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  1. But, but, you said we were getting some international talent....and I gotta pee!!!!
  2. I had Easter Sunday as the day the Orioles DFA'd Mike Wright. Sadly, it was Easter Day 2017, and today only drives the last few years home again. I certainly wish him no personal ill. And I do hope he passes through waivers and can be sent somewhere to figure something out. Whether it's not missing bats, or simply finding too much plate, he will never be serviceable if he can't change that fact. Since 2019 seems to be the year of redemption (UVA, Tiger Woods) perhaps this can be the bottom for Mike Wright and he can figure it out. But as many have noted already, even in a time when there is a definite lack of arms in Baltimore. It was past time to move on. Ynoa it's true.
  3. I will guarantee I can bat within .100 of that. In a small sample size of course. And yes, I can play CF...
  4. Im available. Can be opener or delayer or something.
  5. Three things Mike Trout doesn't do well 1) Market himself. Trout markets himself really poorly. 2) Trout has never saved a stray dog like Alex Cobb...and if he did... 3) See #1
  6. Don't overlook Boog and Belanger. They overlapped pretty neatly.
  7. Allright meat, show him your heat. [Walks back towards the box] Crash Davis: [To the batter] Fast ball comin'.
  8. I think if we are being fair, there was no misunderstanding of the lack of ability. The only puzzling thing to me was the rule V pitcher whose name I can never spell. But I think the decision on that was even based on knowing he was not good and would be the first casualty if he did not exceed expectations. I am amazed at how decent this team looks at times. Then I look up and notice we are still on a pace to lose 100 games. So we are who we think we are.
  9. I think our previous lack of data and analysts types may make that difference more pronounced and more detrimental than going forward. I get the sense, the guys collecting data today know what they are looking for and how to use it. I could be wrong, but I think the park will matter less and less.
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