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  1. O's interested in Tyler Chatwood

    Certainly not their MO, but if I was a team that needed 3 starting pitchers...I'd get one just as soon as possible. Signing one or even two early and trading for one seems practical and could do well for a final run and a bridge to next run. Going into Feb still needing 3 will not percolate well.
  2. Assume we don’t trade Manny and he walks

    The constant calls to remove DD are scary. He hasn't been perfect for sure, but lets remember that while he had a resume and the requisite experience for the job, he took the job after several notable candidates refused to even interview. AM and DD together have moved the franchise from utter failure to respectability and competitiveness that was lacking for 14 years. It really makes me nervous to think that Brady Anderson is being teed up to be the next GM. If he is, I hope I am wrong. I am more open to Buck moving upstairs, but pretty nervous about that as well. The bottom line is that if DD goes and Buck goes...Brady may well be the only one who will take the job.
  3. In fairness, many who are advocating it now, were also doing so in 2012 and forward. Doesn't make them wrong now, but it bears consideration. The old broke watch is right twice a day applies. It's going to be an interesting winter even if there really is no news...the ole hot stove will be stoked for sure.
  4. A day that will live in infamy.
  5. There is no one that I would not be willing to move in the right deal. It really does not matter what we think Britton will be in 2018. We do know that he will be expensive. It makes perfect sense to gauge interest again now. And weigh the return based on the risk. He can be kept at a known, albeit expensive cost and if effective he can still bring a haul later. The Yankees got a lot for a 3 month rental. Is Britton healthy, I don't know. But if he is I know he is one of the best closers in baseball. The question is how valuable does another team see him and what will they give. The fretting over not doing something before is useless here. He does have value, how much is debatable, but I wouldn't move him for a Ynoa type...
  6. MLBTR: AL Notes

    Well that's not very realistic. If they tender him they think he is healthy enough to help em win and they are going to keep him. If they are concerned with the health issue still and don't think he is healthy. They shouldn't tender him. Now, If they think he is fine, but needs more time? I might offer him a 2 year deal at say $20M...he knows until he is healthy he isn't getting a great deal and this gives him and the orioles a chance to have value. I realize it isn't done this way either, but Id rather chase Britton than say...Tillman.
  7. Well, I cannot imagine a GM worth having that would accept that set up. Why would you? If it is successful, it's not yours...if it fails you are held responsible. Plus in fairness, while we have had that type of relationship, we have moved closer to a normal situation with AM and DD. Even PA knows he needs a GM...he has to. Ok. I tried. Maybe every fan that buys a season ticket package can be GM for a day.
  8. Should the Orioles sign Andrew Cashner and Jason Vargas?

    That is fine, but will not move the dial in 18. IF they really believed this I would think trading Britton and Manny to load up as many 2019-2020 ready pieces would be smart. Oh and any dead cat bounce on Davis or Trumbo, I'd sell on that for whatever.... But if Harvey and Akin are ready...(by '19) that is good news. Very good news.
  9. Orioles offseason simulation

    Trumbo is not an outfielder, and he is not chris davis at first, but his skills at first base are reasonably good. If say, we could move Davis for money +, Id be more than happy to see Trumbo for 2 yrs at first/DH.
  10. In a dream, I had Manny agreeing to be traded this offseason, for pitching of course, and then resigning for 300M and 5% of the O's in a contract for life.
  11. Unfortunately, I think you are correct as well. But we really don't know what Manny wants. I think you may be correct, but will hope I am wrong. Still, the issue in my opinion is the deciding factor not whether or not PA will pay him.
  12. I think your assessment is pretty good. The most important part in my opinion is what Manny wants. If he doesn't want to be an Oriole it really doesn't matter what he is offered. If he does, I think the chances are better than most that he is signed.
  13. Orioles offseason simulation

    Interestingly enough...while the general consensus here on this board that neither Davis or Trumbo contracts can be moved, the idea here and in a piece today by Dan Connolly here http://www.baltimorebaseball.com/2017/11/10/want-starting-pitching-orioles-need-look-potential-contract-swap-giants/ suggest that maybe that isn't the case.
  14. Orioles offseason simulation

    Can we identify the Oriole GM here?