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  1. A summary of our rotation

    I agree with this overall. I think it meant something. I also think we want a reason for why our pitching, which wasn't great to begin with was historically bad. However if this were a statistical analysis of 100 business events and the result was this outlier....wouldn't we expect that something in the analysis was flawed? I get that it doesn't really mean that and am aware that as a matter of fact, Castillo may not be very good. His CERA and our results do correspond. But again....as Drungo noted above....following these conclusions Jeff Tackett..Jeff Tackett.!
  2. I am going to try one final time. My post in no way meant to ascertain your wealth or to look down on you in any way shape form or fashion. I again apologize for using what I already said was a poor choice of words. Yet even in taking that word out, I am now condescending and yet you continue to post on wealth. I honestly could care less what your travel habits are and still, I applaud you for your financial choices and the abilities to survive in this world without debt. Honestly and most sincerely I do. My post was regarding your description of enjoyability vs dollars and since you have clarified that the dollars are well within your means, you have clearly led us to this point: You believe there are literally multiple choices for your families entertainment that provide more enjoyment than attending Baltimore Oriole games. I can't refute that. That's a choice. And it is one each of us can freely make. But again, your argument was that the cost/enjoyment equation made the Orioles expensive. Your numbers were inflated and refuted. Repeatedly. The Orioles have signed Cobb and nearly all is right with the world today. Take the apology. Leave the cannoli.
  3. Cobb to Orioles (Confirmed by Roch Kubatko)

    With all due respect, I think this is pretty flawed. And I have waited a couple of hours to try and refute it. Because first of all, I think you have a much better understanding of metrics than I. But this is wrong in my opinion because you are valuing Cobb at about 4 wins which as you say is likely the semi-best case. I'm not disputing Cobb's value for sake of this but conceding it. However, his actual value tp Baltimore is +4 PLUS whatever negative number he is replacing. To be a 75 win team lets assume that the Orioles #4 and #5 SP are a combined -4WAR. Last year to win only 75 games, the Orioles #4 and #5 pitched to a 6.81 (Ubaldo) and 7.84 (Tillman) ERA. I think if you add semi-best assumption for Cobb at +4 you have to also compare the difference to what he is replacing which is historically bad. To paraphrase your intent I believe...I don't want to be too positive but doesn't this make the likely case the Orioles are at least a 82 win team and need much less to go right than yesterday to be a playoff contending team?
  4. Poor is a reference point that is different for everyone. You have no idea what I deem to be poor. You sir, complained about the relative costs of your family attending an Oriole game versus other costs. YOU made the argument that the cost was excessive. YOU said the cost was a barrier to an enjoyable experience. It was easily refuted even after you modified your argument to expand the cost to a family of 4. I made a poor choice to use the word afford, but an understandable one after reading your argument. What I meant to say, is that if the cost of attending a game is higher than what would bring enjoyment I am sure that someone here would be willing to provide you with seats at a cost that would enhance your enjoyability. On the other hand if enjoyability is beyond the reach of you and your family, than please accept my apologies and my wishes that you enjoy your next trip to Disney World.
  5. I agree and that is why I said that Buck is the most likely to return. He may or may not have reached that point....but I believe that point will arrive in Baltimore.
  6. Ok, Ill play. The original premise is that signing Cobb changes the ask the Orioles would have if the phone rang today and someone wanted to make an offer for Manny. The answer is sure, of course it does...now the Orioles may ask for merely one very highly rated prospect nearly ready or currently ready. The answer is that the Orioles will still not receive that offer thereby answering your big question. Manny will be at SS on opening day and that is as certain as anything in sports. * * This statement is not to be relied upon and the author assumes no responsibility for any legal or gambling considerations. The author in no way believes that Manny will be traded today, any more than he believed that Virginia would not be crushed by UMBC in the opening round of the NCAA Tourney. But still he does intend to imply that while you can in fact, bet the house that Manny is at SS for Baltimore when the season opens. He just emphatically suggests that you don't make that wager.
  7. Welcome friend, hope you find the OH to be as enjoyable and informative as I and many others do. I think that Buck is not ready to go and is the most likely of all of the free agents in the clubhouse or warehouse to return. I think $ would decide for Jones, Machado, Britton and I honestly believe that DD will only stay if he has no other offer and that presumes the Orioles offer him which presumes a lot. (I am in the camp that would argue DD has been the most successful GM in the Angelos era)
  8. Cobb to Orioles (Confirmed by Roch Kubatko)

    I thought thats what I said....
  9. Cobb to Orioles (Confirmed by Roch Kubatko)

    Look, that is standard operating procedure in Baltimore. This isn't 1969 where we have the best lineup in the game and the expectations to go with it and it's not 1996 where we have the highest payroll. To be successful the Orioles always require some luck, some better than expected results and like a good movie, a suspension of reality that says that their roster is as good as the Yankees or Redsox. It's not. But on paper, this is a solid SP rotation. Yes Cashner has questions as do Bundy, Gausman and Tillman. Britton is on the shelf, Brach seems off etc. Overall, this entire roster is deeper than it has been in years and it did that without making high risk decisions like Davis/Trumbo. Does this mean the Orioles will win 100 games? Of course not. But and this really is the difference here, a lot has to go right for them to contend... it is also true that a lot has to go WRONG for them to not have a chance.
  10. With this post leaks away the remaining hints of credibility. This post makes me hear music from Return of the Jedi..... Even with no context....the irony here is so.......God, you really have no idea. You literally changed your earlier argument from your family of three to a family of 4 to try and remake your argument in the face of facts presented to you. Ill tell you this, I have taken my family of 6 to the games and held a 13 game season ticket package for years, traded in tickets to see a weekend series, stayed in the Inner Harbor, dined in the Harbor and Little Italy, and could do it within your budget. It just takes a little effort and a little common sense and perhaps some planning. If you can't afford a game I am certain someone here would be nice enough to provide you seats. Hell Potter just gave seats away to your youngster. By the way, congrats on your second child. Oh, and if Chris Carter had been signed instead of Trumbo....nevermind!
  11. Cobb to Orioles (Confirmed by Roch Kubatko)

    Regarding Roch...I like him. He is funny and he knows the game pretty well. I think he gets zero inside info and I think the dysfunction of the O's helps that. I see him sorta as one of us, who gets paid to post everyday. Dan, is a first class GM. Orioles still a model of dysfunction, with a bunch of really smart people who want to win. God bless Potter, and I like our roster better this year than any year since 2012. And don't look now, but even if we lost Manny, Britton and everyone else the future looks pretty bright. I have said since the middle of last season, that the ultimate grade of DD would require a pretty strong offseason. Well, this rotation is not Palmer McNally Cuellar and Dobson, but it is one hell of a lot better on paper than the rotation that posted the worst ERA in Oriole history. Congrats to the Orioles, kids get in free, old man really trying to win, could Manny be next? Damn, it's like Christmas morning, I have been so despondent and now I cant wait!!!!!! Please, join me for a cup of bright Orange Kool Aid!
  12. Cobb only thread

    Well Ill be a monkeys uncle. This time last week which one of the following would you laugh at harder? Its snowing again this spring UMBC is going to crush the Virginia Cavaliers Many Machado will resign with the Orioles Alex Cobb to Orioles for 4/56 Multiple posters having a better chance landing (insert hot woman here) than Orioles doing something to actually win? I'll be honest, I probably would have laughed at UMBC...but now I'm just shaking my head at the reality that all of these things could be happening. Well, to "keep it real" Manny is premature and Jennifer Aniston must be waking up with one of the other HO people. It's ok, I love my wife, and hot can o corn......we got Cobb!!! Let's go win this thing!
  13. Cobb to Orioles (Confirmed by Roch Kubatko)

    I just saw this on my phone. Wow. This group is dysfunctional and frustrating. But it ain't dumb. Tillman et al battlling for #5 makes me feel pretty optimistic for the season. Wow!
  14. The 5th Starter Competition

    Yes, let's hope that fluid is not rocket fuel. Agreed! We are basically trying to draw to an inside straight. It could happen, but betting heavy on it would be unwise.