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  1. It’s like watching a little league team get mercy ruled every night.
  2. Would that mean we can get rid of the Cards and Royals?
  3. At least the have the allure of MSG and a huge market.
  4. Browns might be favorites to win the division but they have been really terrible. Marlins have two WS wins since our last appearance and they didn’t exist for 10 years after our 83 win.
  5. The second place team? The team that won 90 last year? Serious answers only please
  6. Is this the worst organization in the big 4 sports? Who is in a worse spot?
  7. Maybe I’m just an idiot, but did you mean 50 when you said it there or more like 20?
  8. Someone is management material....
  9. So he’s gonna be Steve Austin?
  10. Yep Henderson can join the likes of the Big Hurt and Tim Hudson and Josh Donaldson and of course Bo. War Eagle everyone. Going to Omaha!!
  11. Throw more sliders
  12. Shot in the leg. Dad doesn’t know anything but I guess is trying to shine light on situation.
  13. Not a good night on the farm.
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