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  1. waroriole

    Marlins Add Even More Mesa $

    What other reason is there to make that trade?
  2. waroriole

    Marlins Add Even More Mesa $

    Only thing better than that game was “don’t throw it away, don’t throw it at all!”
  3. waroriole

    'GM' Candidates and when

    I like Ng as the GM
  4. waroriole

    Marlins Add Even More Mesa $

    2012 was probably my most enjoyable sports season ever. Orioles Magic was in full force
  5. That would be ideal. A real organizational structure. Incredible
  6. waroriole

    O's need to a plan for SS this season

    If so, probably better to showcase him as a SS.
  7. waroriole

    How can you guys not be talking more about Sano?

    Jeez this guy seems like a total POS
  8. waroriole

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    Either way, “not my money” is the dumbest comment you can make when discussing why a team should or shouldn’t sign a player.
  9. waroriole

    October 4, 2016-Two Years Later

    Yep that was the worst offensive performance I’ve ever seen. Our only hope was that someone got lucky and homered.
  10. waroriole

    Time to DO IT RIGHT

    Unless Brady goes to the owner Interesting that he said he/she. Any chance Kim Ng is considered
  11. waroriole

    Duquette is expected to be fired

    Wasn’t there a rumor about us talking to him during the season?
  12. waroriole

    Time to DO IT RIGHT

    Over/under on number of days before Brady is announced as President of Baseball Ops? Really the only question is if he will assume the GM role as well, and maintain a locker.
  13. waroriole

    How to make baseball more interesting

    I’m not sure if #5 or non-tendering Bundy is a worse idea. The high strikeout numbers are concerning and take away from the enjoyment of the game slightly. But I don’t like over-regulating baseball. It will change as it needs to.
  14. waroriole

    Orioles being sued over ADA issues

    Yes, most people like to be paid for their work.
  15. waroriole

    Loverro: The Orioles could be sold this winter

    Nah most of it is KC, and Alabama