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  1. waroriole

    50 games left - call the record

  2. waroriole

    Orioles - Victor Victor Mesa

    Only interaction I’ve had was positive. There’s always someone though 🙄
  3. waroriole

    Adam Jones interview on C.C. Sabathia's podcast

    Proud to have guys like this on our team https://www.yahoo.com/sports/adam-jones-donates-8-5k-help-history-making-little-league-team-get-regionals-224908915.html
  4. waroriole

    Orioles - Victor Victor Mesa

    I wouldn’t rule out the MFY.
  5. waroriole

    Orioles - Victor Victor Mesa

    Looking forward to the inevitable meltdown when VVM signs elsewhere.
  6. waroriole

    Dan says "tear it completely down"

    Where’s he going?
  7. waroriole

    Dan says "tear it completely down"

    I can’t think of any reason they shouldn’t be retracted.
  8. waroriole

    Grade the Gausman Deal

    I like Zimmerman.
  9. waroriole

    Grade the Schoop Deal

    B+ based off trading him now. If he improved over the rest of the season, we might could’ve got more in the offseason. That’s a risk to take though, and the return isn’t bad here. We’re talking about a guy with a career OBP under .300. Maybe Ortiz’s FB/SL combo plays up out of the pen. Carmona sounds like a decent lotto ticket who can be a UTI IF. Vallar might be able to cover 2B for the next few years.
  10. waroriole

    The Darren O’Day appreciation thread

    Yeah this one stings a bit. He was so dominant for such long stretches. The reason we were considered the team with the best bullpen. Hope he wins that WS soon. This is the reason I wasn’t disappointed to see Adam stick around. That one is really gonna hurt. Even more than Markakis
  11. waroriole

    Gausman, Brach to Pirates?

    Who is this guy? Seems like phony insider stuff.
  12. I live the Orioles, but I’ve never given a crap about anyone’s autograph. I get to each their own, but there are some grown ups here acting like children. Maybe he had diarrhea, maybe he had a personal problem he had to deal with, maybe he just doesn’t wanna do it and has let the O’s know this. Either way, I don’t care. And other than it being a minor annoyance, I don’t know why anyone else does either.
  13. waroriole

    Gausman, Brach to Pirates?

    I mean if Baz is all they had to give up, I wouldn’t blame them
  14. waroriole

    Gausman, Brach to Pirates?

    It’s been less than 60 IP. If you were a fan before the draft, not much should change. He’s 19, with good stuff but not much control and not a good chance to stick as a SP. That’s a terrible return for a Gausman. Hard to believe this rumor. Plus why would PIT want him? They making an unannounced run at the playoffs?