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  1. You almost had me there...beams down....they would just fly. I'm putting you down here as not likely, but not impossible!
  2. Decision Checklist for the Orioles

    Well, someone has been drinking the kool aid today haven't they? 4th place. SMDH!
  3. SP Openings Across MLB

    LOL!! Yep. Missed it completely.
  4. SP Openings Across MLB

    Nooo. I get the frustration, in fact I share it. But if Arrietta, Darvish and Cobb landed tomorrow, in Oriole uniforms. The outlook here would be more upbeat. It is the total lack of movement on the SP vacancies that has everyone so nervous. And I don't count the three rule 5 guys that I think were great pickups.... We do not have a ML rotation and until that changes things will look bleak.
  5. Finite Resources

    Nero (PA) fiddles, while Rome burns.
  6. This is why I think so highly of the OH. This thread right here. We have folks who rant and we have kool aid specials too. But what this place brings more often than not are threads like this. Honest and thoughtful debate and discussion. My two cents are this: No one in Baseball is in the discussion as far as being worth as much as Trout. It's really a shame but he may be the greatest of all time and it oddly seems to be drifting by. Harper and Machado, will spend 2017 doing everything they can to position themselves for historic contracts, which they will likely both receive. Yes, it is possible that neither exceed 300MM, but barring something completely unexpected I believe those are the floors. Both players present risks at that amount or higher, but their ages going into next offseason present unusual opportunities that will reward both of them richly. Biggest weakness for each? In my opinion, for Harper, it is his health and I think it really is that simple. If you can keep him on the field, I think he performs. With Manny, I think it is harder to put a finger on it, but I will say it this way. Manny has the talent, and I believe the durability to be great. I wonder about his drive. I wonder if he wants to be the best or considered to be one of the best. At his level, that is a small thing. But the former he has not achieved though it still appears to be within reach. The latter, he has achieved. I do not see a sense of urgency to move from one to the other and to me, that is potentially his weakness.
  7. Mini Camp Thread

    You have much better experience making these kind of calls than I do, but to me dumb things are things that hurt even if you cant necessarily put your finger on it. I dont know exactly what we did with Jake, but clearly it hurt the Orioles if not him.... I just do not see the harm of using Scott this way and it seems to me the best part of the creative use is it gives him bullpen sessions on a regular basis to work with coaches on say that third pitch (changeup) and control. If those things do not materialize he can always resort to his 100mph fb in a short MLB relief role. I get you saying you disagree, but I would need help to see it as dumb. Is that what you really think or was that not the best word? Thanks
  8. Os requesting offers on Machado

    I agree that the Orioles management structure is abnormal and has many points of power that funnel to the top where ownership moves when and how it wants to, but I think sometimes its just way too easy to lump everything in as bad management from the O's when sometimes its other teams trying to hide behind their own issues. Ex: Trade deadline O's Astros have a deal or do they. Orioles do not announce that they do, but the Astro's say the O's screwed them. Not saying it didn't go down the way they say, but you cant have it both ways...there IS no deal, especially with pitchers until PA says yes on medicals. And by the way just this week it was reported that the Astros had a deal with another team for another pitcher (Cole) that was prematurely announced. Just sayin...
  9. Specifically, how he does relative to competition in ST, will determine where he lands.
  10. File and Trial Arbitrations?

    Still good work!!!
  11. Os requesting offers on Machado

    Interesting...but didn't Houston claim they had a deal for Garritt Cole yesterday? The O's have problems and PA causes most of em. But big trades announced prematurely and the Astros are the common thread... That is worth a look in spite of the fact that now that Britton is injured, ANY deal would have been better than where they are now. We have to resist the urge to bash for the sake of bashing. I am "nervous" about where the O's are...I do not see the plan, but PA, DD nor Buck need to call Foxfield at home on 1/11/18 to make sure I am alright. I get that. But we have some strong kids coming. Hell even the pitching has some potential. I would like to see some clarity about the future. FROM THE TOP DOWN. But I am open to everything that makes the O's winners in '18 or beyond.
  12. MGon Signs with ChiSox

    That's not really fair is it? There is no reporting that said medicals were not provided just that they were requested. I would most certainly agree that if they were not provided there would not need to be an offer, but that is a pretty big leap and I would still say that my offer of: Minimum Salary with up to 15 MM of incentives works. With or without medicals...but without em, I wouldn't make an offer on principle.
  13. MGon Signs with ChiSox

    Come on...Miggy had a really good run here and he does have some upside...but he is NOT top of the heap here and we really shouldn't try to make it such.
  14. MGon Signs with ChiSox

    I am with you and I agree. I think in spite of all the things we complain about the FO has done a good job. But in this case the reports from Encina state that the O's requested medicals and never made any offer. Again, I support not signing Miggy for 4-5MM but I would have at least been willing to offer a crap contract with some monster incentives.
  15. MGon Signs with ChiSox

    So, I dont know that I think Miggy was a move the O's needed to do here. But I have a hard time watching a viable, formerly successful, starting pitcher sign for 5MM without at least trying. Hell, I would have offered .5 with a 15 MM potential based on incentives. Sort of a pillow AND a carrot deal. But honestly, more frustrating emotionally than anything else... Simply not what is needed here...of course the needs are pretty extensive...