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    Harold Baines.....Lee Smith in Hall of Fame

    Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Baines.... Anyway, not sure I'd vote for either if I had a vote, but I'm happy for both of them. Congrats.
  2. Number5

    Naughty By Nurture- From a Derailed Thread

    I officiate baseball, football, and basketball. Based on what I've seen, the number of kids playing baseball in Montgomery County has been going down year by year for awhile. The numbers playing football has dropped off rather quickly and suddenly in the last 2 or 3 years, which I think is a result of parental concern about the increased reporting and awareness of concussions and the potential problems later in life. Basketball remains popular and, if anything, the numbers are increasing.
  3. Don't worry. Won't happen. It's not logical to relocate the umpire and expect the umpire to be looking at the middle infielder's feet and a line on the ground. If he's looking there, he can't possibly see when the pitch is thrown. He needs to be in position to be doing his job and observing the pitcher. Criminy, we would have umpires not knowing where the ball has been hit and unable to employ proper mechanics to make a call or worse, getting hit by line drives
  4. Major league pitchers throw more strikes than balls. They would nibble less if three balls were a walk. Little doubt in my mind that the games would have a reduced average game-time with such a change. You might have the occasional game where the pitcher is wild, but even then, it takes him less time to pitch three balls than four. Hey, I don't want any change to the rules myself, but I really dislike the constant tinkering with rules. Go ahead and make this one big change if you must, and let that be the end of it.
  5. If you want to increase offense, while also speeding up the game, and don't mind radical rules changes, just go ahead and reduce the number of balls for a base on balls from four to three. That one change would accomplish both supposed goals. Personally, I don't see a need to change the rules, but if your going to do it, just change one rule, not seventeen.
  6. Wow! 5 or 6 kids per year going to D1 schools is amazing for any high school. Colleges should be recruiting that coach! By the way, you pitched four years in D1 -- you certainly didn't suck!
  7. Hey Jude, didn't you play at Strawberry Field? You know, on Abbey Road across the Mersey?
  8. Require catchers to tell the hitter what pitch is coming. Yeah, that's the ticket!
  9. The lineup card is about the batting order. Changes in position that do not involve substitutions do not need to be reported to the umpire, with the exception of pitching change. That is the rule. Not being argumentative - stating fact. I see lineup cards often, since I am an umpire. It simply is not about the position. I disagree with you. Why does that mean I can't post? Discussion does not mean only agreeing with you. You are welcome to your opinion. EDIT to clarify: Also, as an FYI, the 9 players listed on the lineup card ( 10 if there is a DH) must be the same players that start the game. The player listed in position 1 must start as the pitcher and remain there thru one completed at bat (unless he is injured). A player listed as designated hitter may not play the field. There must be a properly equipped player in the catcher's box, although it doesn't necessarily have to be the player listed with position 2 on the lineup card. The seven other players must be in fair territory, and none are required to stand any particular place, regardless of what position number is listed on the lineup card.
  10. The lineup card is about the batting order, not the position in the field, with the exception of the pitcher and designated hitter being identified in any league playing under American League rules. Otherwise, players can play anywhere in the field. Whoever is pitching must do so from the pitchers plate and whoever is catching must be in the catchers box. The other seven players must be in fair territory. Those are the rules of baseball concerning defensive alignment. Simple rules. Let's keep it that way.
  11. Number5


    The fact that there are more important factors offensively than stolen bases is far from being irrelevant. In fact, it is the crux of the matter. The point you are overlooking is that the fact that Billy Hamilton doesn't score a lot of runs isn't a statistical anomaly based on the failures of his teammates. It is rather the very obvious fact that he isn't on base very often, and he certainly doesn't knock himself in very often. As I thought I had stated clearly, the ability to steal bases can make a good player even better, but it doesn't overcome the inability to get on base.
  12. Ted Williams was a dead-pull hitter for whom the first shift was devised by Lou Boudreau. He refused to change his swing and continued to pull shots to right successfully.
  13. Number5


    Players like Lou Brock, Willie Mays, and Ricky Henderson were extremely valuable because they not only stole bases, but also were good hitters. The stolen bases added to their offensive weapons, but they had offensive value without them. Players like Billy Hamilton, not so much. Pitchers have little fear of Billy Hamilton with a bat in his hands. As a result, he not only hits his way on in a below average manner, but he sees a lot of strikes and doesn't walk a whole lot, either. His great stolen base tool is therefore reduced by the fact that he simply doesn't have as much opportunity to use it. After all, the basic goal each time a player goes to bat is to eventually score. A lot of players score more runs than Billy Hamilton. No matter your speed, your not going to score if you never reach first base. That puts Hamilton's stolen base value in perspective, IMO.
  14. Number5

    Rule 5 Draft discussion

    I think there is a better chance of getting one of the best available pitchers in round 2 than one of the best available position players. Elias said he leans toward taking infielders when he can, so I'm thinking that there's a good chance that we go infielder with that first pick.
  15. I'm pretty sure that Davis will be on the payroll whether he is on the roster or not.
  16. Number5

    Rumors and News

    Actually, I do advocate paying a bargain price for someone like Schoop. Perhaps not Schoop himself, but players that have shown some success, are young, and perhaps can break out. I leave it to our new team of scouts, analysts, and decision-makers to find and determine which of those potential diamonds in the rough are worth taking a chance on. One thing for certain is that players that everyone knows are stars and/or top prospects aren't going to be cheap. So yes, I'd like the Orioles to be looking at guys like Schoop.
  17. Number5

    Rumors and News

    I don't think the "We are expected to be terrible, so we should do everything we can to make sure that we are" philosophy is a winning formula. I'd rather make every effort to improve and find "market inefficiencies." To each his own, I guess.
  18. Number5

    Rumors and News

    Interesting, though. If he can be had for less than $6 million, it might just be the kind of bargain opportunity a rebuilding team is looking for. He was non-tendered based on a $10 million salary, so I'm not so sure that he will get much more than $6 million. Milwaukee's major misstep here was thinking Schoop was a MLB shortstop. They quickly found out he wasn't. They clearly were better off with Villar, considering their real need was a SS. If Schoop had turned out to be the SS they thought he was, I believe that they would have kept him in the lineup and given him more of an opportunity to sort out his batting woes.
  19. Number5

    Rumors and News

    Self-fulfilling prophecy?
  20. You can't steal first base. He'll get a MLB job, but $5.9 million is too much.
  21. Number5

    Britt Ghiroli Appreciation Thread

    Bob's Country Bunker.
  22. Number5

    Roch: Decisions Still Pending

    I consider it bad form for Roch to verbally berate Tony for a comment written on this board. That would be the same as Tony doing the same to Roch for what somebody wrote in the comments on Roch's blog. Good grief. Tony isn't responsible for what we write. Having read Frobby for years, I can't imagine any post of his generating that type of response. The only thing I can think of is that it is possible that Roch didn't actually read whatever post it was, but rather was told about it by someone else, most likely in an exaggerated manner. Just a guess.