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  1. So, you're saying that you would rather draft the guys that turn out rather than those that don't, right? (smacks forehead) Wow, wish I had thought of that.
  2. I don't know about that, but if you mean they don't leap to a drastic conclusion a month into a GM's first season before he has even had a draft, I think the percentage is more like 99%.
  3. I do not count minor league games. I also do notg count spring training, college, high school, or little league. Ridiculous.
  4. Well, the Orioles could use a center-fielder.
  5. Maybe he didn't like hockey, eh?
  6. No assumption is involved. By rule, if in the umpire's judgment the player had a chance at catching it, call the out. Even a small chance. To call it a double would be only if in the umpire's judgment there was absolutely no chance the ball could be caught. If the play's in doubt, call the out. The batting team should never be rewarded for interference.
  7. Just sayin'. Sometimes a guy either has a brain fart or just doesn't know the rules. If he fails to run to first base and gets thrown out, no runs score, even if they crossed the plate before the out was made.
  8. In fact, if the ball stays in play and they throw him out at first base, the game is over and no runs score if there were two outs.
  9. I think that it discredits neither Baines nor WAR, but rather the committee.
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