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  1. Criticism of Trumbo may well be unfair, commenting on the obvious breakdown of the clubhouse and the performance on the field, however, noticeably changes around that time. Trumbo does seem like a good guy and no doubt there is plenty of blame to go around. But somewhere around the time of the double pie...The Orioles window slammed shut.
  2. Generational is often misused or more properly, misunderstood. You are clearly using it as if generational is for all of baseball. And no doubt there are some who think Manny is that player. But generational can also be used for a team. Manny is without a doubt the most complete player the Orioles have had in a generation. I don't see how anyone would debate that statement. But being a generational talent for the Orioles does not mean they should have paid him $400 Million to stay. I can't say I am rooting for him every day but I am not waiting to pounce on his every failure either. Regardless of what happens to Manny going forward, I will miss him, I'll wish it could have been possible for him to stay for his whole career. And lastly, If his career ends and he is not HOF worthy, then he had tremendous success but either didn't reach his ceiling or didn't stay healthy long enough.
  3. Fixed that for you!!! I remember the great Chico Escuela when he was attempting his comeback with the Mets in 1979. One of the touching moments of my youth and has helped assuage my horrid memories of We Are Family chants or visions of Kent Tekulve in the 79 Series.
  4. Mustard AND Mayo on a turkey and cheese please...and Mustard on the dog, even if it's a three footer!
  5. While the conversation has gotten a little off track. I don’t think people are really that far off. There are known risks and and some of them are controllable and some are not. It’s sinoly part of the game. And I agree with the bolded part above. I’d rather my best player not be the one taking a higher level of risk. It seems to me that the solution here is to draft and develop or sign some international players who are better than the catcher. Would it be ok to play the new switch hitting HOF catcher if he is not the best player? If he’s the fourth best player I think that bodes well for the O’s. I am of course being facetious. But have enjoyed the discussion here...
  6. Unfortunately, even with the purchase it is a name we are going to keep hearing. Even he is released. As Frobby points out earlier, the Orioles are not going to be good so it may delay a move. But you are correct, it's going to become a real problem that impacts the club working to get better. Mancini probably should be traded, Trumbo may not make it back and even if he does he is gone at the end of the year. But if either of those guys stay on the roster and Chris Davis is still here....someone is not getting a chance to prove they should be here. And Chris Davis, performing very poorly for a team that isn't exactly setting the bar high. I still think he is gone soon, but the pressure isn't really forcing it yet, but it is starting to build.
  7. Well, as of this season. Yes!
  8. Its a fine line and we all hope to see change for the better. My hope is that as this group goes forward we see that from both players and coaches.
  9. I don't think anyone disagrees per se, I think the issue...and let's use Givens, if he has a clean inning and you pull him, you still need to have someone else. If you are not going multiple innings with Givens because he is struggling, which struggling pitcher besides Givens is he supposed to use. Chris Davis? Im being facetious of course, and again, I think no one really disagrees with your point. The counter point is what else could he do. And yes the options are pretty bad regardless, but if we use the logic you and Phillip are using, were almost at position players as closer.
  10. Hays, Diaz, Elias, Sig, Frobby I expect Frobby to come down next week, but that's today. 😎
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