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  1. 8:44am: Marlins president of baseball operations Michael Hill announced to reporters that Straily has been released by the organization (Twitter link via Joe Frisaro of MLB.com). He’ll receive the aforementioned 45 days’ termination pay and can now sign with any club for any amount of money (on top of that termination pay from Miami).
  2. According to MLBTR he has been released and is a free agent.
  3. Released. Free to sign with any team.
  4. I assume that you meant to say late '50s.
  5. The best thing you have going for you is your willingness to humiliate yourself.
  6. It isn't quite as simple as that. He would have to pass thru waivers and all of the other teams would have a shot to claim him and assume the rule 5 restrictions.
  7. This isn't limited to Davis and the Orioles. I was watching a non-Orioles game on MLB the other day. After one inning there had been 6 strikeouts, 3 walks, and 2 home runs. Nothing else.
  8. Thank you. Again, I can't see the article and didn't know what date the writer attributed Jones with the quote. I do know that Jones did say it last year. It was in context, as it was the selfsame issue being discussed. I just didn't know whether Jones said it again, or the writer was pointing out what Jones had said on the matter when asked last year. Thank you for that clarification.
  9. I'm not sure that this situation qualifies as a "self over team" situation, Tony. If he OK'd the deal, he wouldn't be on the team. Hard to hold not putting an opposing team's concerns over your own against a player, IMO. I think perhaps that is a bit much to expect. He had no-trade rights and exercised them. I'm not sure of all his reasons, but not wishing to either uproot his family, live apart from his family, or having quite a long commute for a three month assignment doesn't really seem all that outrageous to me. As someone else pointed out, I don't know if DD had discussed this with Jones ahead of the trade and Jones indicated that he would waive his no-trade rights. If that was the case, then yes, that would be disturbing. I haven't heard that that was indeed the case, however. DD's past record regarding personal contact with players would tend to make me believe that such a pre-trade discussion probably did not take place.
  10. I don't have a subscription to the Athletic, so I couldn't read the article. Do we know if Jones' comments were made recently, or if the writer listed a quote that Jones made last year. I remember him saying something like this last season. Just curious if he is indeed still insisting on not changing, or if perhaps the writer is making an assumption based on that previous quote.
  11. Do you mean Richie Martin? Or Drew Jackson?
  12. Charlie Finley suggested 40-odd years ago that they should just go ahead and make every player a free agent every year. One season at a time. No albatross contracts. Sounded crazy, but it is interesting to think what might have happened had they listened to him.
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