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  1. NCAA OH Bracket

    Yes, Virginia, there is a UMBC.
  2. Cobb only thread

    It depends on your definition of is.
  3. Did you buy corned beef and cabbage for St. Patrick's Day?
  4. Cobb only thread

    OH! It's "Alex" Cobb? I thought it was "Lee J." No wonder I keep getting reruns of The Virginian!
  5. Wasn't 2016 the season that the Orioles lost some home dates due to civil unrest? Do I have the year right on that? I don't know how much that hurt, but it certainly didn't help, right?
  6. vs. YANKEES, 3/14 (Spring Training)

    LOL. threw that last one to second for the final out. Didn't want to throw it to Pedro again.
  7. vs. YANKEES, 3/14 (Spring Training)

    Susac did a good job framing several of O'Day's low pitches, IMO.
  8. What If Tillman Gets Hammered in Spring Training?

    Plus the league championship was determined by the outcome of the regular season.
  9. I believe that last year was an exception. I don't think that we can expect the total salary budget to be quite as high this year. Having said that, I'm not sure how Camden Depot arrived at the 8 million dollar figure.
  10. Very doubtful, Lynn turned the Twins down flat on a 2-year offer.
  11. Something has to be done with Mark Trumbo

    True. Plus, Ted Williams said that we probably won't ever see another .400 hitter due to the advent of the slider.
  12. Something has to be done with Mark Trumbo

    This change occurred almost a hundred years ago. You've got Babe Ruth to that for that. You are apparently a Ty Cobb man.
  13. But we haven't lost him, right? Seemed like there was very little chance of a waiver claim and, indeed, he passed thru waivers.
  14. Signings Thread (John Jay Signed by Royals)

    Minimal - minor league contract. The players are close, but we got the better player on the better contract, IMO. Rasmus is a year younger and plays defense just a bit better than Jay. Jay is superior in OBP, while Rasmus is the superior slugger. WAR favors Rasmus. Lifetime OPS+ is about equal, with Jay's best three seasons being 2010-12. From 2013 on, it's been Rasmus easily, save the one poor season in 2016. I believe OPACY is a better fit for Rasmus than Jay. The Orioles' signing of Rasmus probably contributed to Jay settling for less than he was looking for a week or so later with K.C., and we still got our player on a better contract. All in all, it came out OK for the Orioles, IMO. I'm certainly not upset about it.
  15. Quick thoughts from Sarasota ...

    Why would that be a joke? Sorry, I don't get it.