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  1. Davis is literally the most interesting story on this team right now, if he leaves who do we talk about, Sucre?
  2. We'd be nuts to not give Martin a full season with as much playing time as possible
  3. I’ve been as much of a detractor as anyone, heck even in this thread, but anyone want to band together and cheer the hell out of this guy all season and see if it actually works? Would add something fun for us to do this year and honestly we obviously all want him to succeed.
  4. As demoralizing as this must be for him, I can’t imagine it would help him mentally for the bunt to be the only way he can get a hit. Think that would sap the rest of his 0.0000000001% of remaining mojo.
  5. The O’s built their entire model on homeruns and felt to be successful thats where they needed to pump their money. I dont blame them for the signings at all, I blame them for the idiocy of the contracts and mismanagement of the rest of the organization.
  6. All 1,000 fans are on their feet!
  7. A better non-lame duck GM with more time to work with would have done a heck of a better job with the Gausman trade than DD did. That was atrocious and indefensible in my opinion.
  8. I think your #1 point is undisputable. If Chris Davis wasnt here I feel like everyone would be asking about Bundy. What’s his deal?
  9. How is that clear at this point?
  10. Is there any contract in the history of any sport that is worse? Let me take it a step further, Chris Davis is worse than the Fyre Festival. I literaly just want him to retire so someone can get started on the Chris Davis Netflix documentary.
  11. The problem for a lot of fans is how small of an impact they have made so far personell-wise. Elias keeps telling us he’s building up a broken infrastructure, but the casual fan wants to see tangible impact. Just my observational two cents, and even as a more hardcore fan, it is frustrating to watch the current pace.
  12. Posts like this make me think some posters literally want to have the worst owners possible.
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