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  1. If that is correct and MLB does not lower payroll across the board, then baseball will be gone from Baltimore in a generation. I dont think it is correct.
  2. No, it is not surprising that the Orioles are cutting payroll. It makes perfect sense. It also makes sense to have a GM directing that process. It is odd to begin this process and lay the foundational work of a rebuild at the feet of a man who has been restricted in his role for years...and not have either fired him or extended him. Not saying it necessarily is an issue, but I don't think it's normal. Until that part is done, there will still be reason for concern.
  3. foxfield

    Chris Davis Trade Possible in 2019-20?

    I like Krush Davis
  4. foxfield

    Chris Hoiles' feat was just equalled

    I see what you did there. And they say old dogs...
  5. foxfield

    Buck's comments on young pitchers and radar

    Incorrect sir, they use a different ball in the MINORS. Therefore it only affects them going backwards.
  6. Pride, interestingly enough is one of the seven deadly sins. But all joking aside, no, it does not have to be that way and when the team was coming around, it won down the stretch even when it meant nothing. But since last year, it's different. Is that Buck? Is it Davis and Trumbo? Is it DD? Brady? If a skunk sprays a room full of people...everyone stinks.
  7. foxfield

    Grade the Gausman Deal

    it was nothing.
  8. If this does not happen, I don't think the rest matters....
  9. foxfield

    "GM" & Manager: What are your wishes?

    If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they're yours; if they don't they never were. Seriously....it's time for a break. Let him go.
  10. I think the method of construction is the problem. But great points. It's like this....Im a chef and you are eating in my restaurant. I serve the house specialty. As Chef, it is my responsibility to prepare the best meal. The waiter manages your stay and has always been fabulous. But tonight....the waiter decides my special sauce needs tweaking and adds stuff on his own. Some guy who is friends with the owner comes by and decides you will really like it done differently and makes his own changes. You get where I am going of course. The meal sucks. You rightly demand to see me the chef...the one responsible. I could tell you all the reasons why this happened but it wouldn't matter. Everyone in the kitchen knows exactly what happened and everyone is pissed at everyone. No one talks. It's a messed up situation and the roster is the problem. It's terrible. But its also not that simple. There is stuff going on in the back kitchen and it's destroying what used to work here. THAT is what has to be fixed and THAT probably cannot be done with Buck even if he remains a great manager. But IF he can report to a GM and convince him he can do his job and stay out of the kitchen, well then he is clearly a great waiter....... Or that's how I see it anyway.
  11. It is an excellent post, but the single line you quote is the weakest point in it. Of course it is so carefully qualified it has no real meaning. For the most part, this roster is nearly entirely on DD, So, IF and I know it is a big if DD was saddled with say Chris Davis and Mark Trumbo and was not allowed to sign any pitching...it could be accurate to saddle him with the roster. I mean as I noted to Puck's response....it IS the GM's responsibility. But like Puck, you want to make this the fault of the GM. And I am fine with that...but when the best statement is For the most part, he is nearly entirely at fault. You have already taken him off the hook. The 2018 Orioles are the worst team in franchise history with a going for it payroll and a GM who has been rumored to have little to no control since 2014. The roster has fingerprints from the Manager and the roving friend of ownership who believe they and they alone can save guys and make them successful. Again, I don't care who survives...as long as everyone reports to a GM. But if you look at 2018 and see something created by the GM. Then we are not looking at the same thing.
  12. foxfield

    Grade the Gausman Deal

    So he became all of that while backed by the bad O's...but showed the same flash of up and down on the good Os? I think you are looking through lenses of fandom. He has always shown the ability to be a 1 or 2. But has never really gotten it all together. He may in Atlanta..sure. But you make it sound like the Oriole bad Offense, defense and pen have tarnished him. That's balderdash. He has done plenty of that himself. With and without the help of his crappy supporting cast.
  13. foxfield

    Wins Leader By Season

    Here is a list of 20 game winners since 1976. American League http://www.baseball-almanac.com/pitching/pi20wcal4.shtml And regarding Mussina, I think he will get in too Moose. I think it could be as an O but you are probably right...if the Evil Empire wants him.... Interestingly...if he goes in as an O, he would be the only one to not win a WS with Baltimore.
  14. Thats an excellent response and I appreciate it very much. I think it's a matter of perspective and I appreciate your thoughts. Very little factual information to disagree with here. I think we agree on much, at the end of the day I think the Orioles have smart guys in the important jobs of GM and Manager. But somehow ownership allowed the controls to get muddy. Chain of command and what not. For the most part I am ok with almost any iteration of things as long as a clear GM is given authority and the responsibility to run things. If that means DD stays...ok if it means he goes...ok. Same with Buck. But I think we both agree there is just no likely way that happens for Buck. I will say I find it interesting that we can see responsibility for the roster differently. I see the GM as being hamstrung and that causing errors. You see Buck managing a team of no talent. To be fair, its not one or the other's fault. It is the GM's responsibility and manager..with his elevated stature has had input too. I have no idea what happens. We will see, I hope its better.
  15. foxfield

    "GM" & Manager: What are your wishes?

    If this is not done, then the choices as far as I am concerned won't matter. And if we do name a GM with full authority....I am fine with whoever they choose to do this as long as it is not Buck or Brady. So....DD or someone else. Full authority...picks everyone else. That's not really an option for your choices...