore it up tonight.
  9. They will take the good defense and trade the current batting averages of both players. This is player development at the major league level. They have only played 17 games, give it some time.
  10. I am sensing Elias may fight that urge Frobby. If he uses the same mentality as the Cubs, he may keep the core of this team together and move them together as well.
  11. They won again and in insane circumstances with a walk off Grand Slam. Well done, I like teams that hate losing. Good group of players.
  12. I certainly hope this continues. This is a very different team with Davis actually hitting. Glad for him.
  13. Nice stroke on the 2nd hit as well.
  14. Hess is what he is. If he can hold down his walks, he gives the team a chance to win. He does get hit hard at times, but his control has been generally solid this season.
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