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  1. Agreed time to find another similar target and hope they stick
  2. Got to give Cobb credit, he is really trying his best for the #3 spot of worst Orioles contracts of all time. You can do it Cobby!
  3. He has a 5.60 era and options, is this really so surprising?
  4. Dude....do you have magical powers?
  5. Take a look at the catchers on Delmarva, Aberdeen, and Frederick - think there will be plenty of catching jobs to go around.
  6. Know you are joking but organizations need a lot of catchers, Elias probably isnt a big fan of the old DD strategy of sign a few catchers with pulses before spring training every year.
  7. Respectfully disagree - and granted from the perspective of someone who doesnt follow all these players. Its my favorite draft in some time. We went aggressive at key skill positions and focused on areas we thought were strengths in the draft. Reminds me of 2013 when we took 3 catchers in first 11 in strong catcher draft. The lack of pitchers doesn’t bother me, we could still grab an overslot guy after round 10. Just my two cents.
  8. I remember “Mauer with power but better defense” and that he was thought to go higher than we took him, but Boras demands scared teams off.
  9. Question for anyone smarter with this stuff than I am - any “strange” picks in the draft or is all kind of pretty in line with rankings thus far?
  10. Posey was also a late climber that year - if I remember correctly he shot up the rankings very last minute and was slated to go much later. MLB draft only has hyperbole for ratings, its the biggest crapshoot of any major sport.
  11. True but we also are likely bringing up a few folks that could get us a few wins. It will be a dog fight and for last haha.
  12. Wouldn't be so sure, Marlins and Royals are right there with us and Royals already announced they are ready to trade their roster. Granted we for sure will end up with 1-3, but just saying.
  13. I fact checked myself and it is indeed an incorrect assumption - still would be curious to see how bad we were compared when factoring in favorable draft position for so many years.
  14. Since 1991 has any team in baseball been worse at first round picks than Baltimore? (Post Mussina)
  15. Anyone have thoughts on his defense at this point? Know they’ve been playing him at first but talked about trying him at some other positions.
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