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  1. I don't mean to single you out. I think many here, myself included find the ownership performance under Angelos severely lacking. But I think this is a little unfair, Angelos is not a wannabe owner, he is a very wealthy man who isn't very good at listening to other people's ideas. He saved this organization from potentially leaving Baltimore and that alone assures him of a worthwhile legacy. Yes, it's not enough. Yes, he has presided over an organization that has sunken from one of the better franchises in sports to one of the worst. But he has not been without some positive points. Again, I don't mean to single you out. I cannot wait for new ownership. But I also fear that if it is not someone with ties to Baltimore...that things can get much worse for us as fans.
  2. So you're saying if someone has done nothing that makes sense and offered nothing to improve the environment.... And you're selectively stating facts...which of course makes your take completely baseless, but hey, your entitled to your opinion, even if it is...what did Tony-OH say the other day to someone else, you're entitled to your opinion even if it is ill informed and wrong.
  3. Oh well, at least we have our memories of what it was like to be the best!
  4. It is a unique experience to be able to celebrate the fandom of teams owned by Angelos and Snyder.
  5. Well duh! That's not anything. That would be something!
  6. foxfield

    DFA Hess?

    Well, in fairness, given our alternatives...If a guy is inconsistent in the way you describe...we don't mind him, we blast him, we kinda like him, we excoriate him, we want to extend him, we want to cut him, etc. Welcome to Oriole Baseball...the Rebuild.
  7. Orioles, Redskins, Virginia Cavaliers!!!
  8. Lee Ford actually pretended to be Brady Anderson while hitting in Cal’s final at game leaving Cal on deck. This was done to try and throw off the hatred into Brady. To this day some believe it almost worked.
  9. Well, that would be good, because if he is smiling, he remembers and that is progress in his recovery. Of course if he is smiling and it's because he has no recollection of the event at all....
  10. Nah. He wouldn’t do that. He’d leave enough for you to make it out to the interstate before you ran out! 😜
  11. Teams are using a special “Yankee” ball? Or MLB experimenting with one when they play Baltimore.
  12. Look, I agree that Davis is a problem, but he is a problem because everyone knows he is here because of that contract. And none of the people in charge are responsible for the contract. I think it is likely Hyde felt he needed to address Davis in front of the team, but we simply don't know the context of what was said. That doesn't excuse Hyde in any way if he was over the line. But even if he was, Davis' reaction is simply unacceptable. Regardless of where fault lies for last night, I thing it underscores why Davis on the roster but not contributing is a growing problem. And that should not take away from the fact that until last night, Davis seemed to be playing pretty well defensively. Certainly relative to three infielders playing in the outfield. But here again, Davis being on the team is part of the reason this occurs. Davis will be a lightning rod, with good attitude or not, until he is gone. I just don't see how it can be otherwise.
  13. Accountability. Davis has struggled and has in spite of it generally said the right things. At the same time, he really hasn't made any changes and the reason for his performance seems to be that he is simply not good enough to perform to his contract, or to really justify a position on a pretty poor team. I didn't see the game, only the videos floating around during and after. Hyde certainly could have handled the situation better, but we simply do not know the context for either side. If he questioned Davis' effort or di so in a way that should have been handled in the office, then Hyde has to learn from that and has to own it. Hyde has little managerial experience and no doubt is making mistakes in his first year. He will either improve or he will be a bridge to someone else down the road. But Davis, is the one who went off and he has to be held accountable too. It was a terrible series, and a harsh reminder, that even though the Orioles have played better of late, they are a poor team, without the talent and pieces to be competitive night in and night out against better teams. While we would all like to know exactly what transpired, it's probably best that it was handled the way it was. In house. But it seems that both men have to be held accountable for their own actions. There is such a long way to go...
  14. Now that right there ⬆️ is funny.
  15. Certainly a tough break for DJ on a seemingly playable ball. I have no doubt being on a wet field had a pretty big impact on the play. Surprised that he did not exit game immediately but ultimately hope this isn’t a major hold up for him. Shake it off kid.
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