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  1. I try to temper my expectations but I can’t help but to be very excited. Even more than 3 out of 5 to pan out, I want a legit certified ace. A guy we trot out every 5th day and know we have a good chance to win that game. Haven’t had one in a while in Baltimore.
  2. I personally haven’t been impressed with Sucre behind the plate... A lot of missed balls from a “defensive” guy... Next man up
  3. I hear ya, just intrigued by him.. Like the defensive versatility and at points shown signs of being able to hit.. Won’t be hurt either way
  4. In an admittedly throw away year, I don’t see how it could hurt to give him a chance...
  5. If Crush can get starts against lefties, why isn’t Mullins? At least his glove (supposedly) is plus.
  6. I’m excited to see Richie Martins first professional base hit today
  7. Perhaps maybe even more of a hint of who will go first in 19 draft
  8. Looking forward to Mullins appearing on this a lot next season
  9. Mullins by far, interested to see Stewart eventually.
  10. I just feel there’s other ways to go about it. Especially considering leaving Baltimore “left a hole on his heart”.
  11. Why would he even say this? Just stirring the pot for no reason.
  12. I think some of Familias off field issues may have reduced his value as well
  13. I understand it's a necessary evil but damn it sucks.
  14. It'll be fun watching Bundy make them look like fools in consecutive at bats.
  15. http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/21693459/rafael-palmeiro-53-wants-make-back-mlb Lets really make it feel like 98!
  16. Just remembered, is the Kevin G rumbles related to his mysterious tweet? Maybe some friction.
  17. Thanks Frobby... I just wasn't sure if Almora was considered an elite prospect or just a very good one. Hard to complain with a good prospect and salary relief.
  18. I'm not fully aware of Almora but if Britton was coming off his 16 season, would he still be considered enough?
  19. Guys it's fine, Donnie Hart has experience closing games in the minors.
  20. Need fingers crossed, rain supposed to start at 7 or so and not stop till 1... I want to see Kim
  21. Fortunate to be able to attend all three. Although the weather may not cooperate for Thursday. Fingers crossed
  22. oriolesacox


    Regardless of the order, kinda hard not to be giddy looking at the lineup.
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