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  1. This is where I’m at. I know we suck. I knew it coming in. This year is about imagining where we can go and cheap tickets. Let’s get those top picks, let’s expand into the international market, let’s see where we stand in 3 years.
  2. That’s what I remembered but I was getting different info online. Thanks.
  3. Haven’t parked at OPACY in a while. Parking pass online appears sold out, which seems odd. How much is parking, and which lots should be available tomorrow? Thanks
  4. waroriole

    Adam Hall 2019

    Can you translate that to 5 years ago prospect speak?
  5. SP is depressing. Mussina and Bedard are all we’ve had over 20 years and Mussina only one year. FB: Moose CU: Bedard (Robo SP would have trouble blending Hill’s mechanics with the other 3 pitches) SL: Beats me. Bundy might have a good slider but he’s so awful in every other aspect it’s hard to list him. CH: Moose Bullpen is more fun FB: Britton (Sinker is a FB so there...) CU: Olson SL: Miller (He could just be robo RP) CH: Doesn’t matter. Nobody hitting those 3 pitches.
  6. No idea. We should’ve entered our names too. 1390/62 is only 22 and change. Maybe some teams stopped picking. It was 1988 so only 26 teams.
  7. I’m sorry it was 62nd Round, Pick 1390. https://www.foxsports.com/mlb/story/mike-piazza-will-be-lowest-drafted-player-ever-to-enter-hall-of-fame-072216?amp=true
  8. You probably just don’t understand genius IQ
  9. Money spent on ML FA is money not spent on scouting, international infrastructure, analytics, draft overslots etc.
  10. Not sure where we talk about the #1 pick, but Addley is hitting better this year than last. HR power seems to be developing (8 HR in 27 games vs. 9 in 67 last year). I don’t see a better candidate for the #1 pick.
  11. I saw Jackson a couple of times this spring. He looked competent everywhere he played. Had a good approach at the plate. I might’ve sent Mullins down instead, if we need 13 pitchers
  12. 1. Davis should be a part time player until he hits. 2. At least give him half the playing time against RH. Mullins might benefit from time in the minors. 3. Stick with Martin. Slick glove and it’s more of a positive than most players provide. 4. DFA Wright today
  13. I prefer an AL team claim him. Right before we play them.
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