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  1. foxfield

    A lot of player movement coming

    Well that is definitely worth the risk of injury and were in pretty good shape so it’s not like we have to trade him for anything important.
  2. foxfield

    Happy Father's Day

    I am sorry that is the case. If he is gone I am sorry for that too. If he is still around. I hope you called him yesterday. I chatted with mine and I felt better. I am sure there is a pile of rubble. Move a little stone and then another. Godspeed my friend.
  3. foxfield

    Happy Father's Day

    See above!!!
  4. foxfield

    Most disappointing player?

    There is much about this team that proven fans, posters and the front office to be wrong. I was definitely in the camp that thought if we went out and got three good pitchers we could be right in the hunt. I was not one that thought Chris Tillman would be one of those pitchers, and I did not think Mike Wright was either. But I did think if the Orioles somehow got Cashner and Cobb we could find a way to make it work... Our number 5 in the rotation isn't the problem and neither is Cobb's not so great start. Many here thought if our pitching could only be average we would be ok...keep us in games and we could keep doing what we have. This team lived on the long ball and can no longer hit. It thrived on some strong D and is no longer above average...well almost anywhere. I intentionally leave Manny off of that list because his time here is limited. No this team looks as bad as any team has for a long long time. And looking at it today, it is hard to imagine that almost all of us.... as posters, or the fans, or the front office saw anything here at all to believe in. But let's not forget that almost everything...everything has been about as bad as it could be. Im not saying the baseball gods are down on the Orioles, but I gotta think someone on the Orioles team has taken Jobu's rum. I just wish they would put it back. Im sorry Jobu.
  5. What do you want???? Are they supposed to lose twice? They can only lose the games they play? We are going for it. They just aren't telling us what IT is.
  6. foxfield

    Happy Father's Day

    Happy Father's Day.....HA....there ALL just a bunch of mother f@)#(*$&! But seriously...Happy Fathers day to all. And even if you you don't get along with yours, give him a call today. If you think I am wrong, ask someone who can't...there is no better time to be a better man.
  7. I play on a beer league softball team and that is just unfair and insensitive. I am reporting you for bullying man...we have feelings too!!!!
  8. I couldn't help but read this and my mind wandered off and thought of Rodney Dangerfield... I tell ya this team just gets no respect. Team Speed. I come in here to cheer up and read about my Orioles and I read Frobby taking a shot at the team for it's lack of speed. I tell ya this team just gets no respect. They had a two run lead last week in the 3rd. Gave up three runs with no outs in the top of the 4th. Now that's speed! And then there was that time two weeks ago when we were down two and had runners on first and second...and we got thrown out trying to steal... home? The Orioles get no respect....they were talking about Chris Davis on MLB radio and were arguing about whether he was as good a hitter as Rafael Palmiero. And this guy calls in and says Raffy is a better hitter now than Davis right now but that neither one of them could do what Stan Musial could do. The radio guy says, but sir, Stan the Man has been dead for 5 years. The caller says, yeah but honestly, could you tell the difference? Hey, we do two shows a night!!! We cant get the Orioles to do one! Called my Doctor, Doctor Vinnie Boombats, and I said, Doc you gotta do something, the Orioles are making me crazy. He gave me two tickets to a Yankee game. I said, Doc how is that gonna make me feel better? He said, it's not, but once you realize what a real MLB team looks like when it's going for it, you'll stop pretending and come to your senses! It only hurts when you laugh...
  9. foxfield

    30 wins or August 1?

    30 wins???!!! Let's talk about this teams execution! Im in favor of it...
  10. foxfield

    Does anybody REALLY care any more?

    If it could play against itself...maybe, but no....no.
  11. foxfield

    Orioles Record Since Celeb Joseph was Demoted

    This thread is unintentional comic gold. In other news.... the Orioles are an amazing 19-0 when this happens....That's right...when they score more runs than their opponent. Sorry Rene88, not picking on you. In fairness your point is the Orioles have played at a .230 clip with him down and about .309 with him here...(back of envelope with your numbers). This is a hot mess to be sure, but if we are starting a campaign for everyone to get behind...It aint gonna be for Caleb Joseph.
  12. foxfield

    Shortest Orioles Books, 2018 version

    That could well be written. It would not be short however. Perhaps: How I earned my 161 Million after the ink was dry by Chris Davis
  13. foxfield

    Shortest Orioles Books, 2018 version

    We're in it to win it! - Pulling out all the stops to make one last valiant run. By Dan Duquette How to use my role to support the Orioles - An autobiographical look into the brain trust of Brady Anderson
  14. foxfield

    Orioles Mount Rushmores

    Mt Rushmore of Orioles Announcers Chuck Thompson Jon Miller Joe Angel Jim Palmer
  15. foxfield

    Orioles Mount Rushmores

    I think that if there were a Mt Rushmore of really bad season....Chris Davis would have to be on it.