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  1. Oh, no question. I'm sure they are at least considering trading Cashner. I was just saying that Cashner this year isn't really comparable to O'Day last year.
  2. I believe the O's have an option on Cashner for next season that they can elect not to exercise. O'Day, on the other hand, was owed another full season's salary guaranteed when traded. Additionally, while Cashner is performing well now, O'Day was out injured when he was traded. Not really comparable situations either financially or baseball-wise, IMO.
  3. Why? They can swing and run on a wild pitch/passed ball with 2 strikes as it is.
  4. Hit 'em where they ain't.
  5. He knew a little bit about hitting, so I'll go with what he said.
  6. No revision necessary. He said what he said, and has thus far been proven to be right. When someone hits .400, you can say he was wrong. Not until.
  7. Ted Williams said the slider is the reason no batter will ever hit .400 again.
  8. Alberto for Russell. Why would we do that? Russell has one less year of control remaining and costs much more money. Not to mention his domestic violence history. And Alberto is having the better year, to boot. How this is "fair" to Baltimore is beyond me. Hard pass.
  9. Or we could say that at the time of the pitch the pitcher must have his pivot foot on the pitchers plate, the catcher must be in the catchers box, and the other seven fielders must be in fair territory. Oh wait, that is the rule. Never mind.
  10. I heard that on the radio and was surprised Frank Robinson or Eddie Murray hadn't accomplished that. I guess it's a matter of having limited number of at bats versus LHP in half a season.
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