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    Interesting FAs

    I say sign James Shields for the 5th spot in the rotation, had more QS than any pitcher the orioles had last year, 1 year about 5 million.

    We’re #30 - Keith Law farm systems rankings

    Keith Law is just plain wrong, I have been watching baseball for 50 plus years and the orioles have some high end talent on it way, many of which I have had eyes on, its only one man opinion, don't believe it. I personally have the orioles farm system rated at 18, just another one man opinion. If you don't think that Harvey can become a very good MLB SP if he can avoid the injuries than you shouldn't even evaluate any prospect, because he has everything you look for.

    Hyde: New O’s Manager

    As tight lipped as the orioles have become under their new GM, don't be surprised that he doesn't get the job if he leaked it!!!
  4. Your never going to get Davis back to his former self and earn the money he is making, but you can get him back to close to league average by just cutting down his K's..
  5. Only hiring a new hitting coach who Davis can really believe in will help, Mejdal really can't, he can tell him about pitches to expect and when, but Davis needs to change drastically, he needs to straighten his stance and hit to all fields to improve, his open stance is now part of the problem. He is in a pull stance from the get go, its time to change.
  6. Chris Davis can be fixed, but he needs to change, he still has enough bat speed to make solid contact, but he has to shorten his swing and get rid of that extra move downwards in his swing, the bat needs to be direct to the bat. All hitters lose bat speed as they age, same as golf, you have to adjust, the smart players do, the stupid one don't, eating his contract at this time is not an option, the orioles have to try and fix him. It can be done, baseball has many famous players who have made the adjustment, pitchers who lose their fastballs do it all the time, it can be done, but the player needs to want it.
  7. Chris Davis needs to shorten his swing, stop trying to hit the ball longer, just make contract and good things will happen, it like a golfer who can't hit the fairway, longer swing, more distance, less fairways. The object in both baseball and golf is to make solid contact in the sweet part of the bat to the center part of the bat, its all about hand and eye coordination, I have always thought that having smaller baseballs in practice could improve hitters contact and hand to eye, it would be beneficial to try this out of the box idea with Davis.

    Luis Ortiz - RHP - 2018 #12 Prospect

    Since I have seen he pitch, I will weight in, a see a RP or a number 5 SP at best, I expected his stuff to be better from the scouting reports, but I just didn't see it. Yacabonis is more impressive than him.

    Who Will Get Cut From The 40-Man By Opening Day?

    Beckham and Joseph should be released, Celeb can be signed to a minor league contract. We are going to need the space on the forty man for the rule 5 draft and sign fridge free agents. Agree with many of your picks from the first post, we can always resign them to minor league contracts.
  10. REDMAN

    2018 top 1-5 Prospects Vote

    Not a trick poll, just a opinion, can only judge on what I have seen and who I have seen play, I read every scouting report I can find on the orioles prospects, but until I see them play I won't comment. Mountcastle is a stud hitter in a league where DH is easy to fill, there is no premium on a DH prospect, so putting him in the top five is a bad indication.h
  11. REDMAN

    Blaine Knight - RHP - 2018 #9 Prospect

    I only try to post when I have actually seen the player play, and as I have seen Knight and was very impressed, has very good stuff and that mental ability to give him that edge for success, could be rated higher in the prospect list, maybe 6th or 7th.
  12. REDMAN

    2018 top 1-5 Prospects Vote

    Mountcastle cannot be rated above 5th in the orioles system, he, at the present time, is only a DH, he can't play defense in the MLB with that arm, he is all bat at this point. The orioles has many other two way players who should be considered better players than he is.
  13. REDMAN

    Hunter Harvey– RHP – 2018 - #7 Prospect

    Harvey will always be my number 1 prospect on any list, have seen him pitch several times, the injuries bug is a bad thing, but he has the stuff to be a great SP.
  14. REDMAN

    POLL: Yay or nay on Beckham trade?

    I have been watching baseball for over fifty years and Beckham is the worst infielder I have ever seen take the field in a MLB game, like Pedro he should never ever be issued a glove.
  15. REDMAN

    Britton Trade Expectations

    The trouble with the Yankees is that they have to many good players to hold on their 40 man again, time to take advantage of it. And the Drury was a three way trade with the yankees giving up two prospects.