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  1. I didn't think there was a foul on that one scramble rebound with a minute left, but whatever. Great effort, Turgeon gets credit for going to the zone. That one hurt.
  2. Horrible. Free throws, turnovers....we shoot a little better that first half we win. I seriously feel like Maryland should've won that.
  3. Can't miss free throws. Fernando has struggled with that little jump hook recently. Defense defense defense. Need that to fuel our offense.
  4. Waters showing Cowan how to finish near the rim. Cowan doesn't even want to shoot it anymore you can tell. Jalen Smith needs to work on his jumper.
  5. Definitely not on Turgeon. As you all have pointed out, missed shots, many easy ones too. Cowan has missed so many layups the last 6-7 games. We've missed a few assignments defensively too. Game isn't over.
  6. Another slow start, missing open shots. Not loving our shot selection either. Lindo just got broken on the defensive end.
  7. Maryland faces #3 seed LSU in the second round of the NCAA tournament. Terps are 2.5 point underdogs. LSU forces lots of turnovers, they average 9 steals a game, so Maryland needs to be careful with the ball. They also score a lot and average 81.3 points per game. It will be a test for Maryland. Let's get it.
  8. Morsell has kind of been unhearleded this year. He made several huge plays today, including the dish to Stix for the and one. Grabbed lots of loose balls. His and one with about three minutes left gave us the lead for good. And Cowan did indeed play horribly. Very disappointed by him. However, he did make one of the biggest shots of the game. The one three he hit tied the game up.
  9. YES!!! Morsell and Sticks came up HUGE down the stretch. That and one by Jalen was a beast type dunk. I was screaming my head off. And he made the foul shot. On to LSU.
  10. I don't know how Cowan shoots in the 80s from the line. He misses tons of free throws. Those two hurt.
  11. Feed feed feed Fernando. Defense much better to start the second half. Morsell playing aggressive, driving to the hoop. Let's go!
  12. Serrel call a timout! You are trapped in the corner and we have three timeouts. Don't throw a wack pass. We are definitely missing some easy shots. Down 6 at half isn't bad considering how badly we are playing.
  13. Guard the three! They shoot like 80 of them a game.
  14. Cowan...make a 3 for the love of god. We are just missing shots. Plenty of time to turn it around. Ramp up the defense. I want to see Fernando step up.
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