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  1. Short rants.

    Who are these idiots that post on OH Facebook? First, why are there so many posts? This is a message board. Second, why is it almost always the same guy complaining about something he clearly has a very limited understanding of? Arrrgghh
  2. Why you are feeling so down about the Orioles

    I’m so glad I didn’t order mlbtv before the season started.
  3. 42

    Amazing what that man went through. The restraint and class is something rarely seen.
  4. Alex Cobb- The Orioles Superman

    Hey, every ace can’t be expected to make the playoff roster
  5. vs. BLUE JAYS, 4/10

    Just checking in and see we’re getting no hit. Fabulous
  6. Rare 1-2-5 DP

    He really showed out for his next team
  7. Harvey called up

    I don’t expect him to be up longer than a couple of outings. There’s no reason that he can’t get ML experience then go down and have a better idea of how to get advanced hitters out.
  8. Harvey called up

    Is there some specific harm you think he’ll endure because he was called up? As long as he’s not getting lit up in BAL, I think it gives him a good experience
  9. Think Sisco makes that 1-2-5?

    Everyone has their causes, don’t they? 😉
  10. Harvey called up

    What do you not like? Let’s see what he looks like and Buck will advise him on what he needs to work on. I see nothing bad coming from this.
  11. The CHB on Ted, and Launch Angle

    In 2004, he had a .609 OBP and 1.421 OPS.
  12. The CHB on Ted, and Launch Angle

    What was more of an advantage: hitters using chemicals, or only one race allowed to play?
  13. The CHB on Ted, and Launch Angle

    I’d say Barry Bonds, but I also never saw Ted play. Still the last guy to bat .400
  14. The CHB on Ted, and Launch Angle

    That man was a national treasure
  15. Manager Movement

    I’m sure if I interfaced with him, he’d come around