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  1. My dad, a big Tigers fan, retired this year and went for three weeks. I went for a week and had a great time. Only saw one game in Sarasota (another got rained out) but we went around central Florida seeing different stadiums. It’s so fun that you see a game in the day then have the rest of the day free. We’re going back next year
  2. I doubt Mountcastle gets called up. Hays is 50/50. I don’t care at all when/if Wilkerson, Smith or Peterson play. I’d be ok with this OF getting the majority of starts: LF Santander CF Williams RF Hays
  3. It looked like he was getting some cutter movement on a few FB. Don’t know if that’s because he was bringing his arm across or if it was natural movement.
  4. With our pitching we could experiment with 4 OF.
  5. If we could win 53 games AND get the first pick, I’d consider that ideal. I think you mean 53-109 though.
  6. C Severino 1B Mancini 2B Villar SS Martin 3B Alberto LF Stewart CF Hays RF Santander DH Nunez There’s room for Hays while giving Stewart regular time.
  7. Just watched his debut. Damn that’s an electric arm. He’s the next Britton, if he’s healthy. Also, love the mullet!!
  8. Any kind of pitching would be appreciated. It’s tough watching the bomb squad
  9. Would be pretty awesome if we had the batting champ in this season of ineptitude.
  10. The only guy to get unanimously voted into the Hall (for some reason) was a failed SP.
  11. Just found out we won. Turned it off when Givens blew another one and just assumed we would go quietly in the 9th. These O’s suck, but they got heart.
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