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  1. Think now would be a logical time to try to lock him up with an extension?
  2. I don't disagree that he should. But there's always the service time consideration. Unfortunately with him, it means he stays down even longer than others may. Mullins has already been here once, let him continue to develop at the big league level since his service clock is already well in place. I'd imagine this regime is considering those factors when they make decisions on the roster.
  3. Looking to pull on this topic a bit more as I don't understand the positional differences of WAR as much. Say Ryan we're below average defensively at 3rd (maybe -1 dWAR?) and average defensively at 1st, how much better would he have to hit at 1st than 3rd? Because there's already a positional difference between first and 3rd, so what would be the needed delta to make him more valuable at 1st than 3rd?
  4. So did Seth Smith....as a RF, and we all know how that played out in Baltimore. Even though we thought he'd help, most didn't want him by mid season and neither did the Mariners.
  5. MarCakes21

    Epic Fail

    Thanks for putting it together. Probably better to do with OPS+ and ERA+ to have them normalized to some degree, but it is an interesting take.
  6. We use analytics? Crazy.
  7. Kinda, and maybe to start the game. But what if you had Davis play 1B, and Mancini (just picking a name) DH. Then moved Manicini to first, therefore forefitting the DH. Davis only has to field the first half inning, and then he comes out. There's always a loophole.
  8. Bump. So anyone have new stances on the most important player? Or who is the most important player from here on out? Machado has established that he's elite, and should (NEEDS) to be traded. Maybe at this point its Britton/Brach as they have potential value that needs to be revived. Or Jones to get him to a contender and revive value.
  9. I'm in the boat of pass on all remaining FAs. This team will either outperform expectations like they always do or flounder away, like is expected of them. If they outperform, then guys like Cashner, Rasmus, Tillman, Beckham, Hays/Santander will all step up big time. If they flounder you'll get a lot of use out of the Rule 5 pitchers, and be able to trade guys in the last year of their contracts for something. Jones, Manny, Brach should net quality pieces for future years.
  10. I'm going to go the other way around. Everyone thought this team would win 70 games, so we signed Cashner and Tillman and now we have a bright spot to win 90+? I doubt it. So I'll take Manny in hopes that his trade value boosts as high as possible and we can flip him for ~3 good prospects for someone's stretch run.
  11. What about claiming him or trying to make a trade contingent on trading Trumbo for a bag of balls
  12. Still TBD, but it got a team inspired and interested again.
  13. I think you have to look at what the Marlins did with Stanton as an example here. They signed him to a massive deal, hoping that he was the centerpiece, not the surrounding pieces. Now they have had Prado, Ozuna, and Yelich, but neither of those guys was thought to be great either. Bour has been hurt, Gordon mediocre, and Suzuki old. Their pitching outside of Fernandez has been mediocre, but they're right there for a wildcard. You lock up the young talent, you trade the aging or not worth the cost. Britton/O'Day/Tillman/Kim/QO Trumbo will net you quality pieces. Hardy, Gallardo, Miley, Ubaldo all come off after 2018. You can do a mini-rebuild there if you want when you'll have Manny and Schoop in their prime, Davis still with another two years of solid production, and Sisco and others entering. Hopefully Gaussman and Bundy have established, and are in their primes of mid-late 20s.
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