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  1. It was a rumor because John had been too vocal about his desire to do it and it finally leaked. Not saying its ever going to happen since John doesnt own the team and if he did can’t just do whatever he wants - but the rumor didnt come from the fact he has a house there. I equate it to people that say things like “I’ve always wanted to live in Hawaii” bur you know 5% chance it ever happens.
  2. All I remember that stood out is that I had heard he loved Nashville, saw it as an up and coming place and wanted to move the Os there. As other posters have said its not his call since he does not technically own the team and there are other obstacles - just what I know based on his desires which he shared with a few folks.
  3. The Jets kicker example is a poor comparison. Its just a comparison of honor I guess, but its two different sports, two different positions, two different sums of money, different guarantees on that money, different timeframe for getting that money.
  4. He has no incentive to retire, he can just wait it out until we cut him and then he will be effectively be retired and set for life for the rest of it. He'll even get a salary for years to come. Would you do what he is doing for a million dollars a year? I would. How about multi millions a year and then deferred money for years after? The only reason he would retire is honor - and I don't think he has that level of it.
  5. Take it for what its worth since I guess the toothpaste is out of the tube now. I’ve kept to myself because I was asked to, I have a friend who is connected and told me last year that John wanted to move the team to Nashville and had mentioned that multiple times to some close friends. Just wanted to substantiate that rumor, because I heard it independently, and although through hearsay, it was hearsay based on what John had said. Again take it for what its worth and believe me if you want.
  6. Not sure anyone could make any argument other than Davis, anyone worse gets sent down or released after a bit, but Davis sticks around as a testament and reminder of futility.
  7. Gave him an E, obviously don’t know the offers but not adding to the farm system or cutting payroll is inexcusable. I concede I’m being too hard on him given the Cashner trade, but I had to do something to combat the As and Bs which I think are less defendable.
  8. I’d argue Sea Quench is really good, but Dogfishhead is known for and became famous for their IPA(s). Also everything tastes better at the brewery, very worth checking out.
  9. Only way I would be disappointed is if we trade no one.
  10. With a top 2 pick likely I think we are more likely to climb than drop off even if all 5 graduate
  11. With very few impactful graduates, some trades, better player development, and a high pick next year I’m curious to see how high we can get.
  12. I live in a world of contradictions - when I watch or attend I want them to win, in a season like this when I don’t I want them to lose for that sweet sweet draft money.
  13. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/27224470/angels-give-harvey-dfa-former-all-star%3fplatform=amp Matt Harvey DFAed today, worth a look?
  14. NFL for sure allows trading of picks, not sure on NBA though. Granted mlb draft is a bit different but I tend to agree.
  15. I think baseball for years has needed both a salary cap and a salary floor but doubt the owners or players will ever agree.
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