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  1. More positions the better.
  2. Looks like Gilmartin was designated to make room, he may or may not clear waivers.
  3. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/baltimore-orioles
  4. He will have company as fellow South African Tayler Scott was just picked up on waivers from the Mariners.
  5. Nice opposite field shot tonight. Two hits, and he went with the pitch. That is development.
  6. Two hits and two stolen bases in first game in GCL, including stealing home.
  7. Tough call. I would park him at Delmarva to start.
  8. That assumes he knows what to do with money. That is quite an assumption. I have known many a person who lived up the adage that a fool and his money will soon be parted. Further, the choice to attend college in many cases revolves around more than simply money, so I do not tie everything to the all mighty dollar in this situation. The franchise made a sales pitch that included more than simple cash, and from what I have seen in this kid he made a choice that took it all into consideration.
  9. Nice to see. Tough choice for this kid, but we are all glad he chose the Orioles.
  10. Am I counting correctly at 29 signings? If so that is pretty good work.
  11. Lawn looking good.....oh.....car needs cleaning.
  12. Luke: Small steps right? The Orioles Minor League system is unquestionably improved from last season. This includes performance levels for existing players, the cultural shift regarding winning and the newer players. For the truly hopeless among us, I suggest you look to the Orioles Minor League system for a glimmer of hope.
  13. Talk about a team that literally turned its season around, the Baysox had a terrible first month and a half, but have been playing great baseball since. Good for them. PS: I am interested in feedback and thoughts on Kremer as he is on the bump tonight. Thanks!
  14. Yachtsman

    Adam Hall 2019

    Yup, and Wilson pitched a nice game as well.
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